First time in print – “X-Files”, Ma’ariv

The first journalist who expressed any enthusiasm was David Ronen from the second largest daily paper, Ma’ariv. He came to my home to interview me and Chaya Levy, and he underwent a treatment to get some first-hand experience. He also contacted many of my clients and interviewed them about their treatments. He was having great difficulty believing it all. He asked to see my salary slip to verify that I was in fact employed as a computer engineer and he phoned one of my work colleagues, also an engineer, for further verification. The end result of all his investigations was published in the column “X-Files”, Time: Tel Aviv, Ma’ariv. The day after the article appeared, I went to work in some trepidation. What would my colleagues think of me now? To my surprise, quite a few fellow engineers interested in the phenomena called me and expressed their support. One of them admitted to me that he also channels, but wouldn’t admit it in public. The others, who aren’t drawn to articles about UFOs and “X-Files” columns, presumably never read the article.


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