Aliens Travel Faster than the speed of light

A report by Adrian Dvir M.Sc,  based on channeled information from Alien ,medical teams.

I used to ask aliens that visited my clinic, from where they come and how much time it takes. A typical answer was another distant galaxy and two weeks. A simple calculation shows this is impossible even at the speed of light. After some long inquiries I discovered they travel at a speed that is faster than the speed of light by about half a million times (~500,000C). Claim that is ridiculous in our known universe because of speed of light limitation and other considerations.

I asked them if they donít have the limitation of the speed of light in their universe. They reply that they have a different value for the speed of light but it is steel a limiting factor. So they use another universe that has almost no limitation. They call it "highway universe". They transform their craft into this highway universe and travel to the destination almost with no additional energy. Almost all of the energy is used to transform the spacecraft from one universe to another.

This may explain some video film of vanishing UFO that reappear at the same location. Now I understand they simply switch universes.

This simplified explanation is based on long dialogs with different aliens that tried their best to answer my questions. The dialogs include many explanations that I found it difficult to fully understand. I have a technical background but I am not a physics scientist therefore I included the dialogs "as is" in my book hoping that some of the readers will succeed to understand more.

For example they mentioned to Haya that they had some trouble reaching earth because of the black holes along the way which impose some limitations, but they finally found a way to overcome this problem.

This is a short summary based on many channeled  dialogs with the Aliens.

Prepared by: Adrian Dvir M.Sc 

Updated: Mars  15, 2003

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