Chapter 4

Past Lives

I lied down, closed my eyes and entered a deep state of meditation. I imagined the room I was in. The ceiling of the room I saw in my mind’s eye was different from the one in the actual room. It was higher and rectangular. A black cord hung down from the center of the ceiling. There was something hanging from the cord, but I didn’t manage to see what it was. I turned my “imaginary glance” downward and tried to see the rest of the room. In one corner I saw part of a chest of drawers made of brown wood and rounded like no piece of furniture I had ever seen. Near the chest of drawers a chair began to take focus. It seemed to be next to a table. The chair was of an antique style, made of shining polished wood. The upholstery, red velvet with a gold border, was partly visible from under the tablecloth which was printed with flowers and faded gold designs. I looked upward and this time I managed to see the light fixture hanging from the black cord. It was a round band of black metal with white candles on it, all of them lit.

A good friend of mine who was taking part in the healing course with me was directing my meditation. And, of course, a team of Beings was present.

Healer:     Who are you?

I looked at myself and managed only to see my paunch, which was covered by a shirt and on top of that something dark decorated with gold thread. I ascertained that it was a gray velvet jacket.

Healer:     How old are you?

I didn’t know what to answer. I looked at my hands. They were thick and covered with spots like those of an old man.  I wanted to see my face, so I tried to imagine I was looking into a mirror. I succeeded and found myself looking at a fat man with gray hair, or more accurately, silver curls in his hair. The man I looked at must have been in his sixties.

Healer:     What are you doing?

I looked again at my hands. This time they were resting on a writing surface with some document on it. The term “Memoirs” popped into my head. I understood that I had written my memoirs and in the process had evaluated and come to terms with my life. I was pleased with my accomplishments.

Healer:    Are you married? Do you have children?

In response, I had the feeling that my children had left home. Then a woman appeared, advanced in years, wearing a fancy dress of dark green silk. Round her neck she wore a bulky necklace of emeralds. I didn’t manage to see her head, only her image as she rushed around and worried.

Healer:     What is your name and where are you from?

The names Louie and Leon echoed in my head.

Healer:     Why have you chosen to visit this particular past life?

The answer came from the Spiritual Beings.

Beings:     This was a very successful prior life in which you developed a strong and wise character. Exposing yourself to this life can help you in your current life to cope with some of your fears and lack of self-confidence.

 Healer:     What work did you do?

 The answer came into my head that I was a consultant to the ruler. It became clear that I had entered the life of a general/strategist during the time of Napoleon Bonaparte. This coincided with what Valerio Borgush had told me years before – that during one of my previous lives I was a relative of Napoleon Bonaparte and worked as a cartographer, preparing maps for the planning of battles. Together with my maps, I offered the ruler my ideas and suggestions which pleased him. Gradually, I became his strategy consultant, or planner of battles. Later I received the rank of general in recognition of my contributions.

 I continued my journey through time and saw myself in a large and richly decorated room. In the center of the room wooden tables were arranged in a large square. Dignitaries, many with gray hair, sat around the table and shouted at each other. This heated discussion amused me and I decided I wanted to see the face of Napoleon. After just a few seconds, a face began to take focus. The owner was a short man who sat among the others at the conference table. His face was small and round like a child’s, not particularly handsome. His hair was black and smooth. He had a strange look of cunning on his face, tinted with evil and perhaps a touch of insanity. That apparently was Napoleon, as I had often seen him during that lifetime.

Beings:     The ruler valued you very highly. He valued clever people. He nurtured them and surrounded himself with them. If Napoleon valued you for your skills and talents, it means you really are worth something.

The above description is typical of what happens when entering the memories of a previous life cycle. I entered at random, and started by looking at one particular object – in this case, the ceiling and black cord. The rest of the process was directed by the healer and by my own interests.  But what I decided I wanted to see, came only with great difficulty. Sometimes, fragments of fuzzy images became clearer, but not entirely. It is not like looking at things with the physical eyes. It’s as if there is an archive of images and I look through them to find the one I’m looking for. I internally express a desire to see or understand something, and something comes up in response. Sometimes the answer is indirect. At the beginning, the procedure can be exhausting, but if you understand it and persevere, it becomes pleasant and the effort becomes worthwhile.

I started to feel pleased with myself and comfortable with where I was.

Healer: Come back to the here and now!

As often happens when surfacing after deep meditation, I found it hard to open my eyes. A few minutes go by from the time that I internally express the desire to return and to open my eyes, until I can actually do so. It feels as though I’m there, just behind my eyes, but can’t yet go out into the world.

Healer: Where you are lying, I can see an old man with a long white beard.

I understood that she saw me as I was at the end of that prior life – wearing a white robe and lying in bed.

Entering the memories of a previous life is not just a fun experience for the curious. It turns out that awareness and understanding of the mechanisms running through previous lives, can help solve a variety of problems, including very difficult ones that have no solutions in conventional medicine or psychiatry. Unfortunately, conventional psychiatry that uses the technique of regression, stops at the moment of birth. A great deal of information is thus not tapped, from before birth, whole chapters of life that sometimes contain traumas and disturbances that influence the current chapter of life.

 The Spirits and Alien Beings involved in treatment take patients back into recreations of previous lives only when it is deemed a necessary part of that particular medical treatment. In most such cases, they find that there are what they call “open memories” which need to be closed. These are either memories of traumatic events or memories of unfinished business that “leak” into later life cycles and disturb the person’s thought processes. Closure of these memories is achieved by entering them and gradually confronting them. There are no hard and fast rules, but generally the healer enters the problematic memories first while the patient is still unaware of them. Sometimes the patient can learn to enter problematic past lives on his own with the guidance of the healer and using the technique of directed imagination. And sometimes the help of the Spirits and Aliens is required, in addition to the healer, to locate the problematic memories.

 I had several such cases and the treatment was very interesting. I will describe them below. When working with Spiritual and Alien Beings the process is always interesting, and often surprising.  I never know what is going to happen during treatment for the simple reason that I’m not the one directing the proceedings. I become the tool of the doctor Beings. They move my hands and telepathically guide me as to what to ask, what to answer. I’m the agent, the translator that brings together the team of invisible doctors and the patient. The Aliens provide me with explanations as I request them regarding what is happening during treatment and they explain further after the treatment, for my own personal understanding.

From Aristocrat to Commoner

A young woman with a very serious medical complaint came to me for healing. The doctors of conventional medicine gave up and all awaited her continued degeneration to the inevitable bitter end. She was, understandably, in a depressed state of mind. She admitted having thoughts of suicide, but didn’t know what their source was. She was confused and had effectively stopped functioning. I ascertained that she was under psychiatric care. She complained that the medication given her by the psychiatrist wasn’t helping and was causing severe side affects. After one of the healing sessions with her, I sat down to one side to rest. I suddenly saw in my mind’s eye, a Japanese woman in traditional dress walking round a very well cared for Japanese garden. She looked at me with curiosity. Her name was Hiyoshi. She was the daughter of an important leader and had married a very rich man. I saw her beat the servants and pour out her anger on the servants’ children who were in the garden. I understood that she was barren and this made her a very bitter person.

I told the girl under my treatment what I had seen. The characteristics of the Japanese woman I described seemed to fit the patient very well. She said she

too could not tolerate children. She enthusiastically cooperated with the proceedings that transpired. It became clear to me that in past lives she had enjoyed aristocratic status, while in her present life she was born to an ordinary family. The “fall” in her status was unconsciously disturbing her, causing dissatisfaction with her life and the desire to end it. At some point I stopped talking to the girl and spoke directly to that part of her personality that came from the previous life – the Japanese woman. I tried to convince her that her life cycle was over and done with, and now she is a young woman who has her whole life ahead of her.

A week later, the young woman remembered nothing of the conversation we had. The entire memory of the Japanese woman seemed to have been erased. Gradually her mood improved and her desire to live returned to her. She regained her health and her life returned to normal.

A son of Sirius

A young boy, sickly from birth and suffering from emotional flatness, came to me for treatment. At some point during the treatment session, I became aware of distant strains of ethnic music as if being played in a wide open space. I saw in my mind’s eye a hilly landscape. On the crest of a hill sat a tall, thin, brown-skinned priest, his legs folded in front of him. He wore what looked like a maroon sheet of course fabric. Next to him were bells or metal instruments, jingling in the wind. A simple tent made of the same material crouched low to the ground in the left of my field of vision. I saw a religious ceremony of some kind. Masses of people, all of them dressed in red, barefoot and brown-skinned. I saw again the metal instruments hanging from strings and all manner of colorful beads.

I understood that the emotional flatness resulted from his having been a Burmese priest in a previous life. This life had been devoted to learning to ignore his physical and emotional needs. The emotional/astral body was shrunken and atrophied from lack of use.

His sickliness had another source, even more interesting. The Alien Beings helping me with his treatment explained to me that the boy’s soul, life-energy, call it what you will, arrived on Earth from the planet Serius. The body structure of life forms from Serius is not well suited for symbiosis with human physical bodies. For that reason, the boy has been suffering medical problems from birth. The Aliens added that the Being from Serius currently dwells in 22 different bodies and is by nature an adventurer. He left a wife and three children on his home planet and went off in search of adventure. His spacecraft crashed in the area of the Earth and he reincarnated as a human to experience life on this planet. Notification of his whereabouts has been sent, they said, to his home planet where he was registered as missing. Some time later a doctor from the planet Serius was sent to help treat the boy.

About a year later, I encountered an Alien whose home planet was also Serius. He was called X3. He arrived to take up the position of head doctor of the medical team working with my friend Chaya Levy. We learned that the nervous system of Beings from Serius is different from ours. This results in almost no emotional expression. Around the end of May, 1997, I had the opportunity to tell X3 about the case of the boy I treated who was formerly from Serius. I posed the question to him:

Adrian:     Is it possible that his emotional flatness was a result of his past life as a priest?

X3:           In the case of Aliens who seek reincarnation on Earth as human beings, it sometimes happens that the ethereal body is poorly suited to the physical body. Special treatment is required to align them. The bodies must be separated, the required changes are made, and they are reintegrated. Neither I nor Maya (the Alien who is a medical doctor and a psychologist), know how to do this. I presume a specialist has been invited for the job.

Maya:        Usually, the Alien who is reincarnated as a human, takes on all the characteristics of a human, but still has in his unconscious, memories of his previous existence. It could be that the boy you treated has traumatic memories from his previous life, which also influence his personality characteristics. His emotional flatness is apparently related to his past as a Being from Serius. In his last life, the one prior to the present one, he chose to be a priest in Burma because the non-emotional life-style suited him. When examining his past lives, first his life as a priest was discovered, and only afterwards his past as a son of Serius.

X3:           Your conclusions regarding his emotional flatness are correct.

Foreign thoughts

A young man of about 30 complained of several physical problems and of a general feeling of dis-ease. After an examination it was ascertained that physically, he was reasonably healthy. During the preliminary examination, without any intention on my part to “receive”, I began to pick up a collage of fuzzy images. I focused on them and judging from the dress, they seemed to be images from episodes out of the past. I understood from the spontaneity of their appearance, that these were memories from past lives that periodically break through and probably account for the young man’s feeling of dis-ease. I received the images most strongly from the area of his head.

I told him what I picked up and he was speechless. He told me he had been living with the fear that he was losing his mind, because strange and foreign thoughts would suddenly invade his thoughts. For example, he suddenly had a very uneasy feeling that he owed people money, when he knew in fact that he didn’t. He was afraid to tell anyone for fear they’d declare him not of sound mind. He was not totally unfamiliar with the concept of past lives, but never imagined it had anything to do with his problems. I explained to him that sometimes, for some reason, the barrier between unconscious memories of past lives and one’s conscious mind is weakened and the memories break through into consciousness. In such a case, we have to either strengthen the barrier so they can’t break through, or we help the person understand what is happening so that he can cope with the memories.

Since this client seemed to have a basic understanding and an open mind, I decided on the second course of action. I asked him to lie down comfortably, relax, and imagine that he is alone in a movie theater with no one else but him sitting and watching the screen. The movie begins. I asked him to describe to me what he sees on the screen. At first he said he sees nothing and for several minutes no one spoke. When he did finally begin to speak, there was excitement in his voice. He said he saw flashes of pictures like a collage of episodes. Once he understood what it was all about, he was visibly relieved. Gradually, he stopped being bothered by invasion of foreign thoughts.

During a subsequent session with the same young man, I picked up details of his last past life. I saw a hardworking Russian farmer who shied away from contact with people and lived alone on the edge of a forest, far from the nearest city. Full of emotion, the young man pointed out that there were personality similarities between the farmer and himself. The encounter with his previous life helped him to better understand himself.

Traumas from the distant past

A client who arrived for treatment of a physical problem, also complained of frequent bad moods. She went into no more detail than that. The Alien Beings examined her and at my request, gave the following explanation:

Aliens:      In the first stage we clean up the “information highway” and put it in order. In other words, we do a general treatment that can be defined as cleaning up the information in the mind. Part of this cleaning up process is the closing of memories that remained open. The term “open memories” refers to traumatic memories that were never resolved and continue to disturb the current personality. Similarly, there are partial memories that were never properly catalogued and filed away. They clutter the mind unnecessarily. As a standard part of treatment, we “clean up” these matters. Small, insignificant matters we put away without involving the person’s conscious mind. Big, important issues, require the person’s conscious involvement. Every person has memories that have not been properly catalogued and filed away and disturb the proper functioning of the brain. You can compare the brain to a public library. Most memories are arranged like books on a shelf, but some of them are scattered on the floor. These books disturb the smooth functioning of the library. Picking up scattered memories and putting them away in their proper place on the shelves usually helps ease a person’s emotional load and allows him to think more clearly.

During the woman’s second session I began to receive images of a young woman holding a small child. Their clothing was in tatters and they seemed to be running away from some threat. The woman was suddenly separated from the child against her will, and thrown into a dark place. I clearly and repeatedly heard the echo of a heavy metal door being slammed shut. I described this to the client, but she did not relate to these images. I made contact with the imprisoned woman and tried to talk with her. The past life woman was engulfed in a continuous present of suffering and isolation. I mainly tried to explain to her that the experience of being hunted and imprisoned was over and done with. She’s now living a new life. The contact was an attempt to reassure, to explain and to take her out of her difficult state.

In our third session, I helped the client enter a state of meditation with guided imagination. She succeeded in making contact with the past life memories, confronting them and changing them in an attempt to improve their emotional affect according to my guidance. She managed to take the woman out of her unending present of misery and into freedom. At the end of this session, I gave the client homework – do enter a state of meditation and do this again several times on her own.

Aliens:      The moment contact is made between the conscious mind and the source of the problem, the client tries to understand what has happened to her and tries to repair the breach. The process is partly conscious and partly takes place automatically in the unconscious mind. Eventually, the traumatic memories of past lives cease to be a disturbance. This particular case was mild, and therefore the client can continue on her own. If she finds it difficult, we can help her through our means of treatment that allow direct access to the memories.

I spoke with the client some months later. Her emotional state had changed remarkably. As with other clients, she had very little recollection of what actually went on during her treatments. The memories of past lives were now in order and the filing cabinet was sealed shut.

War Wounded

For years, a young woman had been suffering from unexplained pains on the right side of her body. Despite numerous tests, none of the specialists she had gone to could find any reason for the pain. During my examination of her, I discerned a charred hole about 5cm in diameter on the right side of her body. I asked the attending team of Aliens for an explanation.

Aliens:      The hole passes through all bodies but the physical one. This is the first time we’ve come across such a thing. She was apparently hit by some advanced type of weapon, which projects basic particles that damage a variety of matter. The wound did not affect any vital organs, but only left a hole through the flesh. Somehow, the woman survived and entered a new life on Earth. We’re very surprised that no damage was caused to the physical body other than bouts of pain. We have to identify the inner life form that was originally wounded.

I then was able to see the general outlines of the inner life form. It was similar to a human, but also reminded me of a green lizard. Its hands had three fingers and it had a thick tail. Instead of eyes, its entire forehead was a receptive surface with many protrusions.

Aliens:      She arrived from a gaseous planet where light does not penetrate and therefore cannot be used as a means of orientation. The protrusions on the forehead are receptors that registered the presence of others through light wavelengths that are not visible to the eye.

I told the client what I saw and asked her to imagine it while in a state of meditation. She had a very strong reaction, which confirmed for me that I had picked up on something authentic.

Aliens:            The client’s reaction indicates that we have touched on the main problem. She has 17 different bodies. We have cleaned and sterilized the wound. She must come back for further treatment. Meanwhile, we have homework to do. We must learn how to treat the body of this specific life form.

At the second session, they “plastered” the hole with material that the body absorbs and grows. During both sessions the client experienced very strong and clear physical sensations. She did not come back for further treatment. Her initially strong enthusiasm turned into repression.

Aliens:      The client had been involved in an interstellar war. Her memories are apparently not entirely pleasant.

Refugees from a distant planet

When I began treating a youth who suffered from curvature of the spine, I picked up images of dark gray and blue glass-like surfaces. The images gave me the impression of a tunnel and a feeling of tremendous anxiety and fear that seemed to be focused on four lights in the sky, apparently an enemy of some kind. Next, I saw an image of a spacecraft and images of its interior, which included a thick metal pipe. Perhaps it was the machine room. I asked the team of Aliens for an explanation.

Aliens:        These are refugees from a distant planet. They were forced to escape from their home planet because of some outside threat, perhaps foreign invaders. There are about 680 refugees in the group.

I picked up a fuzzy image of a Being similar to a human. In the clear part of the image I saw a hat with white vertical stripes on it. I had the impression the Beings belonged to a cult of some kind, and the figure I saw was the leader of the group.

Aliens:      They arrived on Earth some 400,000 years ago and lived in tunnels through the advanced technology that they brought with them. When human civilization became sufficiently developed, they began to reincarnate as humans. This boy has had 20 past lives on Earth. The connection between the original members of the group has been lost.

The Aliens cured the boy of his curvature of the spine. It wasn’t clear to me what the connection was to his history of past lives, or why they related it to me.

Connection to a distant memory of a well-developed personality

A man of about 40 came to me for treatment with the presenting problem described as a lack of physical and emotional vitality.

Aliens:        Physically, we find that he is in a state of hypo-activity (the opposite of being hyperactive), accompanied by a lack of energy and a lack of motivation stemming from an imbalance of certain metabolic processes in the body.

They promised to treat and cure him.

In order to understand the reasons behind his emotional state, they tried to introduce the client into a state of meditation with guided imagination, but were unsuccessful and the client fell asleep. Instead, the Aliens put me in contact with the client’s unconscious. At first I carried on a telepathic dialogue with what seemed to be the client’s ordinary consciousness. The responses I received matched those received in ordinary conversation, but with certain additions. Along with the telepathic dialogue, I was receiving unclear images.

I telepathically asked the client’s unconscious what he is afraid of. I suddenly received a stream of images from an unfamiliar environment. It seemed to be an environment of an alien life form, dark and misty, with very advanced technology. It was apparent from the images that my client was engaged in some struggle and chase. He was afraid of some sort of weapon that burrowed into the flesh like a meat grinder. He was apparently forced to abandon his home planet and emigrated to Earth. I asked to see his image on

Earth and received a vision of a prehistoric creature with a fish-like head. It seems he arrived on Earth during prehistoric times long before the development of human civilization. I asked to see images of other past lives and received information and images of a hat merchant in some eastern country. I asked the Aliens for an explanation.

Aliens:      The lives he experienced on Earth were insignificant compared with his original character that first arrived on Earth. What we see here is the withering of a previously strong and well-developed personality.

The treatment session ended and the client awoke. I told him what I had received from him and from the Aliens.

Aliens:      It saddens us to see the withering of a strong personality. Some of his memories are from a very well-developed personality that is in a state of somnolence. We suggest gradually connecting the client with his past life memories in order to bolster and strengthen his present personality. It has taken us much time to collect information on the original life form. It belongs to race of giants who were ungainly, good-hearted and very advanced intellectually. Only rare traces of this race remain and at first we didn’t know what his origin was. They are considered today very rare. On their home planet they had a very advanced civilization. Their sun was dark – what is known as a “black sun”. They lived on the surface of their planet and underground. The planet was rich in water and humidity. The culture was almost entirely wiped out due to war. The few survivors are scattered throughout many planets. Perhaps one day they will be reunited. The client has a very good-natured personality.

In a further treatment session, the Aliens put the client to sleep again.

Aliens:        During sleep, the brain transmits Alpha waves. In this state the person’s conscious mind is at rest and does not interfere so that it is easier to make contact with his subconscious mind. We have connected you to the client to enable you to perceive images based on your ability for visual perception.

Adrian:     How do I receive answers to my questions?

Aliens:        Through an osmotic process – that is, a two-way flow of information between the healer and client and between the healer and the Aliens. You can “converse” with the soul or with the subconscious.

During another session, I began as always with a whispered prayer, and I lifted my hands.

Aliens:      You must do exactly what we tell you to do. Connect with the client’s  brain.

No sooner did I do this, than I saw in the middle of his physical brain a green ball about the size of a tangerine flattened along its top (in the region of the top of the head). Its bottom section seemed to be connected via a thick tube that led down toward the throat. Its continuation was unclear. I penetrated, through my extra-sensory perception to the interior of the green ball and I saw a special tissue of cells bordered by white glowing strips. I then pulled out a bunch of white fibers of light. It seemed as though the bunch had been lying inside, unused. Then I saw that the Aliens were connecting the fibers of light to the physical brain. The bunch of fibers passed between the two

hemispheres of the brain and connected to the cranial membrane on both sides of the divide between the hemispheres. I had the impression that more fibers were connected to the right hemisphere, but I may not have seen everything.

Adrian:     What are you doing?

Aliens:      We have connected the alien life-form’s brain (the green ball) to the client’s physical brain and to his ethereal brain (the part that contains life reincarnation memories). We created a combination in the hope that gradually, over the next year and a half, it will result in the clients developing self-confidence and an improved emotional state as we wished.

Adrian:     And what did I do?

Aliens:      You enabled the extraction of the bunch of nerve fibers that were not in use in the green brain, by applying the energies radiating from your hands. Without your help, it would have been a far more time consuming and complicated procedure.

In another session with this client, an attempt was made to put him into a state of meditation so that he could develop contacts with his deepest memories.

The client fell asleep and I began to receive impressions of a creature in the control cabin of a spacecraft, which was under attack or faced some sort of threat. Then I felt the creature walking down the hallways of the spacecraft. As he walked, the creature’s clothing made the sound of chains dragging along the floor. I clearly sensed a very heavy walk. He stopped in front of a red, round doorway. Next I saw him going down stairs. Then I sensed new surroundings that were very undeveloped.

Aliens:        There is a barrier disturbing the contact with the alien brain within the client. It is due to the deep depression experienced by the alien creature in the past and was the reason for his cutting off.

The Aliens engaged in a dialogue with the client’s alien brain, which was in a severe time deficit. (The brain had not been aware of what was happening to it for thousands of years.) The Aliens brought him up to date.

The Reduced Self

Every personality structure has within it an area devoted to “self” and another area devoted to “others” such as family members, friends and so on. The relation between these two areas is different for every individual. Normally, there is an optimal division between these two sections. When this division is breached, there are often interesting results. For instance, repression of the “self” for the good of the “others”, is an integral part of military training which from the beginning tries to form a cohesive fighting unit which minimizes individuality. Members of cults or fanatic religious groups minimize the self to the extreme for the sake of their ideology and their group doctrines. Similarly, people who devotedly watch TV soap operas day after day, tend to experience the TV “others” at the expense of minimizing their own “self”.

Some people have a general tendency to reduce their own “self” and rely on “others” throughout their lives, afraid to live their lives on their own. Sometimes this fear stems from early childhood experiences or from past life traumas.

A young girl complained of unexplained waves of tiredness.

Aliens:      She allows the energy of others to penetrate her, while her own energies remain restricted. This is a very tiring state of affairs. Her own energies become very minimized and insufficient for maintaining physical health. She’s afraid to live her own life and relies on the lives of others. The connection between her spiritual being and her physical body is too weak and her self-awareness of her own physical body is lower than normal.

 The girl reported that she felt she had experienced death several times in the past. When we asked her to explain, she said that once on the beach, she suddenly had a strange sensation. She suddenly saw everything around her, including people, in a strange and frightening way.

Aliens:      This seems to be a description of the soul leaving the body during wakefulness. This is something that usually happens at night when the conscious mind is asleep. It is very rare for it to happen during wakefulness. Such an experience can be traumatic for someone who doesn’t understand what is happening to them.

The client was put into a state of meditation, and I began to see scenes from her past. I received an image of several large round stones, earth-brown in color. They were in a pile inside a flat straw basket in the corner of a shack.

Lying on a straw mat next to the pile of stones was an old woman. She looked as though she was digging in the earth with great fear. It became clear that the brown stones were actually potatoes. This information was given to the client and she said that the woman was afraid of snakes that come out of the ground while she digs with her hands in earth. The client then recalled that she has had a lot of dreams of about snakes. She also recalled her instinctive reaction of freezing with fear when she saw a snake.

It seems she had been a lonely old woman living on her own in a shabby old shack. To survive, she stole potatoes from farmers’ fields, digging in the dirt to find them and to hide them in her shack. She lived day to day, from hand to mouth, in constant fear that she would either be caught or bitten by a snake. It was a very difficult life. She lived in isolation like an animal. The personality that remained from this past life was very restricted, full of fear of life and of the living. The client also recalled dreams she had had of living alone in a cellar and surviving from food that people would throw to her from the window.

Despite the fact that the client had many diverse memories that were significant regarding her current life experiences, her current personality seemed to be most connected to the personality of the old woman. This seemed to be the source of her fear of life and for this reason she restricted her own “self” and tried to live her life through “others”.

Aliens:      Our treatment is aimed at strengthening her connection with past lives characterized by a stronger, livelier personality to enrich her current personality and breathe new life into it. The client’s understanding of her current situation and the reasons for it in past lives, together with her opening up positive past life memories, will lead to a gradual significant change in her life and will reinforce her inner “self”.

 During a subsequent treatment, I offered the client an explanation regarding the problems and traumas from her present life and how they caused a subconscious connection with the particular past life of the old woman.

Aliens:        When people face difficult problems or a traumatic event in their life, they tend to seek assistance from the archives of past life experiences. Depending on the type of problems they face, they connect with relevant memories. We see again in this client, how the personality is structured through connections with past life experiences. In this particular case, a specific traumatic memory took control and overly influenced the current personality.

A man in his forties arrived for treatment with the presenting problem of bouts of depression accompanied by a deep feeling of unfulfillment. He was accompanied by his wife who sat and listened during the treatment session.

After being put into a state of meditation, he was asked to close his eyes, relax and imagine the room we were in. After a few minutes of tense silence, he reported very decisively:

Client:       I’m in the room! I’m in a black room without any windows or doors. The eiling can be opened and there’s a strip of light shining upward.

Adrian:     Go up with the strip of light.

Client:       I’m now in a pleasant place, out in nature, next to a lake. I feel comfortable.

Adrian:     Get into the water.

Client:       I’m deep under the water and I’ve found a treasure chest, but, of course, I can’t take anything with me because I have no hands. I prefer shallow water up to a meter deep because deeper down the water is too cold. I think I’m some sort of fish-like creature.

Adrian:     Go and rest on the shore. Imagine that a spacecraft lands. You go inside and it takes you wherever you want to go.

Client:       I see a spacecraft and I enter it. I feel very rapid motion. I see the Earth disappearing into the distance. I’m in surroundings with lots of glass buildings and creatures that look similar to humans. They have pink heads and they’re dressed in white.

Adrian:        What’s the name of the planet and where is it?


Client:        Slicius, in a different galaxy. There’s something strange about the gravity on this planet. The creatures are able to float without any external aids. And there’s some energy source in the air that takes the place of food. I have no need to eat. I don’t feel hungry.

Adrian:     Try to make contact with the creatures.

Client:       They don’t speak the way we do. They communicate telepathically and they don’t understand me. I’m behind a glass wall. I’m not comfortable on this planet because they don’t understand me. I’d be better off returning to Earth.

After a few moments of silence, the client began to speak in a different tone.

Client:        They’re chasing me, people with beards. I’m hiding in a deep hole and I cover myself with a sack so they won’t see me.

 Adrian:     Why are they chasing you?

 Client:       I’m more developed and advanced than the others and I write books about how people ought to behave. The rest of the people are barbarians, and that’s why they’re chasing me.

Adrian:        What’s the date, and what is your name?

Client:       The year is about 1520 and my name is Seftan. I keep to myself, far from others and continue to write books until my death. I’m an old man, tired and ill.

The client fell silent again. After a few moments he began speaking again, this time murmuring.

Client:       I’m a soldier. They’re sending me to fight and I don’t want to fight. That’s why they beat me, raining blows on every part of my body. My whole body hurts.

 Adrian:     What year is it and what country are you in?

 Client:       It’s during the time of the First World War and I can hear people

speaking German, so I must be a German soldier (the client sighed heavily). I have to serve ten years in the army and that’s something I don’t want to do. I’m sick. I have no desire to eat and I’m getting weak. It’s not good here on Earth. I shouldn’t be here.

Adrian:     In the end you came back, to live your present life.

The client began to gasp, took a few deep breaths and came out of the state of meditation. To our surprise, he remembered nothing of what had happened. He thought about five minutes had gone by since the beginning of the session, when in fact it had been an hour. We was disoriented and overwhelmed. His wife was speechless. He got up from the bed and sat down in a chair. Gradually, he began to review what he experienced during the meditation, by way of summing up.

A week later, he reported that his state of mind had improved. Later, it became clear that this single treatment session resulted in a significant difference for the better in his whole attitude toward life.


A young attractive woman complained of nightmares that disturbed her sleep. According to her, the source of the nightmares was in her childhood, and her sleep had been disturbed ever since. She had recently begun a process of self-development, starting with the practice of entering the internal archive of memories of past lives with the aim of finding the reason for her nightmares. The procedure involved 21 daily meditation sessions based on the guided-imagination technique, through which the person builds an internal hallway with an inner room that finally allows access to memories. The client succeeded in arriving at the stage of entering the room of memories, but was afraid to do so alone. This was what brought her to me. She entered a state of meditation, with instructions to walk down the hall toward the inner room. Then I asked her to describe her nightmare.

It turned out that her dreams had their origin in an astral voyage during sleep, which was discovered with some fear by her conscious mind and turned into a negative event. The same motif returned several times during the course of her life. However, it was equally clear that this was not the origin of her sleep disturbances. I asked her to look for a side door to the “Dirty Laundry” storeroom behind which lurks the real reason for her sleeplessness. I hadn’t finished speaking when she already reported that she saw the side door and under it a pool of blood had collected. Through a series of questions, she described herself as a woman of about 45 from the village of Orlando in England in the year 1842. She committed suicide using a knife, to put an end to her misery. She had become widowed from her shoemaker husband and lived on a tiny stipend in poverty and great suffering. The past-life character remembered stabbing herself, but didn’t remember dying. She just continued to suffer.

At this point, I asked the client to explain to the woman that her life of misery is over and done with and she is now living as a young girl with a whole new life. The Aliens then instructed me to end the session, saying that from here in the client could do the required work on her own.

The client was in a state of meditation with her eyes closed and reported feeling strong energies around her head. I also closed my eyes and entered a state of meditation. I tried to “see” with my spiritual eye what she had described so as to follow her descriptions as closely as possible. The guidance I gave throughout the session was according to telepathic instructions I received from the team of Aliens. I don’t actually hear them telling me anything, I just understand what I am to do and say. According to them, I pick up their messages in my unconscious mind and act according to their guidance.

Emotional problems

A man in his fifties came to me complaining of chronic heartburn and emotional problems (anger, aggressive thoughts, holding grudges, and so on). Despite his wide knowledge on the subjects of mysticism and spirituality, he cannot see with his third eye and cannot make contact. Similarly, attempts to put him into a state of meditation met with failure. Other attempts to connect him with internal parts of himself ended with a burst of talk on irrelevant subjects. I had the definite impression that he was running away from something inside himself. I again asked him to try and enter a state of meditation, and I suddenly began receiving blood-curdling, gruesome images. I saw a torture chamber, a wagon of emaciated corpses, limbs dangling in all directions. Another room was full of disembodied limbs. The naked corpse of a very thin man lied on the floor. Chained to a column, another very thin naked man who had been a victim of torture was pleading for his life.

I had a difficult deliberation with myself, and finally decided to tell the client what I saw. He said that he too saw a gruesome scene, a bloody head. He also related that when they show atrocities on TV, he cannot bring himself to look at it and has to avert his eyes. I asked and found out that he was born one year after the end of World War II. The Spiritual Beings explained that during the period of the Holocaust, so many had arrived in such a bad state that it was difficult to treat them all. Some short cuts were used. This particular soul arrived in such a terrible state of hysteria, with no one available to deal with him, that it was decided to seal off his memories and send him back to experience a different life. The Aliens said that mediums who have discussed past lives with the client before now, neglected to mention this particular one since it was so horrific. It should only be mentioned in the framework of treatment and under suitable supervision. The client verified that he had been told of other past lives, but no one had mentioned this gruesome one.

First Concurrence

The next day I asked a friend of mine who has the ability to make contact, to seek a concurrence of the information I received from the medical team. My friend entered a state of meditation and contacted the medical team. He confirmed the information I had received and added that it was a particularly severe case. The client had been an exclusive tailor who was sent to the Meidanik concentration camp where the people were used for medical experimentation. They amputated limbs and tested the speed of scab formation using various creams. Their human subjects were considered less than laboratory animals. The client arrived in the “next world” in a very difficult state. If he had been kept there to overcome the experiences he had endured, it would have taken many years. It was therefore decided to send him back to experience normal life experiences to start to balance the horrors he endured. They opened the subject to him very carefully, taking every possible precaution. The aim was to bring the unconscious horrors that were disturbing him into the conscious mind, there to be coped with. It is hoped that in this way, the memories will stop haunting him.

Second concurrence

Due to the severity of the case, I asked for further confirmation from Chaya Levy who made contact with the same medical team. She related the following: They didn’t manage to treat him in the “other world” and sent him down into another life cycle. The client experienced severe torture. His body had been totally broken and taken apart. They broke all his bones and tortured him. The ethereal body was severely wounded. They didn’t put the ethereal bodies back together. They just sent the minimal basic “souls” back down to their next life. There were many people like him, who they sent straight back for reincarnation. The Aliens will treat the ethereal bodies. It’s a very difficult and complex case, mainly in the emotional sphere. He is left with

fears from the whole period of the Holocaust. He had also been a violinist. We have to enter his subconscious and work on it. He was either in Bergen-Belsen or in Auschwitz, or both. They used to send people from one camp to another. He had also been in the underground and was captured. It’s a terrible story. The gastric syndrome, damage to the nerves due to an emotional reason, is well-known to the Aliens from people who lived during that period. The client had chosen to live through that difficult period.

Reconciling contradictions

The client had been a violinist and in the concentration camp, he was a tailor. Regarding the names of the camps, it could be that he had been transferred among several camps, undergoing many experiences. It was over a period of years.

The Aliens asked permission to treat his memories and, if required, to erase sections. Permission was granted. The Aliens connected him to their computer, which scanned his memories in order to find an appropriate treatment program. Neither I nor the client were given details of these memories. The Aliens explained that in such cases, there is no point in involving the client’s conscious mind in the psychotherapeutic process. It is preferable to directly treat the memories. The Aliens said the computer was crashing under the load of the memories and that the man had undergone a great deal. Toward the end of the treatment session, they began erasing sections. The Aliens explained that the computer easily identified whole continuous sections of memories that contained confused information. By their definition, confused information is information that was recorded during a period of severe upset or insanity. Everything a person experiences undergoes a process of adaptation and recording. When a person is in a normal state, the recorded information is in a logical sequence. When a person is in a state of emotional upset or insanity, the recorded information

lacks any logical continuity. If this kind of information starts to leak out, it becomes the source of serious problems. Like static in an electrical system, it serves no functional purpose. Therefore, with the permission of the client, the Aliens’ preferred course of treatment is to erase such sections.

Client:       Can I have any other details, such as the country in which it happened?

 Aliens:        (They answered through me.) No! We don’t want you to create any connection to these memories until we complete treatment. What we told you until now was with the intention of explaining in general terms what kind of problem you were facing. Revealing any more details of the past will interfere with treatment. Perhaps at some later time we will give you more information appropriate to a later stage of treatment.

 Client:       Do I have karma connections with members of my family?

 Aliens:      We don’t want to interfere with the computer, which is already busy, to start calculating correlations. You didn’t choose the family you were born into, as is usually the case, because of your emotional state. The choice was made for you. Generally, when a person chooses the time and the family to be born in, he or she shows preference for former friends and relatives from previous lives, for all sorts of reasons. We’ve done the major part of the work. The sections we erased caused complications in the computer. Without these sections, your conscious and you personality structure have to get used to a new configuration, to begin to think differently. It will take some time.

Memory loss prior to age 12

A pretty young girl in her 20s told me she has absolutely no memories of her early childhood prior to the age of 12. I explained to her that such a thing can happen either as a result of emotional blocking, or from mild brain damage. I asked if she knew of any event that may have happened to her before the age of 12 that may have caused some minimal brain damage such as an illness involving high fever, a fall, a blow to the head, or an emotionally traumatic event. She knew of no such event.

During our second meeting, I helped her enter a state of deep meditation having first explained to her that her subconscious mind will provide the information we need for unraveling the problem. I closed my eyes and entered a state of meditation as well, and began the process of psychotherapy with the telepathic assistance of the Aliens who guided my thoughts and words. In a meditational state, the young girl suddenly remembered an incident that happened to her when she had just turned 12. She was at the beach with her parents and went into the water on her own. A big wave dragged her into deep water. Not being a very accomplished swimmer, she felt herself drowning. She decided she should try to float on her back in the hope that someone would notice and save her, but despite all her efforts she couldn’t float. Finally, an adult swimming nearby saw her and brought her to the shallow water.

When I asked her to go back to the moments when she thought she was drowning and to try to replicate the thoughts she was having, she remembered thinking it wouldn’t be so bad to die. She thought she would meet her much loved grandmother in the “next world” and she wasn’t sorry about anything in her life so far.

I understood from the Aliens that at moments of crisis such as these, as the conscious mind looks for solutions the barrier between the physical mind and the ethereal mind is removed. The physical mind is then exposed to input of a broader scope, including memories of past lives, and awareness of the soul and the next world. I told this to the client, explaining that according to her description, her thoughts during those moments reflected thought processes with expansive horizons characteristic of the ethereal mind that thinks in terms of multiple life cycles, past and future. Therefore, death after 12 years of life is seen only as a fleeting event rather than a tragic end.

The 12-year-old girl returned to the shore and told no one what had happened to her. She repressed the entire event. The Aliens further explained that exposure of the conscious mind to internal memories, as happens during this kind of event, usually has a significant effect on the personality structure. In the case of the child, it could result in early emotional maturity beyond her years. I asked the client if she feels different, personality-wise, from her peers. She confirmed that in fact, she was different from her friends in that she was more mature. She thought more like an adult than like a child. The Aliens explained that her precocious maturity caused her to relate to her earlier childhood as irrelevant. They asked her to return once again, under a state of meditation, to those difficult moments. She remembered thinking that her 12 years of life had been boring. The Aliens pointed out that this was from the perspective of the adult ethereal mind, adding validity to this thought that arose during a traumatic event. This apparently became the barrier that sealed off her earlier memories from before age 12. The Aliens further indicated that they had checked her brain and found no physiological damage.

The client confirmed that she hadn’t really drowned, and she hadn’t even swallowed much water, so that there was no possibility of brain damage due to lack of oxygen. The Aliens told her to think about what they had said, and to discuss her near drowning experience with friends and with her parents. They told her that all her early memories exist intact, and she only has to access them to fill in the missing pieces of her puzzle. They said her emotional problem is not serious and she will succeed in overcoming it. During the course of her treatment, I could see Aliens around her head, treating her. She confirmed that she experienced strange sensations in her head and heat along the left side of her face. The Aliens pointed out that conventional treatment of such a problem would take a very long time. The methods used by the Aliens greatly shorten the treatment process since they have direct access to the brain. They can scan memories using their computer and other equipment at their disposal. During the treatment procedure, they asked the client to recall the moments of drowning so that the scanner could locate the relevant area immediately and not waste precious time in searching.