Chapter 7

Beings as Spiritual Guides

It seems that not only the very sensitive are in contact with Spirits and Beings. Every human being, sensitive or not, is in constant contact with Spiritual Guides who are not of flesh and blood. The task of these Guides is to help humans throughout their existence in a physical body. Usually, people are not aware of their Guides, unless they develop the ability to make contact. The Guides are replaced from time to time, depending on the personal development of the individual. Most personal Guides are deceased relatives of the person they are assigned to, or have some past life connection with them. Occasionally the Spiritual Guide has no prior connection with the person.

Historical figures as Spiritual Guides

The identity of the Spiritual Guide can make a fascinating subject. There are Guides who claim to be famous historical figures such as Moses the Patriarch, the Prophet Elijah, Jesus Christ and so on. In some respects, it is easier to relate to a well-known figure than to an anonymous entity or total stranger. But, on the other hand, it is difficult to accept that this famous figure would be interested in John Doe. The problem becomes more complicated when it transpires that the same historical figure claims to be the Guide of more than one person. Since there is no way of confirming the identity of a Spiritual Guide, I've come to the conclusion that one needn't attach much significance to the name or identity the Guide gives himself. It is best just to relate to the personality of the Guide and evaluate his actions - are his intentions good or bad; can he be of help in our daily lives and guide us? I suppose it is possible that a historical figure decided to be a Guide to many people, but I do feel one should approach the issue with caution.

A fortune teller's personal Guide

An acquaintance from the Healing course told me about a very talented friend of hers who reads coffee and cards, giving predictions of future events with amazing accuracy. One day she brought her fortune-telling friend to me and we treated her jointly for a physical problem. I took the opportunity to ask the woman how it was that she managed to predict the future with such accuracy. She replied that she just gets a strong intuitive feeling. Even her conversation is intuitively directed when she speaks with a client. She said she was only sorry that she was totally unsuccessful in predicting her own future.

I noticed that each time the woman came for treatment, a particular Being arrived with her and sat to one side. When I asked, the Being identified itself as the woman's personal Guide. I gradually told the woman about it. I described the Being and it's mode of dress and she identified it as a relative who had died some time ago. It seems the relative had been a well-respected rabbi who dedicated himself to helping others. When the woman read people's future in coffee, she automatically and unconsciously made contact with him, calling for his assistance in guiding others. He decided to be her Guide after his death so that he could continue helping people as he did during his life. The Being asked me to teach the woman how to communicate with him directly so that she would able to consult with him. She followed my instructions and succeeded in consciously communicating with him. She began consulting him regarding her own personal problems as well.

Moses the Patriarch

During the healing sessions I had with Shlomo Kira, Shlomo claimed that one of the members of the assisting team of Beings was Moses the Patriarch. I managed to "see" and old man sitting at a table, engaged in discussion with the other Beings. One Being was different from the others. It was very difficult for me to focus on him because he radiated such a strong light. On one occasion, I made direct contact with Moses and he asked after my health. Some years later, during a course in spiritual development, the group contacted a Being who identified himself as Moses the Patriarch. He told us about his experiences on Mt. Sinai. Whether or not it was the same Being who called himself Moses the Patriarch who I had contact with earlier, I have no way of knowing.

The Prophet Elijah

Chaya Levy told me a story about one of her unusual encounters. One day a Being whom she hadn't seen before appeared in her home. He looked like a very pleasant old man. He also looked to her very tired and listless. She asked him telepathically if he would like to rest or eat something. He asked her, wide-eyed, if she knew who she was addressing. She innocently answer that, no, she didn't. He then identified himself as the Prophet Elijah and asked what her heart's desire was. Chaya said she wished for health and happiness. The Prophet Elijah blessed her and went on his way.

I have met this Being myself on several occasions. A friend offered to read my future with the aid of cards. Before she started, I went into a state of meditation and asked for the assistance of a Spiritual Guide. I took a pen and paper and began to make contact. I was answered by a Being who asked what my wishes were. I asked him to help my friend to guide me. The Being willingly agreed. I asked the Being to identify himself, and he answered that he was the Prophet Elijah. He said he was currently on duty, and so came to my aid. My friend was very discerning and precise in all that she said and predicted for me, as time would verify. Whether or not she had been aided by the Prophet Elijah is an open question.

Jesus / Joshua

During 1992, when the whole subject of contact with otherworldly Beings was still new to me, I suddenly became aware of mental images of Jesus Christ. If I had been a believing Christian, I might have regarded the occurrence as a revelation. Since I am not, and consider myself a rational person with an investigative scientific mind, I decided to confront the images and discover their source. I focused on the concept of the source of the image, trying to retrieve additional information. I determined that the images were thoughts emanating from a Being with whom I was not acquainted. The Being tried to transmit these thought images to me with some purpose in mind. I understood that the image of Jesus was merely window-dressing and not really significant to the end purpose. The images resulted from the Being's visual memories, from looking at sculptures of Jesus in churches. Another Being wanted to create the impression in me of a religious revelation. Since I didn't succeed in making contact with the second Being, and I was not favorably impressed with the method of creating revelations, I broke contact.

Some two years after this incident, I was undergoing a series of treatments with Chaya acting as medium/healer. To my surprise, a frequent participant in the team of Beings that assisted her was a Being whom Chaya called Jesus. She claimed that Jesus was very helpful to her with her treatments and especially with her counseling of clients and foreseeing their future. I found it difficult to digest the idea that Chaya, a Jewish woman who was as far from anything to do with religion as East is from West, was working with Jesus! Ridiculous was one word that came to mind.

I tried to see Jesus for myself. In some respects he resembled Jesus as traditionally represented in Christianity. A great deal of energy radiated from his face. He wore a long white robe that looked as though it was made of silk. He sent me a telepathic message with an image of him as he looked during his lifetime. His hair was long. He wore a robe of course earth-colored material, which reminded me of present-day Bedouin dress. From his dress and the way he was standing, for some reason it looked to me as though he was propped up on wooden crutches. The Being Jesus looked different from the projected memories of him, and his appearance changed from time to time. As I looked at him, I saw he was holding a glass ball and in it was a small dove. Chaya added thahewould often arrive with croissants and sit eating them at his pleasure, sometimes offering her an intangible croissant.

At the time I found it very curious tfigure revered by the entire Christian world as the Son of God, would choose to spend his time with a Jewish healer in the Holy Land. However, I later learned that he is known in many different places. He helps healers and mediums with their work. I asked him once if he would come and help me when I started treating people, and he said he would. I have called on him on several occasions, and he appeared and helped. During many of my treatment sessions I sensed a presence standing always in the same corner of the room. Sometimes it seemed to be the old man, and sometimes Jesus. Occasionally I would ask the Being a question regarding the treatment and I always received a prompt answer.

As far as I am concerned, the issue of the actual identity of the Beings or Spirits can remain an open question. Far more important is the Being's deeds. Just to add another curious piece of information, each time I called on the Being known as Jesus, I had in mind the one I saw at Chaya's house with the white silk robe and the glass ball and dove. The Being that arrived, however, looked different. He was an old man and wore a dark brown robe. He radiated kindness and endless wisdom. God has his ways...

At the beginning of 1997 a healer and medium who is also a good friend of mine, treated me in my home. I asked him to look very carefully with his third eye and tell me what Beings or Aliens were present in the room. He answered that the Beings present were Jesus, the Chinese doctor and a female Alien with short straight hair. I took the opportunity to ask Jesus if he was the actual original Jesus Christ. He answered that God is one over all the religions and there is no reason to annoy people with the name Jesus. He said I could call him Joshua.

Some months later (in March 1997) I was in contact with a healer who worked in the north of the country. During one of our phone conversations, she told me that she was in contact with a Being who called himself Joshua and helped her a great deal with her treatment. When I asked her if Joshua had also called himself Jesus, she said that he had. I asked her to make contact with him and ask him if he knows a Being called Michael the Doctor. She answered that he did.

The next day I was giving a healing treatment in my office and Michael the Doctor was present. I eagerly asked him if he was acquainted with a Being called Joshua who works with a healer in the north. He said that he did and said he sees him at doctors' conventions among the Beings. I then asked him whether Joshua/Jesus who works in the north and Jesus who works here in Rishon Lezion with me was the same Being. He answered that they were not. According to Michael, there are about 15 Beings who call themselves Jesus or Joshua. They all do the same work and they are interconnected. He pointed out that in a certain respect, they are all from the same source.

The next day at Chaya's house, I told her what Michael had said. Suddenly, Jesus appeared. He apparently knew he was being talked about. I couldn't resist asking him if he knew the healer who worked in the north. He answered that he often works with her.

The question of the identity of Jesus is difficult to unravel. He no doubt helps many people, and for that we owe him our gratitude. Whether he is an individual Being or an organization is not really important. Through several of my contacts with him, I have understood that he is a very well respected soul who passed through the stages of life's reincarnations very quickly and successfully, and has now returned to help mankind. Regarding his relationship to the Christian religion, he said that his original intentions and teachings have been distorted by the religious establishment and this angers him. I asked him also what his relationship is to Judaism and he answered simply - I am a Jew. Once when Chaya asked him if he was her own personal Spiritual Guide, he became very angry and roared at her that he is the Spiritual Guide of the whole world. Despite the name that the Being goes by, he was never involved in matters of religion. The only thing that interests him is helping people. The Being that calls himself Jesus is very far from the mysterious traditional image of Jesus, the founder of Christianity. I therefore make a clear distinction between the two images. In my experience, the Being calling himself Jesus is more like a sister of mercy who deserves our thanks.

At the end of May 1997, I sat in on a counseling session conducted by Chaya. The client was a friend of mine. The team of Aliens was present, headed by 3X, plus the team of Beings headed by Jesus. Chaya told me she had asked Jesus if he could be more precise in his predictions, and so he began to bring a team of assistants with him, asking Chaya if that was acceptable to her. The counseling session proceeded as follows. The client asked Chaya a question. Chaya asked the Beings who sent someone "up" to check the books. In order to find information on a particular person, they had to know his full name, the names of his father and grandfather, and the color of his eyes and hair. After a few moments they began to supply information on the person in question regarding his personality structure, his health, his past and his future. The detail with which the Beings described this person was amazing in its precision and deep psychological insights. The Beings asked questions now and again for clarification. When required, they easily obtained information on past lives and were able to answer any specific questions put to them. Chaya acted as medium and conveyed the information received from them by writing or verbally. As she did so, she told us that she had to make an effort not to introduce any of her own opinions.

The aim of counseling is generally to help a person, uncertain as to his life's direction, to choose the right path. The Beings pointed out that they too had once been living human beings, and now their job is to help others. I think they deserve credit for their dedication.

The next part of the session was devoted to addressing questions on medical issues to the team of Aliens. The Aliens asked the client to lie down and within a few seconds they performed a full scan of all body systems using what looked like a computerized scanning device such as a CT. A rounded surface moved along a track above the client's body. The client asked the Aliens questions about her daughter who I had treated the year before. I suggested they look up her medical file. The Aliens said that her file had already been transferred from the small local computer to the central computer. The local computer held only a brief summary, which they read to us.

Michael - The naked hippie doctor

I was treating a client who himself was a medium and had excellent extra-sensory perception abilities. Attending Beings and Aliens were also present at the session. Suddenly the figure of a Being came rushing by. He had long hair, and was almost completely naked except for a strip of cloth hanging down in the front and a string in the back (so as not to embarrass the others). Upon questioning, he related that he had been a doctor among the hippies in the 60s. His name was Michael and he had lived in California, in the U.S.A. He died in 1968 at the age of 48 from drug abuse. His spirit "ascended" and immediately returned to help out with medical treatments. He likes working in Israel because the people here remind him of Californians in the 60s. He claims to be good at treatment based on medical equipment. He quickly becomes proficient on every new piece of equipment that appears, first studying its instruction manual. He said he probably would have made a good engineer, but he was more attracted to the field of medicine. Now he engages in medical treatment together with healers and Aliens.

Aliens join the team

Healing treatments provided through the cooperative efforts of healers and Spirits have been going on for many years. Heawiththe aid of Aliens is a relatively new occurrence, having begun around the beginning of 1995.

The Aliens' work is with the full awareness, consent and cooperation of the loSpirand Beings. They engage in lectures and joint work. The healer serves as a transmitting tool for the energies that pass from the spiritual dimension to the physical. The external layers of man vibrate on the edge of the energy dimension where Spirits dwell. This juxtaposition allows the healer to transfer energy from that dimension to the physical world. The Aliens that work with us are similar in make-up to the human Spirits. Despite the fact that Aliens could transfer energy from their dimension to ours by mechanical means, a decision was taken that they will refrain from doing this since it could be harmful or cause certain disturbances. It was decided that they should work in the traditional manner, as the Spirits do, which is to say, through healers who act as energy transformers. For purposes of transplants, Aliens are capable of transforming matter to energy or the reverse. Energy implants then, become matter once they are inside the patient's body.

Preparing for reincarnation

Michael intends to be reincarnated some time soon (there is no definite date yet) in order to accomplish certain personal development missions that have been assigned to him. He very much enjoys conversing with us, as we do with him. I asked him about the process of reincarnation. He said that there are special places and Spirits that deal with the subject. A Spirit consults those in charge regarding the most suitable time and place to be reincarnated to best allow for the fulfillment of personal development goals. Before the actual rebirth, the Spirit undergoes several stages of preparation. There are preparation rooms and waiting rooms. There are Spirits that help with the preparations and with the whole process of reincarnation. Alternatively, a Spirit could do it on his own. The Spirit attaches itself to the fetus when it is ready. The Spirits are careful to seal off the memories of the Spirit to be reborn, so that they won't interfere with the developing personality of the newborn. The memories are always there, but they are inaccessible to the young developing conscious.

In rare instances, there are mishaps in the procedures resulting in a "leak" of memories. In such cases, the person "remembers" their past lives. If there were traumas, these remain as open memories, or unfinished business, and they disturb the developing personality. The memories must be sealed off so as not to interfere. It is generally recommended not to play with past life memories. If one does, they must be thought of as very distant memories. One has to take care that the past life memories do not color our current path and determine our current actions, thoughts or decisions.

From the moment of death and until the next life, the person, that is, his soul or spirit, maintains the personality from its last lifetime and develops it further. As the Spirit enters the next life cycle, its past personality is imprinted as a stepping stone for the development of the new one. In other words, the active personality becomes latent memories within the structure of the developing new personality. And this whole procedure is in service of the objectives of the soul or spirit - the core or operation center actively behind the scenes all along the various life paths, with its own very long-term goals.

Visitors from on high

As I was in the middle of treating a young woman patient, I suddenly saw before me the image of the late Yitzhak Rabin (assassinated Prime Minister of Israel). This was not very long after his murder. I was sure I was imagining it because everyone was still so caught up by the event, which was still featured in all the media. But despite my efforts to erase all thoughts of him and concentrate on my treatment, I failed to do so. His presence in the treatment room was very clear. I had the impression that he was watching what I was doing and speaking with someone in a voice I could not hear. I suddenly became aware of several short questions that he directed at me. I answered politely in my mind. I don't remember exactly what was said but it was something along the lines of - do I enjoy my work as a healer and best wishes for continued success. Then I had the impression that he was escorted to the Aliens' 'invisible' laboratory adjacent to the treatment room where he spent a few more minutes. It seemed as if he were being given a tour of the premises.

The next day I phoned Chaya and told her about my experience. She reassured me that I wasn't imagining it, because Yitzhak Rabin had visited her the same day. I contacted another healer I know who also works in Rishon Lezion. When I told her about it, she was much relieved. It seems she

also saw Yitzhak Rabin on the same day and had been convinced her mind was playing tricks on her. The 3-way confirmation convinced us all that this had been an authentic event. It would seem that when an important personality arrives "on the other side" he is taken on a tour of interesting sites.

A chubby boy of 12 was brought to me for treatment by his father. The boy suffered from severe scoliosis. While I was treating him, I discovered that everyone in his family had extra-sensory perception. The boy described the Aliens and what they were doing during his treatments. During one treatment, the boy suddenly reported seeing an observation window in the corner of the room and said that the face peering out looked like former U.S. President, John F. Kennedy. I didn't manage to see this myself, and so I didn't give it much thought. The next day while I was sitting in "an important little room", I perceived an image that reminded me of John F. Kennedy. He addressed me in English and introduced himself. I asked if he wasn't bothered by the location of our meeting. He answered that if it didn't bother me, it was fine with him since here at least, he could contact me without interruptions. He explained that he headed a committee for liaison with Aliens. He continued that the Earth is in need of their help, and therefore the work I am doing with the Aliens is very important. He told me to contact him if I have any problems and he would be pleased to help.

The Eye

During one of our phone conversations, Chaya told me about a client of hers who called her in alarm to say that she saw a huge eye hovering in front of her. Chaya reassured the woman and explained that she was seeing the Cosmic Eye. As we talked, the eye appeared in Chaya's treatment room. Chaya described it to me. It was about the size of a large watermelon, floating in mid-air. It was just a solitary eye with no body. Chaya managed to make contact with the eye. She ascertained that the eye is energy with consciousness. Making contact was not easy, unlike contact with Spirits or Aliens. Chaya received answers to her questions very slowly. Through Chaya, I asked the eye:

Adrian: Are you a Spirit or some other life form?

Eye: I am not a life form, but one of the creations of God. I am very ancient. I was created at the dawn of history. My role is to see and send visual images to God. I transmit this information in the form of energy.

Adrian: Do you have a soul?

Eye: No. I am very wise. Chaya has been greatly honored with my visit.

Chaya pointed at the eye with her finger and was reprimanded.

Eye: Kindly do not point your finger at me.

Adrian: What sustains you?

Eye: I am sustained by the source of light.

Adrian: Are there other creations?

Eye: That is privileged information.

Adrian: May I write about you in my book?

Eye: Yes, you may.

Adrian: What do you think of us?

Eye: It is not my job to answer such questions. That is the job of the Spirits. You are all good people.

At that point the Eye seemed to fade and disappear. I asked the Aliens if they were familiar with the Eye. They said they weren't. They said there were things that the Aliens could do and humans couldn't, and the reverse. I wanted to ask Chaya to call the Being who calls himself Jesus, bI was embarrassto bother him. Not a minute went by, and he appeared in front of me. This time he arrived with his black dog and his white dove. Jesus asked Chaya if I was Adrian, because I had a beard. Chaya him in surprise if he didn't recognize Adrian. He laughed and said he was joking.

Chaya: Are you familiar with the Eye?

Jesus: Of course. The Eye walks before the angels.

Adrian: What are angels?

Jesus: God created many creatures with many different purposes.

Chaya: Does the Eye have the ability to move through time and space?

Jesus: No. There are many Eyes. Each one functions along a particular plane. The Eyes have always existed. Their role is to report to God.

Adrian: Does the Eye function like a mobile camera?

Jesus: In some respects, yes, but not exactly. The Eye is intelligent and venerated. The Eyes operate throughout the entire universe. They are part of creation.

Adrian: Why don't the Aliens know about the Eyes?

Jesus: Just like with humans, some Aliens don't know about the Eyes, and some do. About your question as to whether it has a soul - an Eye doesn't have a soul, but all of God's creatures (including animals) do have souls.

I wanted to ask Jesus more questions, but he apologized that his dog had to relieve himself and his dove needed to eat. He promised to come back when we need him (he was in a jovial mood). I told Chaya I thought he was a very pleasant character and Chaya replied that making contact with Jesus was far pleasanter then making contact with the Eye. She felt she had to relate to the Eye with a great deal of reverence and described it as the difference between having a conversation with an ordinary person, or with a revered old rabbi.

Conversations with Beings about identity problems

On one occasion, I received the following the communication by way of explanation.

Being: There are about a billion Beings or Spirits on Earth without physical bodies. Many of them are in contact with mediums. They are each motivated by different things. The need for a recognizable identity in order to make contact and form a trusting relationship is a well-know phenomenon. There are many organizations among the Beings that help with this problem. Using a well-known historical identity serves a particular purpose. There are organizations, for instance, that train and operate thousands of Beings who act as Spiritual Guides and identify themselves as Jesus. They all undergo a similar training course and they use a common database. If you have the opportunity to be guided by such a Being you should consider yourself lucky and it doesn't really matter how the Being identifies itself. For the Jewish world, the identities of Moses the Patriarch or the Prophet Elijah are used. Thousands of organized Beings are doing an excellent job as guides - all of them under the same names. Just as you have physicists, psychologists and surgeons indicating a person's training, the Beings have Jesus, Moses the Patriarch, the Prophet Elijah, and so on.

Adrian: So we're not talking about duplicated Spirits?

Beings: Definitely not. They are different individuals serving a common aim. There are, of course, imposters and all manner of disruptive elements. When you call on Jesus or Moses, they send you whoever is on duty from the help organization. The actual Being is not always the same one. You, as a healer, are affiliated with an organization that deals with medicine and assistance. This organization maintains a working relationship with us (the medical teams of Beings). Whoever arrives to assist you, is affiliated one way or another with an organization. "Ordinary people" can get stuck with all sorts of Beings, and so one has to be very careful.

Abilities of Spiritual Guides

Based on the experience of many people with Guides, it is clear that Guides have a great deal of knowledge and life's wisdom, and are capable of helping people in many ways. Both the personal Guides and the professional Guides who regularly work through a medium do wonderful work in helping people in distress. The Guides can read the memories of past lives and discover problems. They can read a person's "plan of action", and even peek at their near or distant future. Guides are Beings of particularly high stature. Those Beings who use this information wisely can be as helpful to a person as professionals such as psychologists, social workers, or guidance counselors. The Spiritual Guides have a wider perspective based on their rich life experience. The Guides often consult with each other - including other Guides who had been psychologists and doctors during their lifetimes.

Over-dependence on Guides

I have come across an unfortunate phenomenon in which persons develop an over-dependent relationship with their Guide. Every step they take, they ask their Guide's advice and in effect give up control of their own lives. Such people rush from medium to medium, comparing messages with predictions from fortunetellers. Sometimes messages are contradictory or convoluted, throwing the person into deep dilemma as he attempts to find the right interpretation. When it comes to over-dependence, it makes no difference whether it is on a living human being or an otherworldly Being without a physical body. The people who fall into this trap are generally without an orderly or stable life structure and find it difficult to cope with the stresses of every day life. Having a superior figure on whom to depend (as a child does on a parent) at least partially releases the person from personal responsibility and eases his load of psychological stress.

Rules of thumb

If you plan on accepting help from a Spiritual Guide, either through direct contact or through a medium, the Guide you contact should be related to as if he were just another psychologist, doctor or counselor of flesh and blood like any ordinary person. The fact that the Being does not have a physical body does not necessarily endow him with utterances of absolute truth. Even if the Guide demonstrates remarkable knowledge of your past, present and future, that still doesn't give him unlimited rights of jurisdiction.

The following rules of thumb apply to living and Spiritual Guides alike:

Consider the personality of the Guide. Does he impress you as being a thoughtful, wise person, or is his personality unclear, mysterious, contrary?

Don't be afraid to ask questions for clarification. A good Guide will make every effort to explain himself to the best of his ability and will not send unclear messages.

Does he seem to be listening carefully to you, deeply understand the problems, asking intelligent questions and relating with full seriousness to your questions? If the Guide is not very concerned with the person and his problems, but rather has his own agenda, it would be best to politely discontinue contact. Don't be afraid to check references for a particular Guide - do they sound logical, intelligent and clear? Does the Guide make sure he is properly understood? Does he answer all requests for clarification? If he throws out cryptic philosophical phrases or leaves puzzles to be solved, it would be advisable to find a different Guide.

And the most important point of all - who makes the decisions? A good Guide only advises. He explains and clarifies things, providing the tools for making independent decisions. The final decision is never taken out of the hands of the person. If the Guide presents a prescribed course of action together with veiled warnings if it is not followed, you're better off on your own.