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The Elkit contact 20-26/10/1999

A report by Adrian Dvir M.Sc. 

There is no proof this is a real Alien but at the same time there is no proof he is not. My feeling that it is a real contact. Any how it is interesting.
contact 1 20.10.99


*notice - caps feature is totally corrupted, therefore, no capital letters will be used. thank you.

Adrian, a lot of time has passed since your last contact, by now, I know you asked for a lot of information by our agents and galactic information center, that's just fine. as you know, we were 8very8 busy in the past few months. if you still have some questions, you are welcome to send them to me 9vizjereid9

this electronic mail address is no longer owned by the kliendcontlar, this race, the orzairin and the prozt is no longer should be your interest.. and of course.. their great human project - starcraft. you really should forget about those races and this conspiracy. starcraft is a total failure and so are the kliendcontlar, the orz and the prozt, their beliefs are no longer welcome on our society and earth future planes.. i think that earth's planes should be out of your interest too for now.



of the elkit race

To: vizjereid, of the elkit race

From: Adrian Dvir

It seems you know a lot about me and I know almost nothing about you.

Please describe your selfe and your race. Your relation to the 54 chiviliztions organization. And the purpose of this contact.


Adrian Dvir

contact 2 21.10.99


adrian, somehow i can sense a little hostility from you.. tell me, are you mad about former conspiracies\contacts? i 8know8 it must be hard for you know after a damned dual shock you have gone thru. well, the organization is planning a new set of earth's future planes, you can ask about it, use your local linker to locate the mind transmitter - for contacting telepathicly the global galactic information center.

other words; about me; my local name is vizjereid, you can call me viz if you wish, i belong to the elkit race 9local name0 in human years, i am about.. 67 years old male, from what i know, your approximate age is 41.. i am a contact person 9galactic-one0 just like yourself, you see, every civilization have it's own special galactic personal which are responsible for major or minor external-civ contact. it's a pity that earth does not have so many galactic-ones like we do. about our planet; our planet is very cold and very far from sol. i will tell you more about eleneb 9our planet0 and contact purposes later, i have other things to attend to right now, sorry.



Hi Viz

I will be happy to contact you as long as I know your intensions and purposes.

Alian telepathic contact is a daily expirience for me since 1994. Please define "organization".

I link telepatically to the alien medical central. Or to my local alien medical team. I do not know of other centrals. Usually the medical central data bank can supply me with answers.


Adrian Dvir

contact 3 24.10.99


here is the information you have requested:

1. our aims are for research only, not by a command of a specific organization. we contact earth for our research only.

2. the 'organization' is a major aliance of dozens of universal sentient races,i think you should know about them by now..

3. please make sure to run a spelling check before sending your messages, it is very hard for us to read. thanks.i will make sure to write more later.

good day


Hi Viz

I will be glad to assist in your research.

I also conduct a kind of personal research project about aliens and publicize my findings and experience in a book. You probably already read my first book about the alien medical teams.

The next second book is about the kliendcontlar contact. And a third book is again about the alien medical teams.

During my past contact with the kliendcontlar and the prozt I received some pictures. The problem they are not so suitable (some describe alien military equipment) and I have no permission to publicize them.

So if you can and want to help my project, please send me some suitable pictures that I can include in my next books about aliens. You can send it as attachments to email in JPG format.

I believe that some peaceful alien subjects will be the best choice: alien vegetable and animals, natural landscape, architecture and art.

also some far away interesting astronomical pictures and if not classified some alien daily technology. for example the personal nano technology equipment.


Adrian Dvir

contact 4 26.10.99


thank you for your help, as you know, we research earth by our own motivation, nothing to do with the main sentient org. i haven't read your book sorry, i heard about it yes, if you really recomment it, i will try to find some time to translate and read it on my free time. about the pictures you have asked for; since our contact have nothing to to with big autourities, we can send you our pictures with no complains of some major organization, i will check for this.

good day


And this was the end of the  ELKIT contact.

This time they used EMAIL only.

No Mobile , Phone or telepathy

Page posed: 8/5/2001

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