Chapter 3

Developing within a group

While I was in the middle of a book about perceiving the human aura, I “by chance” met a good friend of my wife’s, an electrical engineer by profession. She has the ability to see auras and spiritual entities with great clarity. By her own account she has been blessed with this ability, apparently a family trait, since early childhood. Her mother and her children share the same wondrous ability. She described my aura for me in great detail, including a purple cosmic ray extending from my head up towards the sky. She said my aura was particularly broad and strong and that my third eye was wide open. Through the third eye, we can see things that are not visible through our physiological eyes. She defined me, like herself, as belonging to a special group of people who are capable of extra-sensory perception. In light of the things I was experiencing, needless to say I was fascinated by what she said.

But I felt she was holding something back. Eventually she revealed that she belonged to a group of such people who meet regularly. She promised she would try and get me accepted.

We drove together to my first meeting. I wondered what a group of people with extra-sensory abilities would look like. We pulled up in front of an industrial building somewhere in the central region of the country. About 15 people sat in a circle in the center of a huge room. As I approached, everyone turned an appraising eye in my direction. I maintained a cool, calm exterior. A man and woman, seated to one side, asked me to join them. As we talked, I realized that these two were the group leaders. Within a short time it became clear that I had passed the ‘entrance exam’ and they invited me to join the circle.

My friend had explained to me beforehand that the human circle creates energies comparable to an induction coil. The meeting got underway and, inexplicably, I began to cough. I had to leave the room and as soon as I was outside, the coughing stopped. I returned to the circle and again started to cough. I felt a suffocating, choking feeling together with an unfamiliar heaviness. It took a few meetings before I got used to the presence of the energies of the other members of the group.

Everyone spoke openly about spiritual beings, aliens and paranormal phenomena. Finally, I felt that I too could speak freely about what I was experiencing. (And I heartily recommend it to anyone in similar difficulties. It gives one a tremendous feeling of relief.) Within the group, we shared remarkable experiences and during some of the meetings, sensed strange happenings in the room. We sensed clearly and unequivocally a variety of strange presences. The air in the room would go cold, or become suddenly hot, or impervious to sound as if we all had cotton in our ears. Sometimes we would feel strange physical sensations, as if someone was gently touching each person’s head.

Those members of the group who could “see” reported various images, some of them human and some of other origin. Sometimes they reported seeing objects, for instance small gold pyramids, or creatures that looked as though they dwelt in the depths of some sea. I also caught glimpses of assorted strange figures. The thought began to take shape in my mind that this was a meeting place for intelligent beings from different worlds and different dimensions. They came to look at us. Our activities and our openness to them interested them. Sometimes I felt like a monkey in a zoo.

The existence of another parallel world to ours became more and more perceptible. Yet at the same time, the number of unanswered questions increased. A very difficult psychological hurdle awaits those embarking on the path of spiritual development. I grappled with my attempts to reconcile everyday reality with the new and strange reality of spiritual beings, aliens and invisible worlds whose existence overlaps with our own concrete world. I had a particularly difficult time because, as an engineer, I had to somehow fit all the physics, chemistry and mathematics I had learned in my 20 years of formal education, with the new reality I was experiencing. I was never at a loss for questions. What are the laws of physics, chemistry and biology that govern the spiritual beings and the aliens? What do they eat? What do they breathe? How do they travel? Where did they come from? Why can’t we see them with our eyes? What do they want of us? As it turned out, someone was listening…

It was in July 1993, after I finished reading the book on the physics of the universe, “A Brief History of Time” by Prof. Steven Hawking. I sat down at my computer with the intention of summarizing all the points in the book that were unclear to me. My summary soon turned into a dialogue. “Someone“ was nice enough to provide me with amazing explanations to my questions – answers that were beyond current day knowledge. For instance, that the Big Bang was merely a local occurrence in an endless universe, which has always existed and will always exist. I thanked him for his time and he answered with humor, that he has an endless amount of time. I later understood that I had unintentionally made contact with a Being from some other world – an Alien Being!

In subsequent communications, he explained to me that the physical world as we know it is just one instance of existence and that there are many, many more forms of existence that are not physical. They are in fact so different from the physical, that we can neither see, hear nor feel them, just as radio waves are beyond the abilities of our physical senses. These other forms of existence, based on non-physical matter, support whole worlds of intelligent beings. We humans, with all our scientists, can see only a small fraction of the huge variety of matter that exists in the universe. Most of it is beyond our perception, hidden from us. In these hidden forms of matter are all manner of intelligent beings, some not unlike human beings. At this point, there may be those who say, so what? Beyond idle curiosity, why bother with the whole vague issue?

As I soon discovered, one of the more practical and fascinating aspects of contact with this hidden universe is the whole concept and practice of Healing.

During this period I was disturbed by some medical problems of my own, not the least of which was excess weight. At 145 kilograms, I had tried various weight reduction techniques, but nothing made any significant and durable difference. The experts decided I suffered from compulsive eating. I agreed with them, but we didn’t succeed in finding the underlying reason or the solution. I read some psychology books as part of my search for a solution to the problem. I came across something about treatment through hypnotically induced regression to a past trauma. Under hypnosis, the patient is taken back to childhood and re-experiences traumatic events that happened to him. In one such treatment session, the patient described in the book went back beyond his own childhood. The treating psychologist was surprised to hear the patient describing with great detail and clarity, incidents that happened to him in a previous life. This made a very deep impression on me. Since no traumatic events were discovered in my present life, I decided to explore previous lives. I looked for someone who could help me and was recommended to Valerio Borgush, well-known medium and healer who worked at that time in Rishon Lezion.

After examining me, Valerio concluded that the source of my problems did in fact lie in traumas of previous lives. To my surprise, there was no need for hypnosis. Valerio was able to “read” my memories of previous lifetimes. He effortlessly entered a state of deep concentration, gently placed his hand on my head and closed his eyes. He began to describe my life as a black slave who died of starvation about 200 years ago. While he was “rummaging” through my memories, I suddenly heard a drumming sound. I sensed a celebration and then an image of a person decked out in feathers appeared before me. It was a handsome black man, a mulatto, and I realized that I was this man. The celebration was my wedding to a black woman I was in love with. After this, the images were far less happy. We were walking through a burning hot desert until we descended upon a small puddle of salt water. There we died.

Despite the fact that Valerio related my current problems to these past-life  traumas, he said he could not treat me.

I was determined to find someone who could. In desperation I closed my eyes and prayed to God. I felt as though a strong light source was suddenly directed at me. I opened my eyes, but the lamp in the room pointed away from me. I understood that someone, or something, had heard me.

That is the only possible explanation I have come up with for the ensuing string of events. Someone “led” me to meet Chaya Levy, a most unusual woman. She became my good friend.

According to Chaya, the sum total of her esoteric education consisted of the reading of two books - Erich Von Denikan’s “Wars of the Gods” and “The Bermuda Triangle”. It was through a personal development group that she discovered her amazing powers of extra sensory perception and her ability to communicate with Spiritual Beings. She began to use this as a means of making a living, offering others her services in contacting the spiritual world. Gradually, well-intentioned Spirits began to maintain ongoing contact with her, helping her with her work. Among them were those who had been doctors or psychologists during their lifetimes. Some of them took upon themselves her personal guidance. They taught her and helped her to help others.

It became clear that the ability to “make contact” is not the only trait required for a person to be chosen to receive help from high-level Spiritual Beings. The chosen person, or medium, must be a basically positive person, must have achieved a high level of spiritual development, and must be “green” in the words of these other-worldly beings, in order to convince them to come and help and work with him. Chaya’s guides periodically disappeared, with others taking their place, depending on the level of development she had reached. Each guide taught her something. One Being, by the name of Chang, taught her Chinese medicine.

One day, she felt the presence of different kinds of Beings. They were similar to human Spiritual Beings, but seemed more non-human than human. They seemed to be Spiritual Beings of an Alien source, from other worlds. At first, Chaya was frightened of them, but she soon realized that their purpose in being there was the same as that of the other Beings in contact with her. They were there to help. With her agreement, they built a field hospital adjacent to her home. Chaya the medium, became Chaya the healer, and together they began to treat people in a way I never imagined possible.

My readers are no doubt thinking we’ve now entered the realm of Science Fiction. Let me explain. The Alien Beings I speak of do not appear in the physical dimension. To most people, they are as imperceptible as our earthly ghosts and spirits. The Alien Beings, however, do not exist in the same realm or dimension as our earthly ghosts. Due to the fact that they are made of matter that humans cannot perceive, these Aliens can move freely among us.

I recall very clearly my first meeting with Chaya on the 26th of April, 1994. As I sat and spoke with her, laying out my problem, I faintly discerned a balcony in the background with a row of Beings sitting behind a table, watching us and voicelessly speaking among themselves. During that period, Chaya wrote down everything the Beings said. On the right sat an impressive authoritative-looking figure who seemed to radiate a great light, or at least so it seemed in my extra-sensory perception. Next to him sat a feminine looking smaller figure with huge eyes. In the next few days I became acquainted with her by name - she was Ornea, the Alien psychologist with the squeaky voice. The others were unclear. The Aliens concurred that my problem had its origin in some past-life trauma and said they could help. After I expressed my willingness, there began what could only be described as a macabre dance.

Some of the Alien Beings came down from the balcony and busied themselves about my head. I felt currents, prickles and other feelings that I have difficulty putting into words. Chaya sat opposite me and for 30 minutes described to me the various types of apparatus that were being used during my strange treatment. I felt out of focus. The next day I had a very strong headache. And all traces of any effect of previous-life traumas were gone. How else would you explain the 30 kilograms that dropped off me over the ensuing months?!

My changing figure convinced me more than anything else that the whole phenomenon of Spirits and Alien Beings was definitely real. I decided to test them again. This time I chose a less dramatic medical issue. Over the last few years, I suffered from an increasing inability to write manually and I more and more often preferred to type things on the computer. Every time I would put pen to paper, I would begin to feel a kind of disquiet bordering on nausea. In addition, my handwriting became nearly totally illegible. Conventional medicine could come up with no reasonable explanation, and certainly had nothing to offer by way of a cure.

The Alien Beings working with Chaya examined me and found that the problem was genetic. They identified a weakness in a small cranial blood vessel, which supplies blood to the nerves connected to the fingers of the right hand. Within a few minutes the problem was corrected. Since this treatment, each time I sit down with pen and paper and write, I remind myself who is responsible. Even if conventional medicine would have been able to locate the problem, I doubt if they would have recommended brain surgery to fix a tiny blood vessel.

I began to be fascinated with the practical aspects of healing. I had a deeply intense feeling that this was what I would like to be doing. I was advised by the Beings in contact with Chaya that my course of action should be, first of all to devote a lot of time to Guided-Imagination Meditation (to develop all the extra senses) and at the same time to take a course in Spiritual Healing. In addition, they referred me to a healer by the name of Shlomo Kira who would continue helping me with my own medical problems.

Shlomo asked me to lie down on an elevated bed in the middle of his small office. He quietly breathed a prayer and then spread his hands out above my body, never actually touching me. Gradually, I began to feel currents running through me, strange stabbings and prickles. In the problematic areas of my body, the sensations were heightened. Here again, I discerned a row of Beings sitting behind a table on a balcony and watching what was going on below. And again, one of them radiated such light that it was impossible to look straight at him. Other Beings stood around me, treating me in some way. Shlomo’s hands moved strangely and it took a while until I realized that they were in fact being moved for him. His facial expressions also changed in a strange manner. Afterwards, we spoke freely about everything that went on during the treatment. Shlomo, a hardware engineer by profession, got involved in healing after his wife was cured of a serious disease by a healer.

Among the many Spiritual Beings who treated me during that period (the latter part of 1994), I managed to make contact with two of them. John, a medical surgeon, looked like a lanky man in his 30s with long blond hair. He appeared several times as the head surgeon, and Dr. Meir.

I first met Dr. Meir when he appeared at my home for follow-up to the treatment I received in Shlomo’s office. I discovered that “house calls” were a regular practice. One evening I felt the presence of Beings and the request to retire early so that they could treat me. Lying in my bed, I experienced the same sensations as when I was treated by Shlomo, despite my now being alone. I didn’t succeed in making verbal contact with Dr. Meir, but we communicated nevertheless, telepathically via visual images. When he completed his treatment of me, he showed me a large building with spacious hallways, high ceilings and a shiny green marble floor. One of the rooms in this building was Dr. Meir’s office. I didn’t get a very clear message, but I understood that he had been a physician in Germany. The building he showed me had been his place of work. Next, I saw a photograph of a woman in her 40s, black hair pulled back, wearing a dark green shimmering velvet evening dress. I wasn’t clear as to whether this was his wife or his daughter, but it was obviously someone important enough to him that he wanted to share it with me.

Despite the physical sensations I experienced during my treatments with Shlomo and my contact with Dr. Meir, I still found it difficult to relate to these events as real. I was further convinced, however, when I discovered that both Shlomo Kira and Chaya Levy encountered and worked with the same Beings, confirming each other’s impressions and information.

On the 14th of December 1994, I experienced a particularly interesting treatment at Shlomo’s office. He began by asking me to close my eyes and relax. Then he led me through Guided-Imagination Meditation. With eyes closed, one imagines engaging in specific activities, while counting backwards from 100. This is a technique that helps one enter a different state of

consciousness with amazing results. I suddenly saw in my mind’s eye a small fragile creature with a wrinkled face. He wore a suit of clothing made of what looked like flexible aluminum foil. I tried to converse with him, but without success, when I realized that we were now both in strange new surroundings. We were in a huge room like a hangar for a jumbo jet. There was a track passing through the middle with a 6-seater car on it. Six creatures, similar to the first, sat in the car. They stopped by what looked like an airport flight control center. The operators, all similar looking, smiled at me politely and acknowledged me with a nod of their head. I had a very good feeling toward these creatures.

Next, I found myself in a huge warehouse lined with shelves. Each shelf held one of these creatures. I understood that they were in semi-sleep state, like winter hibernation. Only a small proportion of them were awake, to take care of what seemed to be their spacecraft. I was also given to understand that the lifespan of these fragile-looking creatures was apparently endless. They originally come from a very distant solar system and have been in this state for thousands of years.

Why I was offered this information was not clear to me. I told Shlomo about what I had seen during the meditation and he confirmed that he knew about it. I mused that scientists are spending millions on building huge antennas to pick up radio waves in search of intelligent life forms far out in the universe, and all the time, they’re here. Shlomo said the Alien Beings laugh at our attempts and say that the scientists will pick up nothing. Communication through radio waves is such an old technology that it has been long forgotten by Aliens.

During a previous treatment on the 4th of November, ’94, Shlomo put me into a state of meditation and asked me to tell him what I see in the room. I told him I saw an Alien Being standing next to him. He looked like a tall thin man with hair that looked like wide strips of plastic. He wore a plastic cape and had a strange face. He asked to speak with me, but I didn’t manage to hear him. Shlomo relayed his replies. I asked him several questions about his identity and where he came from. He answered politely that his name was Arcady and he was 800 years old. He has been on Earth for 500 years doing important scientific work in aid of our planet. He is part of a group of Alien Beings who collectively make up one complex Being whose origin is a different galaxy and a planet called Arcaea. He then asked about my approach to the subject of Healing and asked if I was interested in helping to treat people. I answered that I was.

I attended the course in Guided-Imagination Meditation, held in Shlomo Kira’s lovely roof apartment. About 12 of us sat on the roof terrace in a circle under the stars. We closed our eyes and entered a state of deep relaxation. Under  Shlomo’s guidance, we entered a state of consciousness that is something like daydreaming – a halfway state between sleep and wakefulness. The difference is, when meditating, this state can be monitored and controlled. In the beginning, one follows the trainer’s instructions. Later, one can enter a meditational state independently – and it’s always accompanied by strange experiences. Afterwards, each one in turn tells the rest of the group what they experienced.

If not for the stories, and the similarities between them, I would have thought it was all just wild imaginings. But there were times when we all saw the same things, the same Beings and Spiritual Guides. Sometimes there was a feeling of movement through time and space. We learned to telepathically call each other and make contact. I realized that teams of Beings and Spiritual Guides surrounded both our trainer and all the students, working very hard to help us through every stage of our learning. Some of these Beings looked like humans, and some were dressed in silver suits with white cloth covering their faces. My feeling was that this was to hide their non-human features – they were Alien Beings.

During one of our meetings, I felt that there was something above us, in the sky. I tried to focus my extra-sensory perception upwards, and I was awed by what I saw. Above us was a huge, round, brownish-orange structure. It looked like the underside of a spacecraft parked about 50 meters above the building. At first I thought, surely I’m imagining it. I asked others in the course to turn their focus upwards and tell me what they saw. To my amazement, they described exactly what I had seen.  I turned to Shlomo and he confirmed that the spacecraft had been “parked” above the building for some months. He claimed that the Alien Beings regularly leave their craft and join the team of Earthly Beings who coordinate the activities of our course. A transparent elevator connected the spacecraft to the roof.  It looked like a purple-tinted transparent pipe. During another meditation, I tried to go up in the elevator and succeeded in reaching the top. An Alien turned to me and asked what I was doing there. I was sent back down somewhat abashed.

When the time was right in our meditational training, the Alien Beings led us on an organized tour of their spacecraft. It was like peering through a haze or walking through a dream. I did manage to discern hallways and rooms filled with strange equipment and machinery. One of the rooms contained small white creatures. I saw my father sitting among them, looking like an adult among children. They were, in fact, fully grown Alien Beings, although very small. My father made brief introductions between myself and the Aliens. He then took me to small room furnished with a table and three chairs. Around the perimeter, along the crevice where the walls and floor met, was a strip of lighting that added a dramatic effect to the room. My father and I sat down, and on the third chair sat a man who looked like a venerable Chinese priest. They engaged in some exchange which I didn’t manage to understand, after which the Chinese man came over to me and placed his hand on my head. I understood that he was giving me his blessing for continued spiritual development. He appeared to be an important, authoritative figure on the spacecraft and it had been important to my father that we meet.

Some months later as I was walking through a park with my children, I felt the presence of the Chinese priest standing in front of me. His ghostly image was clothed in what looked like a Far Eastern clergyman’s cape with metallic squares on it. We communicated a bit and I understood that he had been a Shinto priest in his lifetime and he is now working with the Alien Beings. I haven’t seen him again since.

Shlomo’s meditation course was filled with strange happenings. For example, I remember being taken to a large white room with a low bed in its center. On the bed was something that looked like a very large pea pod, or an insect on its back. I understood that it was some form of living creature. Its skin was wrinkled and folded and I understood that it was ill. I didn’t understand why I was there, until I received a message: “Heal him”. I focused all my thoughts and energies and sent the creature a burst of curative and loving energy with all my heart. Like magic, the creature began to unfold. His skin became smooth and shiny. He was cured! I heard applause in my ears. The walls became transparent and it seemed as though curtains were swept aside. Figures stood looking at us. I had passed a test!

During another meditation session, I was taken through darkened hallways to a small dimly lit room where a creature lied on an elevated bed. This time, I knew what I was to do. After he was cured, two figures appeared and proceeded to open an elliptical passage through the wall. It seemed to be two heavy doors sliding open, one slowly moving upwards and the other down. Beyond, I saw a huge rounded open space full of light. I understood that they wanted to show me something and my curing powers had been tested to gain me entry. Once through the door, I saw that the light came from a thick hazy cloud. I was told that the cloud was made up of billions of tiny intelligent beings attached to each other and collectively making up a Supreme Being – a sort of super-brain. You could also understand it as a collection of souls. Each soul has its own personality, memories, life experiences and all of this is used for the whole collective. When I asked if this was the only such collective group of souls, I was told that there were ancient planets where such collective beings existed. What exactly it was, what it means and why they showed it to me is still a mystery. Perhaps it will become clear at some future time.

 The results of Shlomo’s healing sessions with me were soon apparent. I felt better, and my blood test results convinced me that it was more than a psychological effect. I recommended Shlomo to my friends and family. On one occasion I watched Shlomo treat a relative of mine who suffered from chronic back pain. I discerned a faintly glowing beam of light coming from somewhere above and descending into Shlomo’s head. His hands were trailed by a ripple that looked like faint rainbows. A Being stood next to him holding a piece of equipment that reminded me of an electronic stapler. The Being put the instrument down in a box filled with strange lights, next to other pieces of equipment. I understood that the lights recharge and sterilize the equipment. There were other cabinets next to the box. Above the bed I ascertained an instrument with lights of different colors – something like the overhead lights in an operating theater. A complex piece of machinery stood behind me, with tubes coming out of it. I understood that this was the computer and control center for all the equipment. The boxes were for storing the medical equipment. I was suddenly hit with the realization that I was standing in the middle of a state-of-the-art operating theater of the 31st century. It was much larger than the physical room we were in. It was round, and it was filled with boxes of instruments and strange equipment, each item brought over to the bed as needed.

Suddenly, while still treating my relative, Shlomo asked me to approach him. I was somewhat uncertain. He asked me to place my hands above his without touching. I did so, clearly fearful. Almost immediately I felt intense cold emanating from his hands, even though I hadn’t touched them. Then he asked me to place my hands between his and the patient’s back, again without touching. The cold feeling intensified. Generally, one would expect to

feel warmth in close proximity to a human body, but I felt as though I had inserted my hands into a freezer. I touched Shlomo’s hands and was surprised to feel normal warmth. Shlomo’s explanation was that there are many types of energy. This time the Beings used a type of energy that induces a feeling of cold.

The treatment session ended and Shlomo gave me instructions for follow-up treatment. For twenty minutes every day, I was to place my hands over the painful spot on the patient’s back. The next day at home I spread a thick blanket over the dining room table and I asked my relative to lie down. I prayed briefly and laid my hands on the sore spot. After just a few minutes I began to feel intense heat in my hands. The patient also mentioned she felt a pleasant warmth and strange vibrations flowing through her. I broke into a sweat from the power of the emotions I was feeling. After a few minutes I raised my hands to end the treatment session, but my hand stayed where it was, moving as if of its own volition, up and down the patient’s spinal chord. I had full control of my hands, but at the same time it was as if a hidden force gently requested that I make certain movements, and so I complied.

The next day I was afraid to go through the whole procedure again. I looked dubiously at my blanket-covered dining room table. And then I registered a figure - an elderly man I had never seen before in my life. He stood in front of the table and with pantomime motions he encouraged me to continue the treatment. And so I carried on.

Soon after that I found myself, together with twenty other participants, in a course in Spiritual Healing. Among those taking the course were managers, computer experts, a woman police officer and a physician specializing in conventional internal medicine. During the course we frequently engaged in meditation, during which we verified the presence of spiritual guides. We learned both theoretically and practically how to feel the human energy field, its meridians and chakras, and how to deal with them. The entire course felt like one huge “happening”. In addition to the twenty participants and the team of teachers we were always accompanied by a group of Beings who invested all their energies in directing, teaching and helping us. They moved our hands, directed our energies and even treated us when necessary.

I was very aware of my personal guides who helped me through the course. One time, I felt their presence in my car, and I think they were having a laugh at my expense. There were two of them. One seemed to me to be female and the other male. His skin was scaly and not unlike a snake’s. The male had strange arms and very long fingers with which he tickled the back of my neck and the two of them burst into laughter.

During practical training in the Healing course my guides were very helpful and directed me. There were others in the course who stumbled around in the maze of energies, but my guides gave me very clear directives. The teachers were very excited and full of curiosity about them. My personal guides often arrived with mobile equipment for treatments and together, we performed rather amazing healing treatments. I’m not entirely sure, but I think I was the only one in the course who had Alien Beings assigned to him as trainers. The others, it seemed, were accompanied and trained by earthly Beings.

One of the teachers of the course, herself a veteran healer, suffered from lower back pain. During one of our practical training sessions, she asked me to treat her. At one point during the treatment, she said she felt a sudden sharp pain in the problematic area. The pain localized, concentrating itself into a specific small spot. It felt to me as though she had a nodule on one of her vertebrae that was pressing on a nerve. I told her what I thought. Then she reported feeling as though she was being cut from inside, and within fifteen minutes the treatment was over.

Two weeks later at our next meeting, she told us that for three days after the treatment she felt discomfort in her back as though she were recovering from surgery. Once that cleared up, the pain that had bothered her for years was gone and has never returned.

The Alien Beings who were accompanying my training came and went, one team being replaced by another. My training actually started long before I enrolled in the course.

One day I sensed a humming in my ear. I rushed over to my computer to make contact. An Alien psychologist by the name of Ornea, with huge brown eyes, told me that the Aliens had come to help humans and asked if I would like to help as well. I answered that, yes, I would. Before the end of the Healing course, they contacted me again. This time, they asked me to sit in a chair on my balcony and to enter a state of meditation. I did so, and saw a white screen in front of me. At first letters in an unfamiliar language appeared in quick succession. Next I saw dark purple spheres that looked as though they had come a long distance. The Aliens explained that that’s what the souls look like of Aliens who have come from other planets. I understood that these souls were shared in common by humans and by Aliens. Or, in a broader sense, we are like distant family members. They projected an image of a room in my home and above it was a huge dome. I understood that the Aliens were asking my permission to build a permanent structure surrounding my home. I gave my consent. And that’s how it came to be that my home became the site of a branch of the Aliens’ field hospital.

 The only problem now, was to find patients willing to be treated. It was no easy matter to convince sick people to seek non-conventional treatment, and from a beginner healer no less. I didn’t dare mention anything about Aliens or field hospitals. I offered free healing treatments to my friends and acquaintances. I looked for volunteers. Some friends and work colleagues agreed to be my guinea pigs. One fellow worker, an engineer, mustered his courage and came to me for a treatment. He lied down on the bed and I stood about two meters away from him. Full of trepidation and earnest prayers that it would work, I began to focus on radiating energies in his direction. He suddenly looked at me strangely and, full of amazement, said he felt strong electrical currents all through his body. You can imagine my relief. I was afraid he would feel nothing and laugh at me. After receiving several treatments, his condition was much improved, and only then did I dare tell him that Alien Beings actually treated him. He listened politely, but I don’t think he gave it much credence.

Another engineer came to me for treatment, with the aim of proving that it was all a bunch of nonsense, but he got up from his first treatment full of awe and wonder. The next day at the office he couldn’t stop talking to whoever would listen about his strange experience. He arrived for a second treatment during which he reported feeling very clear and strong physical sensations. It was all a bit too much for him to absorb. He became frightened and never came back.

A third engineer from my office suffered from continuous pain in the soles of his feet. No medical treatment had ever been able to solve the problem. After just a few treatments with me, the pain disappeared without trace.

An elderly neighbor came to me for treatment with a benign uterine tumor, or in professional terminology, a myoma, a common ailment among older women. After several treatments with me, she went back to her gynecologist who announced that the myoma had inexplicably shrunk to a negligible size. Following this success, she sent her family, friends and work colleagues to me for treatment.

During a social evening I met Shlomo Rollel who was also interested in the subject of healing. I discovered he had a rich background in psychology, yoga and alternative medicine. I suggested he join in a healing treatment of a friend of mine. I explained to him that the Alien Beings treat the patients by passing energies through the healer. Following my instructions, he placed his hands above the patient. Gradually, he began to feel increasingly strong currents. His hands began to move, as if of their own volition. The Alien Beings had taken charge. The treatment had a positive outcome, and Shlomo went home to try and absorb what he had just experienced.

On one occasion, I recommend to Shlomo that I give him treatment. Agreeing, he lied down on the examining table and closed his eyes. From the minute the treatment began until the minute it ended, Shlomo kept up a steady stream of talk. He reported every physical sensation that he experienced. Despite his eyes being closed, there was a perfect match between his feelings and the placement of my hands (which were at least 30 cm from his body at all times). He reported feeling currents, prickling sensations, burning heat, and so on. Together with the physical sensations, he described various images, such as strange equipment, now and again faces of Alien Beings approaching and moving away. One of these Alien Beings had the appearance of a sea creature, and it changed its appearance to look like a flower – apparently a homofluid (an explanation will follow in the chapter, “Aliens from Other Worlds”). He also complained that the examination table felt higher than he knew it to be in reality. I had heard this comment from others as well. At the end of the treatment, which lasted about three-quarters of an hour, Shlomo found it difficult to come back to the reality of here and now. He saw yellow spots in front of his eyes when he tried opening them and looking around the room and this lasted for some minutes. I brought him out of the treatment room and onto the balcony where he would see the sunlight and greenery, bringing him back to our reality.

The search for patients continued. I bumped into an old school friend, today in the computer professions, and I told him about my new hobby. I inquired if he had any medical problems that he might want treated. He took me up on my offer. The moment he lied down on the table, even before I approached him, he experienced a strange sensation. He suddenly announced that he saw a

blue mist surrounding his body. I seems he was describing his own energy field. The areas being treated seemed to become slightly transparent, turning a paler blue. My friend turned out to be a sensitive fellow since childhood. He still suffered from nightmares after seeing films that had anything to do with the paranormal or with ghosts and spirits. I found myself in a bit of a dilemma – how would I tell him that it was actually spirits who were treating him?

The treatments were helpful and his condition improved with time. Only then did I broach the subject and gradually let on that it was “good spirits” that were responsible for his healing. Some time later during one of his treatments, I helped him enter a state of meditation and asked him to tell me who he sees in the room. He was quiet for a while, and then suddenly said he saw a fuzzy image. As it slowly came into focus, he described an elderly Chinese man. I told him to ask the image its name. Not only did he ask, but he received an answer. It turned out that my friend excelled in making contact. During the following meetings he began to be able to see the Spirits and Alien Beings that were involved in his treatment. He was able to make contact and communicate with enviable ease. After these experiences, he was eventually free of his former fears. I began to teach him how to administer treatment, and we have continued to the present to meet in order to “make contact” and provide mutual healing.

Thanks to these friends, and many others who volunteered to be my first patients, I gained experience and self-confidence in this strange new endeavor. And for that I am ever grateful. Gradually, more and more people approached me for healing, and their medical problems were increasingly serious. Since those early beginnings, I have been working as part of a team together with the Spirits and Alien Beings. They do their best to answer all my questions and help me understand many things. When I request, they give me a brief course on the physics of the universe, or on anything else that interests me. In the following chapters of the book I will try to convey some of the experiences we have shared.

Successes notwithstanding, I was plagued throughout this period with doubts. Or perhaps I shouldn’t say plagued - they were my constant and welcome companions since I felt that my doubts kept me connected to my sanity. They prevailed despite the innumerable proofs and all my strange experiences. When all is said and done, it takes an enormous leap of faith and emotional open-mindedness to actually believe that invisible energies flowing from my hands are curing people; to believe in the existence of life forms that have no physical body; to believe in Alien Beings - and from a different dimension no less, so that they can neither be seen with our eyes nor felt with our hands. I was constantly looking for some sort of concrete proof, something solid I could hold on to. To this day, I really only have two kinds of proof. One is the concurrence of information, i.e., receipt of information through telepathic contact with Spiritual and Alien Beings, and its confirmation through other sources. And the main source of proof – the positive results of treatment.

I’ve asked the Aliens many times for some concrete, physical proof of their existence, and I’ve always been answered with a polite refusal. The reasoning I’ve been given is that the medical team works under a central organization, which dictates what they may or may not do. They have been authorized to give medical treatment without leaving any physical traces, so as not to create panic among the residents of our planet. Though frustrating, it is a reasonable explanation.


By way of comparison, every zoologist knows that in order to study wildlife in its natural habitat, one has to be well-hidden, appropriately camouflaged. The Aliens are technologically advanced far beyond our understanding. This extends to means of camouflage that very effectively hide them from our capabilities of perception.

Aliens’ Credo and Statement of Aims

On the 22nd of March, 1996, I received the following remarkable message from the medical team of Aliens that works with me:

Aliens: “Life - the development of complex biological systems that reproduce themselves - is the most wondrous occurrence in the universe. An additional wondrous event occurring in the universe is the development of consciousness. That is, the conscious Being, conscious of itself and of its surroundings. These are the two wonders of creation. And for these wonders our gratitude goes to a higher power, which we know as God. The mathematical probability of these two events occurring together approaches zero, and yet it has occurred. And, to our surprise, it has not occurred just once, but many, many times over. It continues to occur today and will evidently continue to occur in the future - the development of new life forms that reproduce themselves and the concurrent development within these life forms of conscious thought.

“Intelligent life takes many and diverse forms across many different types of matter. Some of them are unknown to us. Our researchers are engaged in unceasing efforts to discover and study new life forms which are encountered all the time throughout the infinite space of the universe. Your planet is one of the sources of life that we have discovered and are currently studying.

“Beyond pure scientific research, we also provide assistance to developing civilizations, because we believe they are deserving of our help. Some cultures move in a negative direction toward self-destruction, representing a danger to themselves and to other cultures. We do not assist such civilizations. On the other hand, to civilizations with a positive potential for development on the path of “Light”, that is, positive development, we give many forms of assistance. Our aim is to help these developing civilizations to achieve, as quickly as possible, a stable state of existence that will ensure them long-term continued existence without danger of extinction. In other words, we help them toward accelerated technological development. 

The process of providing aid starts with an in-depth study of the civilization in order to ascertain whether or not our assistance is indicated. Then we decide on the best way to assist. This study is very broad in scope and conducted in cooperation with inter-planetary organizations – organizations that bring together a huge diversity of life forms from millions, and even tens of millions of populated planets. This represents the cultured life of the universe, life forms with consciousness. We want you to be aware of the importance of your work with us on a worldwide scale regarding your own planet, and on an inter-planetary scale. You are part of a great effort.

“Medical treatment is only one element in the efforts to motivate human beings to come into contact with us. Without medical treatment, we surmise that the points of contact between us and humans would be minimal. One of the aims of treatment is to learn about the nature of human biological and psychological systems through case studies of patients. At the same time, we are continually learning how to treat humans and improving our methods and techniques.

“You no doubt have noticed the wide range of Aliens that have been taking part in the medical teams. These teams are frequently replaced to allow a greater number of life forms to come into contact with humans. The more contact we have, the more we can come closer to you and offer our help.

“It could be said that most of the planets taking part in this effort are in the stages of initial evaluation. Each planet is entitled to decide for itself whether it wants to be part of the efforts to help the planet Earth or not, or any other developing planet anywhere in the universe. Therefore, each planet must gather its own information and form its own impression. The treatment encounters conducted through you, allow this to take place, and that is only for the good.

“We would like you to know one more thing. We are very pleased with your activities. The various researchers have all given very positive reports. This increases the possibility that more and more planets will take part in helping Earth. We wanted you to be aware of the importance of the work you are doing.”