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Correspondence about Aliens 2


Can you tell me if there is kind of alien activity in India and at what level does it exist?

Alien activity is all over the world. Your country is especially of interest to some research Aliens study groups. The human behavior mapping research groups.

What are the views of the aliens on 'god'? Do they believe like we do in the existence of a single supreme spiritual being who oversees the functioning of all the universes?

Aliens believe in god as a supreme being. But they don't have religion. And they are less obsessed about god. Maya once explained me that religion plays an important part in the development of the civilization. As the civilization evolve into a genetically improved species the behavior of the population become also improved. No more crime and no bad behavior. Under these condition there is no more need for religion to tell people how to behave. They behave naturally as they are supposed to. In her home planet there was religion ages ago. Now there is no such thing. She thinks the same will happen on earth. But this will take many generations to happan. X3 told me a similar story (Adrian) personally believes in god. I belong to Judaism as a nationality but I am not religious. I don't priest for atheism. Now religion is here because it is required and fills a natural need. There is an old Hebrew say " Each person should live according to his own believe"

Did aliens visited us in the past, and do they have a connection
To the world religions, and Judaism in particularly?

Yes, many Aliens teams visited Earth in its past. These were research teams from many civilizations. They were involved in many projects to improve the local humans and to help establish a local civilization. Most of the teams reported to an ancient library.
The appearance of Aliens and their vehicles and technology that were much more advanced and looked different and magical made the Aliens to appear like "GODS" in the eyes of humans.
A religion is a very complex process that evolves during centuries and is affected by many factors. The Aliens may be the cause of some elements in some religion folklore but this was not intentionally.
Aliens believe in GOD but have no religion. It is unlikely that an alien reassert team promoted a specific religion.
It is more likely Aliens promoted moral behavior rules. And help to establish civilizations.
Aliens ware involved in the past with many organized groups of people. The ancient stories in the bible and in other ancient documents reflect this involvement.

Do the Aliens have a schedule that they work by, and in the end they
will show themselves to us, when it will happen, does it depends
On some conditions?

The Aliens have long plan to join earth to their organizations. This is a complex task and a large number of aliens and Aliens organization take part in the effort to prepare earth to this event. Eventually the Aliens will show themselves but this will happen only when all the conditions will be right. The human race is still not ready for such event. There is still much work to be done. Many Aliens research team study every possible aspect of human civilization to make this "merge" event as successful as possible.

You wrote in your book that you were shown a room with a cluster of "souls" or something. You wrote you don't know why they showed this to you.
Is it possible that our souls are a part of such cluster, and that is what
They wanted to show us? Maybe we share this cluster with the alien "souls"?

I donít know exactly what and why they show to me. But when the Aliens asked my permission to open a clinic in my apartment they explained that their souls and ours are the same.
I also discovered that some of the humans on earth today have past memories as aliens on other planets.
I believe that humans and at least some of the alien's species are somehow related.

How exactly do you see the Aliens if they are in another dimension?

There are psychic people that can see ghost or other people aura. This is possible because we all have a third eye that is part of our extra bodies. With the same third eye we can see into parallel dimensions. I have a feeling that some times I see aliens as a telepathic transmission. Uri see aliens as a result of the alien's implant that enables him also to hear them. The same implant amplifies his extra vision.

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