Aliens treat Memory loss Diseases

I was confronted with a case of a young girl who developed an auto-immune disease, which played havoc with her bodily functioning. One of the effected functions was memory. She found it so difficult to remember things that she felt she had to write everything down. She arrived for treatment and the Aliens gave her a thorough examination. They found that her memory was not actually damaged, but only certain cells in the brain responsible for transmitting information to the memory. They replaced the damaged cells with healthy ones taken from a different area of the brain where the cells were not being used. Following this treatment, the girl’s ability to remember was restored. The Alien’s pointed out that the girl had been fortunate. If there had already been damage to the memory itself, such as happens in Alzheimer’s disease, they would not have been able to help.

Congenital brain defect

A mother brought me her little girl who suffered from a severe behavior disorder, which seemed to come in waves. During one of these ‘waves’, the child was incapable of concentrating or performing any task to completion. Because of her condition, her intellectual development was sorely hampered and she was diagnosed as mildly retarded. Doctors were unable to find the source of the problem. Cranial x-rays and an assortment of tests turned up nothing out of the ordinary.

Aliens:  The brain consists of several different types of nerve cells, which develop and differentiate from one original type of nerve cell during fetal development. In this child, a group of brain cells in the right lobe developed into the wrong type of cell for that area of the brain. As a result, there is defective functioning of this localized area of the brain. One of the nerve centers passing through this area transmits strong random nerve impulses which interferes with intellectual functioning. The child feels distressed with no apparent reason for it. Our treatment involves implanting cells. The area that contains the ‘wrong nerve cells’, also contains many of these cells in a dormant state, that is, not in use (reserve cells). As a preventive measure, these cells can be neutralized to prevent their disruptive activity in the future. The functi