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Chaim Mazar

 I had the privilege of hearing Chaim Mazar, a leading figure in the Israel UFO Research Center, deliver several lectures on UFOs and aliens. He has to his credit an impressive 130 published articles.

Like most others in the organization, Chaim Mazarís reaction to my book and the idea of alien medical teams, was highly skeptical. Chaimís articles deal with the anatomy of aliens. His lectures focus on the presence of UFOs in our solar system, on the possibility of non-natural structures on various planets and moons in our solar system. And yet, our claim of ongoing contact with an alien medical team struck him as more fantastic than believable. To play it safe, he decided to take a position on the fence, at least for a time. On January 29, 2000, it seems his curiosity finally got the better of him and he asked if he could undergo a trial treatment. Little did he know what a momentous decision this would turn out to be.

As a matter of course, I recorded everything that was said during the treatment. Two days later, Chaim put down in writing what he had experienced. Below is my documented account of the treatment, with Chaimís impressions appearing in parentheses and beginning with the words: ďIn hindsightÖĒ

Adrian:            Close your eyes and imagine the room.

Mazar: I donít see anything.

Adrian:            Okay, imagine you are in a lecture hall, and you are lecturing to an empty hall.

Mazar: Iím picturing myself lecturing.

Adrian:            Excellent. Now come back to this room. What do you see?

Mazar:            Nothing.


At this point, I asked him to open his eyes. I was disappointed. He apparently was not a member of that special group of people who have the ability of extrasensory perception. We carried on chatting about incidentals, and as I usually do, I asked if he felt anything.


Mazar: Yes! I can feel a warm ring around my left foot.

Adrian:            They are inserting a tube into your foot.

Suddenly, with eyes wide open, Chaim said:

Mazar: Thereís a figure with long hair standing next to the airconditioner.

Adrian:            Thatís right. An alien is standing there. You can see him?

Mazar: Yes. Is it really there?

Adrian:            Yes. He looks like a young man, with long blond hair.

Mazar: Thatís right. On my left there are another two. One of them is about a meter eighty (almost 6 ft.) and the other is shorter, about a meter twenty (about 4 ft.). By their feet thereís a metallic silver box. Is there really a box there?

Adrian:            Yes. Carry on reporting.

Mazar: The language theyíre speaking sounds something like Celtic or Druid, although I donít know either of those languages. Is that right?

Adrian:            I have no idea. The aliens are telling me that you are one of them. But, please, keep reporting.

Mazar: I feel as though they are injecting me in my left arm. My right arm feels lighter. Behind you are bars that look like theyíre for hanging clothing. Theyíre used for hanging bags of substances for infusion. Someone, it seems, is floating above me, turning horizontally, holding some sort of enlargement apparatus Ė perhaps a magnifying glass (In hindsight: it was a 300-fold enlargement). Heís making my skin transparent and looking inside. Thereís something red on the ceiling. I can see some piece of equipment on the ceiling with long tubes coming out of it. Perhaps itís an ultrasound device, or something that works on radio wave frequencies. (In hindsight: The device is a round rotating surface with capillary tubes.) I have the sensation of being touched on my left side. I feel prickling in my left hand similar to what you feel when your hand falls asleep. Thereís someone standing to the left of my head. Sheís smiling. Sheís a mother of three children. (In hindsight: Both the man and the woman are doctors. They come from different planets and theyíre comparing information and sharing their knowledge of the human body.)

Adrian:            Ask her what her name is.

Mazar: Her name is Miona. Someone has just come in the main door. He looks as though he must hold a senior position Ė team manager or head of the surgery facility.

Adrian:            Ask him who he is.

Mazar: Who are you? He doesnít answer.

Adrian:            What is he doing?

Mazar: Just observing. Behind me, above my head there is a projector throwing light across my body. The light is scanning my whole body. Itís a special light, moving above my head and transmitting elliptical waves that wrap around my body.

Adrian:            What is the task of this light?

Mazar: When the light comes into contact with the body, it creates an aura. Maybe the comparative differences in the light of the aura indicate the location of disease. Thereís a display screen on my left, directed toward my heart. I feel pressure in the area of my heart.

Adrian: Ask for a telepathic internal body picture.

Mazar: Can somebody send me a picture? I see something passing through above the left atrium and into the left ventricle where it stops. Iím looking at pictures. A tiny device is sending out arms with adhesive cushions. It sticks to the wall and very slowly starts to turn. The whole device is just a few millimeters in size with arms attached. Itís scanning the internal wall of the heart and sending very high frequency sound wave transmissions Ė maybe 40,000 kHz. Itís a monitoring device and itís just above the left atrium. I see an oscilloscope and a round screen. The amplitude of the waves is very high. Iím trying to get a picture. The height of the amplitude is about 20 cm. (just under 8 inches) and the length of the waves is 2 cm (just under an inch). The wave is moving at very high frequency. The oscilloscope is translated into a curve with an X and Y axis, showing a linear curve in a glowing red color. To the right of the monitor is another monitor showing sinus waves. Thatís where the blood count is being done. A beam is emanating from it, transferring some kind of material into my bloodstream. I feel some heaviness in my right arm. My left arm feels heavier. To my left, near the door, is a small cabinet. The bottom part, about one meter up (3 feet) is composed of drawers; each drawer is about 5 centimeters (about 2 inches) high and about 20 cm (8Ē) deep.

(Adrian: I made a telepathic request to the aliens to open the doors for him, without saying anything about it to Chaim Mazar.)

Mazar:            Someoneís opened the doors of the cabinet. There are three shelves, about 30 cm apart (about 12Ē).

Adrian:            Whatís on the shelves?

Mazar: There are loose-leaf notebooks on the shelves. The writing inside is reminiscent of cuneiform.

Adrian:            How many symbols are in its alphabet?

Mazar: Its alphabet has 35 symbols. The method of counting is based on 60. The proportion of the text to mathematical material is about 30% numbers and 70% text. (In hindsight: I think the language was Assyrian.)

Adrian: What kind of information is in these files?

Mazar:            Anatomical information regarding intelligent life forms indigenous to various places, and also on Earth. There is information here about the fourth planet in Sirius. The information I can make out is: its diameter is 9,500 kilometers (about 5,904 miles); it is denser than the Earth; its gravitational force is about 1.2 times stronger than ours. The gaseous composition of its atmosphere is quite similar to that of the Earth: 65% nitrogen, 20% oxygen, and 15% others. These are apparently divided among hydrogen and one of the light noble gases Ė if it were not so, the planet would sink. (In hindsight: I think this refers to CO2 and to fluorine, which at times forms molecular structures with free oxygen.)

Adrian:            What is the population of the planet?

Mazar: It is sparsely populated. There are only about a billion inhabitants.

Adrian:            What is the planet called?

Mazar: Riga.

Adrian:            What do its inhabitants look like?

Mazar: They are light-skinned. It is a cold planet, similar to our northern latitudes.

Adrian:            What do they look like?

Mazar: Theyíre between a meter seventy and a meter eighty tall (5í5Ē to 5í9Ē). They look similar to us. There are two continents on the planet. The larger one is about the size of Africa and the other about the size of Australia. Not everyone lives on the land. Some of them live in the sea, at a depth of about 2 kilometers (just over a mile). The ones who live in the sea are dual life forms Ė they can live either under the sea or on land. Apparently, those on Sirius have some connection with Atlantis. I saw someone move above me, with their face looking east. He passed above me horizontally.

Adrian:            Ask them to sum up your medical condition.

Mazar: Theyíre not saying anything. Behind you there is some monitoring equipment that is observing me. Itís round and has a tube coming out as if from a hydraulic system. The device is giving off a blue light that is shining on my lower abdomen. Now a screen has come down in front of the light, like a disc with holes in it. The light has now broken down into various lights of different colors, like from a turning drum. Part of the beam of light is expanding, while other beams are growing narrower and a glowing beam is being sent to my face.

Adrian:            What is the purpose of this device?

Mazar: The light acts like a medication. Each beam of light is like a dose of medicine. In one go, several medicines are administered at once. The lower section of beams has now gone out, and now the upper half is working. Some of the blue lights have turned red. The beams are getting wider, converging and focusing on my arms. A similar device is approaching from the left and focuses a green beam of light on my left arm. The beams of light are spreading out and getting very wide. They meet above my body along a vertical axis. At the point where they meet there is a new light, a combination between deep blue and orange. There is an odor. I feel like Iím floating. The aliens have tilted me a bit to the right and a bit to the left. Theyíre tilting me strongly to the right now, about 45 degrees. Using a vacuum, theyíve placed some device against my body, which is blowing cold air through my body.

Adrian:            What is this device?

Mazar: It is in the space of six or seven dimensions, and is drawing a jelly-like substance from my body, a substance that they had introduced earlier. Someone is looking into my eyes.

Adrian:            The aliens have finished. You can get up now.

Mazar: What have they done to me?

Adrian:            They say that they carried out a series of tests. In the next treatment they will introduce some improvements.


Chaim Mazar needed a few days to come to terms with what he had experienced. He told Avi Greif about it. Precise images of the experience kept surfacing in his mind. I asked him to document everything he remembers and we compared his documentation with what I had typed into my computer during the session. On February 11, 2000, he arrived for his second treatment nervous and full of excitement. After just a few minutes on the examining table, he began to report in his precise manner.


Mazar: I feel heat on the sole of my left foot. My left arm feels heavy; itís difficult to lift it. My left leg feels heavy from the knee down. Itís difficult to lift. The heat is increasing on the bottom of my left foot. Someone has opened the cabinet and is taking out the second file from the left. Heís leafing through it and stops on page 130 to took at anatomical drawings. Heís comparing them with the x-ray heís just taken of my body. Heís trying to decide what course of action to take. He takes something that looks like an injection and checks its contents. Meanwhile, I feel like thereís a rod inside my leg, close to the left of the inside of my leg and along its entire length. Itís a dull, muffled feeling. The alien is pointing the injection towards me, but it doesnít touch my skin. Itís about 10 cm (about 4 in.) from my skin. I little to the left and at a 30 degree angle above the diaphragm, he injects me in the direction of the molecular structure of the tissue. All the contents of the syringe are now injected and heís putting it in a sterilization device.

Adrian:            Ask the alien what he did.

Mazar: That alien and a female one on my right are holding the palms of their hands above the area of my stomach and are doing some special kind of massage. The palms of their hands are about 5 cm (about 2 in.) above the area of my abdomen; theyíre transmitting energy. Iím trying to understand what kind of energy it is. Itís apparently electrical energy created by the thoughts of both of them together. Where the field lines of their thoughts cross, an energy field is created which is capable of soothing the nervous system. Itís an anesthetic; itís a tranquilizer. The two devices located at each side of the room, the same room I saw in the previous treatment session, are once again transmitting medicine in the form of light beams. The discs, located at the end nearest to me, are beginning to rotate in opposite directions. The device on the right is turning clockwise, and the one on the left, counterclockwise. The devices are scanning my whole body. I can feel movement in my skin and muscles on the right side of my lower abdomen. My heart is beating faster, about 90 to 95 beats a minute. Someone has put his hand on my throat. I feel a gentle touch, no pressure. At the same time, heís holding a hand monitor in his right hand. Heís apparently checking frequencies and looking at the monitor to my left on the wall. The waves are moderate. The length of their amplitude is about 5 cm (about 2 in.) and the length of the wave is about 15 cm (about 6 in.).

Adrian:            What is the frequency?

Mazar: Three or four cycles a second. A vertical axis is adjacent to the sole of my left foot. It may be electrodes that they attached to my foot. The measurements are being recording on a long piece of paper, like for an ECG. Meanwhile, I can feel something all along my left arm.

Adrian:            Ask them to explain it to you.

Mazar: What are you measuring? Theyíre immersed in their work. Iím feeling some change again in the lower right side of my abdomen, like a decrease in swelling. There are the beginnings of prickles in the palm of my left hand from the anesthetic thatís wearing off. I guess thatís why Iím finding it difficult to close my hand into a fist. I have some undefined sensations in the sole of my left foot. It feels like something muffled or heavy. Theyíre continuing to treat my heart as well. My breathing feels a little labored and thereís a sticking sensation on the left side of my chest. The sticking sensation is between the ribs and the muscles attached to them. I feel a little dizzy, as if my head is moving back and forth. Perhaps someone is standing behind me and moving my head. Someone is standing to my right, next to the airconditioner. I feel prickles in the sole of my left foot. The alien standing next to the airconditioner is holding something that looks like a mirror that allows the return of waves. Heís receiving green waves and tilting the surface so as to direct the waves to the right side of my lower abdomen.

Adrian:            Where are the waves originating?

Mazar: Theyíre coming from my left and above me. Theyíre apparently arriving at an angle of 57 degrees. The surface acts like a mirror. When it receives the waves, it transforms them into a different color, to red. The device the alien is holding in his hand transforms the wavelengths. The alien can direct the transformed wavelength via his hand-held device. Itís a digital watch that directs waves at the push of a button. He sees the wavelength he needs on the display screen, and then transforms the wave. Maybe itís a laser device, transmitting the transformed waves to other wavelengths. It could be a device for smoothing raised spots on the skin. There are three aliens opposite me. Theyíre quietly consulting with each other. I can see two of them in profile and one has his back to me. Theyíre wearing hospital gowns. The one on the right is raising his hand. Heís holding a switch and he turns off the laser device, which is to my left and behind me. Now a similar device on my right is activated. The alien holding the mirror now moves to the left and repeats the process. The beam also scans my lower abdomen. The beam of light is very narrow, about as wide as a sliver of light that shines through a crack in window blinds.

Adrian:            What is the purpose of this treatment?

Mazar: To straighten the outer wall of the stomach. I have pains in my leg at the moment, strong pain, but bearable.

Adrian:            What are they doing to your leg?

Mazar: Iím starting to feel pain in my heart as well. I understand that this is just part of the treatment. Theyíre trying to straighten out a protrusion in the area of my lower abdomen. The protrusion is something that has been fixed there with the help of their device. Itís made of organic material so it can be absorbed into the body and turn into an integral part of it without causing any rejection reactions. It could be that they took cells from somewhere else in the body and grew them on a latticework platform to make an organic weave to bolster the rehabilitated area. I feel a sticking sensation in the area of the heart, the same place I felt it before, but now itís sharper and accompanied by labored breathing. An alien doctor named Miona, I saw her during the previous treatment session, is now standing to my right and supervising the work. Theyíre nearly finished. The aliens are injecting some solution into my body to disinfect every area that was treated including the heart and lower abdomen. The solution is made up of distilled water and fluorine in a relatively weak mixture, 3%. The heaviness in my left arm is dissipating. The aliens are now writing up a report of the treatment.

Adrian:            Is any follow-up treatment required?

Mazar: I donít think so. The aliens are saying, ďIf you want, come back in six months.Ē Thatís it. I donít see anything any more. 

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An exciting and attention riveting metaphysical journey, September 21, 2003
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