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Emotional problems

A man in his fifties came to me complaining of chronic heartburn and emotional problems (anger, aggressive thoughts, holding grudges, and so on). Despite his wide knowledge on the subjects of mysticism and spirituality, he cannot see with his third eye and cannot make contact. Similarly, attempts to put him into a state of meditation met with failure. Other attempts to connect him with internal parts of himself ended with a burst of talk on irrelevant subjects. I had the definite impression that he was running away from something inside himself. I again asked him to try and enter a state of meditation, and I suddenly began receiving blood-curdling, gruesome images. I saw a torture chamber, a wagon of emaciated corpses, limbs dangling in all directions. Another room was full of disembodied limbs. The naked corpse of a very thin man lied on the floor. Chained to a column, another very thin naked man who had been a victim of torture was pleading for his life.

I had a difficult deliberation with myself, and finally decided to tell the client what I saw. He said that he too saw a gruesome scene, a bloody head. He also related that when they show atrocities on TV, he cannot bring himself to look at it and has to avert his eyes. I asked and found out that he was born one year after the end of World War II. The Spiritual Beings explained that during the period of the Holocaust, so many had arrived in such a bad state that it was difficult to treat them all. Some short cuts were used. This particular soul arrived in such a terrible state of hysteria, with no one available to deal with him, that it was decided to seal off his memories and send him back to experience a different life. The Aliens said that mediums who have discussed past lives with the client before now, neglected to mention this particular one since it was so horrific. It should only be mentioned in the framework of treatment and under suitable supervision. The client verified that he had been told of other past lives, but no one had mentioned this gruesome one.

First Concurrence

The next day I asked a friend of mine who has the ability to make contact, to seek a concurrence of the information I received from the medical team. My friend entered a state of meditation and contacted the medical team. He confirmed the information I had received and added that it was a particularly severe case. The client had been an exclusive tailor who was sent to the Meidanik concentration camp where the people were used for medical experimentation. They amputated limbs and tested the speed of scab formation using various creams. Their human subjects were considered less than laboratory animals. The client arrived in the “next world” in a very difficult state. If he had been kept there to overcome the experiences he had endured, it would have taken many years. It was therefore decided to send him back to experience normal life experiences to start to balance the horrors he endured. They opened the subject to him very carefully, taking every possible precaution. The aim was to bring the unconscious horrors that were disturbing him into the conscious mind, there to be coped with. It is hoped that in this way, the memories will stop haunting him.

Second concurrence

Due to the severity of the case, I asked for further confirmation from Chaya Levy who made contact with the same medical team. She related the following: They didn’t manage to treat him in the “other world” and sent him down into another life cycle. The client experienced severe torture. His body had been totally broken and taken apart. They broke all his bones and tortured him. The ethereal body was severely wounded. They didn’t put the ethereal bodies back together. They just sent the minimal basic “souls” back down to their next life. There were many people like him, who they sent straight back for reincarnation. The Aliens will treat the ethereal bodies. It’s a very difficult and complex case, mainly in the emotional sphere. He is left with

fears from the whole period of the Holocaust. He had also been a violinist. We have to enter his subconscious and work on it. He was either in Bergen-Belsen or in Auschwitz, or both. They used to send people from one camp to another. He had also been in the underground and was captured. It’s a terrible story. The gastric syndrome, damage to the nerves due to an emotional reason, is well-known to the Aliens from people who lived during that period. The client had chosen to live through that difficult period.

Reconciling contradictions

The client had been a violinist and in the concentration camp, he was a tailor. Regarding the names of the camps, it could be that he had been transferred among several camps, undergoing many experiences. It was over a period of years.

The Aliens asked permission to treat his memories and, if required, to erase sections. Permission was granted. The Aliens connected him to their computer, which scanned his memories in order to find an appropriate treatment program. Neither I nor the client were given details of these memories. The Aliens explained that in such cases, there is no point in involving the client’s conscious mind in the psychotherapeutic process. It is preferable to directly treat the memories. The Aliens said the computer was crashing under the load of the memories and that the man had undergone a great deal. Toward the end of the treatment session, they began erasing sections. The Aliens explained that the computer easily identified whole continuous sections of memories that contained confused information. By their definition, confused information is information that was recorded during a period of severe upset or insanity. Everything a person experiences undergoes a process of adaptation and recording. When a person is in a normal state, the recorded information is in a logical sequence. When a person is in a state of emotional upset or insanity, the recorded information

lacks any logical continuity. If this kind of information starts to leak out, it becomes the source of serious problems. Like static in an electrical system, it serves no functional purpose. Therefore, with the permission of the client, the Aliens’ preferred course of treatment is to erase such sections.

Client:       Can I have any other details, such as the country in which it happened?

Aliens:        (They answered through me.) No! We don’t want you to create any connection to these memories until we complete treatment. What we told you until now was with the intention of explaining in general terms what kind of problem you were facing. Revealing any more details of the past will interfere with treatment. Perhaps at some later time we will give you more information appropriate to a later stage of treatment.

Client:       Do I have karma connections with members of my family?

Aliens:      We don’t want to interfere with the computer, which is already busy, to start calculating correlations. You didn’t choose the family you were born into, as is usually the case, because of your emotional state. The choice was made for you. Generally, when a person chooses the time and the family to be born in, he or she shows preference for former friends and relatives from previous lives, for all sorts of reasons. We’ve done the major part of the work. The sections we erased caused complications in the computer. Without these sections, your conscious and you personality structure have to get used to a new configuration, to begin to think differently. It will take some time.