What would you do if you'd seen a ghost?

After a series of strange experiences, Adrian Dvir had to consider the possibility that he was seeing ghosts. A scientifically minded computer engineer, his natural response was to investigate...

X3, Healing, Entities and Aliens is the record of Adrian's investigations, taking him from his first chilling encounters, to on-going interaction with other-dimensional beings - human as well as alien. A compelling first-person account of experiences, case studies and actual dialogues, Dvir's book has wide appeal, making it a fascinating read for anyone who's ever contemplated the existence of ETs, UFOs or ESP, wishes they could see into the future of Earth's place in the universe, and has the courage to confront the fantastic.
* A compelling, honest, personal account.

* Takes the reader on a fascinating journey from self-doubt to interaction with other worlds.

* Describes healing sessions and remarkable results.

* Offers a new and exciting perspective on our place in the universe.

* Taking nothing for granted, the author seeks physical explanations for every fantastic event, from space travel to other-life memories.

Adrian Dvir

Born in Bucharest in 1958, Dvir holds a B.Sc in Engineering and an M.Sc in Computer Engineering, specializing in computer architecture. Married with children, Dvir is employed as a developer of military computer systems. He acknowledged and began to use his abilities as a medium in 1992, and first became aware of alien other-dimensional beings in 1994. This is Dvir's first book.