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Aliens treat Anemia

Synthetic blood transfusion

Blood transfusions are given to treat severe cases of anemia. The transfusion is carried out in a hospital setting. Despite increasingly strict testing procedures, the donor blood could be a source of bacteria or infection. I witnessed a number of cases in which the Aliens performed blood transfusions on human patients as a treatment for severe anemia. In November 1997, I asked the Aliens where the blood they used in the transfusions came from.

X3:       Itís synthetic blood.

Adrian: Could you please explain what that means?

X3:       The blood was not taken from a donor. It was developed in a medical laboratory. It is identical to human blood with one difference Ė it is sterile.

Adrian: Do you have any limitations on the production of synthetic blood?

X3:       No. Blood is produced on request within two hours and in unlimited quantities.

Adrian: How is it produced?

X3:       That I donít know. Youíll have to ask at the Communications Center.

Some time later I contacted the Center and they connected me with the laboratory for biological materials.

Laboratory:            Blood is produced through a number of procedures and stages. It is made up of several components, each one produced by a different process. The liquid components are produced through a pure chemical process, like any chemical production. The more complex components, such as red blood cells, are built through genetic engineering. They are supplied by the laboratory for biological materials. The laboratory produces tissue for transplant purposes and other complex biological materials. Their production methods are quite complicated. Generally, thereís a small production facility that produces the required materials. The work procedures are complex.

Adrian: Could you explain to me about the production of red blood cells?

Laboratory:            Please wait. Yes. They are produced through a process of genetic engineering. We start with a basic tissue Ė a clump of flesh constantly kept nourished, whose task is to produce red blood cells. Itís a piece of human tissue maintained in our laboratory for this purpose. Itís the same tissue that which produces red blood cells in the living human body. Special equipment keeps this piece of tissue alive. A constant input of nutrients maintains a constant output of red blood cells. Thatís the source of the red blood cells. They are mixed with the rest of the components to create a natural blood tissue. This blood is put to many uses in our biological laboratory. It is used in our life support systems for other human tissues we maintain, which in turn are used to produce other biological materials such as special synthetic antibodies, and so on.

Adrian: So if I understand correctly, the blood, at least in part, is produced by live tissue?

Laboratory:            Yes. The biological components are produced by live tissue. The simple chemical components are produced in the laboratory.

 Adrian:            So you took a biopsy from someone, and thatís what youíre using to produce blood?

Laboratory:            Exactly. And not only blood. All kinds of materials required for treatments and medical research. Our laboratory supplies all the biological material and micro-organisms for medical treatment and research.

Adrian: Do you also use bacteria for producing biological material?

Laboratory:            That is one method we use. It depends on what needs to be produced and in what quantities. The bacterial method is more problematic and less sterile, and it is unsuitable for producing red blood cells. For that, one needs body tissue from a suitable donor. Thatís the preferable method. We donít know of any bacteria capable of producing red blood cells. Red blood cells are too big.

Adrian: Well, I thank you for the information.

Laboratory:            Youíre welcome. You can make as many inquiries as you like. Weíll be happy to answer your questions.

Adrian: Thank you.

On the 16th of April, 1998, the Aliens gave a client of mine 4 portions of blood. I asked them how they actually do in practice.

Aliens:  We insert an ampoule containing blood into the body. The ampoule has a valve and a microscopic needle that injects the blood into a main blood vessel. The ampoule contains one portion of blood, which is introduced into the bloodstream over a period of five hours. In cases where more than one portion of blood is required, several ampoules are inserted and activated one after the other. In other words, an infusion of four ampoules of blood would be given over a period of twenty hours.

Adrian: What happens to the ampoules once they are emptied?

Aliens:  The ampoules are made of degradable material and with time they disintegrate and disappear.

Adrian: Is that your only method for giving blood transfusions?

Aliens:  In the case of four ampoules of blood being required, it is important to introduce them very gradually so as not to cause the body to go into shock. In quantities up to two ampoules, full composition blood can be injected very slowly straight into the artery in the neck. We also have ampoules containing either blood or medication that we generally implant in the patientís organ. These ampoules decompose, slowly releasing their contents.






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  • Publisher: Adrian Dvir; (January 2003).  ISBN: 9657269008

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