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May 12, 2003
Volume 4, Issue 5

Alien Healing?

A respected computer engineer has released a new book relaying the astounding tale of alien-led medical clinics:

Throughout Israel, scores of people are attending medical clinics of the kind more likely found in X-FILES episodes than the Holy Land. A highly respected computer engineer has devoted his life (and put his reputation on the line) to spread the word about what he and many others believe is the opening round of Earth's intergalactic assimilation.

Adrian Dvir holds a B.Sc. in engineering and an M.Sc. in computer engineering, specializing in computer architecture. Married with children, he is employed by a company developing computer systems for the Israeli military. He is well-known for his cutting-edge work with computer technology, and just released the English-language version of his wildly controversial book, X 3--HEALING ENTITIES AND ALIENS. A popular TV talk show guest in Israel, Dvir has recorded countless healing sessions, during which many of the willing patients actually report seeing medical alien teams working to repair and resolve their physical maladies.

Dvir has interviewed numerous aliens and documented his discussions about topics ranging from super-advanced quantum physics, hyper-telepathy, parallel dimensions, and intergalactic travel. The alien members of the bizarre medical teams Dvir assembles hail from various planets, some of whose alien inhabitants live for 6,000 years.

Dvir has mitigated and deflected much of the expected stinging criticism with a straightforward, matter-of-fact presentation style; confidently and persistently swaying a surprising number of Israelis to not only consider that what he says is true, but to actually take part in healing sessions.

"My concern is not that people believe what I say and write," says Dvir. "I can only act as a messenger. We hide nothing in our clinics, and I invite any media organization to attend a session and decide for themselves."



Adrian Dvir documents his own and others Healers and Mediums outstanding daily collaboration with the Alien  ET Extraterrestrials medical teams, Entities and Spirits. The paranormal and  mystical events becomes a daily experience with practical results for suffering sick people. Parallel realms of existence are described. The book includes a PC  HTML based CD with high resolution Video Clips streaming of Patients testimony, Healers stories and Aliens messages and answers as channeled by Trans Mediums. This is the next step in Alien contact beyond random UFO sightings, Crop circles, unexpected encounters and alike. 
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  • Paperback: 422 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.02 x 8.66 x 5.58
  • Publisher: Adrian Dvir; (January 2003)
  • ISBN: 9657269008

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