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Parliament of the soul

A report by Adrian Dvir M.Sc

Te soul past life parliament

A young woman claimed she suffered from sexual abuse from some of her family males and neighbors. During the treatment the Aliens directed me to an incarnation of that woman. 

I saw an oriental house with a lot of colorful draperies. The draperies formed small rooms. In each room there was a woman, chained to her place. This was a prostitute house. The "Workers females"  were sold as young girls to heir destiny and were  treated like slaves. As the woman grew older they were taken away to unknown place.  The Patient in that incarnation had dark skin and long dark curled hair. She looked terrified from what will happen when she will be taken away. She was sure the old woman are taken to be killed. The patient incarnation was so terrified from her life prospect that she decided to kill her self. She stolen a knife from one of her customers and stub herself. She pass away very slowly and was not aware she is dead. Her memory living in the subconscious of the patient was still living the hell of the prostitute house.  

I told the patient about her past incarnation and she succeeded to make contact with the inner memory and under the Aliens and my instruction she released the suffering memory from her chains.  After the treatment I became a little mad. I anted  to speck with the patient soul. The patient suffered such a life as a prostitute why did she suffered again in her current life from sex abuse as a child ? 

I saw myself in a large environment populated with many creatures. Every body ware speaking at the same time trying to answer me. I understood I was allowed to the Soul inner part where the past life incarnation memories exist and function like a parliament. It was impossible to understand anything. I asked to speak only with one at a time and the soul itself came and spoke to me it looked somehow like a triangle filled with light.   The soul said I cannot understand her reasons. A child sexual abuse was included in the current incarnation Karma plan to help the patient to solve her past life trauma. And this is exactly what we did in the treatment. 

Current incarnation acceptance to the soul parliament

One of my patients, a  highly developed spiritual person, suffered from a series of medical conditions that made his life miserable. The conventional medicine and a series of alternative medicine disciplines including my Aliens team failed not help him.  The Aliens tried one solution after the other but the final result was zero. 

Only after several years, after the patient gave up, and suffered his condition quietly, the Entities disclosed that the reason the patient found no cure was a Karma reason. His soul decided that he should suffer in order to elevate the current incarnation to reach a minimum level so it can be accepted to the soul parliament.

 The patient was a very old soul with a remarkable history and most of his past life incarnations ware very advanced and successful.  This impose high requirements of any new incarnation.  The patient did not had to suffer as a result of a punishment because he did something wrong in the past incarnation. On the contrary. He was so good in his past lives that he has to keep up with the expectation of his last incarnation in order to be accepted to the soul parliament. This may give a possible answer to the biblical famous question: Why an evil man feels good and a good man suffers.

A suffering soldier

A patient suffered from abdominal illness similar to crone. He had many pains cold not eat properly and his weight dropped to a dangerous level. He was hospitalized several times but the conventional medicine could not find him a cure. 

After several treatment by the Aliens his condition was stabilized but It was clear that something deep inside his personality is fighting the medical efforts. The Alien show me a relevant incarnation in which the patient was a young soldier injured in battle by a sword that penetrated his abdominal.

 He did not dye right away but suffered tremendous pains for two years. During this time his only whish was to dye.  We treated the past life suffering personality and the patient started to gain in weight. In this case I also  asked for an explanation from the patient soul. The soul explained that a personality like the suffering soldier is like a pan in the ass for the soul parliament. The only way to solve this problem was to run the current incarnation into a similar condition and make him solve the past life trauma. 

Don't want to incarnate here

A woman in her forties suffered from breast cancer with metastasis and was treated by conventional chemotherapy for 3 years and still no cure. She came for Aliens treatment. 

The Entities showed me a short line on the Karma pages. Explaining that she is about to die in the near future. However they explained that this destiny was decided as a result of her soul request and not imposed by the Karma Council. The main reason was her last incarnation that was a very devastating one and she decided not to incarnate on this planet any more. Since the soul had an old pending agreement to bring 3 children the Karma council forced her to incarnate. Two months after she had her third child she developed breast cancer.  This was three years ago (2000). The Soul current incarnated personality  obviously does not want to die. 


I explained her this concept and asked her to enter a meditation state and look for her inner parts that want her to die and convince them to let her live. She went home with this instructions. In the second meeting she enter into a meditation state and we both saw the last incarnation. It was a young woman dressed in a black formal dress sitting on the ground in a bar. The beer tap was very clear on the counter made of metallic golden parts. The woman was hysterical. There ware images of soldiers. She probably went through hell in this place and she did not wanted to incarnate ever again. A long and tedious process of convincing took place. The breaking point was the pleading for the children that need their mother alive. The black dressed woman got up and sit by the bar counter and waved her hand: If you want it so much remain there in that hell. 

The patient then saw a big light and the images she was experiencing for the 30 minutes closed up. The entities informed me that the process ended and the access to the soul parliament was resealed. 

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An exciting and attention riveting metaphysical journey, September 21, 2003
Reviewer: Midwest Book Review from Oregon, WI USA
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