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Whitley Strieber's "Dreamland" 
"After Dark" with Art Bell
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Laura Lee Show
The X-Zone with Bob McConnell
FutureTalk with Zoh Hieronimus
SciZone with Bill Boshears
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Northwest History of Saucers, ETs, Abductions and More - Internet Radio Program from Pendleton, Oregon Every Sunday at 3:00 P.M. 
Jordan Rich Program, A Radio show on WBZ1030  out of Boston MA, USA
Sheduled interview:> Date: April 13th , Sunday morning at 10:00 hours (am) ISRAEL time
The Borderland Journal
FutureTalk with Zoh Hieronimus


David Moye,  Wireless Flash news syndicate. Allien support of the ousting of Saddam. 31.3.2003
"Free beer and hotwings"It is a larger station in the Philadelphia/New Jersey Area.
KAnsa City station, called "The Buzz", Apr 2, 17:00
KYYS in Kansas
Wednesday, 16th at 1600 hours with KSFN in Las Vegas , NV .
Coast to Coast FM radio