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 Alien voice on my Mobile Phone

A report by: Adrian Dvir M.Sc

Evening of January 22 1999

First contact


Around 19:00 my mobile phone rang. I heard strange noises and hung up.

After 5 minutes the phone rang again. I heard strange noises and someone was whispering my name. I hung up.

This incident was repeated several times. At one point a faint metallic voice barely heard, was identifying himself as an alien that was successfully connected to my personal mobile phone.

The caller sounded excited and told a story about how his planet has been invaded.

I asked him how I could possibly help him.

The caller said I couldn't. He contacted me because Earth is also in danger and they want to help us.

The "alien" sounded to me like a young man using a computerized synthesizer trying to play a joke on me. I asked him if he knows what a sound blaster is. I am, after all, a computer engineer. He responded correctly but he did not understand why I was questioning him. He continued with his story.

The caller claimed he belongs to the Kliendcontlar race. He is a humanoid, 1m high, with 3 fingers and grayish skin. Their home planet name is Aiotip in the Andromeda Galaxy. Thirty years ago an ecological disaster forced them to look for another planet. They found the planet Arcturus in our galaxy and settled down there. They built a hyper gate that shortens the traveling time from Aiotip to Arcturus from several million years to 1 year only.

Five years ago, another alien race, the Morgolius, invaded their new planet and destroyed the hyper gate, cutting them off from their mother planet. The Morgolius are expected to launch a massive attack on Arcturus two years from now. The Morgolius home planet is located two light years away from Arcturus. The coming attack is expected to destroy Arcturus' settlement completely. The Kliendcontlar aliens claim that they are afraid the same militant Morgolius race is expected to invade earth in about 50 years from now.

This story was too much for me. I told the caller he is not an authentic alien. He did not understand the word and I explained he is a phony. He was disappointed, telling me I am an uneducated human. I finally asked him to ignore my opinion and continue. He had an interesting story. Maybe I am wrong and he really is an alien after all.

Forth (his name) explained that his race, facing total extinction, decided to help earth against the common enemy. They sent a message from Arcturus to earth, containing all their knowledge, to help earth prepare for the coming attack. The message will be received by radio telescopes in area 51, in which (he claims) friendly aliens collaborate with USA army in a secret air force base.

The message was sent by radio waves and it will take them 36 years to reach earth. (2035).

Forth and another 600 aliens are now aboard a huge space ship (12 km long by 1 km high) stationed near Uranus in our solar system. The huge space ship contains many laboratories. The ship is low on energy and they are waiting reinforcement.

The Kliendcontlar race belongs to our physical dimension. Forth knows about the council of the 54 civilizations and he thinks the council plans to make earth the 55 civilization in about 50 years from now.

His species fly at the speed of light, using matter-antimatter energy propulsion engine. Another engine he calls - rotating energy, cancels gravitation. For the crew, the flight from Aiotip to Arcturus using the jump gate, takes only one hour as a result of the relativistic effects. The jump gate is based on a wormhole principle, generated by an artificially made black hole, a kilometer in diameter.

Now that the jump gate is destroyed, they cannot get help from Aiotip to defend themselves against the Morgolius and they cannot return to their home planet.

They see no hope for their race. They are sure their race is doomed. They worry and care about Earth people, so they decided to help by sending earth all their knowledge and some genetic samples, hoping earth people will use them wisely.

Well - I cannot prove this alien is not a human but, at the same time, I cannot prove he is what he claims to be. I asked him many questions, to which he answered correctly. If he is a human, he is extremely bright.

I asked my friends from the Israeli UFO research community to help me check this out. Stay tuned for further news.Forth's Sample voice (January 29 1999)

Almost all the communication is in Hebrew. I asked Forth to speak English and Romanish. Forth accepted, but had many problems with the "communication tool software" - the simultaneous computer translator. Here are just a few recorded sentences.


February 2 1999 Session

The alien called again. I asked him many questions about the following issues:

The Kliendcontlar race (a shorter name is Klidor).

They overcame all diseases and live 350 to 400 years.

Forth speaks about the "perfection project" in relation to newborn babies. In this project, the newborn babies are genetically altered to produce perfect grown-ups for specific jobs. He gave an example of a pilot.

Aiotip planet

The Kliendcontlar planet is similar to earth and full of green. The air is composed of four types of gases - The first is for oxidizing; The second is like water (He probably meant vapor); The third is a germicide-like and was artificially made; The fourth gas is for breathing.

The water has a different composition than ours. I still await his reply on the exact chemical composition. The planet has only a few animals, because of the ecological problem. The third non-natural gas that was especially made to attack germs and other organisms, gradually changed in its composition and caused a major ecological catastrophe. The result of this is that the Kliendcontlar can no longer breath the air. Well, on earth we know this by another name - manmade air pollution. This crisis started 30 years ago. Their scientists are trying to solve the problem. Meanwhile, they have to live in controlled environments. Something that was unthinkable for the Kliendcontlar.

They wear tight clothes to protect their body from the ultraviolet rays.

The sun is red.

Kliendcontlar Food

The Kliendcontlar do not eat animals like humans do. Forth said that unlike humans, they are not cannibals. Their main food is a special nourishment produced by nano-technology from materials they dig up from the planet's ground. Forth said humans would dislike this food. I understand their food is factory made from earth minerals. It's like producing sugar out of carbon and water in a factory. Because of this, they never have food shortage. In addition, they eat some vegetables.

The Morgolius race

The are similar in appearance to the Kliendcontlar. They are 1 meter high humanoids with gray skin and three fingers on both hands and legs. The Morgolius' behavior was genetically altered by another race, to turn them into efficient soldiers. They invade populated planets in big numbers and destroy their original occupants. They use the occupants to feed themselves. (Brrr..). The Morgolius use a large number of weapon types, such as plasma guns that can destroy life a 0.5 km away. It is a gun shell, containing material in a plasma state.

Kliendcontlar weapons

Plasma Guns

Light guns (Laser) that are effective to a distance of 4 kms. Their power decrease with distance.

Missiles with matter-antimatter charges. Its effectiveness is somehow like human nuclear weapons. It depends on the amount of the charge. It is effective for several kilometers.

The Hyper Gate

The gate, that was destroyed by the Morgolius, shortens the travelling time between their home planet in the nearby Galaxy Andromeda and the planet Arcturus in our own Galaxy - The Milky Way. Gaton the principle of a wormhole. This principle is known theoretically on Earth.

The gate holds an artificially made black hole, about 1 km in diameter. The space ships enter the black hole and exit on the second gate. The travelling time for the outside world is one year, instead of millions of years. The travelling time for the space ship occupants is only one hour, as a result of the relativistic effect.

The flying saucers we see on earth, that work on rotary energy engines to produce anti gravity, never enter the hyper gate. Only motherships with matter-antimatter energy propulsion do. I asked him what is the speed of the space ship that enters the gate and he replied that it is not important. Any speed will do. The Gate has an imaginary time. Well, I still have many questions in order to clarify these concepts.

Forth's mothership

The mothership is 12 km long and 1 km high. There are 600 aliens aboard.

I asked why they need such a big ship for only 600 aliens and he replied that they have many laboratories in the ship. This is probably a research ship.

The mothership is stationary near Uranus in our solar system.

They suffer from low E(??). The ship's main power source is a matter-anti matter generator. They are short of fuel. They are waiting for reinforcement to come. He does not know when they are expected to reach him. I asked him if they need help from the other aliens I am in contact with. He replied very firmly that they don't need help.

Contact person no. 2

Forth disclosed in our first conversation (January 22 1999) that there is another contact person in Israel. I asked for his phone number, but Forth refused to give it and said it is still not the right time.

On the next day (January 23 1999), I received an email from contact person number 2. Forth disclosed my name to him and he happened to hear about me from a UFO/Aliens lecture I gave. Read his story.



February 5 1999 at 00:45 - First radio show on this issue - Adi at the "Voice of the North" radio station (972-4 9571750).

February 5 1999 Session

Uri Gal and Amir Hameiri (a journalist-photographer) join me for the next contact.


The alien voice sounded slightly different. The Hebrew grammar was even worse. The alien claimed he is not Forth. Forth is very old and does not feel well. He is expected to die in the near future. The alien said his name is Phoenix. He is a communication specialist. He is Forth's second hand and he will continue the contact and answer my questions. We spoke for about an hour with several breaks until the communication link finally collapsed.

I asked him many questions. I have no transcript. Here is something I remember. He is about 200 years old. He has a human face. His hair is black (the color is temperature dependent). His eyes are black too. Other aliens have different colors of hair and eyes. He lives on the mothership in a 3x3 meters room. The room contains a sleeping area, a feeding area and hologram equipment for communication. He and the other aliens use telepathic ability for communication with closely- related, like wife. Physical verbal communication is used for daily purposes with strangers. With Forth he sometimes uses telepathic, sometimes verbal communication.

He cleans his body in a common area on the space ship. He is wearing clothes that never have to be washed. If clothes are damaged, they are repaired by nano-technology.

He is married and has a home on Arcturus.

The Kliendcontlar have no monetary system. They live in a utopia in an Eden-like planet (before the Morgolius came, of course). Each individual is doing his job and receives what he needs. He is aware of the fact that we have tried this system on earth, but have failed because of human nature. In his society, they have a better "nature", as a result of the genetically "perfecting project" and so this system succeeded.

A recent sunspot damaged his space ship. The computer has to be repaired.

The ship's main energy source is a matter-anti matter reactor. The anti matter is produced and stored in a special laboratory on the ship. This laboratory was damaged, so they are short of anti matter fuel. They are waiting for a backup ship. The moment the backup will come, they will finish their current mission and return to Arcturus in a hurry. They are going to utilize a newly developed technology that will take them to Arcturus in about one year instead of 18 years, using "conventional" twice the speed of light with their matter-anti matter energy propulsion engine. This new technology produces a hole in the time-space. He said that this new technology could be utilized only once. The contact with the other contact people and me, will continue from Arcturus.

Surfers Q&A

Q: Why did the alien choose you?

A: The alien replies that they use their telephonic scanners to look for contact people. They need humans with telepathic ability. He choose me because of my telepathic ability and charisma. The alien scanners scan our brain and obtain what they call - our biography.

On another occasion I asked the alien how many telepathic humans are there on earth. He answered that there are thousands, but most of them are not open minded enough to speak with an alien.

Q: Give my mobile phone number to the alien. Maybe he wants to call me.

A: The alien is actually looking for additional contact people. I will gladly transfer your number to him. But I know he does not need it. He explained that the phone number is not important to him. First - they scan and lock on a human that has telepathic ability and other qualities. Then - they lock on the personal phone. The alien claims he does not know my phone number.

I hope you have some telepathic ability. Did you practice channeling?

Then you should try to talk with him at my place. He will register your telepathic frequency or "telepathic number" and then call your phone.

He claims he can hear us only by modulating our speech on our brain telepathic waves. He cannot hear on the phone people without telepathic ability.

Till today the alien claimed to hear only people that are known to be psychics. Naturally, many of my friends are. All can hear the alien's voice on the phone.

Investigation - Mobile phone calls trace

The caller has no number. The mobile phone company Cellcom say they don't have a list of incoming call ID.

 Conventional bugging or telepathic reception?

On January 29 1999 I visited Uri Gal and told him about this event. Later I discovered a message in my mobile home answering service, timed at 13:10, in which the alien states he can hear me updating someone. This message was recorded at the time I was actually speaking to Uri. Either the human caller took the trouble to bug me and listen to my speech, or the alien is really what he claims to be.

The alien claims he can hear me by modulating my voice on my telepathic transmission. He cannot hear other people that have no telepathic ability.

On the Friday evening meeting (January 29 1999), other people spoke with the alien and he could hear some of them. He was surprised and asked me if all humans have telepathic ability. I explained that I invited my friends. Naturally most of them are psychics who possess some telepathic ability.

 Cross-reference with the medical team of "extra-dimensional" aliens

I received confirmation that the caller is a genuine alien, from the extra-dimensional aliens telepathic central using my personal channeling ability. I also asked Haya Levy to channel with her alien team, Uri Gal with his team and Shula Israeli with her team. The extra-dimensional aliens also informed me about the Kliendcontlar race and their planet. Forth surprisingly approved of this information. Details later.

February 8 1999 Session

 Journalist interviews Phoenix

Oren Levy - a journalist in "Maariv", one of Israel's main newspapers (972-3 5632364/7), interviewed Phoenix. The article was published 4 days later in "Maariv - Zman Mecomi".

While trying to get the media interested, I came to the frustrating conclusion that UFO/ALIENS stuff is regarded as a side non-important issue, similtomystical stuff. Because of this stigma, media people failed to recognize a first class news item. Some of them were not even interested in hearing the details.

Most of the people don't believe the story at first glance. They desperately look for more convenient explanations. Only those people that dare to carefully study the plenty of recorded dialogs with the aliens, slowly start to believe. They realize that the chances the alien is a phony, diminish with every newly recorded evidence they hear.

Finally, after some journalists' refusals, one was interested.

Haya Levy and Phoenix

Haya claimed that on January 25 1999, she received a telepathic transmission from a far away source. She recognized Forth's voice from my first video recording.

On February 8 1999, Haya Levy came to speak with the alien. Her extra-dimensional medical team of aliens came with her. Haya did not succeeded in speaking lengthily with Phoenix, because the connection went bad and she did not hear him. Phoenix also claimed that Haya was too excited. Phoenix confirmed to me that they tried to contact Haya telepathically several days ago and they are interested in using Haya as a contact person too. He recommended to her to buy a mobile phone.

I asked Phoenix if he know X3 and Maya. He paused for consulting, but said nothing. In previous talks, he explained his mission is to contact humans and not extra-dimensional aliens.

February 10 1999 Session

At 18:00 I visited Uri. He said that his aliens medical team disclosed that the expected reinforcement ship reached the Kliendcontlar space ship near Uranus.

At about 19:30, Uri called me and said that Phoenix confirmed this to him by mobile phone.

At 21:30, Phoenix called me and we spoke for an hour. I congratulated him on the arrival of the reinforcement ship. He confirmed it and said that they are preparing to retreat to Arcturus. I asked how much time this will take and he said he does not know. I asked if he would continue the contact with me after they leave Uranus. He said it depends on circumstances.

I told Phoenix about my efforts to spread this story in our media. Then I had to explain to him what books and television are. The Kliendcontlar don't use books. Only computerized databases. Phoenix has in his room a hologram display. I explained that I am convinced he is not a phony, because of my connection with the extra-dimensional aliens. I explained that most of the people find it hard to believe this. I asked his help in the following points:

1. I asked him to conduct our conversations in many languages, especially in English. Phoenix agreed.

2. Since I came to the conclusion that his scientific knowledge is limited, I asked him to have a Kliendcontlar scientist assist during our following conversations, so we can get more scientific information. Phoenix agreed.

3.I asked him to say a few sentences in his native language without the translating machine. He agreed.

4. I asked him to play some Kliendcontlar music. He said it is similar to human's music and went on to do it right away.

Kliendcontlar music and culture

(MP3 file to be added very soon)

It sounds like electronic non-vocal new age relaxing music.

Phoenix claim the music is used only for relaxing. Not for entertainment. They have no musical instruments. Technicians use the computer to generate the music.

They meditate between one and two hours each day. The meditation is done by concentrating on one thing. They sleep for eight hours a day.

The Kliendcontlar have shows and films. The actors are random, just citizens who choose to play in the film. They have no celebrities or famous actors. The shows and films affect their emotions. It surprised me to learn that their films include violence.

More data about the wormhole

I asked what happens to a space ship or some other mass that enters the hyper gate black hole. Is there any electric field?

Phoenix explained that the gate technology captures the black hole gravitation and other effects. It actually neutralizes these effects in such a way that a space ship or a piece of mass feels nothing when it enters the black hole. The gate holds the black hole in an imaginary dimension. A matter-anti matter energy generator is used to perform this function. The space ship just enters the gate and disappears into the wormhole.

Matter-anti-matter energy generator

I asked what elements or atoms' types are produced as anti matter and how they are kept that way. Is it solid, liquid or gas? Phoenix explained that it does not matter.

I asked him to compare our nuclear reactor to the matter-anti matter energy generator. He said they used nuclear reactors in the past. He correctly separated between uranium and uranium isotope. He said the mater-anti matter generator is compact, has no radiation and generates a lot more energy than the nuclear reactors. I asked for a general explanation about how the anti matter is produced. Phoenix refused. He claimed this is a secret that is kept even from him.


February 12 1999 at 8:45 - Radio show "Radio with no break" radio station.


February 12 1999 Session

Visual Telepathic experiment


I invited 6 people to my home to participate in the communication.

Finally, when the mobile phone rang, Phoenix told me he wants to make a visual telepathic experiment. He asked me not to record it and let no one see it in real time. I accepted. Then he asked me to close my eyes and said a few relaxing words, asking me to think of him and our contact. Then he said some words that I did not understand and gradually I have started to see (in my mind) some wrinkles around someone's nose. I asked him if this is right. He was excited and said: "Very good human soul". Then I saw small eyes. The white of the eyes was very protruding against the gray skin. Phoenix confirmed. Then I saw some controls and a display with white lines going from left to right. He confirmed this is some measuring device display. Then I saw a keyboard with black keys and a red key or small red lamp on its right side. He confirmed and explained it is not a keyboard, but for me it looks like a computer keyboard. Then I saw some black hole and understood it is a small speaker in the middle of his control panel. He confirmed, but corrected me that it is not symmetrical. He apologized that he could not say what is right and what is left.

I asked Phoenix if I could actually see through his eyes. He said it is possible for short periods.

Then I saw some scenery that included a brown pillar that was not round. He confirmed and explained that this pillar belongs to an old shrine. He gave this pillar a name, but I don't remember it.

Phoenix was extremely satisfied. Well, this is not the first time for me to experience telepathic communication that includes visual information with other humans or aliens. But for me, this was the first time to do so with a parallel mobile phone link with the other side. This was very exciting for me, because I could check the information in real time.

Phoenix explained that he wanted this experiment to prove to me he is GENUINE, because he felt that I still had some doubts.

Later we repeated the experiment. This time Phoenix let me record it and the six people could see and hear it in real time in my living room on my TV in close circuit.

I assume Phoenix wanted me to be more relaxed in the first time, so he asked me not to record. Later he advanced to another level. He asked me to use telepathy only and ask him a question. I formed a question in my mind, regarding his wife. I immediately received an unclear visual image of a female working at a terminal similar to Phoenix's. Phoenix confirmed that his wife has the same profession. I asked Phoenix on the phone, if he was aware of my inquiry or I pooled the information out of his head. He said I couldn't take control of his head telepathically because he is much more experienced than I am. I replied I wanted to just understand the process. I told him about my experience in extracting past life memories of my patients. He said it is possible for a man with telepathic abilities. I asked him if they can do it anhe confi. TheI thought I can catch him with his first lie. I asked if the Kliendcontlar have past life memories. He said yes. Then I reminded him that Forth said they don't believe in reincarnations. He explained that this is a formal ideology. This reminded me of the Communism Regime in which religion was forbidden. From a series of sensible questions, I understood that the Kliendcontlar live in such a constraining regime. There is no free will to believe in reincarnation or in GOD. This is the formal ideology line. He also told me about a Kliendcontlar clandestine cult that worships some GOD. They are hunted and executed. Phoenix explained that they had a violent punishment - the Kliendcontlar used to eat each other. Now, under the genetically perfectionism project this is just a bad memory from the past.


Alien voice tone is changing

Forth's voice tone was like a young human male, similar to 14 years old contact person no. 2's voice. Later, the voice became gradually more mature. The voice tone became different. I asked Phoenix about this. He explained that they sampled contact person no. 2's voice and used it for the computerized speech synthesizer. This is the reason the voice sounded in the beginning very young. Later the voice changed and it will continue to change. Phoenix said that this is a part of their hyper computer software. He did not say it explicitly but I understood that this is made intentionally. For the first contact they use a young voice that sounds less threatening. Later, they gradually shift to a more mature voice that has much power and authority, such that is expected of the alien's real personality.

Well, a 350 years old alien, far more advanced and more intelligent than us humans, a communication expert, starts his communication using a human 14 years old voice tone to produce a harmless impression!

I observed another interesting difference in Forth's voice. In his last conversation he sounded "tired" and spoke slowly and with long intervals. The next call came from Phoenix who said that Forth is ill.

These two observations show that this is too sophisticated for an imposter.

Teleport device

In a previous conversation with Forth I asked how they travel on land. Forth answered that they use a Teleport machine (Remember Star trek?)

This time I asked Phoenix to explain how the Teleport device works. He explained that the body is transferred into another dimension and is moved to the target location. Then he is transformed back to the physical dimension. It takes 20 seconds to move a mass equivalent to Phoenix's mass for 1 km distance. The energy requirement is "average".

Phoenix also explained the Hologram communication principles for physical communication (meeting). Only the upper molecular layer is transferred, using a similar technology as the Teleport. As a result there is a vivid sensation a person is actually in the room.

Well, there is much more. It is all recorded and I have to go for now.

February 13 1999 Session

Uri Gal becomes the new contact man no. 3

I told Phoenix Uri is present and he immediately asked to talk with him. Phoenix asked Uri to become contact man no 3. Uri accepted.

A lesson in Telepathy

Phoenix introduced me to Zepher, a specialist to teach me telepathy. We practiced visual telepathy. I saw the room door form and some terminals panels arranged in a row. Zepher confirmed what I saw. He was very pleased. Zepher explained that this is communication room no. 6 and it has 30 terminals.

Zepher then dictated to me some sentences in a foreign language. I think it was Latin. He asked me to repeat them while meditating. He claims they affect the mind and will help me improve my telepathy. I understood the repeated sentences keep the brain busy and enable some other parts of the brain to communicate telepathically. Zepher asked me to practice 2 hours every day.

February 14 1999 00:30 - Radio show - Carlos Bin-Nun at the "Eilat Red Sea voice" radio station.

Practice, practice, practice

On November 14 1999 I tried to practice the Zepher sentences. Well, as I already know, I dislike remembering sentences I don't understand. I gave up very quickly. Instead, I tried something else. I closed my eyes, relaxed, and enterd a telepathic state. A woman was operating the terminal in communication room no 6. She suddenly jumped and ran out the room, probably to call for assistance. I went through the door I remembered from the last session. There was a long corridor with windows on the right. A large closed space was below, with a strong light on the right, but I could not single anything out. Another corridor led diagonally to the left and then took a sharp turn. On the lower part of the walls I saw clearly several lighted cells behind windows, with soil like sand, but no vegetables. Because of the power shortage, probably.

I went down some slopes and some corridors. I pointed to myself that it was like a huge labyrinth. Then there was a dark area under some low passage. I wanted to continue but something stopped me. I insisted and succeeded entering the dark area. Somehow I "understood" this is a storage of fighter space ships sheltered under some heavy coating fabric. A three dimensional image of the fighters appeared in my mind, including two seats in the cockpit and 12 seats along the walls of the fighter's body. Now, I suspect that this information came from the alien woman giving me a tour. During the experience itself, I suspected nothing. I was on my own. I was just gathering information, no matter what the source was. The journey went on and I reached a small room with a large transparent globe (about 5 meters in diameter) that generated a lot of soft light. Small aliens were busy with some controls around the walls. Again I "understood" that this is a matter-anti matter power generator. One of many on the huge space ship. Most are shut down because of the fuel shortage. The reactor is compact and safe. The energy released is immediately absorbed and transformed into a useful form. At this point I received the message recommending me to stop. I did not feel tired, but I accepted the suggestion and returned to the physical room and opened my eyes. Then I memorized the experience.

Can't wait to ask Phoenix about this. There are good chances this really happened, because I did it several times in the past. There was always an alien involved on the other side. I somehow saw the environment through the alien eyes and understanding. This time I hope to validate the experience.

February 15 1999 Session - Tape 10

Experience validation

Phoenix was not informed about my telepathic visit. But when I told him my story, he confirmed it and became furious, saying I entered a highly classified area of the space ship. My understanding was right, except for the light globe. It is not a power generator, but the device that holds a small black hole to be used to generate a wormhole that will enable the space ship to travel extremely fast without an external gate. Phoenix confirmed that the telepathic voyage was made on my own, without the help of anyone on the ship. He said this is possible.

Phoenix catches a flue

At the end of the session Phoenix said he is sick. He has the flue. I joked and said he probably got it from me. I had it several days ago. He started to explain flue couldn't go through communication. I explained to him that it was only a joke. He said that it is not a subject to laugh about. He may die, because there is not energy to power the nano technology curing machines. The machine restores the damaged body cells. Now, his body has to combat the illness on his own. The reason for him getting the flue was the collapsed air sterilizing system in the ship due to energy shortage.


On the Next day I told Haya about Phoenix's medical condition and she said that her aliens organization sent a medical aid a few days ago to the Kliendcontlar ship.

February 16 1999 Session - Not recorded

Phoenix called me in a place in which I could not record our conversation. He confirmed his ship received medical aid. This was a result of my request, two weeks ago, from my extra-dimaliens to contact wthe Kliendcontlar ship.

Imposters combat

I told Phoenix about several calls that seem to be humans trying to impose as aliens. Phoenix proposed to me to choose an identifying password. I choose a word with no meaning, just several random letters. Phoenix repeated it.

I asked Phoenix if he could lock on a new mobile phone. He said this is no problem. We agreed that if this problem continues, I would get a new mobile phone with a classified number. Phoenix said they don't need to know the number. I assume they first lock on my telepathic brain transmission and then, the moment I use the phone, they use electronic surveillance equipment to lock on my mobile frequency and digital codes.

Kliendcontlar physiology and medical system

Phoenix: I am not so familiar with Kliendcontlar physiology. In general, it is similar to human physiology. The same organs, but smaller.

Adrian: How do you cure injuries?

Phoenix: We have non-conventional medicine. We use only nano technology. A sick or injured organ is restored to a healthy condition using nano technology molecular construction. Even a missing leg can be easily reconstructed in several minuets. We keep in our databanks the body data, so we can restore damaged organs.

Adrian: Can you construct the brain?

Phoenix: Yes, but it has to be also edited.

Adrian: The memory will be restored to the date it was originally recorded?

Phoenix: It is correct.

Adrian: If you can reconstruct all the body, including the brain, then you can restore an old body to a young condition.

Phoenix: We can do so, but we have to take in consideration too much population on our planet. So we decided that an old man would not be restored. This policy applies for everybody.

Kliendcontlar education system

Phoenix: The proper knowledge (according to a prior decision) is implanted by surgery. Once a year, a surgery is performed and the data is entered into the brain. Then the patient is kept asleep for one week to recover. Afterwards, he can continue with his life as usual.

Adrian: You told me you study for 50 years.

Phoenix: It's true. I received new knowledge 50 times.

Adrian: Where is the knowledge taken from?

Phoenix: From the computer. It is collected using questionnaires and forms and edited by the computer.

Adrian: What about qualifications?

Phoenix: They are copied from other individuals.

Adrian: So knowledge and qualifications are copied from one Kliendcontlar to another?

Phoenix: It is true.

Adrian: How is this surgery done?

Phoenix: Target brain cells are removed, organized according to the data and then implanted.

Adrian: Can you describe some professions?

Phoenix: For example - pilots for cargo or fighting; surgeons.

Adrian: Can an individual change his profession if he wishes so?

Phoenix: No.

Adrian: Are there any other prohibitions?

Phoenix: Yes. There are many prohibitions by law. The law is different in different areas of our planet.

The Kliendcontlar Government

According to Phoenix all the citizens elect the government. The election period is random. Last election took place 20 years ago. A head governor and 50 sub governors, each responsible for a specific issue. The government is responsible of making rules. The rules include penalty of death for anyone that speaks against the government and penalty of death for anyone who believes in any religion or in any God. Also - any new born who is genetically different from the "genetically perfect" project is destroyed.

The Corda Sect

Forth mentioned that there is a sect which believes in a God called Corda. These sect members are considered criminals and are hunted and destroyed according to the low. Forth's opinion is that a believer in religion or God imposes a danger to society, therefore he or she should be immediately destroyed.

Later Phoenix disclosed that there are half a milliard(??) Corda believers on Arcturus. Well, to my understanding they are more like a nation and not a minority sect.

I asked Phoenix whether because of the Morgolius threat, they should, maybe, consider putting aside the religious dispute and unite forces with the Corda sect. Phoenix insisted that it is unthinkable, because it is against the law. This answer and many more, made Phoenix appear like a brainwashed person. He will never dare to say anything against the main government ideology. He usually tries to defend it and convince me it is right even for earth. He usually adds that humans cannot understand Kliendcontlar nature.

I told Phoenix that Dr. Norma Milanovitch wrote a book about the Arktorians, published in 1990. Most of the details match, except for the fact that the Arktorians she described, were highly developed spiritually and this fact contradicts the current atheist society described by Forth and Phoenix.

Phoenix told me later, on his own initiative, that a space ship of the Corda sect is present on earth for many years. They also have a secret well-hidden ground base in Mexico, in which there are one million aliens. They are using advanced technology to hide themselves, a technology making them invisible. Phoenix claims that the Corda Sect aliens on earth are trying to influence the Islam believers to believe in their Corda God.

The big conflict

In the first week Forth called me excited and said he has several urgent messages, a message about my health and a message about Avi Grief (the head of the ISRAELI UFO research center). Froth claimed their scan discovered I am dying and I suffer from a liver disease and acute blood vessel problems. He urged me to ask for aliens medical teams help.

I calmed him down, telling him that I am not dying, I feel fine and I don't have the illness he described. I have different medical problems that are properly treated.

Forth went on with the second message: Their scan detected an alien invader inside Avi Grief. Therefore they consider him a dangerous spy and he ordered me to "destroy his internal and external form".

I explained that I would never do such a thing. Forth was surprised. According to his data, all humans are murderers. He expected humans to be glad to obey such an order. I explained to him that he is wrong. There are humans that murder, but the vast majority will not. Human murderers are hunted by the law authorities, are brought to trial and are put in jail. Forth found it difficult to believe. I said that an alien race with no crime which examines earth, may come to the conclusion that humans are quite barbaric.

Anyhow, Avi Grief visited me several months ago and the alien medical team checked him out. If there would have been something wrong with him, they would have probably detected it and would have informed me.

Later I suspected Forth received some wrong information. The blood vessel problems belong to a patient in London we recently treated and the liver problem belongs to my mother. Both problems are present in my subconscious. I asked Forth to describe how he diagnosed me. He explained they use a telepathic scan to do a biography. I then explained to him that the human subconscious is far from being an accurate source of information. And I also suspect that his conclusion that Avi grief has an internal alien invader, is based on Avi grief's subconscious as well. Avi is daily and intensively involved with UFO/ALIEN stuff. This may be the source of Forth's error. Forth said it is possible that some space disturbances cause some errors in the scan.

I promised Forth that the alien medical team would check Avi Grief again, the moment he will visit me.

In the evening meeting, Forth asked to speak with Avi and asked him if aliens ever abducted him. Avi said no. Then Forth asked me if the alien medical team already checked Avi.

Later I found an old recorded message from Forth asking me to terminate Uri Gal. Well, Uri has his own alien medical team which practically lives in his house. Forth again interpreted it wrongly, believing that Uri has an internal alien invader. Forth probably gave up his opinion and verdict later, when they asked Uri Gal to become Contact man no 3.

I firmly stated to Phoenix later that Forth did something very wrong in asking me to kill two other humans. He was surprisI refused to eForth's order. He explained that according to the Kliendcontlar law, everyone who jeopardizes the security of the whole is immediately executed.

I explained that the Kliendcontlar have their law and we humans, have our human laws. He is very wrong in expecting me to obey Kliendcontlar law. I see this as a major mistake made by Forth and by Phoenix. Kliendcontlar professional contact personnel who deal with aliens, should be sensible to this issue.

Well, after I have learned more about the Kliendcontlar civilization, I came to the understanding that they are brainwashed by a common ideology. They are not allowed free opinion that contradicts the main law. Any genetic or individual opinion deviation, including political or religious beliefs, is treated by execution. It seems they believe that the survival of civilization is much more important than any individual life.

Forth claims they live utopian life in an Eden-like planet. Phoenix explained that utopia is the opposite of entropy. They live in order. Well, as I later found out, they sleep 8 hours and have only two hour a day as free time. The rest is work. No weekend, no holidays and no vacations. Education is implanted by using surgical procedures. Individual skills are taken from someone else's memories. No free will to choose your profession or to change your occupation. And the medical system is based on nano-technology molecular reconstruction, certainly a very effective and extra cheap medical system, but Phoenix admitted it is not safe. The nano-technology regeneration may cause cancer.

On February 22 1999, Phoenix mentioned that his colleagues dislike humans, because of their barbarian beliefs and behavior. Well, I tried to be objective and refrain from judging an alien Civilization, but I think this feeling is mutual.

The telepathic experiment (Zorat)

On February 22 1999, I entered a meditation state in front of my computer and tried to contact Phoenix telepathically in the Kliendcontlar ship communication room no 6. Someone was there and I tried to develop a dialogue. At first it did not go well, but gradually I started to receive answers. An image of a wrinkled creature with gray hair answered me. The dialogue went on for a while and I gathered several pages of printed questions and answers in Hebrew. In the evening Phoenix called my mobile phone. I informed him about my experiment. At first he was startled and said I should not enter protected classified areas on his ship. He will not be responsible if something happens to me. I said I did not create an imaginary space (as he describes the astral projection), but contacted telepathically with someone in the communication room for information. He was pleased. I described the alien I contacted. Phoenix said it was probably Zorat, another alien that is involved with contacting other species. I repeated some of the questions I asked Zorat and Phoenix gave similar answers.

On February 24 1999, Phoenix called again and confirmed that Zorat was the alien that I contacted telepatically. Zorat was pleased with our conversation and he wished to know me better. Then I continued to ask Phoenix the rest of the questions I had asked Zorat. Zorat and Phoenix gave similar answers. But it seems that Zorat gave more detailed answers and has a wider understanding. The telepathic communication seems to be more effective and faster than the mobile phone communication.

In one case the answers were totally different. I asked about the first time the "perfection project" was suggested. Zorat said 800 years ago and Phoenix said 100 Years ago. I pointed out the difference. Phoenix said he is not an expert and Zorat is probably right.

Both Zorat and Phoenix could not say much about Aiotip planet's history. Phoenix explained that Kliendcontlar history is not a part of the surgical implanted memories. Only alien historians have the right for having this information. It seems that Kliendcontlar citizens are surgically programmed for their individual professions on a "need to know" basis.


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An exciting and attention riveting metaphysical journey, September 21, 2003
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Informatively written by Adrian Dvir (an expert computer engineer who first discovered his ability to communicate telepathically in 1992, and first contacted aliens in the year 1994), X3: Healing, Entities, And Aliens is an exciting and attention riveting metaphysical journey into mind-expanding experiences and the positive intentions of entities from beyond this world. Offering a grand, detailed, investigative account that fleshes out seemingly supernatural occurrences in great detail, and enhanced with an accompanying CD, X3: Healing Entities and Aliens is a unique and very welcome contribution to Metaphysical Studies reference collections and UFO Studies reading lists.
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