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Aliens treat orthopedic Ailments

Pains in the joints of the hands

A 40-year-old man developed pains in the joints of his hands. Several of the joints demonstrated some loss of movement. Despite efforts on the part of conventional doctors, no cause was found, nor could they find any way of curing the problem. The pain restricted his functioning since he found he could not use his hands as fully as before.

Aliens:  The disease stems from a drying up and deterioration of the cartilage due to stress caused to the hands by extensive typing on a computer keyboard. During a series of treatments including surgical procedures, we “marked” the cartilage and “rebuilt” problematic areas that were limiting movement of the joints. We carried out the treatment on all the joints, including ones that were not indicated as painful, as a preventive measure.

During treatment, the patient reported feeling paralysis from his shoulders down and could not move his arms. He felt sensations and strong pains that moved from finger to finger and from one hand to the other. He also reported feeling a strong extension in the palms of his hands. The Aliens tried to tranquilize or anesthetize him, but he preferred to remain awake and experience the treatment. Through extra-sensory perception, I could see his hands spread out, with metal rods and complex-looking equipment attached to them. The patient felt strong sensations in other parts of his body as well, especially in the soles of his feet. When the treatment ended, his hands were suddenly released and he could move them again. I could see the Aliens removing white robe-like garments. They then began to dismantle a kind of square white tent that surrounded the treatment bed. It consisted of many strips of fabric. These fell to the floor and someone swept them away.

Aliens:  The patient has a genetic susceptibility to joint injury. It’s a common ailment of people who work at a computer. Due to extensive activity, the cartilage of the hands dried up and became damaged. Without treatment, it could cause permanent disability. The body of a 40 year old human and older is not capable of self-healing of this kind of injury.


A 12-year-old boy who arrived for treatment, had a severe case of scoliosis – a 30% curvature of the spine. He had been to doctors who made him a brace to straighten his back. Needless to say, wearing such a thing, 24 hours a day for several years, involves no small amount of discomfort. The Aliens related to the problem with utmost seriousness – they felt that the severe curvature could cause damage to the spinal chord. During the treatment session, the boy expressed having the sensation that someone was doing something to his back. At one point during the treatment, we saw an involuntary movement of his arms upwards as the Aliens extended his back. Over the course of a series of treatments, the boy’s back began to straighten. During the next periodic orthopedic examination, the doctor expressed amazement at the unexpected and very significant change for the better within a relatively short time. The improvement was documented by x-rays of the spine.

Aliens treated bad meniscus

    Jack Cohen tell his story about unusual Alien medical treatment he experienced during Oct 2001-Feb 2002. Jack suffered from a bad meniscus. He could not walk and had to retire from work. The Physicians claim he need an operation but refused to do it because of his heart condition. Pushed by his wife, the skeptic Jack was treated by the Aliens and is now walking and working as before. In addition, he had an once in a life time experience... Jack known to be a good medium felt the treatment, saw the Aliens and spoke with them telepathically. Watch the Video on the left. Video taken during Nov, 2002.










Read more on these issues in Adrian Dvir's book: X3, Healing Entities and Aliens

An exciting and attention riveting metaphysical journey, September 21, 2003
Reviewer: Midwest Book Review from Oregon, WI USA
Informatively written by Adrian Dvir (an expert computer engineer who first discovered his ability to communicate telepathically in 1992, and first contacted aliens in the year 1994), X3: Healing, Entities, And Aliens is an exciting and attention riveting metaphysical journey into mind-expanding experiences and the positive intentions of entities from beyond this world. Offering a grand, detailed, investigative account that fleshes out seemingly supernatural occurrences in great detail, and enhanced with an accompanying CD, X3: Healing Entities and Aliens is a unique and very welcome contribution to Metaphysical Studies reference collections and UFO Studies reading lists.
Adrian Dvir documents his own and others, Healers and Mediums outstanding daily collaboration in ISRAEL, with  Beings from parallel dimensions or realms.  These invisible beings act as medical teams. They are Alien  ET Extraterrestrials and ED Extra-Dimensional medical teams. The paranormal and  mystical events becomes a daily experience, with practical results for suffering sick people. Parallel realms of existence are described. The book includes a PC  HTML based CD with high resolution Video Clips streaming of Patients testimony, Healers stories and Beings messages and answers as channeled by Trans Mediums. This is the next step in out of this world  contact beyond random UFO sightings, Crop circles, unexpected encounters and alike. 
Midwest Book ReviewRead more | Adrian Dvir Home page  |*Video | Synopsis | Table of Contents | Read an Excerpt | Front Cover | Back Cover | CD Artwork
  • Paperback: 422 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.02 x 8.66 x 5.58
  • Publisher: Adrian Dvir; (January 2003).  ISBN: 9657269008

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