Interview Questions Answers
Why did the Aliens contacted you? Aliens look for open minded, mediums and healers. Usually these people have also past life  as alien physicians. 
You still work as an Engineer. How your colleges react to your strange hobby? At work I act as an engineer and I don't speak about Aliens. Of course it is not a secret but most people don't really understand what  I really do. Most of them assume I collect pictures of UFO's.
You have a wife and two children. What they say about your strange occupations ? My wife is an Architect and is busy with her work and taking care of the children. She accept what I am doing and help me but she is not involved as I am. Children are children except my sun that appears to have my telepathic talents. Once he even treated his class mates with the Aliens help.
Aren't you afraid of the Aliens ? No. And this is common to all healers that work with the Aliens. I think it originate from past life experience. I know people that are afraid and I recommend them to just stay away from Aliens.
How it all started ? I discovered I am a medium and around 1994 I met the first alien medical team at Haya Levy  Clinic. There was a mutual  acceptance and since than we collaborate on daily basis
Why the Aliens cure humans? Its a part of a larger activity that include extensive research and help to human civilization. The aliens are responsible to the accelerated advance in science and technology in the recent years.
Why you decided to write a book? It started as a diary to store the unusual experiences. In a way it released my mind from the burden of such memories.  Then I had an urge to tell people and printed the material and circulate it to friends. Finally a book was the only logic thing to do. I cannot hold such think inside without telling everybody that care to listen.
Where the Aliens com from? From many places. Its a 54 planets organization from many galaxies and dimensions. It is called: All universes organization.
Who do aliens  look like ? I hope not to offend them but it looks like a zoo. A collection of creatures some of them look humanoids in general from very small to 4 meters high.
Why the aliens kidnap people and mutilate cattle? Aliens are not one think. As humans are not one thing. If terrorists kill people does it mean all humans are bad ? There are countless races of aliens with a variety of interests. Some of  them fight each other.
Can you  proof aliens  exist? Not directly.  most  of the patients feel the treatment and are  cured.  For them  Aliens exist.  For other people  aliens may not exist.
Why Aliens don't show themselves ? We are not ready yet. The Aliens don't want to cause panic.
What  Aliens  eat? Some of them eat food like  we do some eat concentrated food. each species with his  own  food type.
Why  the Aliens did not intervin in  wars? They  are not our baby siter. As a civilization we have to mature. They give basic  help like  - technology medicine science. They will not fight our internal wars for us or prevent them.
Do Aliens  believe in  god ? Yes they do but they have no religions as we do any more.