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The time is seven in the evening. The intercom buzzer sounds. The evening's first client is on her way up in the elevator. I rush to arrange the treatment room. A well groomed, attractive woman of about 40 enters the room, smiling pleasantly. She looks at me, at the folding examination table, the side table and the chairs. That's all there is to see in our dimension.

"I would like the aliens to perform heart surgery on me," she states with confidence. "I have heart rhythm problems. I'm a registered nurse and I know that conventional surgery is dangerous. I've been a medium since childhood, and I prefer that an alien team of doctors perform the surgery." The woman lay down on the table and proceeded to describe the surgery she was undergoing, including such details as: "I see my heart on a table next to me. The aliens are operating on it."

I wanted to verify what she was saying. I entered a state of relaxed concentration and tried to see for myself what was happening in the parallel dimension. Exercising my extrasensory perception, the treatment room with its four white walls became a room with a high domed ceiling. The examination table that the client was lying on disappeared and in its stead I saw an operating theater such as one might see in a science fiction movie. Doctors and nurses rushed back and forth, some of them humanoid and some not.

After about an hour, the head of the alien medical team explained to me telepathically that they had successfully completed the implant of a pacemaker. The client got up from the table feeling a bit drowsy and out of focus, but thoroughly pleased. And so she joined the long list of human beings that have undergone medical treatment at the hands of aliens. For these people, alien doctors are simply an additional part of the landscape of reality where one can receive medical treatment that is far more advanced than that offered by our conventional medicine.

My contact with aliens began in 1994, in the home of medium Chaya Levy in Rishon Lezion (a city about a half-hour south of Tel Aviv). Chaya had been working with people advising and guiding them based on information she received through channeling, when the first medical teams of aliens appeared in her home and asked her permission to open a clinic. After I underwent treatment in their clinic, the aliens asked me if I would like to open a clinic in my home as well. That was the beginning, and much has developed since. Today (at writing, the year is 2000) there are already 20 operational alien medical clinics in Israel, and throughout the world there are over 100.

The things that go on in the alien clinics are difficult to grasp even for the most seasoned UFO experts. Most of the population simply do not believe in the existence of aliens, and so I took upon myself the task of documenting the amazing events I have been a party to and bringing them to public awareness. In my first book, X3, Healing, Entities, and Aliens, published in April 1999 by Gal Publishers, I told how it came to pass that I began working with aliens. I described the cooperative, day-to-day work engaged in by Chaya Levy, Uri Gal, and myself, with the alien medical teams. I reproduced actual conversations that took place between myself and the aliens, to offer a clearer glimpse of who they are, where they came from, what kind of technologies they have at their disposal, and how they understand the universe – or more to the point, universes in which they live. With the appearance of my book, I was invited to lecture, was interviewed by journalists, and participated in TV and radio shows.

Despite my efforts, the media still relates to the whole phenomenon as just another strange, curious and dubious subject such as those that regularly fill the back pages of newspapers. People who dare to come forward with personal testimony, telling the story of their own experiences, are at best invited to speak on off-prime-time talk shows as the curiosity-of-the-hour. A story about a UFO siting sits nicely between an interview with someone who reads coffee grounds and a day in the life of a poodle hair-stylist.

Everyone has encountered at one time or another, photographs of supposed UFOs, mysterious crop circles and stories of people claiming to have been kidnapped. But the "experts" are quick to dispel our fears. They reject the possibility of the existence of aliens and explain all related phenomena as the result of human error, and psychological effects such as "mass hysteria".

The phenomena relating to aliens are reminiscent of hit-and-run accidents: A single random photo of a UFO, an unexpected animal butchering, a solitary traumatic experience of a kidnapping. Although the whole range of phenomena and testimony spurred a handful of investigators to develop weird and wonderful hypotheses and theories about aliens and their objectives, the subject of aliens has been studiously ignored by mainstream investigators for years. It is no wonder then, that the media has great difficulty in knowing how to swallow claims made by me and my colleagues of a new kind of alien contact – a contact that involves intense, daily interaction and has been taking place for years.

Since the publication of my first book, a steadily growing quantity of new material has come into my possession. New clinics are being opened, as the phenomenon is taking on a national and even a global character. Knowledge of the aliens is rapidly broadening, even as it becomes crystal clear to all involved that we are glimpsing the tiniest tip of the iceberg.

How do alien clinics come about? The aliens choose a medium with healing abilities, who is open to the idea. With their consent, the aliens establish a clinic at the chosen person's home and together, they treat people. The teams of alien doctors, as well as their advanced equipment, are hidden in a parallel dimension. They see, and are not themselves seen, so as not to frighten the clients. However, despite their efforts not to be seen, they can be seen by those with extrasensory perception. People with this ability have been able to see them and their equipment. Mediums and channelers, some clients, and even a few journalists have testified to seeing aliens. Here are a few of their testimonies:



I was referred to Adrian by a friend. I wanted the aliens to check my spinal cord; I was experiencing terrible pains in my upper and lower back. During the treatment I spoke with Adrian about new methods that have come out of molecular biology and genetic engineering and become accepted treatments. I am a biotechnology engineer. As we spoke, I began to experience a prickling sensation in my left arm, which slowly spread to include all my limbs. Adrian explained that an alien orthopedist was examining me. The feeling of currents throughout my whole body became quite strong. I decided to close my eyes and no sooner were they shut than I began to see images of those treating me. I saw a room with figures in it. They looked as though they were shouting at me. Adrian told me they were speaking among themselves and since their time flow is faster than ours, it appears to us as if they are shouting. The figures' coloration was metallic green against a purple background. I clearly saw the attending doctor. He seemed to be using a kind of CT scan, which moved along my whole body from the feet to the head. The images became increasingly clear. Adrian told me I could ask the medical team for a tour of their laboratory. I was fascinated by the technology they were using in their work. I began to see bones in the room. One piece of equipment looked like a microscope. I didn't manage to figure out what the other equipment was used for. The process of seeing through extrasensory perception with my eyes closed made me feel dizzy and weak. Adrian asked me to open my eyes. The medical team also said that I was in an emotional turmoil, which was endangering me, and asked me to open my eyes.

Fatty Growths

I was in very poor physical condition due to fatty growths that had invaded my body. I felt that my life was in danger and there was no light at the end of the tunnel. The growths multiplied and enlarged from day to day and had begun to invade internal organs. Conventional medicine had nothing to offer other than the brilliant suggestion of prolonging my time.

I had long since heard of various and strange types of alternative medicine, but had always categorized them as auto-suggestive treatments. One day while reading the newspaper, a book title that would stop any normal human being in his tracks caught my eye – Healing, Entities, and Aliens by Adrian Dvir.

I started the book and at some point came to the decision that either I or the author was not in touch with reality. I plucked up my courage and made a phone call to the author. I was afraid I'd find myself speaking to some mystic with way-out ideas. Instead, I was surprised to find myself having a pleasant conversation about engineering, with a person who sounded no different than any of my engineer friends. Adrian explained to me how the aliens work in his home, on a main street in the city of Rishon Lezion, and invited me to see for myself. I panicked. I told him I couldn't come, out of the blue, on my own and decided to recruit a whole group of cynics and sophisticates and arrive well armed. Let them judge how seriously to take it. Adrian suggested we come for his lecture and slide presentation.

I got together a group of engineers, people of the applied sciences, who agreed to come out of respect for me as a credible person, and also out of curiosity, which I managed to arouse. Adrian began his lecture about the activities of aliens in clinics, after which we moved to the treatment room where the aliens had a whole show prepared for us. As we entered the treatment room I perceived a long balcony with two shadowy figures standing on it. My colleagues, the skeptical witnesses, sat round the edges of the room against the physical walls. Everything was on high alert, with a sense of strong energies enveloping the room. All my senses felt sharpened to the extreme. Within seconds I began to feel sensations of activity in various parts of my body. My left foot and the groin area began to feel numb. Two of those present started reporting at a frenzied and emotionally charged pace visions they were picking up through their extrasensory perception.

"They've made an incision the length of your body, from your left shoulder downwards across the chest." I knew that was the area in which I had a chain of fatty growths. "I can actually see your internal organs. They're removing something that looks like bunches of grapes." Until that moment, the peculiar characteristic shape of my growths had been known only to me.

"They're making an incision from the sole of your left foot up to your groin. A kind of orange-brown flame is burning a fatty string that descends from the groin down to your foot." "The whole inner space of your body has been flooded with a blue fluid that's gradually turning a darker color in what seems to be a cleansing process. The aliens are now dismantling, with a great deal of effort, a metallic plate attached to a kind of barbed wire that was attached to your head."

"The aliens are now removing a secondary skeletal structure from you that had been wrapped around your body, containing it. They're building a system of arms that open the skeletal structure." With my own eyes I saw arms attached behind my head, creating a kind of fan.

Adrian sat to one side, watching and alert. Toward the end of the treatment he got up from his seat and asked one of the observers to join him in a healing for me. The movements of their hands quickly became automatic, looking very much as if they were not entirely under their owners' control.

I drove home and lay down in bed, amazed at what had transpired. I closed my eyes and the moment I did so I clearly saw on my left a kind of network of strips of light wrapped round me, insulating me. Above me were lights and a feeling of boring or drilling activity. I immediately understood that was to lay on my back and allow the aliens to operate on me. After about a half-hour, I fell asleep. When I awoke, I found myself surrounded by a ferment of activity. I felt like I was waking up in the recovery room after an operation. Over my head was a transparent bell-shaped container filled with a fluid that flowed downwards. Some blunt instrument was against my face. Within seconds the equipment and bell-shaped container disappeared out of my field of vision. A figure on my left looked at me for a moment. Its eyes were round and golden with very wide pupils. On its face was an expression of hovering mixed with a slight smile. The gray skin of its face was lined with deep wrinkles. At the bottom of the face I discerned a small beard.

Suddenly my right foot began to move of its own accord to the left, and to rub against the bottom of my left foot. The movements were automatic, along a fixed path. I tried to stop, or to change the path of movement, but to no avail. The movements finally stopped after a few minutes.

It occurred to me that I should be getting up to go to work. As if this thought were someone's cue to insert a video cassette and press play, I started to see in my head a fast forward film of my operation. I clearly saw a kind of x-ray image against a blue background, showing my lungs. I understood that someone wants me to remember exactly what happened.

The next day I felt exalted, mentally and physically, although I had only had two hours sleep. I felt in high spirits and full of self-confidence. I felt cleansed from within. From time to time I experienced slight waves of heat. I was reminded of the way one feels after conventional surgery. My breathing was improved and I was able to straighten my back. The pain that I was used to feeling when urinating, due to the growths in the area, was also gone without trace.

My first attempt to drink something that day left me wide-eyed in amazement. I could feel the fluid enter and continue descending downwards without any regard to the restrictions and limitations of my body. During the course of the day, this sensation disappeared.

The fatty growths that so disturbed me disappeared, one after the other, with the help of additional treatments at the alien clinic.

Channeled Treatment

An attractive businesswoman arrived for treatment on February 4, 2000, saying that she had learned Reiki and sometimes channels "a little bit". Her request to the aliens was that they conduct a general physical checkup, with particular attention to her psoriasis. The moment she lay down on the examination table, she began to report.

Client:  There's someone on my left with a face like a grasshopper. He's wearing a very fancy suit.

Adrian: Ask him what his name is.

Client:  What are you doing here? He doesn't belong here. He looks like he just came from a casino bar, from some place of entertainment where he performs. It's a good thing my family can't hear me now. There is a small, short person with a bald head. He’s wearing a robe and gesturing with his hands. I can see a tall thin figure and another figure next to it, also tall and thin.

Adrian: What are they wearing?

Client:  The tall thin figures don't seem to be wearing clothes. They look as though they're made

out of gray smoke. They have the general outline of a human being, although the hands and feet are strange in shape – like smoke or a cloud. The figure maintains its form, but I can't make out the details. The limbs look like wisps of smoke and the hair looks like curls of smoke. I can see big round eyes.

Adrian: What's he doing?

Client:  He's moving around in agitation. His movements are jerky, small and rapid. One minute he's over here and the next minute he's over there.

Adrian: That's because the aliens' flow of time is faster than ours.

Client: I can see a blond female with long, very fair hair. She's wearing a white robe. She's given

me a good feeling. Her movements are relaxed and pleasant.

Adrian: Ask her her name.

Client:  Is it Odelia? I can see her writing something. She's walking around holding a board -  a hard surface that doesn't open. She's walking around the room, making telepathic contact with the various figures, and all the time she's writing.

Adrian: Ask her what she's writing.

Client:  She's doing a review of the state of health of my body and writing down the current condition of the various body systems - digestive system, skeletal system, central nervous system. She's now drawing a diagram of my head. She draws very well.

Adrian: Is her board a piece of electronic equipment?

Client: The alien is using an ordinary writing implement.

Adrian: Is she writing on paper or on something else?

Client:  I think on paper, but it looks like it's glowing. She is writing on a glowing surface.

Adrian: Ask her if it's a touch-activated display screen, like our computers that you can write on

with a pen.

Client:  She says it is. Whatever she writes goes immediately into another database. In the corner of the screen, there's another small screen displaying the scanning of my body. She's writing down the information according to the pictures that appear from the scan on this small screen. The screen looks as if it’s three-dimensional. She can see my head in three-dimension as it turns. There are also cross-sections on the screen .It looks like they're asking her questions about the display. Maybe she's being tested.

Adrian: Who's testing her?

Client:  The questions appear on the little screen. She's supposed to fill in the information based on what she sees and to interpret what she sees from my body scan. Now she's seeing the whole body. Before she just saw the head as it rotated 360 degrees at several angles. The rest of my body appears as a two-dimensional grid. In the display, certain points on the body are highlighted and she's meant to relate to them. I can feel them doing something to the back of my neck. On the screen, within the grid representation of my body, it looks as if there are concentrations of clouds, like you see on weather maps. Different areas of the body are represented by different colors, which also display the amount of energy. There are centers of higher energy and of lower energy. I can see red areas, as well as orange, blue, and throughout the body there are yellow blotches, mostly in the area of the shoulders and the chakra of the sun.

Adrian: Ask the alien the meaning of these blotches of color.

Client:  I don't understand what she's telling me.

Adrian: Carry on. What else do you see in the room?

Client:  They're drawing something out of my head. The color purple has burst out in a cone shape from the top of my head. They say they're cleaning something in my head because there's a block in the flow due to some degeneration or other. They're cleaning and energizing the body systems. There's a lot of waste material in the blood vessels. They're cleaning blocked nerve passageways and junctions. They're taking some brown material out of my head.

Adrian: What is this material?

Client:  It's a thick brown material, viscous and turbid; it's coming out through the cone-shape at the top of my head.

Adrian: What is this material made of?

Client:            Negative thoughts. It also has chemical components that I can't identify.

Adrian: What else do you see?

Client:  They're checking my hands. I feel as if they're waving my arms about, lifting them and lowering them. I felt the tap of a small hammer on the sole of my right foot. They're moving my hands, testing their flexibility. The intern is checking my uterus. She seems curious; it's very interesting to her. Her screen is showing a display of my uterus, ovaries and all of the reproductive system. Everything looks in order.

Adrian: And where does the problem lie causing your psoriasis?

Client:  I think they're telling me I have to move more. I think I move enough. I guess that's the

reason. Conventional medicine attributes the psoriasis to a defect in the functioning of the liver, the gall bladder or the digestive system.

Adrian: What else can you see?

Client:  A figure that looked like a lizard appeared and then went away. It looked a bit like an

            alligator. The figure can change its form. One minute it looks like an alligator and             the next minute, it's the height of a man. One minute it's crawling and the next it's             standing upright and looking like a man with bulging alligator eyes.

Adrian: Ask him what his name is.

Alien: My name is Bobbie. What do you want?

Adrian: Ask him if he belongs to the same species as Professor Bach, an alien I met who also looks like a lizard.

Alien:   No.

Adrian: What is his role?

Client: He acts as if he's in charge. He's very busy; he barely relates to my questions and      he's looking at everyone all the time, checking what the various doctors are doing, what the interns are doing. He keeps saying, "I have to go. I have a lot of work to do. I have a lot of work to do."

Adrian: So don't bother him.

Client: I can see a small dog wandering around. I think it must belong to the intern. I guess   she didn't have where to leave him.

Adrian: Ask if aliens are allowed to bring animals with them. Does he look like our dogs?

Client:  Yes, he looks like one of our dogs. Just a minute. In front of my eyes, the dog just took on a different shape. It looks like a dwarf, possibly human, possibly canine. Actually, he's passing tools all the time, like a nurse in an operating room, handing             the doctors equipment and helping them.

Adrian: How tall is he?

Client:  He's very short. He's about the height of a dog. He's wearing a strange hat and he's extremely ugly.

Adrian: I hope you haven't insulted him.

Client: Sorry, I didn't mean to. I thank you for coming here to help me. Don't be insulted.

Alien: I'm used to human beings relating to me that way. You humans think you know a lot, but you know nothing. Your egos ruin your lives.

Client: He goes under the bed, moving from one side to the other passing tools.

Adrian: What made you think he looked like a dog at first?

Client: Because he's got a face like a bulldog.

Adrian: What planet is he from and what is his role on the team?

Client: He's from Sirius and he's a kind of jack-of-all-trades. He knows how to do             everything in the operating room and he's familiar with all the equipment, like a             technician responsible for the logistics of the operating room. He has many years’             experience.

Adrian: How many aliens are here today?

Client:  I see six - the short one, the two smoky-looking ones, the intern, Bobbie who looks             like a lizard, and the one responsible for logistics.

Adrian: I meant in the whole clinic, not just in the operating room.

Client: Outside the room there's a peaked object, pointing upwards. It's round and reminds             me of a circus tent.

Adrian: Yes, a lot of people with extrasensory perception have mentioned seeing such a             structure.

Client: On the ceiling there's something like a mirror, or crystals, as if the ceiling of the             structure is made of flat pieces of glass.

Adrian: Ask them what it is. Are they windows?

Client: It's an apparatus that radiates energy. The whole structure is like a bubble whose inner shape is different from its external shape. The gravitation force within the       bubble

is different from the pull of gravity outside the bubble. Usually, the aliens walk around in an ordinary way, I mean like we do, but if they want, they can jump up to the higher floors.

Adrian: What is the value of their gravitational force as compared with ours?

Client: It's a third of ours. I can see a lot of figures walking around in the tent-like             structure. I see a large laboratory, with lots of equipment, test tubes and jars of         fluids.

Adrian: Ask how many aliens are present in the structure.

Client:            Approximately 30, four of whom are doctors.

Adrian: Who is the doctor in charge?

Client: His name is Seymour. He's tall, thin and rather dark. His hair is dark and his face is dark brown.

Adrian: Where is Odelia? She's usually the doctor in charge.

Client:  Does Odelia have straight black hair?

Adrian: Yes.

Client: She's walking around near Seymour. Odelia was head of the team. It looks as        though they work together. Maybe this is an overlap period and she's explaining        things to him.

Adrian: Is she going to be leaving?

Client: In another month.

Adrian: Why is she leaving?

Client: They instructed her to.

Adrian: Where is she going?

Client:  She has to return to wherever it is she came from. They need her there.

Adrian: How does Odelia sum up the time she's spent here?

Odelia: It has been a fascinating period, amazing. I would have liked to say. I'll come back.             It was very interesting.

Adrian:            What are your feelings about treating human beings?

Odelia:            I see it as a great challenge.

Adrian: When will she be back?

Client:  In a year. She has to take care of her family first – personal matters.

Adrian: How do the aliens sum up their treatment of you today; the tests and examinations they

carried out?

Client:  They haven’t reached any conclusions. They say there’s more cleaning and oiling of the body systems to be done            . It’s not functioning at full potential. All systems need refreshing, oiling and training. They don’t mention a specific point to be worked on.

Adrian: It’s interesting, you see and communicate very well. Do you think you would like to work with aliens?

Client:  Yes, but what could I do with them?

Adrian: For instance, what I do.

Client:  If I can contribute something, I’d very happy to do so.

Adrian: Ask the aliens if they’d be interested in working with you.

Client:  The aliens say I’m not yet ready. They need to do more work on me. They’re leaving now.

Adrian: You may get up now.

Client: I don’t believe it – all that channeling and information came out of me?


Brain Surgery

On December 7, 1999, an experienced healer who had advanced extrasensory capabilities arrived at my home for treatment.


Client:  My eyesight has been getting increasingly poor. Together with this, my physical strength seems to be waning and I’m tired all the time. The team of beings and aliens that I work with have been treating me, and recently they suggested that I come to you for treatment. While I’m here, I’d also like to clear up some issues regarding some of my past lives. I tried to enter past lives with the help of a friend of mine, but I discovered that I need more professional help in order to hone in on the really important things.

Aliens: We have examined her and found a problem in the membrane surrounding the brain. An old fold that was created in childhood, has begun to develop. It’s now causing pressure and interfering with normal brain functioning and with her eyesight.

Adrian:            I see them operating around the area of your head.

Client:  Yes, I can feel everything.

Adrian:            An alien will accompany you home and will continue treating you at home.


During our second session, which took place on January 10, 2000, the client reported some rather unusual events.


Client:  While I was traveling home from my treatment here, I felt as though something was oozing out of my head. I had the feeling that the aliens were giving me an intensive treatment.

Adrian:            Perhaps something happened following the operation, perhaps hemorrhaging.

Client:  I did feel like something was flowing and dripping. As soon as I reached home, the aliens requested that I lay down in bed and for the next hour they were busy with me. I felt equipment attached to my head. A few days later, the aliens arrived again and asked me to sit in a chair without moving. I sensed intensive activity around my head. They didn’t allow me to move.

Adrian:            Today, they’ve asked me to sit on the far side of the treatment room, as far as possible from your head. They’re preparing to operate again. I could see them removing part of the skull on the right side.

Client:  I can feel the incision down to my shoulder.

Alien:   The main operation was successfully completed. We overcame the bleeding. Today we will be cleaning out the residue of blood clots. It is not advisable to leave them inside.

Client:  They’re also treating my legs. They’re passing something between my ears. Someone is explaining to me in English that I have guilt feelings that I’m not aware of. The source of these feelings is not here on Earth, but from a different life era. I’m asking them to help me remember where the guilt feelings originated.

Adrian:            Try to connect with your past lives. The aliens will help you.

Client:  I’m not managing to connect.

Adrian:            Okay, they’re starting to show me your past life memories. I see a woman innkeeper. She’s wearing an apron and a blue and white striped head cover. She’s putting things on the table; it’s not clear what they are. They seem to be metal items, gold-colored and strangely shaped. They’re not jewelry or eating utensils, or any other know item. Perhaps she’s trying to sell them, but those who have bought these items from her have come to harm. These items belonged to aliens and they came and murdered anyone who had them in their possession. Are you connecting now? Do you see something?

Client:  No, nothing at all.

Adrian:            I hope what I’m seeing are in fact your past life memories. Aliens, is that what I’m seeing?

Aliens: More or less. It would be preferable if the client could connect herself. After all, they are her past life memories.

Client:  I think I’ve connected. I arrived on Earth as a pioneer, somewhere in the middle of America. I was in a different state of mass. I worked hard and became deeply entrenched in a land-based dreary life. Then, when an attempt was made to renew contact with me, the spacecraft crashed and was destroyed. A long time passed before another spacecraft arrived. In the meantime, out of desperation, loss of faith and the economic distress of the humans around me, I made a mistake. I tried to do something to save the situation, but everything went wrong. I was alone for such a long time. I was in distress and I made a mistake that harmed many people. I hadn’t sold those items to the people; I gave them away! I had no interest in profit. I wanted people to have an easier time. The items I gave them were of great value to the spacecraft, but on Earth they had no value other than the fact that they were made of gold. The aliens attacked the people who were in possession of these items. They claimed they had no choice, but I thought otherwise. If only they had told me, I would have collected all the items, and so I am angry at them. I’m not sure, but I think I lost my life fighting these aliens. I want to know where I came from. This wasn’t the first time I had been sent as a pioneer to this land, but it was the first time everything went so badly wrong.

            Because my soul was so filled with anger, they allowed me to be born here and start a new life here as a human being. But everything was accompanied by violence. I came close to death three times and my soul is still angry, though not as much as in the past. The explanation is not complete. I can see that they’re willing to continue with an explanation now. I’m picking it up now – I came here to do research and to help mankind. I think my home planet is Sirius. Do they verify this?

Adrian:            I can see a white planet, like a giant pearl, slightly pock-marked. The aliens want you to connect with memories from your home. Those are your stable memories.

Client:  Why are they playing me a Bach melody?

Adrian:            I don’t know.

Client:  A screen is preventing me from connecting with memories from my home planet. Now and then I connect with knowledge I had from then, but most of the time the screen blocks it. I think they’re not lifting the screen because they’re afraid of my anger. They don’t want to have to deal with my anger.

            I don’t need my anger any more. I’m letting it go. But I do want to know exactly what happened there. What was my research about? It keeps floating up in my consciousness. It’s apparently the reason I succeed in treating people. But the screen makes it difficult for me to write what I know from then.

Aliens: The screen is a psychological product. You have created it over a long period of time.

Client:  Can they raise the screen?

Adrian:            They’re trying. They’re now operating on your memories. You’ve got a big mess there.

Client: Was I accurate in what I said?

Adrian:            The aliens confirm that you were accurate. Your visions were accurate. They don’t want to tire you with emotional processes, so they’re treating the memories directly. There are complications there.


The treatment continued on March 8, 2000.

Client:  My hearing has improved but there are ups and downs with regard to my eyesight and the level of my ability to channel. The team of aliens has been treating me in my home. I can see a surgeon and a doctor of internal medicine. They’ve apparently inserted something into my right ear, as if widening something. I’m feeling strange external physical sensations all the time. They’re focusing on my right ear; I see two of them. They have triangular faces with very large eyes. They look like good people and gentle.

Adrian:            How many fingers do they have on each hand?

Client:  They’re holding a piece of equipment that is now lit up just above their foreheads and they’re showing me their hands. They have a long little finger, three middle fingers, and a very long thumb – all together five long slender fingers.


I took advantage of the client’s abilities of communication to ask the aliens a few questions. 

  Adrian:            Can you explain how you create a copy of the patient during treatment?

Aliens: We don’t make any copies. We make use of the additional bodies that are not connected to the physical body. We manage to move the delicate bodies. We find your question funny. It’s not a copy. We work on the delicate bodies. The physical body can stay where it is. Afterwards, we return the delicate body and connect them. Every human being has several delicate bodies, which look exactly like the physical body. They have the same contours, the same organs, but they’re more air-like, ethereal. They look like neon light.

Adrian: If you perform an operation on one of these ethereal bodies, how does this affect the physical body?

Aliens:            Energetically, the ethereal bodies are intertwined within the physical body. When the delicate bodies are improved, or operated on, this affects the physical body because it is a process that is taking place within it. It takes some time before the physical body reacts to the change.

Adrian:            How much time?

Aliens: It depends on where, which organ and what body function. Sometimes it takes days, and sometimes weeks. Only in the case of treatment to the brain, does it sometimes take months.

Adrian:            Do you also work on the physical body?

Aliens: It is impossible to separate an operation on the delicate from the physical body. When we return the delicate bodies, we must relate also to the physical body.

Adrian: What do you do when you implant sections of tissue? Do you work on the physical body?

Aliens: First we repair the delicate bodies, and then we work also on the physical body.

Adrian:            Are the implants that you use physical?

Aliens: For us, they are physical. For you, they’re not.

Adrian:            When you showed me the tissue that you implanted in one of the patients, what tissues were they?

Aliens: We showed you the physical implants. We worked on the delicate body, but it’s the same thing.

Adrian:            How much time elapses from the moment of implant into the delicate body until it finds expression in the physical body?

Aliens: Within two to three weeks the client will fee a physical alleviation of the problem. The system will begin to work slowly and things will improve with time.

Client:  I feel like I’m being massaged.

Adrian: Where are you?

Client:  I’m in white space.

At this point, the client rested for a while and I made direct contact with the aliens.

Adrian: What happens in the delicate bodies on a microscopic level, that is, regarding atoms and molecules?

Aliens: In a multidimensional picture of the basic particles, what you call an atom is not a whole particle. It creates a certain imbalance and must find an identical complement in a different dimension. For this reason, every particle has its complementary particle in other dimensions. These complementary particles perfectly attach to each other and create copies of the body, which you know as the physical body. Under certain conditions, we can separate these copies, but in a certain sense they remain attached.

Adrian:            Does an operation in one of the bodies cause changes to occur in the rest of the copy bodies?

Aliens: The concept of copies is inaccurate. It would be more correct to say “dimensional complements”.

Client:  In my experience, I’ve learned that the delicate bodies are affected by disease even before the physical body. When a person is relaxed, the delicate body can heal itself. The physical body heals more slowly.

Adrian:            Does a scratch on the surface of the physical body also damage the delicate body?

Aliens: Yes. Also in the case of death from disease or an accident, you go up to the next world with the same feelings of pain. When you’re reborn, you have the potential to correct the damaged molecules. You return to the same experiences. Certain diseases have their source in damage to the delicate body that occurred in a previous life.

Adrian:            When we see a ghost or spirit, are we seeing its delicate bodies?

Aliens: Yes.

Adrian:            Do you also treat spirits who are unwell?

Aliens: We treat spirits in other dimensions, alien spirits, not spirits who are about to reincarnate in this dimension, because that’s a matter of learning. The memory of the defect or the wound is imprinted on the delicate body.

Client:  Until I reached the age of 24, I suffered from terrible pains in the joint of my right leg. All the examinations and x-rays showed nothing. Then a memory surfaced – something that happened to me in a past life. I had died as a result of a serious injury in the area that had been hurting me. After I had this memory, I worked on the feeling and the pain disappeared.

Adrian:            Was that only a memory?

Client:  No. I had an actual injury to the delicate body, although in the physical body nothing was visible. The problem was solved when I remembered that past life and worked on my feelings. The delicate body wasn’t healed until I worked on the emotional aspects. A lot of emotions were aroused, and once I realized that they were not relevant to my present life, my knee healed.

Adrian:            Are all the delicate bodies identical to the physical body?

Client:            Sometimes the delicate bodies are very large, out of all proportion to the physical body. The delicate bodies contain much more material – thoughts, emotions, beliefs, as well as physical material. Sometimes the delicate bodies are very large, up to twice the size of the physical body, or even more.

Adrian:            Have you ever seen historical bodies belonging to previous lives, that look like aliens?

Client:  Yes. I saw people whose delicate bodies looked totally different. Once you know the difference between the physical body and our delicate bodies, when you understand that we are simultaneously multidimensional, life takes on a whole different meaning. The way you relate to the importance of life also changes. The fact that we are multidimensional makes us almost something holy. When we harm someone or are injured ourselves, we are injured on all dimensions at once. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the effect is even planetary.


On March 29, 2000, the aliens added another piece of understanding.

  Aliens: The particles, which are even smaller than the quarks that make up physical matter, are not capable of standing alone. The residual energies are not complete even when they are attached to larger structures as part of the physical matter. A situation can arise where a particle in a parallel dimension completes the physical particle, and improves its energetic condition or its energetic balance. An additional particle can improve the condition even more. From an energy viewpoint, there are theoretically endless numbers of complementary particles with ever-smaller amounts of energy. However, in practical terms, there are only eight complementary particles. The energy in additional complementary particles is too weak. So in fact, every particle in the physical dimension has eight complementary particles or reflections in parallel dimensions. These eight planes make up a set. The contents of the body also have eight complementary parts all attached to each other. We are able to isolate one complementary part or several complementary parts from the whole and to treat them separately through a special technology. Afterwards, we are able to return it to the whole. Operations or treatments performed on the complementary body will be expressed throughout the whole composite body after a while.


Read more on these issues in Adrian Dvir's book: X3, Healing Entities and Aliens

An exciting and attention riveting metaphysical journey, September 21, 2003
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Informatively written by Adrian Dvir (an expert computer engineer who first discovered his ability to communicate telepathically in 1992, and first contacted aliens in the year 1994), X3: Healing, Entities, And Aliens is an exciting and attention riveting metaphysical journey into mind-expanding experiences and the positive intentions of entities from beyond this world. Offering a grand, detailed, investigative account that fleshes out seemingly supernatural occurrences in great detail, and enhanced with an accompanying CD, X3: Healing Entities and Aliens is a unique and very welcome contribution to Metaphysical Studies reference collections and UFO Studies reading lists.
Adrian Dvir documents his own and others, Healers and Mediums outstanding daily collaboration in ISRAEL, with  Beings from parallel dimensions or realms.  These invisible beings act as medical teams. They are Alien  ET Extraterrestrials and ED Extra-Dimensional medical teams. The paranormal and  mystical events becomes a daily experience, with practical results for suffering sick people. Parallel realms of existence are described. The book includes a PC  HTML based CD with high resolution Video Clips streaming of Patients testimony, Healers stories and Beings messages and answers as channeled by Trans Mediums. This is the next step in out of this world  contact beyond random UFO sightings, Crop circles, unexpected encounters and alike. 
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