The UFO Research Center Chairman: “It’s true!”

I continued to question the aliens and to document their treatments. The written material grew more copious. I began to organize it for a possible future book. I used this roughly organized draft to inform others about the events in which I was involved. One of the readers of this material was Avi Greif, chairman of the Israel UFO Research Center, which has been operating for several years with the aim of studying and documenting UFO phenomena. The center sponsors lectures open to the public and regularly publishes a newsletter. Avi, as opposed to most other people who received a copy of my draft, responded promptly and respectfully, despite the fact that, like everyone else, he had great difficulty in accepting as fact that aliens from a parallel dimension were my daily house companions.

Avi Greif authored two books published in Hebrew, reporting on UFO observations, kidnappings and crop circles appearing around the world. These are acceptable topics for UFO investigators. Channeling with aliens is not. Although there are some well known “contact people”, such as Billy Mayer from Switzerland, who claim to be in direct contact with aliens, most investigators simply ignore them, discount the whole issue of channeling, and place those who claim to do it in the same category as fortune-tellers and soothsayers.

Absurd as it may sound, there are UFO investigators who claim that they will investigate nothing but solid evidence, such as dubious photographs of UFOs, or the dirt sampled from crop circles. These avenues of investigation are not only considered acceptable, but more than that, important - the pinnacle of UFO research, while ongoing telepathic contact and cooperative activity with aliens from a parallel dimension is dismissed and looked upon as nonsense. Even the offer of sending copies of dozens of hours of actual recorded conversation with an alien from the Kliendcontlar civilization, sparked no interest in them.

To Avi Greif’s credit, he is one investigator that left no possible avenue of research untouched. He listened to my story, investigated, interviewed all the other channelers involved, listened to every inch of tape of recorded conversation, and went so far as to hire a private investigator to uncover the source of the Kliendcontlar communications. After an exhaustive investigation, covering a wide range of material and information, he came to the unavoidable conclusion:

This is not a hoax; this is real!

Aliens are here, present on our planet, existing in a parallel dimension.

These aliens have made contact with a number of people

and through them, provide medical treatment!


On October 25, 1997, as part of his investigations, Avi asked me a series of questions, which I in turn directed to the alien Communications Center.

Greif: Were there, at some time in the distant past, advanced alien civilizations on the planet Earth that destroyed themselves or left the planet?

Center:            Yes, there were several civilizations that made a number of attempts at alien settlement on Earth, but these met with total failure. From past experience, it is known that in order for a civilization to survive in a particular place for a long period of time, it must be born of that place and adapt itself to the environment and living conditions of the planet. In the past there were attempted settlements of populations from other planets. They were aided by sophisticated equipment, but after a few years they abandoned the project for many reasons, for instance, unsuitability of the planet and its living conditions to the needs of the settlers, and lack of a broad infrastructure. It is very difficult to sustain long-term existence within restricted conditions, relying on artificial means to create suitable conditions. Such a settlement can survive for a limited time only, after which it can be expected to disperse and disappear.

Adrian:            Can you give us more details regarding alien civilizations that settled on Earth and then left?

Center:            In ancient times, Earth was not inhabited by one dominant civilization as it is today. Back then, the planet was considered open territory. Every research mission arriving, from whatever civilization, was free to try and establish a settlement. It was a lawless period and there were many trial settlements. In an attempt to adapt to the planet, the aliens tried to domesticate and adapt local races to their needs. As a result, races living on Earth today bear the genetic traces of these interventions from far more advanced alien civilizations who arrived from the far reaches of space. There was no one overriding directing body throughout the Earth’s past history. There were many different foreign bodies involved, including those that warred with each other. Today Earth has one dominant civilization and this changes the picture. Many foreign elements are still involved, but there are definitive agreements and roof organizations that protect the interests of the planet Earth.

Greif:   Do the aliens feel that in recent years the media in our country has begun to relate better to the subject of UFOs?

Center:            We operate through the perspective of a very long-term process for bringing the concept of the existence of aliens to public awareness, including their aims, their intentions and their ability to help the planet Earth. The process is ongoing and progress is very slow. In Israel’s media, as in the media worldwide, there are waves of increased interest and disinterest. Since the media deals with the news, whatever is repetitious loses its novelty and is ignored until it is discovered anew. We act on many planes to bring alien existence to public awareness. The results will be felt over the course of years.

Greif:   A film was circulated throughout the world showing a section of an alien body. Was this real?

Center:            We’re not sure what film you’re referring to. In general it can be said that due to aerial accidents and various spacecraft problems, some natural and some resulting from military conflict, many aliens, alive as well as dead, have been captured. The authorities and governments have abundant evidence of this including spacecraft parts, and bodies of aliens. Governments keep these things a well-guarded secret. The information that leaks down to the public is only a tiny amount of the actual evidence in existence.

Greif:   Can the human race prevent the apocalyptic predictions for the coming years from happening? Or will the aliens intervene when they happen?

Center:            Natural catastrophes are a natural part of reality on your planet, and on other planets. Catastrophes have occurred in the past and will continue to occur in the future. The apocalyptic forecasts stem mainly from fears that have been implanted deep into the collective unconscious following certain events of the past. The forecasts are a side effect, or an expression of the mass fear of things to come. We are not interested in increasing these fears, and therefore we neither confirm nor deny any forecasts whatsoever. In any event, it is important that you know that if some unexpected worldwide catastrophe does occur, the various alien civilizations involved in developing the civilization of the planet Earth will intervene in various ways to prevent the catastrophes or to minimize them, and this will be done for humanitarian reasons. One can assume that this intervention will be invisible, as far as possible, to ensure that alien presence does not cause mass panic.

Greif:   Can ecological destruction and use of nuclear weapons on Earth in our physical dimension influence aliens who exist in a different dimension?

Center:            The universes are linked. Despite the fact that to you it looks as though there is no connection between worlds made of different matter, the fact is the different dimensions are all parts of a whole. Damage to one part of matter, causes imbalance in other dimensions of matter. The entire system is in a delicate state of balance.

                        There is another aspect, more difficult to understand. The human tapestry here on Earth is not a separate entity standing on its own. It is one part of a huge reservoir of life forms. Many life forms on various planets are interconnected with each other in many ways that are difficult to explain to you. We’re talking about levels of the soul and populations of energies in the highest layers of the cosmos.

Adrian: Can you discuss the reincarnation of aliens on Earth?

Center:            Certainly. A practical example will make it easier to understand. The souls of many human beings living on Earth, are not of earthly origin. And this represents just one aspect of the interrelations between life forms from different planets. This is one of the reasons we are interested in the flourishing of life on Earth, and so are all the alien cultures involved in the goings-on on Earth.

Greif:   Is there any truth to the rumor that aliens are working in cooperation with the U.S. Government?

Center:            Absolutely. Aliens have made a number of attempts to form working relationships with governments, but they all met with failure. We encountered ignorance, fear and stupidity on the part of those working with them. All the governments wanted to do was interrogate us, receive advanced technological information, mainly about weaponry, and to hide us from the public eye. We have not, nor shall we, provide information regarding weapons, for obvious reasons. Our interest lies in becoming known to the general public. Since there was a conflict of interests between us and the governments we contacted, most of our meetings yielded little positive result.

Adrian:            Are contacts between you still going on today?

Center:            We cannot give you details about what is happening today. We can only explain in general terms where our contact with governments stands. Since in principle, contacts with governments did not yield any desired positive results, it was decided to continue with our policy of gradual psychological exposure to the general public.

Greif:   Is it true that  an alien spacecraft crashed outside the city of Roswell, New Mexico, and the bodies of the alien pilots were found?

Center:            The Roswell incident was an actual event. One of many, as we already mentioned.

Greif:   Were representatives of the planet Sirius active in Egypt and involved in the building of the sphinx?

Center:            As we have told you before, aliens of many different cultures and civilizations intervened in life on Earth many times in the planet’s history. A race of aliens, which we will not expand upon, was involved in Egypt. It was not the culture of Sirius, but some other, more advanced civilization that abandoned the area, so there’s no point in talking about them.

Adrian:            Were the aliens involved in the building of the sphinx and the pyramids?

Center:            Indirectly, yes. They were built during a period when aliens were active in the area and they helped the local people in various ways.

Greif:   Was the lost civilization of Atlantis as advanced as we are now, or more advanced?

Center:            For several generations, there was an alien settlement on Atlantis. It was perhaps the longest period in the planet’s history of the existence of an alien civilization. This civilization was destroyed due to a natural disaster. There was a core group of alien settlers in Atlantis. They were similar to humans and a large population of indigenous people lived around them and in their midst. Over several generations the gene pool mixed. They enjoyed an advanced civilization, but it did not reach the level of today’s civilization on Earth. The evolution of Atlantis combined a standard of living comparable to that of the Romans, with technological elements that were the remnants of things brought here from other planets. After a time, the equipment ceased to function, or was lost. When Atlantis was destroyed, the remaining survivors established centers in other parts of the world, but the technological legacy was soon lost.

Greif:   Are the Americans in possession of an alien spacecraft, or are they utilizing knowledge culled from an alien spacecraft that crashed, to try and build an advanced spacecraft?

Center:            As we’ve already said, many alien spacecraft have crashed, and an abundance of human scientists are studying the fragments. It is very doubtful that they will be able to crack the technology of these spacecraft since it is several thousand years ahead of the technology on Earth. Similarly, there is about zero likelihood that your scientists will be able to copy the captured tools or equipment in the years to come. Another thing – the equipment recovered from crashes is all very different from each other since they have arrived from different civilizations. This increases the confusion of those trying to crack open their secrets. Our policy regarding transfer of technological knowledge is very clear. We provide only that knowledge which is on the threshold of discovery and understanding, and only that which is used for positive aims. We certainly do not allow the transfer of technological knowledge which is far in advance of the existing level of the planet, and that includes knowledge of spacecraft.

Adrian:            Is anyone on Earth in possession of a working alien spacecraft?

Center:            As far as we know, one spacecraft was recovered whole, but either no one succeeded in flying it or they are afraid to try. It is well guarded in a deep underground bunker. That is a wise decision. If it is raised to ground level, it will immediately be located by its rightful owners who will take appropriate measures.

Adrian:            Thank you. Are the answers I received and wrote down correct?

Center:            Yes, to the best of our ability to transfer information to you. If you would like clarifications, you may question us more. Organize the material you’ve just received and get back to us.

Adrian:            Are you interested in carrying on such contacts?

Center: Yes, very.

Adrian:            Thank you for the meantime.


On January 11, 1997, Avi Greif gave me another series of questions, which I passed on to the Center.


Adrian:            Are my questions clear?

Center:            They are clear, Adrian. Just give us time to get organized. Some of the questions required some thought as well as authorization. Come back for the answers later this evening, better still, tomorrow. Okay?

Adrian:            Are you having difficulties answering some of the questions?

Center:            Not really. We’ll give you the answers tomorrow. All right?

Adrian:            Are you the ones who deal with marketing, or I should say, public relations with humans?

Center:            Not exactly, but you could call us PR.. We have several jobs and that’s one of them.

Adrian:            What, in your opinion, is the purpose of these questions and answers?

Center:            We want humans to believe that aliens are real and that it is possible to converse with them. This is very important. If you publish these contacts, it will certainly have an effect, or so the computer claims.

Adrian:            Have you fed the situation into the computer?

Center:            Of course.

Adrian:            Do you conduct all contacts with us through the computer?

Center:            We check all options. The computer produces a forecast, which is a very useful research and planning tool.

Adrian: And it was the computer that came to the conclusion that questions and answers is a good way to become acquainted?

Center: Yes indeed.


As always, I felt the need for some sort of confirmation or verification of my communication with the Center and information I received. The next day when I was with Chaya Levy, the medium, I asked her to channel, i.e. communicate telepathically, with the team of doctors who work with her in her home clinic. This team includes X3, the head doctor, and Maya, the doctor and psychologist.


It was November 4, 1997 when I channeled the answers to my questions from the Center and I crosschecked them with the information Chaya channeled from the medical team, with the following results:


Greif:   Since 1990, there has been intensive UFO activity over Belgium, near the German border. These UFO’s are triangular in shape with a diameter of about 30 meters (about 98 ft.), and display four lights, one on each of the points of the triangle, and one in the middle. They have appeared at very low altitudes. Can you tell us what civilization of aliens they belong to and what their aims are? Does their activity have anything to do with the seismic activity in the area, or with the prevention of earthquakes?

X3:       I am acquainted with triangular spacecraft. They belong to a very advanced civilization of aliens. I don’t know what they are doing in Belgium, but as far as we know, no aliens are taking on the forces of nature, so they certainly would not have been trying to prevent earthquakes.

Adrian:            Do all triangular spacecraft belong to one particular association of civilizations?

X3:       That is privileged information. Ask the Center. Perhaps they are allowed to give more detailed information.

Center:            The triangular spacecraft belong to several different associations of civilizations, and we shall not expand on this any further. They, like us, are also studying the planet Earth, and their aims are similar to ours.

Adrian:            What are those aims?

Center:            Their central aim is research, and examining the possibility of joining civilizations or making contact. We don’t know precisely what they are doing. We only know that they are from a different, very advanced, civilization.

Adrian:            Are we in any danger from them?

Center:            We don’t think there is any danger whatsoever from any of the organizations involved in researching the planet Earth. All parties work under mutual non-aggression agreements. This is a demilitarized zone and is open for research. So at present there is no such danger.

Adrian:            What do the aliens that travel in the triangular spacecraft look like?

Center:            That is still currently privileged information. In general they are humanoid. That is to say, there is some similarity between their appearance and that of humans. We cannot tell you more than that.


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