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A report by Adrian Dvir M.Sc


April 27, 2003 - I received a an email from a surfer:
1. Have you asked the aliens what is the cure of  SARS? or what kind of treatment should the infected people undertake?

2. I think the aliens should supply a cure ASAP and you must reveal the recipe to the world to minimize the death toll.


1.  You assume too much. You assume the Aliens have all the answers and all the cures to all illness in their closet. SARS is a new virus mutation unknown to Aliens as it is unknowns to humans. The Aliens has to study the new mutation and look for a cure. 

2.  You also  assume the Aliens should act by your logic. They don't. They have their own lows and higher levels of civilizations that tell them what to do. And it's neither  me nor  you. Planet earth has a soul named Gaya and other high level entities that are responsible to the destiny of the human race. Nothing by this magnitude happens by chance. There is always someone that decides based on it's own good reasons and purposes.

Alien's 1998 prediction

In 1998 Miri Est (medium and healer) channeled with an Alien spokesman. The Alien predicted that in the future, humans will have to deal with new type of  Viruses that  will be increasingly   dangerous and fatal with no known cure. The available antibiotics will no longer have any effect. The scientist will have to develop new solutions and means against these lethal viruses. The whole channeling transcript appeared in my second book in Hebrew - to cure with Aliens.

Alien medical activity

There are teems of Aliens that study our medical problems and look for cure. Also there are Aliens scientist that help human scientist to develop new medications and new cures.

The results of the medical teams work in treating humans and developing new curing solution is  passed to human scientist at some stage, to be implemented in human medicine.

Aliens live in sterile environment

The Aliens also mentioned a few times that humans live in a filthy biological environment. The repeating infections of bacteria, viruses and germs induced diseases are constantly deteriorating the human body in this never ending battle.

The Aliens have learned their lesson, long ago and they live in a sterile environment. Their whole space ship is sterile as an operation room. They don't have domestic animals like we do because animals can transfer infections. Their animals are kept only in well protected zoo. This sterility is one of the contributors to their long lives with almost no Illness.

Funds allocated for medical research

At a later channeling conducted also by Miri Est, I asked the Aliens to predict when a cure for AIDS will be found. 

The Alien responded, with an angry voice, that this can happen tomorrow if the governments will allocate more funds to medical research on the expanse of millitary budget.

Alien help in Drug development

 One of my patients, who is an expert in biotechnology and also a talented medium, visited a drug developing and manufacturing facility as part of his work, and was surprised to "see" a bunch of Aliens helping the local scientist to develop new drugs. The Aliens exist in another dimension and are invisible to usual humans. My friend did not dare to ask his colleges if they are aware of the invisible helpers.

A message from the group of nine

Later in the day I spoke with Hagai Kats and he Channeled a message (In Hebrew) from the group of nine. Here is a straight forward translation:

As part of the infinite battle on earth between man and microorganisms as bacteria, Virus and Germs, that treat human lives, there are microorganisms that are intentional made by the Creator, as part of human race evolution and education, to accelerate the study and research in order to find a cure to other similar diseases of the immune system. The SARS virus appearance will lead eventually to AIDS cure. 

The large number of victims of SARS will urge intensive international research and funds allocation to study the immune system related diseases.  The global effort will reach an unprecedented level that will reach a critical point to solve the problem. As a result of this research efforts AIDS complete cure will be also found.

SARS epidemic will last for 15 months. Its peak will be a year from now.  

Another benefit of this global effort will be improvement of communication between people, countries and nations. SARS doesn't distinct between people on the basis or race, religion, wealth, talent or education. All are equally venerable. There will also be an increase in collaboration with extraterrestrial civilization that help to cure human diseases.

We, the Group of nine entities say to humans on planet earth that you will receive intensive help from Extraterrestrials and light creatures. At a later stage, earth will acknowledge extraterrestrial civilizations, Entities and light creatures. 

We bring this message to those people that are in need of understanding and are capable to understand us. We come from a place of respect and love.  

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First posted: 27-4-2003,      Updated: 29-04-2003