Foreign thoughts

A young man of about 30 complained of several physical problems and of a general feeling of dis-ease. After an examination it was ascertained that physically, he was reasonably healthy. During the preliminary examination, without any intention on my part to “receive”, I began to pick up a collage of fuzzy images. I focused on them and judging from the dress, they seemed to be images from episodes out of the past. I understood from the spontaneity of their appearance, that these were memories from past lives that periodically break through and probably account for the young man’s feeling of dis-ease. I received the images most strongly from the area of his head.

I told him what I picked up and he was speechless. He told me he had been living with the fear that he was losing his mind, because strange and foreign thoughts would suddenly invade his thoughts. For example, he suddenly had a very uneasy feeling that he owed people money, when he knew in fact that he didn’t. He was afraid to tell anyone for fear they’d declare him not of sound mind. He was not totally unfamiliar with the concept of past lives, but never imagined it had anything to do with his problems. I explained to him that sometimes, for some reason, the barrier between unconscious memories of past lives and one’s conscious mind is weakened and the memories break through into consciousness. In such a case, we have to either strengthen the barrier so they can’t break through, or we help the person understand what is happening so that he can cope with the memories.

Since this client seemed to have a basic understanding and an open mind, I decided on the second course of action. I asked him to lie down comfortably, relax, and imagine that he is alone in a movie theater with no one else but him sitting and watching the screen. The movie begins. I asked him to describe to me what he sees on the screen. At first he said he sees nothing and for several minutes no one spoke. When he did finally begin to speak, there was excitement in his voice. He said he saw flashes of pictures like a collage of episodes. Once he understood what it was all about, he was visibly relieved. Gradually, he stopped being bothered by invasion of foreign thoughts.

During a subsequent session with the same young man, I picked up details of his last past life. I saw a hardworking Russian farmer who shied away from contact with people and lived alone on the edge of a forest, far from the nearest city. Full of emotion, the young man pointed out that there were personality similarities between the farmer and himself. The encounter with his previous life helped him to better understand himself.