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Second  Hebrew Book 

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First  English Book edition

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Translation Mimi Pahler,  972-9 7745278 972-53 354302   Pobx: 338 Raanana, ISRAEL, 43104
Typesetting Tally 972-3 5233796 972-52 438383    
Cover (MAC) Ruth Erez 972-9 7455564      
Production Ruth Erez 972-9 7455564      
Dalia Soher 972-52 794411      


Second English Book edition 

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Proof reading Zipora Minz 972-8 6739244     Pobx: 9025 Ashkelon, ISRAEL

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    New Age

The Shadow Shop maintains an online store with "hundreds of New Age / Metaphysical products from around the world." See: http://www.newagereseller.com/theshadowshop/ My name is Adrian Dvir. I am Medium/Healer Healing with Alien medical teams in ISRAEL since 1995 and published a book on this isue. That fit nicely to your site products.

Are you intrested to carry my book ? My fulfilment agent is Book Masters in the US.

For more information see my site:



Adrian Dvir



Jeannie [jeannieindenver@yahoo.com]
Hi Adrian,
I just found your site.  It is really amazing.  I studied with Dr. Eric Pearl from California and am doing the same type of work that you and others are doing in Israel.  I am able to hear these beings because I am very clairaudient and psychic.  I work as a healer full time and just wanted to acknowlege my experiences are similar to yours.
In Denver,
Patricia Hammer
Clive Digby-Jones & Eileen Watkins Seymour [success@leadershipgroup.co.uk]



to: bookamillion


ISBN: 9657269008
DESCRIPTION: Extraterrestrials medical teams heal humans in alternative medical clinics. Aliens from another dimension contact and collaborate with medium healers on a daily basis. Patients, healers testimony and Aliens contact channelings on video CDROM is included as evidence.
A compelling personal account of contact with other-dimensional and alien beings, the book’s first appearance in Israel in 1998 stimulated a flurry of excitement and media interest. With interest steadily growing, the book is in its fourth printing in Hebrew (its original language). It has been published in Romanian and is soon to appear in other languages. The popularity of his website is further evidence of Dvir’s growing international recognition as an expert on alien contact.
Adrian Dvir has appeared on numerous ISRAEL TV talk shows, radio interviews and has been the subject of many articles in major newspapers and magazines. His lectures and demonstration healing sessions have left audiences spellbound, believers and skeptics alike
EXCERPT: Life  the development of complex biological systems that reproduce themselves is the most wondrous occurrence in the universe. An additional, wondrous event occurring in the universe is the development of consciousness that is, the being conscious of itself and of its surroundings. These are the two wonders of creation and for these wonders our gratitude goes to a higher power, which we know as God. The mathematical probability of these two events occurring together approaches zero, and yet it has occurred. To our surprise, it has not occurred once, but many, many times and it continues to occur today; evidently, it will continue to occur in the future the development of new life forms that reproduce themselves and the concurrent development within these life forms of conscious thought.
Intelligent life takes diverse forms across many different types of matter. Some of them are unknown to us even though our researchers are engaged in unceasing efforts to discover and study new life forms, which are encountered all the time throughout the infinite space of the universe. Your planet is one of the sources of life that we have discovered and currently are studying.
Beyond pure scientific research, we also provide assistance to developing civilizations that we believe are deserving of our help. Some cultures move in a negative direction toward self-destruction, representing a danger to themselves and to other cultures; we do not assist such civilizations. On the other hand, to civilizations with a potential for development on the path of Light, that is, positive development, we give many forms of assistance. Our aim is to help these developing civilizations to achieve, as quickly as possible, a stable state of existence that will ensure them long-term continued existence without danger of extinction. In other words, we help them toward accelerated technological development.
The process of providing aid starts with an in-depth study of the civilization in order to ascertain whether or not our assistance is warranted. If we decide to provide assistance, we then decide on the best way to assist. This study of the civilization is very broad in scope and conducted in cooperation with interplanetary organizations organizations that bring together a huge diversity of life forms from tens of millions of populated planets that represent the cultured life of the universe, life forms with consciousness. We want you to be aware of the importance of your work with us on a worldwide scale, regarding your own planet, and an interplanetary scale. You are part of a great effort.
Medical treatment is only one element in the efforts to motivate human beings to come into contact with us. Without medical treatment, we surmise that the points of contact between us and humans would be minimal. One of the aims of treatment is to learn about the nature of human biological and psychological systems through case studies of patients. At the same time, we are continually learning how to treat humans and improving our methods and techniques.
You no doubt have noticed the wide range of aliens that have been taking part in the medical teams. These teams frequently are replaced by new teams to allow a greater number of life forms to come into contact with humans. The more contact we have, the more we can come closer to you and offer our help.
It could be said that most of the planets taking part in this effort are in the stages of initial evaluation. Each planet is entitled to decide for itself whether it wants to be part of the efforts to help the planet Earth or not, or any other developing planet anywhere in the universe. Therefore, each planet must gather its own information and form its own impression. The treatment encounters conducted through you allow this to take place.
We would like you to know one more thing: We are pleased with your activities. The various researchers have all given positive reports, which increases the possibility that more and more planets will take part in helping Earth. We wanted you to be aware of the importance of the work you are doing.
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Personal Encounters
Chapter 3 Developing Within a Group
Chapter 4 Past Lives
Chapter 5 Parasites
Chapter 6 Otherworldly Spirits and Beings
Chapter 7 Beings as Spiritual Guides
Chapter 8 Partings and Unfinished Business
Chapter 9 Aliens from Another Universe
Chapter 10 The Council A Corporation of Alien Civilizations
Chapter 11 Creatures of Energy and ... What?
Chapter 12 Channeling and Telepathy
Chapter 13 On the Structure of Memory Foundations of Telepathy and Channeling
Chapter 14 Meditation and Contacting the Inner Spirit
Chapter 15 The Spirit-The Reincarnating Core
Chapter 16 Methods of Healing An Explanation
Chapter 17 Self-Healing
Chapter 18 Alien Chips Implanted in Humans
Chapter 19 Alien Treatment of Physical Complaints
Chapter 20 Treatments in the Alien Spacecraft Hospital
Chapter 21 Faster Than the Speed of Light
Chapter 22 Alien Communications
Chapter 23 Aliens Interfacing with Time
Chapter 24 Aliens Explain the Structure of Matter
Chapter 25 Life Forms in Parallel Universes
Chapter 26 The Duality Problem Aliens and Matter
REVIEW: With 70% of Americans believing in aliens, Dvir’s book is drawing the attention of believers and skeptics alike. (The Jerusalem Post)
REVIE: Adrian attempts to make sense of the universe, and it unfolds as populated by a broad range of creatures. (Israel Hotel Chain Magazine)
REVIEW: I’d been reading for three days, not being able to concentrate on anything else. The book… left me stunned. (Ana Agranat, Ph.D. Ashkelon College, Bar-Ilan University Israel)
REVIEW: Today, not only do I feel better but I am also personally committed to promoting Adrian’s work. (Jerusalem Post Magazine, client testimonial)
AUTHORBIO: Adrian Dvir, born in 1958, holds a BSc in Engineering and an MSc in computer Engineering with a specialization in computer architecture. Today he works as a developer of milittary computers. He is married with children.
Adrian discovered his ability to to communicate lepatically in 1992. His first contact with Aliens was in 1994. This is the first time Adrian Dvir tells his story.

Adrian Dvir M.sc
Author and Publisher
47 Herzel st, Rishon Le Zion, ISRAEL 75290
972-3 9649440







Dr. Michael Abrams
author of
The Evolution Angel and The Twelve Conditions of a Miracle


Appearances: 2001

Apr. 1 - Book signing at The Metaphysical Bookstore in Denver. Sponsored by Paula Roosa.

Apr. 7 - Interview guest on Coast to Coast AM, hosted by Barbara Simpson, www.coasttocoast.com

Apr. 21 - Radio interview on "Lights On with Nancy Lee", www.nancylee.net, based in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Apr. 27 - Radio interview on "Healthy People" based in Cleveland (WRUW 91.1FM or webcast @ www.healthypeople.com). Hosted by Helene Berk, M.Ed., R.D., L.D., author of Be Lean, Healthy, Energetic! Healthy People airs on Mondays 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. Dr. Abrams’ interview broadcast is TBA.

Apr. 29 - Book signing and workshop at the Adventures in Body, Mind, & Spirit Expo in Spokane, Washington. Sponsored by Conscious Living, www.ConsciousLiving.net, 888/840-1873.

May 1 - Radio interview on "Uri Geller’s ParaScience and Beyond" webcast live @ www.urigeller.com Hosted by Uri Geller. (This interview will also be rebroadcast in various markets; please check Uri Geller’s website.)

May 2 - 7:30 p.m. Book signing at the Boulder Bookstore, 1107 Pearl Street, Boulder, Colorado, www.BoulderBookstore.com, 800/244-4651.

May 5 - 5:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. Workshop with Wind Hughes and Grammy winner Les Kahn. Held at The StarHouse, 3476 Sunshine Canyon Road, Boulder, Colorado, www.TheStarHouse.org, 303/245-8452. Admission $39.

May 10 - Radio interview with Rev. Fred Sterling, based in Honolulu. The show is webcast at www.inward.com (affiliate stations also listed on website). Hosted by Rev. Fred Sterling, noted author and healer, and Rev. Carol Morishige, in association with Honolulu Church of Light, 808/952-0880. (This is a local broadcast.)

May 15 - 6 p.m. - 10 p.m. Workshop and book signing ($20 admission) in association with Northern Lights Bookstore, Ft. Collins, Colorado, www.NorthernLightsBookstore.com, 800/498-7182. Location of workshop TBA.

May 20 - 9 a.m. free talk during service. Book signing and workshop to follow (11:30 a.m. to 1L30 p.m.) at New Horizons Church of Religious Science, 200 E. Baseline Road, Lafayette, Colorado. Sponsored by Rev. Marsha Meghdadpour. $20 admission with free, autographed copy of The Twelve Conditions of a Miracle.

June 3 - 10 a.m. Book signing and talk at the Colorado Center for Spiritual Growth. This group meets at the Parker Library in Parker, Colorado.

June 19 - 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. (Mountain time) Radio interview on "Jill & Friends" (based in Canton, Ohio) live webcast on Wisdom radio, www.wisdomradio.com. Hosted by Jill H.


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The Next Dimension, Out of this world radio show with hostess Patte Purcell, broadcast live on Talk America Radio Network and live on the internet. Archived shows, Free Personalized Astrological Profi...
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timeless voyager...
Timeless Voyager Press publishes books by C.L.Turnage, Dr. William Wong, John Vasquez and Bruce Stephen Holms. Timeless Voyager Radio was the first night time coast to coast radio of the strange. ...
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A monthly newspaper for all things holistic, serving the Metro Detroit Community and the 'Net.
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Collection of more than 800 articles on various new age topics including astrology, channeling, herbal medicine and spiritual growth. Regular columns, book reviews and reader participation.
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A monthly magazine featuring interviews and articles offering healthy choices for living in harmony. Features calendar of events, classifieds, and a resource directory.
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Spiritual growth, humor, personal experiences and commentary.
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Introduces Unified Spirits Magazine which aims to unite women of spirit. Articles, reviews, features and contributions on a wide array of new age topics.
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Published by Starbuilders, e-zine includes sections on future alchemy, alternative technologies and humanitarian projects.
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Mind-body-spirit newsletter, events listing, and ezine.
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Meditation tools, monthly newsletter and information on this type of breathing meditation and its effects.
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A wide range of articles on Mind, Body and Spirit. Includes a comprehensive list of talks and events in the UK.
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Ezine dedicated to teaching a magickal lifestyle which combines the psychology of self esteem, emotional defense, and personal empowerment.
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Messages of love, hope and healing from angels, includes message boards, prayer requests, workshops, recommended reading, and article archives.
  New Age Marketing Tips http://newagemarketingtips.com
Free new age marketing, advertising and promotion strategies, tips and ideas. Weekly Newsletter.
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Articles, news stories, and a discussion forum on a variety of personal and spiritual growth topics.
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An online metaphysical community providing history and information, resources, and a creative outlet.
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We bringing you the latest news and articles including current events and how they relate to the world.
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Former ezine published with the intent to share ideas, information, and enlightenment.
  Synchronicity Times - Online Magazine http://ropi.net/st
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  Immortality Magazine http://ropi.net/im
Ezine devoted to exploring the topic of physical immortality.
  Life Positive http://www.lifepositive.com/
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  MysticJitterbuzz http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MysticJitterbuzz
Monthly newsletter covering new age, metaphysical and paranormal topics, plus pertinent articles, links and information.
  Spirituality and Health http://www.spiritualityhealth.com/
Ideas and advice about practices, products, self-tests, news and essays, and a virtual community dedicated to leading a more spiritually fulfilling and meaningful life.


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New Book `The Complete Cancer Cleanse' Details Detoxification Cleansing Programs to Fight Cancer

    EVERGREEN, Colo., Sept. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Just released: "The Complete
Cancer Cleanse: A Proven Program to Detoxify and Renew Body, Mind, and Spirit"
by Cherie Calbom, M.S., John Calbom, M.A., Michael Mahaffey,
P.C., published by Thomas Nelson Publishers, Nashville, Tennessee.  From the
riveting account of Michael's near fatal experience with, and miraculous
recovery from leukemia, to the nutritional, cleansing strategies used in
Cherie's detoxification programs, "The Complete Cancer Cleanse" offers a
comprehensive, unique approach to healing cancer - body, soul and spirit.  In
conjunction with a doctor's care, this program offers a multidisciplinary
approach to flushing toxins from the body, building the immune system, and
restoring nutritional balance and vitality.
    Part I presents detoxification programs for all organs and systems of
elimination, and starts with a "Seven-Day Kick-Off Liver Cleanse."  It's
replete with unique cleansing programs -- that work!  From the whole foods
cleansing diet to the "superhero" healing foods, a complete plan for
detoxification and healing, backed by research, leads the reader every step of
the way toward health.
    Part II leads us into cleansing the soul -- removing mental and emotional
blocks to healing.  With spiritual strategies and emotional and mental
cleansing exercises, the reader is guided through a process of letting go of
mental and emotional toxins such as negative thinking, anger, and
unforgiveness to the healing power of forgiveness and love.
    Part III focuses on finding one's passion for living with Michael's
miraculous story!
    For more information and excerpts, visit the official website at:

    About the authors:
    Cherie Calbom, M.S. has worked as a clinical nutritionist in Washington
state and as a nutrition consultant to various companies and individuals,
including George Foreman, who recaptured the world's heavyweight title at the
age of 45.  As the Juice Lady, she has made over 1,000 radio and television
appearances.  Ms. Calbom has also written extensively on nutrition and
preventive health, with numerous articles in magazines ranging from "Newsweek"
to "Family Circle," and eleven books to her credit, including the
international best-selling "Juicing for Life" with over 2 million copies in
    John Calbom, M.A. is a behavioral medicine specialist, psychotherapist and
priest.  He was Vice President of St. Luke Medical Center and worked as a
behavioral medicine therapist with cancer patients in their complementary and
adjunctive cancer care treatment program.
    Michael Mahaffey, P.C., a 20-year leukemia survivor, is the director and
cofounder of Cedar SpringRenewal Center.  He is the co-designer of several
adult education programs, including PurposeFull Living and the Hope for Life
video.  He authored "If You Dare," a twelve-step guide to living with a
spiritual purpose.  Michael has taught classes in colleges, corporations, and
churches since 1985.

     Meg McAllister, Publicist
     (416) 410-8466
     Cherie Calbom, (303) 670-1740
     FAX: (303) 670-2901
     email: trinityretreat@aol.com

    This release was issued through eReleases(TM).  For more information,
visit http://www.ereleases.com.

SOURCE Trinity Wellness Institute
Web Site: http://www.cancercleanse.com

Issuers of news releases and not PR Newswire are solely responsible for the accuracy of the content.

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