Holocaust atrocities hunt victims beyond death

A report by Adrian Dvir M.,Sc

As part of my work as a medium and healer that collaborate with entities and Beings from other realms that act as a very advanced medical team, I treated many patients born after world war II but steel bearing deep scares of holocaust atrocities first hand experience as part of previous incarnations.   

A tortured partisan

On April 26, 2003 A 25 years old man that complained about strange pains in his head, hands, and legs. 

The young man is muscular, nice looking and  obviously looks very healthy. The Physicians that performed an endless series of medical examinations came to the same conclusions that nothing is wrong with him and refer him to a psychology treatment.

When I first met him he complained that he is constantly hunted by horrible dreams. A psychic disclosed to him that he was a partisan in his last incarnation and eventually fall in the hands of the Gestapo where he was severely tortured before his execution. 

I asked him to lay down and he immediately felt an acute head pains, as if someone was pressing very hard on his head. I explained him that the ET medical team are now scanning his brain and the rest of his body and his total memories. Then the patient felt as his lower hands and lower legs were cut off. He became very nervous. Mental images from a torture room flood his conscious. He was suffering but I could do nothing, just wait for the medical team instructions. It finally came and I started to speak according to the guidance I received telepathically.

Adrian: Imagine you are now "Rambo" - equipped with the most sophisticated weapons. You burst in to the torture room and have the permission to do to the Gestapo soldiers whatever you feel. Release all your anger.

Patient: I tear their heads off. And many other nasty things. Do I have to tell you ?

Adrian: No need. Just do it. Can you see yourself, from that incarnation there ?

Patient: Yes. 

Adrian: Release him from his chains. Take him in your arms and out of the building. take good care of him. Heal his injuries and bring him to a safe place. What happen ?

Patient: It went exactly as you said. He feels no pain now and he started to smile. 

Adrian: You must rest now for a few minutes. (the patients remain quiet with his eyes closed but his body jumped and moved unwillingly from time to time.  I saw five ET surgeons working on his head. They removed transparent white links between the past life memories and current personality memory. After a few minutes the medical team  instructed me to proceed.)

Adrian: Please wake up. Sit on the bed. Now stand up. How do you feel ?

Patient: Amazing. I never had an vivid experience like this. I had a sensation that I was really there making a difference. I feel unusually relaxed. 

The patient reported me after 6 months about a considerable relief in his condition. He still has some dream but they don't bother him so much. 

In just want to eat a piece of bread

One of my college Engineers asked me if I can help him with a chronic depression condition. He claim he have a normal life but deep inside always suffers because an unknown and unexplained reason that don't steam from the daily life. 

The invisible medical team scan his past life memories and started to transmit me telepathic  images.

A man was standing in the middle of what I could recognize as a concentration camp. He was very depresses. It seems he was wondering around in that imaginary camp of his memories for many years. He was unaware he is dead or unwilling to let go the tragedy emotions. 

Guided by the invisible medical team that includes psychologist I described what I see to the patient and asked him to make contact with that internal poor man. The patient succeeded and I saw them both side by side in the telepathic movie I was watching with my eyes closed. The patient convinced the poor man to go with him toward the doors of the concentration camp and out to freedom. The poor man accepted only with the condition that they step by the near village where he want to eat a piece of bread from a local bakery. The smell of the fresh bread got to the concentration camp and this was his dream to do when he will be liberated. The patient took the poor man to a tour in the village and than they went to a small hotel where he put the poor man to sleep in a room.  

The patient opened his eyes and came back to reality. After a few weeks he reported that he had two weeks of mental turbulences (as I warned him) but after that he calmed down and he is like a new man. 

Where was I, Adrian Dvir,  during the holocaust?

To the best of my knowledge, my previous incarnation was in Yorkshire, U.K. from 1876 till 1931 as a Real Estate Lawyer by the name of Jan-Clod Belmont. I had a sun and a younger wife that eventually left me for a younger man. After recovering from this traumatic event I wrote two science fiction books. One of them called  "The drifting Island". A piece of land traveling in space. (If any one hearted about such book please let me know)

I reborn in Bucuresti, capital of Romania in 1958 as Adrian Dascalu.  I have no idea what my soul did for 27 years between  1931 to 1958. I was probably busy on the other side.



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