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Aliens take side in the Iraq warNedstat Counter

A report by Adrian Dvir M.Sc

Many people ask me, what the Aliens say about the Iraq War. Well the Aliens that I am in daily contact with are all medically oriented specialists.  Events that happen on Earth such as terror, peace and war don't interest them much or they don't have permeation to give answers.  But from time to time we have the chance to channel with high rank Alien spokesmen that give us a general view of their long range programs for planet Earth.

One such contact took place in 1998. Miri Est, one of the healers and talented trans mediums, channeled a high rank Alien spokesman. One of the  questions was about the future.  He gave a very long general description of natural disasters and a very strange specific prediction:

"In a few months, the  USA will heat up from the military point of view and attack Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran.... 

This channeling took place in 1999, was recorded in video (Hebrew) and documented in my second book in Hebrew "To Cure with Aliens", which was published before the Sep 11 events. 

The big danger to Earth civilization

The whole picture started to clear up after more channeling in which the Aliens explained that they are deeply concerned about the stages  of earth's civilization advancement.  The universe is controlled by higher level civilizations in a pyramidal hierarchy and they are worried  that if Earth's civilizations don't advance fast enough the whole planet will be destroyed or the planet may be destroyed by its inhabitants in a chemical, biological or nuclear world  war.

The Aliens long run help

The Aliens took upon  themselves the mission to prevent this catastrophe from happening by helping Earth in as many ways as  they can.  This activity was planned and approved by higher level civilizations that also receive the blessing of God. Many Alien organizations and interplanetary confederations respond  to this call to save and to  help Earth civilization to reach a stable existence  before calamity. The biggest confederation, (Which I am collaborating with since 1995)  is the 54 cooperation organization. After several years we heard about the 45 and 68 and  a few weeks ago about the 17 planets organization. Their high rank managers and spokesman mention "The light" and bring love to us from "The main light" or "The infinite light" as the source of all good or maybe what we call God. (See Jonathan channeling)  All these organizations, declare to be good and bring love and help,  decided to unite with a common cause and since 30.3.2003 they will be called "The one" (According to Hagai Katz - medium and Healer).

For many years the Aliens help advance the Earth knowledge, science and technology. Behind every major scientist you can find a helper Alien helper which guide the scientist and actually give him ideas of new inventions.  As an Alien said once: "You invent nothing. You receive it from us or remember from your past incarnations as Aliens in more advanced civilizations.

The negative Aliens

Other Aliens species oppose the effort to help earth civilization because they have other interests and  plans regarding planet Earth. Struggles and real fights are taking place between benevolent and  negative Aliens organizations. Most of the negative  Aliens have  been already banished from this planet. 

Afghanistan and Iraq Wars.

The Aliens explained that most of Earth nations and countries reach a relative advance stage of civilization as they see it. But there are still many other countries that are kept in the middle ages mainly because of dictatorship regimes including religion indoctrinated dictatorship regimes.

The general trends that we can see in the last years, from the fall of the communism and the soviet union that turned into a more democratic and less threatening the world peace. Next the Afghanistan war and now the Iraq war.  From the Aliens point of view this is a positive activity to release countries from restricting chains and allow them to advance to the 21 century standards of living and personal and communal freedom. According to Aliens All humans are one and should be responsible for each other. 

The whole events of the Sep 11, as painful and revoking as they are, seem to be orchestrated by a guiding hand from above to waken up the dormant giant to take action.  The USA is the only power on Earth that can do the needed job. This statement don't give any legitimacy to Bin Laden and El Qaida crimes. The individuals will be punished as they should. But from a historic perspective nothing happens by chance. 

The real purpose of the Iraq war

The final real purpose of the Afghanistan war and Iraq war is to release the people from their chains and suffering and allow them to catch up with the rest of the world civilization advance.  and so to prevent  the total  destruction of  planet earth and all human civilization as we know it.  .

The higher civilizations that governed Earth planet destiny and Aliens will take act to minimize damage and loss of life's in these dramatic transformations that we call the Iraq War. 

Strange observations about Aliens Activity

One of my patients called me, A psychic herself and claimed she saw a large number of space ships - UFO all  over the sky of  Israel. All the UFO ware invisible hiding in a different dimension. She asked my confirmation. I asked the Aliens (in the aliens telepathic central) and he confirmed the information. So did three of my psychic friend that received same information that same morning.  The explanation the Aliens gave was that an Alien research team visited Iraq to learn about their intention and they found out of plans to destroy Israel with chemical and biological weapons.   The Aliens than Asked permission to act from higher levels and were granted the permission to place protective UFO all other the sky of  ISRAEL that will deflect incoming treats to the sea or unpopulated areas. 

In addition to this they disclosed than they looked for Sadam Hussein and wanted to convince him telepathically to give up his plans but they could not reach him because he was protected by negative Aliens. Fights started between the two groups and injured Aliens ware brought to some of the Clinics. After this event there was silence for a  few weeks and the War started. 

Spiders like negative extraterrestrial creatures 20 m height

I know how bizarre it may sound but a few days ago I think on the mars 19, 2003 evening while treating a patient I was in a channeling state to understand the medical diagnosis and suddenly I received a different telepathic message: An image of creatures reminding spiders running away from what I felt to be IRAQ and Sadam regime. The Alien medical team decided to inform me of the good news that their light forces succeeded in their fight with the negative aliens supporting Sadam regime. I immediately called my friend the medium Hagai Katz for cross check and he received the same information and he added the creatures are really looking like 20 m high spiders. Of course the giant spider highly evolved  intelligent and advanced civilization in another dimension, but regrettably with horrible plans for the human race. So I was glad they were captured and put in changes.

 Yesterday 30.3.2003 there was a meeting in my apartment which I initiated and invited two mediums and other people and asked the Aliens to give more specific information. They really did their best and we received an excellent channeling describing all their point of view from a historic perspective down to these days Iraq war details. 

The main point the Aliens decide to release to the media is the real invisible forces that play behind the schemes. There is a large group of negative aliens with the intention to destroy earth civilization. They are the driving force of what president bush call the "evil tray" these dictatorship countries and terror organizations are pushed to conquer and destroy the non Moslems in the name of god and religion - Jihad. The plan of these negative aliens, after the non Moslems parish to destroy the Moslems and reach their final goal to destroy all humans on planet earth.

It is very clear that these forces don't respect the value of human life and well being not speaking about freedom. Death, misery famine, sickness, Childs death of malnutrition and no proper medical treatment. Humans can be intimidated, tortured and killed as a legitimate mean to keep control of the regime to proceed to the final goal of all humans destruction.

Following one of the channeling from Mars 29, 2003


What the Aliens say about the Iraq War ?

People of the earth are living in a very disturbed time. Fact that they are living in a disturbed time since the end of world war II. There have been many changes. Representing turmoil and hardship. But now in 2003, you, the civilization of earth and especially the American community, and the free world countries, are standing before a bitter test. 

You are now struggling. Struggling for principles of freedom and democracy. Through the fifties, the sixties, the seventies the eighties and the nineties, you have been refining your capabilities, your spiritual and your technological  capabilities, in order to defend the principles of individual freedom. To defend the principles of freedom of individual communal and community choice. The American people and the European people have been struggle through all of these years. They have been struggling to develop democracy. And now they are struggling in a face of an enemy that has finally shown himself.  An enemy that his goal is to topple democracy. To hinder freedom. And we as extraterrestrial beings, and the spiritual entities, we are the beacons of freedom. Intellectual, individual spiritual, freedom.

Bin Laden show his truth face. In September 11, when through cruelty and vengeance, and the desire to conquer, he attacked the twin towers and murdered thousand of innocent victims, innocent Americans, innocent Europeans, innocent French, innocent Englishman, and all those scours, of middle eastern people, that were visiting Manhattan that were visiting New York on a tragic day. And what is his goal ? His goal is to limit, his goal is to slaughter.

But the American people and the American government,  and president Bush, are not afraid. They decided. They took the crucial step and said: we will not be vanished. We will struggle to protect the principles, the spiritual principles of freedom, and they stalk out at Al-Qaida. 

And they invaded and they went to Afghanistan. And they cause Bin Laden and Al- Qaida to flee. And the Afghanistan people became free once more. Free to fallow their religion. And not the distorted version of Al-Qaida  and Bin Laden. They are still struggling the Afghani people. Because Al-Qaida still lives. He lives because there is still hatred. With the American way of...   He seats on materialism. He seats on trash materialism. He wants to conquer the world.  He wants together with Al- Qaida, together with Saddam Hussein, together with Kadafi, together with the north Koreans, with the Syrians, to take other the world. They speak in the name of their religion. That is not religion. Through religion is love of  God. Through religion love of  freedom. We desire your freedom. We respect your choices. But people like Sadam Hussein and Bin Laden who are brothers, brothers in hatred, and murder and atrocity, they want to hinter your way of life.

But Tony Blair and the English people, George Bush and the American people, have seen the way of light, they have taken their capabilities , their courage, they are fighting, they are struggling, and they will win. Because the light always wins.

We all know like you do. of the atrocities that Saddam has committed. We know that he has attacked brutally Kurdish man. We know that he has brutally attacked all his adversaries. He has killed his  own grand children. His suns are worthless murderers. Murderers just like the father. How can an upright standing person support somebody like Sadam Hussein ? How can an upright citizen advocate stoppage of the war ? This war is for the earth. This war is for the control of all the earth populations. Any one who is not against Bin Laden, or is not against Bin Laden or Saddam Hussein, is someone who is against the light. Some one who is unlighted and cannot differentiate between right and wrong.

There are heavy battles. Many soldiers and many civilians, are been killed. And this has happen to prevent a world wide massacre.  For Saddam Hussein and leaders like him to use unconventional armament to destroy people. First of all people of the middle east. Israel the land of the holy bible, is first on their agenda. They want to take with them Kuwait. They want to destroy Saudi Arabia. For what ? For vengeance ? For Oil ? And after they have destroyed the Middle East, they will look to Europe, to France, Italy,  Spain. And together with united forces they will attack the United States. And who will fight against them ?

Now it is the final opportunity to prevent mass murder. To uphold your principles of freedom. This is the time to choose. Not despair but hope. You have principles, live them. Fight and struggle. For the light is with you. Turn to us. Turn to the Lord. For your prayers he will answer them. But cooperate and do your share.  Because we work only through cooperation and understanding. You are brave people, the Europeans, New Yorkers and English people. Joint this final quest. The most difficult one. Our hearts are with you. Our prayers are with you and you must succeed.  Thank You.

Extraterrestrial message channeled by Diana Mann, Mars 29, 2003

The Iraqi regime was controlled by dark Alien forces

Alien Rajim channeled by trans medium Hagai Katz

March 29, 2003

In a series of Q& A the Alien Rajim disclosed new information and clarification about the extraterrestrial involvement in the Iraq war , future plans and coming planet scale  events  in the next 5 years.

Gaya (Soul of mother earth) and two representatives of the low of one.

Channeled by trans medium Diana Mann April 21, 2003

During a meeting in Rishon- Le- Zion, ISRAEL with Healers guests from the UK:  Eileen and Clive Jones ,some local friends and Hagai Katz, Diana Mann and Adrian Dvir, we received the following message.

Stay tune. More channelings to be added soon.

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