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The touching story of Gianna

Name: Gianna

From: 13 galaxies away from this one (Earth's)

Time: 1998-10-24 19:11:16

Comments: Hi, my name's Gianna. I love your site. I'm currently stuck on Earth due to the lack of communication systems and star ships. Do you have any ideas of how to get off? Please write me if you do. Thanks! Gianna

Adrian to Gianna 24 October 1998

It's very interesting. I tend to believe you. Please give me more details. How many years you are on earth? Are you in a human body? Have you been here before in other incarnations? The Aliens are interested to clarify these details. If you really are an alien they will try to help you. You can prove you are an alien by supplying some information that only aliens know. For example your galaxy and planet name. Waiting for your reply.

Regards Adrian Dvir

Gianna to Adrian (24 October 1998)

Thank you for responding so quickly. You're one of the few people who actually believe me. I have been on Earth for 14 year, living as a Human child, but if you want me to be more precise than that, I have been on Earth for exactly 14 years, 8 months, 24 days, 13 hours, 4 minutes and 17 seconds. Yes, I am living in a Human body. But unfortunately this body is somewhat falling apart. I can't really explain the problems I have with my skin due to an allergic reaction to the sun, but at times, it appears to be rotting. I am willing to give you any information that I have, but I might not be able to give you all that you need, because I am still recovering from my amnesia.

Adrian to Gianna (25 October ■1998)

From my experience there are many people on earth in a human body that lived in previous lives as aliens on other planets. I have such a memory too among other past life memories from this planet.

Please describe me what cause you to believe you are not from here. Please describe in detail when and what you remember. Even dreams, day dreams or strange sensations that are not caused by your day by day environment.

Past life memories are supposed to be blocked from us when we born but some times they leak. This condition may cause many problems but there are ways to solve the problem. Being aware for past memories (life on earth or in outer space) can be a cause of serious psychological shock or trauma. It should be treated very carefully.
I recommend you to contact a responsible past life specialist therapist. He will know what to do.
Please read my home page again. I recently added some chapters from my book (X3 healing entities and aliens) that includes one on incarnations.
Please keep me in touch. I want to help you. Please tell me what you remember. It may be helpful.

Gianna to Adrian (26 October, 1998)

My memories come from a past life.... But that past life is not dead's a little hard to explain, but I'll do the best I can. The reason why it's so hard to explain is because I'm not reincarnated from another life, but I was put here intentionally. Sometimes I am able to communicate with people from home telepathically, but it takes a high amount of energy and concentration and wears me out almost instantly. I was put here on Earth for what was supposed to be only a few years as a punishment, but then the war started up again, and there was no possible way to come down to Earth. I was accused of being a murderer for accidentally blowing up one of our own fighters, but then I was found innocent later on (this is what I was told telepathically) and pronounced a hero-of-war because a spy was in the fighter that was blown up.

I can remember what I looked like. I was a fish-like species, a sort of amphibian, though. Almost my entire family was murdered I thought I was the only one who wasn't, but later on I found my brother. I can remember faces, but some of them still don't have names. There were Humans there as well. My robot, X7-O2 was one of the first things I remembered. Then slowly, my memory started returning. Gianna Yaal was my name. It is not my Human name. I was around 86 years into my 250-year life span when I was sent to Earth. The doctors did what Earthlings call "abducted" a pregnant woman (my Earthling mother, now), making her think it was a dream. The last I can remember was a needle. I can tell you more later if you want I have to go for now.

Adrian to Gianna (26 October 1998)

Your story in very touchy. I have a strong feeling it is through. Of cause I cannot be shore but all the details don't contradict any think I know. The alien's telepathic long distance ability is quite impressive. X3 once told me that he could communicate with his home planet Sirius telepathically without equipment help. And I also heard about Aliens wars. It is not a human invention. Some of my patients suffered from aliens war injury and trauma. Your memories about medical implantation into a human embryo sound very logical to me. Some of the Aliens species have similar soul system to humans so they can be incarnate as humans. I met several such cases.

The aliens that are here read your story. And they want to say something Aliens: It usually the responsibility of your home planet to take care of you. There are many different species of aliens. From our point of view this is a diplomatic issue. We assume your home planet is not in a shape or a position they can afford a long distance rescue mission.

Meanwhile you are now living in a very interesting time in the history of earth. Take advantage of it. There will be a lot of events related to Aliens in the near feature. Since you are an alien you can contribute to this effort. If you do so, maybe in time some of the alien's teams will accept to bring you home. We can add to you that your exile on earth was not just a punishment. There was a general decision to bring here many incarnated aliens to help develop earth. You are not the only one. There are millions like you. Adrian is one of them. For him it was just a decision that applied for his whole
department. Unlike emotional humans we have our decisions, orders and we obey. No much space for personal preferences. So this is another reason we can't just take you home. Now please tell us about your present earth life. This should be your prime concern while you are on earth.


Hi Gianna, Its me, Adrian again. Your story is very interesting and important for others like you. I want to ask your permission to use our correspondence in the home page and maybe in a future book. No names or identifying details are needed to be disclosed. Only the case in principal. Please let me know if you accept. If you don't I will keep all our correspondence confidential.

(The alien woman that contributed to this answer is not Maya but she consulted Maya extensively. So she sighed MAYA.)

Gianna to Adrian (30 October, 1998)

I apologize for my slow response. I was not able to be on this week. You can put my story on your page if you want to, I don't mind. It might even help me get off Earth if someone from home happens to read it, although I doubt they will.

Maya's words were.... Somewhat comforting, but unfortunately not fully.
My life here on Earth isn't the greatest, but then again, nobody's perfect. I'm not sure where to start, but I'll give you the basic highlights. My entire life here practically revolves around singing, so that's mainly what you'll see in this letter.

Ever since I was young here on Earth, I had an appreciation for the arts, but I took particular interest in singing. At the age of four, I was singing with my Human mother, bin harmony. When I was about nine or ten years or age, my Human mother forced me to join a singing group, which I unexpectedly enjoyed most of the time. But after about a year and a half, I had to quit because my mother found out that our director was not paying for the songs
that we performed, and we were breaking the law by selling tickets to an unauthorized performance. After that, I took private lessons for about a year, which I didn't like a bit, and much to my Human mother's dismay, quit.

At that point, my mother to joined a chorus of her own, so that she would leave me alone. We were living in Sacramento at the time, and she joined the Sweet Adeline's chorus "Sacramento Valley Chorus". Thai's when my skin problems started going completely out of control. I have had skin problems since I was about five years old here on Earth, but they have been getting worse and worse over the years. When I was twelve, I developed an interest in art; and around the same time, started sketching pictures of horses, and writing poetry. My poetry wasn't the greatest. Ever since then I've written maybe 5 good poems. After my 6th grade year, we moved to a small town in northern California. That was when my
memory really started returning. Every time we went to the beach, I had a feeling that I knew it somehow; yet at the same time, I felt like I needed to be somewhere else. I joined the chorus at my new school, and was a soprano. I was in the school musical as an extra, but was later given a line and a small solo. They realized that I had made a small character pretty big with every single movement that I made. In 8th grade I tried out again for another school musical, and got one of the main parts.

By then, I knew that I wasn't from Earth originally, and wasn't happy at all. My skin was giving me major problems, there were times where I had to stay home because it hurt and itched too much. I ruined my knee and back in track & fields (PE) doing hurtle jumping and now have major problems with them. My grades dropped pretty low, and I almost didn't graduate. Two weeks before graduation, I was told that I had to pull myself out of the hole, or else I would fail 8th grade. I stayed up night after night completing all my missing assignments after that, and got passing grades in every class. I sang with my chorus at graduation. All the teachers congratulated us, and my RSP teacher hugged me and congratulated me for working so hard to bring up my grades.

All the while I was thinking of only what I had accomplished; only afterward did I take the time to think about home. The day went by so fast that it's almost sad. During the summer I kept myself locked inside the house, only going out at night, so I could avoid the sun. I sang lead in my human mother's chorus "Pacific Empire Chorus" and I am going to join as one of the youngest members ever to join a regular Sweet Adeline's chorus. I have a Young Women in Harmony barbershop quartet of my own. I used to sing bass, but my lead quit so now I'm singing lead, the baritone decided to sing bass, and we found a new baritone.
Despite the fact that I can sing, and can hear any wrong notes that I or anyone else sings, I am partly deaf in one ear from having so many ear infections. That's what confuses most people.

I'm in high school now, and made the Women's Honor Choir. I had a "scat" solo in the pop song from the fifties "Sing Sing Sing". I currently am immune to almost all medicines, but hardly any viruses, so I am ill quite often, and in pain from my skin and knee most of the time.
Well, those are the highlights of my present life here on Earth, I would tell you everything, but I have a photographic memory, and can remember back to when I was about 2 weeks old here on Earth. I hope I didn't bore you any. Sincerely, Gianna

Gianna to Adrian (November 4, 1998)

I sent a letter a while ago, and I was wondering if you had received it. It was mainly the parts of my life here on Earth that I either love (being able to sing), or dislikes completely (my skin and knee problems). What I didn't tell you is some of the most important things, such as how I actually found my memories from the past in the first place.

I was in 7nth grade at the time; it was March and the first performance of the musical was that evening. Naturally I was excited, and ran home to start

Getting ready...on the way home, I was attacked by a crow. I had always had trouble with animals; I loved them, of course, but most of them didn't like me, and ran away or tried to scratch me when I came near. But this was different. I had never in my life had an animal actually trying to kill me. He was dive-bombing me, and whenever he came near enough, he'd let his feet down and grab some of my hair. There was one time that he raked me across the back of my neck, and left marks. My Human father tried to shoot him several times, but missed because crows have excellent vision, and can spot a bullet that's coming towards them.

For some reason, I seemed to be able to feel his thoughts, or as Humans here on Earth say, "read his mind". He knew that I didn't belong here on Earth, and felt that as long as I was still living here, he wasn't safe. Many cats feel the same way about me, and that was a problem when I owned a

Cat of my own. She hated me. She scratched me and hissed at me whenever I came close to her, or tried to pick her up. We ended up giving her to a friend of ours.

There's always a sad part to every true story, otherwise it isn't real, because nothing is perfect. Almost all my life here on Earth, I have been the

Subject to prejudice and have never really had many friends. From preschool to 5th grade I went to a private school in Carmical, but then had to go to a public school from 6th grade on up. Since then I haven't been treated equally to anyone else. Mostly children would treat me badly because I have red hair and extremely pale skin. But I had teachers who treated me differently as well because I have a called "A.D.H.D" (Attention Deficit

Hyperactive Disorder). They would either try to help me by being very nice to me, or try to "help" me by isolating me from everyone else, and taking away most or all my privileges. None of these things ever helped me in any way, but they have left emotional wounds in me. There were times that I was so depressed from having almost no friends, that I wanted to kill myself.

I've always known that I wasn't supposed to be Human, I just didn't get my memory back until I was ready to face the reality of my situation.... Had I

Got it back any sooner, I would've been so torn by it, that I would've killed myself. Even now I have thoughts of suicide, but I know better than to carry them out.

Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Gianna

Adrian to Gianna (November 5, 1998)

I enjoy very much all your emails. You have a writing talent. Please continue to send me email. Please try to describe in detail all that you remember from your life as an alien. This may be very important to understanding of alien's life.

Gianna to Adrian (November 7, 1998)

Adrian-I has told you most of what I remember from my other life. But there is more than that still. I lived in a place where there were so many different species of aliens, which the word "alien" itself was considered disrespectful, and became the ultimate insult to anyone. I can remember when my brother got in a fight with someone, because they called him an alien, and spat on him. My brother was strong however, and he made the guy wish he had never said a word. Parts of my memory are quite clear..... While others are still dim. I can remember what the war was about, but I don't remember how it started. There was an Empire made up of mostly Humans, and they enslaved many other species of aliens, calling them "lower species". Not even realizing that they themselves were aliens as well to us, they called us aliens, and destroyed our homes and families. My family was one of those, which was destroyed. That's about all the rest of what I can remember. I'll let you know if I can remember anything else.

Sincerely Gianna.

Gianna to Adrian (24 Nov 1998)

I reread one of your letters, and it mentioned something that I have a question on.

<<Meanwhile you are now living in a very interesting time in the history of earth. Take advantage of it. There will be a lot of events related to Aliens in the near feature. >>

What is this "interesting time" that I am living in? I mean, I know that there's something going on, I've known that for a long time, but I don't Exatly know what it is. It seems such a.... Earthling thing to ask, but it truly eludes me. Sincerely, Gianna

PS: Some more of my memory as an Alien has returned if you are still interested.

Adrian to Gianna (24 Nov 1998).

For ages Earth was visited by a large number of Aliens research teams. They helped the local primitive habitants in many ways, but only recently the Aliens came to the conclusion we are getting closer for being ready to the next step - to make real contact in the open and establish Human-Aliens relations. This process is gearing up very fast and a huge number of Aliens are taking part in this effort.

Please tell me more about your memories as an Alien. I will soon put our correspondence on my home page.


Adrian Dvir


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