There are additional aspects about Aliens that I did not put in the article because I was not sure if it will not be too much for the readers. Yesterday there was a meeting in my apartment which I initiated and invited two mediums and other people and asked the Aliens to give more specific information. They really did their best and we received an excellent channeling describing all their point of view from a historic perspective down to these days Iraq war details. It will take me a few days to transfer the video to my site and make a transcript.

The main point the Aliens decide to release to the media is the real invisible forces that play behind the schemes. There is a large group of negative aliens with the intention to destroy earth civilization. They are the driving force of what president bush call the "evil tray" these dictatorship countries and terror organizations are pushed to conquer and destroy the non Moslems in the name of god and religion - Jihad. The plan of these negative aliens, after the non Moslems parish to destroy the Moslems and reach their final goal to destroy all humans on planet earth.

It is very clear that these forces don't respect the value of human life and well being not speaking about freedom. Death, misery famine, sickness, Childs death of malnutrition. Humans can be intimidated, tortured and killed as a legitimate mean to keep control of the regime to proceed to the final goal of all humans destruction.

The positive Aliens that make part of what they call the light fight these negative aliens.

Sadam is hard to kill because he is protected by these invisible forces. The light Aliens fight and succeeded to send away some of the negative forces protecting the Iraq regime.


I know how bizarre it may sound but a few days ago I think on the mars 19, 2003 evening while treating a patient I was in a channeling state to understand the medical diagnosis and suddenly I received a different telepathic message: An image of creatures reminding spiders running away from what I felt to be IRAQ and Sadam regime. The Alien medical team just informed me of the news that their light forces succeeded in their fight with the negative aliens supporting Sadam regime. I immediately called my friend the medium Hagai Katz for cross check and he received the same information and he added the creatures are really looking like 20 m high spiders. Of course they are intelligent and advanced civilization in another dimension. They were captured and put in changes.