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Aliens GOD and Religion

A report by Adrian Dvir M.Sc

Many people asked me about Aliens view of GOD and religion outside planet earth.

Here are some answers I received from the Aliens that I collaborate with.

Q: What are the views of the aliens on 'god'? Do they believe like we do in the existence of a single supreme spiritual being who oversees the functioning of all the universes?
A: Aliens believe in GOD as a Supreme Being. But they don't have religion. And they are less obsessed about god. Maya once explained me that religion plays an important part in the development of a civilization. As the civilization evolves into a genetically improved species, the behavior of the population become also improved. No more crime or bad behavior. Under these condition there is no more need for religion to tell people how to behave. They behave naturally as they are supposed to. Religion existed on her home planet ages ago. Now there is no such thing. She thinks the same will eventually happen on earth. But this will take many generations. X3 told me a similar story about his home planet Sirius.


Q: Did aliens visited us in the past, and do they have a connection to the world religions, and Judaism in particularly.

A: Yes, many Aliens teams visited Earth in the past. These were research teams from many civilizations. They were involved in many projects to improve the local humans and to help establish a local civilization. Most of the teams reported to an ancient library that still exist on a distant planet.

The appearance of Aliens, their vehicles and technology which was much more advanced and looked odd and magical, made the Aliens to appear like "GODS" in the eyes of humans.

A religion is a very complex process that evolves during centuries and is affected by many factors. The Aliens may be the cause of some elements in some religion folklore but this was not done intentionally.

Aliens believe in GOD but have no religion. It is unlikely that an alien research team promoted a specific religion.

It is more likely Aliens promoted moral behavior rules and helped to establish civilizations.

Aliens were involved in the past with many organized groups of people. The ancient stories in the bible and in other ancient documents reflect this involvement.


Q: Please ask the Aliens about GOD. By now they should know enough about GOD to be able to explain it.

On Dec 3, 1998 I communicated with the Aliens telepathic central

Adrian: A surfer asked for a detail explanation on your understanding of GOD.

Central: Wait. This is a very difficult question. In a daily manner most of us are not interested much in the question of GOD. We know that he exist and this is enough for us.

Adrian: Are there any Aliens that are interested in this issue?

Central: Yes, there are research teams for this issue. They researched a lot but advanced very little. For us, the subject of GOD is beyond our understanding capability. The same way it is for you.

Adrian: How do you know that GOD exist?

Central: Every one is born with the knowledge (pre conditioned) that GOD exists.

Adrian: So you don’t know about GOD much more than what we know?

Central: Yes it is quite through.

Adrian: Have you witness God's manifestation or unexplained miraculous events done by some supreme force?

Central: Adrian, please understands, the universe is infinite and it contains countless life forms, some of which are more advanced than yours and ours. What may be interpreted by you and by us as God's intervention may be the intervention of higher developed beings.

Adrian: We have in our history Prophets that claimed to have talked with GOD. What do you think about this?

Central: In the Universe there is a chain of life forms in a way that the more advanced life form help the less developed life form. You can call it the babysitter theory. It is more likely that everyone that communicates with GOD go through the higher level life form in charge of him. As part of this concept we can see GOD as the higher developed life form. This is a relative definition for GOD. We believe that there exist such a pyramid of life forms that on the top of it stands the oldest and the most developed creature. He can be a close model for GOD as long as we can speculate. I repeat and say the definition or understanding of GOD is a philosophical issue for us no less than it is for humans understanding. It is not an accurate information. We don’t know everything.

Adrian: Does the council accept GOD?

Central: Yes, the council accepts GOD as an abstract entity.

Adrian: Were there any attempts to communicate with GOD?

Central: Not formally. We believe that such communication exist in any creature as a basic thing. We act according to the council decisions with definite targets. The research and understanding of God's nature, is not one of our tasks. This is an ancient question still unanswered. Probably there will be no answer in the future. Part of us believes that trying to understand GOD is a waste of time, with no practical benefit.

Adrian: On earth there are several theories hold by religions about GOD nature. What do you think?

Central: The council appointed research team that study the GOD issue and checked countless theories about GOD originated from many planets. All the theories are speculations. There is no theory with solid proof. The formal council policy is that understanding GOD is an issue beyond our understanding capability. The council research on this issue is quite marginal.

Adrian: There is a believe in the Jewish tradition that GOD gave behaving rules or commandments. What do you think of it?

Central: We see GOD as an involved party in everything that happens. This definition does not degrade the possibility that a relative higher developed civilization or more than one were involved in a sense explained earlier. They actually handled the instructions. Higher developed beings that came to help less developed beings. These beings encouraged the humans to believe it is all from one GOD in order to contribute to the union of all humans. They wanted to lower the reasons for wars on religion basis. Also it was not practical to disclose to humans at that stage in history about the countless life forms that exist in the universe.

Adrian: Is the monotheism believes originated by Aliens or relative higher beings as you define them?

Central: Yes, for sure, from the reasons mentioned. The reality we discovered on Earth in the past, and still exist, is: many separate nations and groups of people fighting each other. In many cases the fight is on religion or beliefs reasons. The introduction of the faith in one and only GOD was in purpose to minimize such separations and wars. The unification of all the planet population under common behavior rules and common beliefs is a target on the way to global peace and development. Civilizations that reach global peace stage have such global consent and union.

 Adrian: Thank you very much. 

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  Updated: Dec 9, 1998

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Surfers comments

Surfer: My initial response to "Aliens God and Religions." In your sight is a warning. Any truly intelligent moral being must have a logical understanding of God and creation. As believers in the Torah, we must not let these kinds of deceptions, whether from another race or Satan himself, deter the glory of the God of real for whom we exist and owe our very lives to. If not for Him, Israel and all her descendants would be like the Inca and Mayan civilizations, a distant memory. If not for Him, Israel would have been run into the sea by the overwhelming odds of the Arab armies. Don't let these false spirits rob us of the Glory of our God and His Holy Word. If you do, you will lose your identity and eventually your soul! May the Lord God of Israel receive the Glory, Honor, and Fear that He deserves, now and forever! Next time you meet with these beings, ask them if they fear the God of Israel? If they say no, tell them that they better get their alien butts out of His Holy Land before we take up arms like Joshua and David and kick them out again like old times! (9.12.1998)

Aliens: We want to clarify that we respect the rights of any individual creature for his own belief no matter what they are. On Earth there are milliards of people and hundreds or even thousands of religions and different beliefs.

The universe is full of countless life forms that also have their own civilization, history tradition and a right for religion or faith. We respect each other belief and never try to impose our own beliefs on others.

How ever we believe in free information and telling the truth. If we are asked, we see no reason why not telling the truth as we see it. (9.12.1998)


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