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Connection to a distant memory of a well-developed personality

A man of about 40 came to me for treatment with the presenting problem described as a lack of physical and emotional vitality.

Aliens:        Physically, we find that he is in a state of hypo-activity (the opposite of being hyperactive), accompanied by a lack of energy and a lack of motivation stemming from an imbalance of certain metabolic processes in the body.

They promised to treat and cure him.

In order to understand the reasons behind his emotional state, they tried to introduce the client into a state of meditation with guided imagination, but were unsuccessful and the client fell asleep. Instead, the Aliens put me in contact with the client’s unconscious. At first I carried on a telepathic dialogue with what seemed to be the client’s ordinary consciousness. The responses I received matched those received in ordinary conversation, but with certain additions. Along with the telepathic dialogue, I was receiving unclear images.

I telepathically asked the client’s unconscious what he is afraid of. I suddenly received a stream of images from an unfamiliar environment. It seemed to be an environment of an alien life form, dark and misty, with very advanced technology. It was apparent from the images that my client was engaged in some struggle and chase. He was afraid of some sort of weapon that burrowed into the flesh like a meat grinder. He was apparently forced to abandon his home planet and emigrated to Earth. I asked to see his image on

Earth and received a vision of a prehistoric creature with a fish-like head. It seems he arrived on Earth during prehistoric times long before the development of human civilization. I asked to see images of other past lives and received information and images of a hat merchant in some eastern country. I asked the Aliens for an explanation.

Aliens:     The lives he experienced on Earth were insignificant compared with his original character that first arrived on Earth. What we see here is the withering of a previously strong and well-developed personality.

The treatment session ended and the client awoke. I told him what I had received from him and from the Aliens.

Aliens:     It saddens us to see the withering of a strong personality. Some of his memories are from a very well-developed personality that is in a state of somnolence. We suggest gradually connecting the client with his past life memories in order to bolster and strengthen his present personality. It has taken us much time to collect information on the original life form. It belongs to race of giants who were ungainly, good-hearted and very advanced intellectually. Only rare traces of this race remain and at first we didn’t know what his origin was. They are considered today very rare. On their home planet they had a very advanced civilization. Their sun was dark – what is known as a “black sun”. They lived on the surface of their planet and underground. The planet was rich in water and humidity. The culture was almost entirely wiped out due to war. The few survivors are scattered throughout many planets. Perhaps one day they will be reunited. The client has a very good-natured personality.

In a further treatment session, the Aliens put the client to sleep again.

Aliens:       During sleep, the brain transmits Alpha waves. In this state the person’s conscious mind is at rest and does not interfere so that it is easier to make contact with his subconscious mind. We have connected you to the client to enable you to perceive images based on your ability for visual perception.

Adrian:     How do I receive answers to my questions?

Aliens:        Through an osmotic process – that is, a two-way flow of information between the healer and client and between the healer and the Aliens. You can “converse” with the soul or with the subconscious.

During another session, I began as always with a whispered prayer, and I lifted my hands.

Aliens:      You must do exactly what we tell you to do. Connect with the client’s brain.

No sooner did I do this, than I saw in the middle of his physical brain a green ball about the size of a tangerine flattened along its top (in the region of the top of the head). Its bottom section seemed to be connected via a thick tube that led down toward the throat. Its continuation was unclear. I penetrated, through my extra-sensory perception to the interior of the green ball and I saw a special tissue of cells bordered by white glowing strips. I then pulled out a bunch of white fibers of light. It seemed as though the bunch had been lying inside, unused. Then I saw that the Aliens were connecting the fibers of light to the physical brain. The bunch of fibers passed between the two

hemispheres of the brain and connected to the cranial membrane on both sides of the divide between the hemispheres. I had the impression that more fibers were connected to the right hemisphere, but I may not have seen everything.

Adrian:     What are you doing?

Aliens:      We have connected the alien life-form’s brain (the green ball) to the client’s physical brain and to his ethereal brain (the part that contains life reincarnation memories). We created a combination in the hope that gradually, over the next year and a half, it will result in the clients developing self-confidence and an improved emotional state as we wished.

Adrian:     And what did I do?

Aliens:      You enabled the extraction of the bunch of nerve fibers that were not in use in the green brain, by applying the energies radiating from your hands. Without your help, it would have been a far more time consuming and complicated procedure.

In another session with this client, an attempt was made to put him into a state of meditation so that he could develop contacts with his deepest memories.

The client fell asleep and I began to receive impressions of a creature in the control cabin of a spacecraft, which was under attack or faced some sort of threat. Then I felt the creature walking down the hallways of the spacecraft. As he walked, the creature’s clothing made the sound of chains dragging along the floor. I clearly sensed a very heavy walk. He stopped in front of a red, round doorway. Next I saw him going down stairs. Then I sensed new surroundings that were very undeveloped.

Aliens:        There is a barrier disturbing the contact with the alien brain within the client. It is due to the deep depression experienced by the alien creature in the past and was the reason for his cutting off.

The Aliens engaged in a dialogue with the client’s alien brain, which was in a severe time deficit. (The brain had not been aware of what was happening to it for thousands of years.) The Aliens brought him up to date.




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An exciting and attention riveting metaphysical journey, September 21, 2003
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