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Aliens Medical Implants

A report by Adrian Dvir M.Sc,  based on channeled information from Alien ,medical teams.

Aliens implants are a well-documented and known fact.

Most of the people that had encounters with aliens or were abducted have implants.

Some implants were surgically removed and examined.

Here is my personal experience in this field.

Tagging implants

I collaborate with the alien's medical team since 1994. They mentioned the implants as a mean to locate and identify patients for future treatments. This is similar to the way our scientists tag birds and atach transmitters to wild animals for tracking.

The aliens told me I have 5 such implants. They made 3 of them and other aliens made the rest.

Haya Levy was also tagged in such a way. She remember that 20 years ago she had an encounter with aliens and since then she suffered from a breathing problem in her nose. A physician told her she has a piece of tissue in her nose and he recommended her to have it surgically removed. She refused. A year ago she asked X3, her alien team head physician to check this piece of tissue. X3 said it is a tagging implant and he removed it of her nose and re-implanted it somewhere else in her body. He explained they never remove others aliens implants because they are important. If the implant is causing problems he just relocated it.

The tagging implants are the simplest and they are for future use. To locate and identify human research subjects or to tag people that are potentially suitable for future contact. There are a large number of active alien's research teams that are involved in a verity of researches: medical, ecological, sociological, Nuclear weapon surveys…

On the Dec 25, 1997 Haya and me had a meeting with Avi Grief, the head of the Israeli UFO research center. In one of his tests he asked the aliens to identify an object in a sealed envelope. At first the aliens did not wanted to reply saing they are not allowed to give such an information. Finally they disclosed that the object is an alien tagging implant.. Avi Grief comfirmed that the object is very small, less than a millimeter and it was surgically removed from someone arm. He suspected the object to be an alien implant..

Following this incident I started to investigate the aliens about the implant. They explained it is an old implant from a less advanced alien species. The implant is made of some physical material. I asked how it works. They explained it is a transponder. It is a piece of material. It is not an instrument. The aliens explained that every atom and molecule has its own "noise" in some very low-level waves. A piece of material has its group of molecule "noise" or group frequency. The tagging implant is made of a specific material compound and has a specific form. This piece of material acts as a receiving antenna and transmitting antenna at the same time. The aliens don’t use electromagnetic waves. They claim to use some other waves, very low level at the atomic or sub atomic level. The aliens transmit such waves and the implant receives them, oscillates and transmits the waves back. The verity and complexity of such waves (like a symphonic orchestra) enable to distinct between many implants.

Avi Grief took the implant to a specialist that studies the implant under microscope. The specialist final conclusion was that the object look like a normal sting of some insect.

The aliens said the implant is intentionally made to look natural in order to hide its origin.

The implants that are used today by the medical team are made of special materials that cannot be detected or resemble some natural body tissue or a blood clog.

Communication implants

Now lets go further to some more interesting Alien implants.

The Aliens implanted in Haya Levy a hearing device that enables her to hear the Aliens speech. This is a Trans-dimensional device that transform the aliens sound from their dimension to our and directly input into the human brain.

Uri Gal received a similar hearing device.

For myself, regrettably, the Aliens did not succeeded to implant such a device. I found out they have to adjust and to custom build each device to its recipient. And than there is a tedious work to find adequate frequencies in our brain that can work with the device. Whoever they implanted me something else.

During 1994 the aliens did a lot of surgery in my brain. They did not tell me what exactly they are doing. Just in general that they connected me to them. About a year later my mother

got very ill and was hospitalized. I could not contact Haya to ask for the aliens help. In a state of panic I decided to contact the aliens telepathically while I was driving to the hospital. For my surprise I received an answer from an alien female. She was surprised but she transferred me to a physician. Later I contacted Haya and she affirmed that I contacted the alien telepathic central. Further investigation reveal that the Aliens implanted me a bi-directional long distance telepathic communication device. The aliens used it for surveillance. They knew where I am and what I am thinking. Later I discovered how to operate this device from my side. The aliens were very pleased. They expected me to do so. The implant is a sophisticated device working on some unknown waves. It generates telepathic waves in my scull that are picked by my brain as my own thoughts. The channel with the telepathic central is always open. The aliens are constantly listening to my brain. I found out later that actually this is a computer program that is doing the listeningdoing the translation of my brain signals to alien language. The same computer is responsible to translate the alien response to my brain pattern . The same program is also and my human vocabulary and understandingcomplex communication channel. The aliens use the same device, to bridge between different species that are working together. One day I contacted . This is a the aliens trange way. He responded with "yes" and "no". He had no initiative. Later I discovered it was someone named "Alex". The alien's operators of the 's central and someone answered me in a very central were very busy so they connected me to an electronic secretary. Alex, as I discovered, is an artificial intelligence electronic secretary. Later the aliens connected Haya and Uri in a similar way to the telepathic centralhearing communication with the aliens that are in the same room. Uri use both channels but he receives the central communication phonetically. . But Haya prefers the phonetically

Only I have to use the communication channel fully telepathically. It has a main drawback that I never know if the information is mine or come outside me. But it has the great advantage the aliens can transfer me sophisticated information that they don’t or cannot do through phonetically channel. When I meet Uri and ask him to channel with the aliens they respond with simple answers and ask me to communicate by myself in order to supply more complex answers.

I use the fact we are three people in contact with the same aliens to double and triple check the received information to make sure it is not our imagination.

Personal communication central implant

Recently, December 12, 1998 the aliens asked my permission to experiment with a new implant communication device. The aliens call it a personal communication central. It is a highly intelligent computer device that is supposed to help in many ways to establish telepathic communication with the alien's telepathic central and other aliens. The aliens claim |I am the first human to receive such an implant. I was found as anadequate human candidate to experiment this device. The Aliens use it regularly. It will function as an electronic intelligent secretary. Its functionality will increase gradually with time.

Haya levy confirmed the information I received and added that the aliens decided to implant this device as an alternative to the hearing aid they failed to utilize in my case.

I still feel no much difference. I tried to contact this internal secretary but did not receive any conclusive response. Uri was told the device is now used mainly by the aliens to monitor my health and physiological data. In the future I will gradually learn how to use the device.

I also know that such intelligent devices need some time to filearn my personality and vocabulary before they can actually do the translation work. And of course I need time to get used to the idea I have a computer in my head.

Alien Medical implants

Uri Gal alien medical team is a research team specializing in medical implants. These are protetic implants that replace or support natural body functions or organs that don’t function properly. There is a full chapter in my 400-page book in which I interview Professor professor Bach, a reptilian alien, who is Uri head medical alien's physician, about him and his work. He is a scientist in medicine and technology. It looks like he is experimenting different medical implant devices. The implants are made from biocompatible materials and look like natural body tissue. If surgically removed they cannot be recognized as alien artifacts with our current technology. The implants are very durable; they can survive longer than the human life span. The implants use little or no energy at all. In some cases they use body energy or they have internal energy source which is a miniature advanced nuclear source in a special crystal that transform the energy to useful form. Anyhow the implants technology is much more advanced that ours. It is in a sub miniature level resembling our computer chips technology. The alien technician I interview claims they are working in a sub atomic level. This is an advanced technology beyond our understanding.


Read more on these issues in Adrian Dvir's book: X3, Healing Entities and Aliens

An exciting and attention riveting metaphysical journey, September 21, 2003
Reviewer: Midwest Book Review from Oregon, WI USA
Informatively written by Adrian Dvir (an expert computer engineer who first discovered his ability to communicate telepathically in 1992, and first contacted aliens in the year 1994), X3: Healing, Entities, And Aliens is an exciting and attention riveting metaphysical journey into mind-expanding experiences and the positive intentions of entities from beyond this world. Offering a grand, detailed, investigative account that fleshes out seemingly supernatural occurrences in great detail, and enhanced with an accompanying CD, X3: Healing Entities and Aliens is a unique and very welcome contribution to Metaphysical Studies reference collections and UFO Studies reading lists.
Adrian Dvir documents his own and others, Healers and Mediums outstanding daily collaboration in ISRAEL, with  Beings from parallel dimensions or realms.  These invisible beings act as medical teams. They are Alien  ET Extraterrestrials and ED Extra-Dimensional medical teams. The paranormal and  mystical events becomes a daily experience, with practical results for suffering sick people. Parallel realms of existence are described. The book includes a PC  HTML based CD with high resolution Video Clips streaming of Patients testimony, Healers stories and Beings messages and answers as channeled by Trans Mediums. This is the next step in out of this world  contact beyond random UFO sightings, Crop circles, unexpected encounters and alike. 
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  • Paperback: 422 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.02 x 8.66 x 5.58
  • Publisher: Adrian Dvir; (January 2003).  ISBN: 9657269008

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