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Channeling with the Alien Jonathan

Trans Medium Hagai Katz channels with Jonathan, Head of accurance of three galactic huge organizations: the 45, 54, 68 . He claim to come from the light and to exist everywhere. Jonathan delivers his message and answer questions. Channeling took place at Adrian Dvir Apartment in ISRAEL in Dec 2002. 

Hagai study Alternative Medicine and worked at his home. During a visit to Adrian Dvir Clinic, with his wife and wife sister, he discovered his extraordinary extra sense abilities that made him an excellent choice for becoming a Healer that collaborates with the Aliens medical Teams on a daily basis. Later he discovered he is also a talented trans- medium. See other video in this site.

Hagai Katz gives lecture on the subject of his collaboration with the Aliens and demonstration of Aliens medical treatments.
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Video Clip Transcript

Jonathan: Good afternoon gentleman. My name is Jonathan and I am the head of accurance of the 45, 54 and 68 organization. Our job here is to make sure you are quite well. And our message will go on through Hagai body. We respect you for coming here to hear our message. We are delivery of the light. You all of you came from the light. You are the messages of the light.. You came here to earth to help to present the light in the way it will come to be. Our mission here is, to bring people to the light with the medical system. As we realized. you people are very bothered about the heath of your body and spirit together. At this time united nations of the universe and a lot of dimensions going unite together to bring the light into your house , your family, your life. Our mission is to make you aware of the things we are going to tell you right now. You all be love with god . We came here to help you to understand the message of light. Please believe in your self, in your way.  All of your present here please pay attention and believe.  Your worst nightmare, your worst  fear, your worst down weather, don't fall, don't drop your believe. Don't be afraid. We always keep an eye on you. We always love you. And we always will give you what you will need. 

Yair Shragai: Your name is Jonathan?

Jonathan:  Yes, My earth name is Jonathan and I am the massager of the light and entities in this room right now. 

Yair:  First of all thank you very much for coming to tell us everything that you tell us. Please tell us where you are coming from originally ?.

Jonathan:  I am coming from the light. Which mean I don't belong nowhere. And I came from nowhere. I am here. I am there I am everywhere you are. Can you understand the meaning you are breathing air here. You can breath everyplace. And I can be everyplace.

Yair: And your mission as you said is to help us and cure us. Could you please tell us some more about the purpose of making us healthy.  Why is it important for you and the cure to make us healthy ?

Jonathan:  What I already told you is: We realize that you humans, need and always taking about and pay attention about your health. And this is a good reason to come and help you. The big mission is here to make sure you are going to make sure you are going to cross over the next level of light. Which means there are a lot of things happens here on earth .A lot o disaster . A lot of war. A lot of very bad things. The energy is already changing to another dimension for most of the people. The mission will be completed some when between 2012 and 2050. We are now about to welcome the next energy to earth. We came here by healing you and make you know us and know there is a life outside earth . Your are going to believe in yourself, in believe in your power in your faith.  

Yair:  Will the next energy the earth will go through, will it make earth a better place to live in ? Will we all be more healthy ? We will still have wars ? 

Jonathan: You will be come. Your energy will be gentle and high . You will be able to understand the people, the language,  the communications between people, what happens what bring you to a lot, a lot,  of wars. your ego is going to be down or disappear. These are very simple things. But very complicating deep things you know.  To understand your friend. To understand this feeling. To understand why he is taking to you. Why he is taking to you this way and not that way. Why he is getting assault. Why he love you. These are very simple things. This thing will bring you to a highest level you never imagined to. Communications, ladies and gentlemen, this is all we are taking about. look in your pockets. look in your wallets what you going to see there ? A cellular phone. hundreds of dollars. Thousand of dollars, billions of dollars of communications. You don't need all these stuff. You have it in your mind. You don't need all the devices. you don't need it. You have it in your mind. In your body. You don't need to pay money for this. But it will take you time to understand it. And when the time to understand it.  The simple things of the communications. It will be clear enough for you. I promise you. You don't need messiah. You are the messiah. 

Yair: Will we have till 2012 will we still have major wars ? that will kill many souls on earth ?

Jonathan: Lessen you all ladies and gentleman. Please don't focus on those things. These thing will never be heath for you. O.K. so what if I am going to tell you now there is going to e war in 5 years. So what ? This is not the point here. I want you to focus on the light. Don't focus on the dark. It will not give you quiet on your soul. What the message point here is to give you quiet, quiet cures. quiet can bring you up up to highest level you never, never, never imagined, there is such a place like that. Here on earth. I don't speck on another planet. On another strange place. I am specking on here. On this place you are standing or sitting  here, looking at me. This place could be looked different  If you just change your way looking your angle. I know  these are very simple words. And I did not come here to judge you. No, no, no, I came here to love you. To tell you there is hope. Please hold your faith. Hold the light. We all love you.  This is the message of the light. Coming from the main light. For you. For your soul. Please except it we will love you forever. 

Yair: Will we have in the near future  more and more clinics like  Adrian clinic and Hagai clinic and others?

Jonathan: Of course.  To be natural. People are gone believe this. I  promise you. Its been helpful.  its going to be help. There gone a be a lot of life's and this is just the beginning of the new age which I am tacking about. 

Yair: Could you lease tell us. If we are allowed to know, the meaning and the purpose of earth, in the whole universe, earth the place we are living in. why is it so important to get us through the next stage of energy.

Jonathan:  All the universe, are one.  Like in a class if someone fail it take all the class and put all the class down. And if someone gets up, all the class gets up. The universe are connected together. Every thing that happens in the universe affect an another. When you said something bad on people, this have an effect, an unknown effect, You said something good, you love someone, its effect, an unstoppable effect. So you humans, we expect you, to love each other. And when you do this, when you going to understand each  other , we will go on, to the next step. You have a lot of challenges to pass through. And we are with you. We are always with you. 

Earth has separated areas, a lot of areas on earth, a lot of energy area. Here in ISRAEL, there is a very powerful energy, to bring you up and all Earth up. You are suffering for jelousing and fear above you and under you, and beside you. Because a lot of jelousing and fieriness people. And for other countries. Like in Australia, like in Europeans, Like Africans,  they all are different but the same.  You will see, until we cross the next step, the balancing will not be 100% pure but what I am going to look now, is quite well. A lot of clinics will open, in this year in united state. In Germany, in Netherlands , In Egypt, in turkey, in Greece, In Greenland, In the south part of America, in Cuba, in Sun Pensile, world wide. Place like that will be a lot of clinics. 

Yair: Was you in touch with humans many thousand years now ?

Jonathan: We always in touch with you. But the connections with humans, it not something you understand, or you can know. We are doing shower of light to you.   Right now in this moment we are doing it. This is our best way to communicate. Some times we talk. Some times we came in dreams. Some times we do a lot of things that I cant talk about.  But our purpose is to make you know, that we are here, to help you. To love you. About the crews,  there came to Earth massive landing in a very short time. In the time Adrian's book getting out to light, and people will start to look at it and read it. This book will bring us a very good reason, to come here in a very massive landing. What am I taking about is not the same extraterrestrial you know,  it will be in another dimension. There will going to be a landing of extraterrestrials in your dimension but,  this is just an option.

Yair: What do we have to do in order to make this option come through? Can you give us a certain date? can you tell us what we have to do to make this option come through ?

Jonathan:   I am very sorry, but I cant give you an exact date and time because time is very different in your time. And you will given help in your dimension, when you will gone a need it. But believe me now, this is the best for you. I am telling you the truth. 

Adrian Dvir: Beside the medical activity can you speck about more activities that you are doing on earth ?

Jonathan:  We are doing a lot of science exploring on earth. Animals, Earth, Lands, Powers, Energies, there are some groups, they are doing it but they don't know they are doing it in the communications, in low communications. I know that a lot of teems are doing science exploring on Earth . they gone open and they gone try to speck properly and will started to write books, and take the books out to people.  They will get a lot of help. What we can say to you Adrian, is : please try to help those people. Here in ISRAEL on in other places in the world. A lot of people are looking in you, and getting a lot of power, to do what they do. They need you to support them. If you talk in public or spoke with someone on the phone, is doing things like that. Please help them. The human support is very important. We will help you in every you need to do so.

Lior: Clinics are not spread evenly on Earth.  Most of the clinics are in ISRAEL and in the states. Can you tell us why ISRAEL and the states are the two balance states, and how can Americans and Israelis help to that matter. 

Jonathan: Israel and Americans people are in the same light line. They are sucking from the main line of light. They have a very same things but a very different things. And Adrian mission is to bring it to balance. The number of people in Israel are not equals, you know it. But there is a very important purpose. 

Shula Vaserman:  Can the light influence the bad people on Earth to change their mind and be good ?

Jonathan:  You don't need, everybody, you don't need , to do something special, fight than bad, the black, whoever you may say it. This is your balance people. Just turn on the light. Don't worry about anybody except yours. There are a lot, a lot, a lot of Entities, do it for you. Please stay calm. I than you for all listening to me an welcome you for the presence of the light of me. Thank you all.

Yair: And we thank you very much and acknowledge your love. .   . 


The video was produced in ISRAEL by Adrian Dvir, in Dec 2002. Adrian also edited the final clip.
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