First Public Lecture

Avi Greif extended an invitation to Chaya Levy and myself to speak before a national convention of the Israel UFO Research Center to be held in Netanya, in 1997. Our lectures generated strong reactions among the audience. Some had great difficulty in accepting any of what they heard, while most of the rest of the audience responded with shock, as one would expect of an audience watching a show that unexpectedly deviated from the program.

There were those who claimed that healing and channeling are not scientific and therefor not fitting subjects for serious and respected scientific inquiry as is applied to UFO events. These people came to the convention expecting to see fuzzy imported films and photographs of UFOs, and here were Chaya and myself telling them about daily contact with aliens. The audacity…!

Two women in the audience felt very differently about it. Toby Be’eri, a healer and clinical psychologist, energetically defended me. She shouted, “What Adrian and Chaya are telling us is true. That’s what’s happening.”

Shula Israeli, who arrived at the convention from Kibbutz Amir in the Upper Galilee, felt goose bumps all over her body. She had recently left her job as medical secretary to get involved in Reiki and alternative medicine. As she listened to our lecture, she began to feel increasingly drawn to the idea of working with aliens.

After the lecture, both of these women made appointments with me and with Chaya, with the end result that today they are both working in cooperation with aliens who established clinics on their premises.

In later conventions, I continued to lecture on the subject. I was joined by Shula Israeli and Tammy Kali who spoke about their work with alien clinics. And despite the increasing number of testimonies, many in the audience of traditional UFO researchers remained unconvinced.

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