Aliens galactic communication system

A report by Adrian Dvir M.Sc,  based on channeled information from Alien ,medical teams.

I asked the Aliens why the "SETI" project (to find extraterrestrial radio transmissions) did not produce any results.

The alien laughed and explained that electromagnetic waves or radio communication is an old technology they have long forgotten about. They said that radio waves are too slow to be used for long distance communication. A radio massage between two galaxies takes thousands of years to reach their destination.

The Aliens use faster communication means. The Aliens communication is based on smaller and faster particles than photons. Those particles that we cannot even measure, exist in a different universe, one of the parallel universes that exists, similar to the highway universe the Aliens use for faster than the speed of light flights.

The aliens keep permanent communication stations in a cellular form that enables communication between galaxies. Each station includes technicians and a central nuclear energy source that most of its output is used to keep the station transformed in the specific universe.

Another Alian shorter-range communication system is based on what they called "Tetric waves". The aliens explained that these are extremely low level and high frequency waves. They speak about waves about the size (amplitude) of the atoms or even smaller. They said that each particle generates its own specific noise. This noise is a space disturbance that travels long distance very fast and almost with no degradation in power. These waves are similar in principle with telepathic waves.

The Aliens implants devices for tagging people are based on this communication principle. They are made of specific material that has a specific crystal molecular organization and specific shape. These small pieces recognize specific "tetric" frequency ensemble and retransmit it back. What is known as a transponder.

This is a short summary based on many channeled  dialogs with the Aliens.

Prepared by: Adrian Dvir M.Sc 

Updated: Mars  15, 2003

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