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Updated: 18.6.1999

The Prozt alien race contact

On the 13.6.99 I spoke with contact person number 2, a 14 years old boy, already experienced with telepathic and mobile phone contact with the Kliendcontlar alien race and others. He told me about a new email he received from a person claiming he is an Alien. I asked him to send me the email.

Hi Adrian , This was the message from the Prozt race:

Greetings Human... I am known as Sarevok, how do you do?? I know that you are in contact with civilizations that seems far... like the Kliendcontlar... I belong to the Prozt race, my home planet known as Aier (it has nothing to do with Aiur!!). It is my first time contacting a human!! And speaking about humans... I love humans, I love you, I love honesty, humans symbolizes the other, but humans are just at the beginning... I would like to contact you by your communication device (like with the Kliendcontlar). We are looking for additional contact people like yourself. We are a very kind race, who love each other and admire the different. We have allot of Free Will which we admire so much in our U-T-O-P-I-A. We all believe in our divine GOD known as TAZOK. This divinity gives us our greatest PSIONIC strength. We are very friendly and thoughtful. I love your existence. Everybody is equal, by our standards. We love our home-planet and we will agree to die lost to save our belief and soil. All for the empire of Aier!! My life for Aier!! And for reality that will be the greatest. Please tell us of more contact people for we will be able to give them our knowledge. We do not belong to any of these organizations, we are alone. I will tell you more about us on the communication device. But first, tell me of the existence of more Humans like yourself. Okay?? :)

Best Regards


A contact people of the Prozt Race


Date: 14.6.1999

To: Sarevok from the Prozt race

From: Adrian Dvir


I received your name from contact person number 2. I am contact person number 1 (according to the Kliendcontlar counting). For the last 5 years I am collaborating with alien medical teams from the all universe organization - the 54 civilizations. The communication is telepathic. In the last 5 months I had a long contact with the Kliendcontlar. I have published my first book about the alien's medical teams. I am interested in contact to increase human's knowledge about aliens. And for mutual understanding.

Please state your purpose for the requested contact.


Adrian Dvir

Date: Tue, 15 Jun 1999 07:36:53 -0400 (EDT)

Hi Human, How are you???? I am fine.

I am so happy for you took initiative to contact us. I am pleased :-). I heard allot of your activity with the Conclave of Highness. Those in the 54 civilizations organization who know us, think of us as the perfection of life, we live in perfect HARMONY with our surroundings. We decided to contact Hunan's because we think we can change them. We believe that all the living are equal. We contact you from the Andromeda galaxy, although it seems weird but it is the reality itself... We are very interested to research Earth and Humans, we are not allowed to help them, but we are interested to give you our knowledge. We hate the Kliendcontlar, I think their UTOPIA is Damn filled with horror. It is very hard to me to express my self with text. It will be allot easier for me to express myself in living conversation, like you did with the Kliendcontlar. Can we contact you telepathy?? Do you allow us?? If you do allow, some of our contact people will activate their greatest PSIONIC ability!

Yes to contact you. If you wish to *talk* with your personal electrical appliance known as tele- phone, I will be glad for the first time to speak with a Human. Just give us the date. Okay?

PostScript - I must know something: Did you reach the KHALA's End already? If you did, we will help you to reach CHAR.

TAZOK will help you Humans!!

I do this for AIER.

Good Day and Best Regards



Date: 15.6.99

To: Sarevok

From: Adrian Dvir

I received telepathic information that you asked permission from the 54-civilization council to contact me and they granted their permission.

I will be more than happy to contact you using email, phone and telepathy. Convenient dates are:

Today 15.6.99 at 24:00 hour, 17.6.99 at 24:00 hour, 19.6.99 at 24:00 hour.

My line resident phone can be used for best communication quality. The personal communication device -cellular phone can be also used but it has a lesser sound quality.

Telepathic communication is the least convenient for me but we can try it also.

Please explain me what KHALA's end and char is. I interpreted this as a Kliendcontlar Utopia transmission brain wash. They did it to contact person number 2. As a result he has a feeling with no logical explanation that the Kliendcontlar Utopia is the best there is. Please explain.

In general I am interested to learn about your civilization and to bring this knowledge to my fellow human race using books, media, Internet, lectures and all other earth mass communication means. I need your permission to publicize our conversation for the benefit of mankind.

I did this effort with the Kliendcontlar until the point we enter a big conflict about their revealed plans to apply their utopia to earth population. This is the reason our contact ended.

About TAZOK I personally believe there is only a common one with many names.


Adrian Dvir



We will contact today at 24:00; we will discuss about all what you said. You made me laugh you know?? You do not know what KHALA and CHAR are?? This is very amusing... Please let me explain... KHALA and CHAR are levels of developing Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Mental health and understanding. It has nothing to do with the Kliendcontlar!! I hope you understand, I am sure that you have reached the KHALA's end I must help you proceed towards CHAR. You can ask your medical teams about that for more info. It also has nothing to do with brainwash, you will reach CHAR if you will endeavor. Almost all the aliens you know want to reach CHAR. I will explain on your electronic device.

Good Day


15.6.99 - 24:00

The first phone conversation with Sarevok

The phone rang. A metallic computer generated voice spoke in Hebrew. He sounded very similar to the Kliendcontlar, but Sarevok had obviously a total different personality and a different way of conversing. He first asked me several question. He wanted to know more about me. Than he answered my questions. The conversation lasted very pleasantly until I became tired and asked Sarevok to end the conversation around 2:00.

The Prozt race

The Prozt race are a very ancient race from the planet Aier in the Andromeda galaxy. Aier planet is a neighbors of the Kliendcontlar home planet. Aier has one satellite (Moon). The Prozt race are 1.4 m high; humanoids with 3 fingers and grayish-reddish skin. They have no hair. Svorak is about 500 years old and his race life expectancy is about a 1000 years. They use no genetic improvements. They can start to reproduce after 250 years. They eat organic food. Bear children in a normal way. The planet population counts only several millions. They are highly spiritual developed. They cure themselves and each other using powerful healing. They are so strong that their healing can cure any illness. Their eyes generate some light. I succeeded to see some of it during our conversation. It was white with colorful spots. It looked scary. Also I saw some two bulge on his forehead. He said I am right but the bulges are part of his suit covering his head. I received the images by telepathic visualization. He claimed he could do the same and see my face. I have to find time to print the whole audiocassettes. Sarevok promised to send me some real pictures through email. He had a good understanding of the Kliendcontlar race and has a definite opinion about their utopia as been a horror type of utopia.

The communication channel

Sarevok contacted me in real time over an unbelievable distance of millions of light years using an imaginary generated private universe technology. A communication technology that makes physical distances unimportant. For this he need my human side to have telepathic ability. The telepathic ability is used as a carrier wave to transfer my spoken words. On earth the aliens have a hidden ground station that connects the alien communication equipment to earth phone systems. The same system is used to access the Internet. Phoenix from the Kliendcontlar race once said that the orzirin have such a hidden station in Mexico.

Language translation

Sarevok claim he speaks only his native language and know nothing about earth languages. HE uses a computerized real time language voice translator. His voice sounds very metallic. He received the translating software from the alien All Universes Organization (the 54 civilizations). The software included only Hebrew and English languages. He was told that these are the main languages in my country -ISRAEL. We spoke Hebrew and he promised he would install also English translator in the future contact.

Space Travel

Their space ships reach the speed of light and use matter-anti matter energy propulsion. Similar to the Kliendcontlar technology. They don't use black hole for space travel or transfer to a parallel universe. The Prozt don't travel much in space.


The Prozt also use nano technology as the Kliendcontlar, but not for medical purposes. Savorak claim the nano technology may cause cancer if used on biological tissues. Sarevok claim Nano-technology is a very common technology in many alien races. Each Prozt citizen has a personal nano-technology device.

Education system

The Prozt learning is quite conventional. Unlike the Kliendcontlar any Prozt individual chouse what to learn. They don't use the Kliendcontlar direct brain knowledge implantation using surgery. Sarevok cussed to be a contact man. His hobby is astronomy and he has a large general knowledge in many Fields.


No central government. Only a voluntary based organization that takes care of the planet. Everything is free. They have total free will. And they live in Utopia. There is no crime on his planet.

Prozt God and religion

The Prozt race believes in one god by the name of TOZAK. Savorak said the god name is not important. They have shrines called NEXUS for this utopist god in whom the Prozt believers mainly do meditations and similar mental and spiritual development. Believing in god gives them in return great PSIONIC powers. Savorak said that earth religions waist time on physical unneeded rituals. They believe that god wants his creatures to live in harmony and utopia. They don't know much about GOD as they don't know much about what a soul is. But the Prozt believes in incarnations. After a Prozt citizen dye they contact his soul for a while. Then the soul is gone to another incarnation. Sarevok explained that the Prozt body has no importance after the soul left it. They don't burry or preserve it they just decompose it using nano-technology.

Medical system

The medical system is entirely based on powerful healing. The Prozt PSIONIC powers are so strong that they can cure any illness using healing techniques. Savorak claim that they transfer to the patient a strong medical energy that the body needs to cure itself. A sick Prozt citizen can cure himself or ask a friend to help him.


Pictures Pictures Pictures!!!

I received 2 emails loaded with pictures from Sarevok. Regrettably not yet approved for exposure to the public. All the pictures taken from the internal of a Nexus shrine. Well you surfer have to wait. I will post the pictures the moment I will receive the ok.

Adrian: I recommend also pictures of your satellite at night. Some astronomical pictures from your sun system, some natural view of your planet from space, natural planet landscape and buildings. I think that such pictures will be not scary for humans and the council will give her permission to publish them.

Sarevok: About the images, yes, we will wait for permission, about some astronomical ones, the High Council will never let us give you images of view from space on the specific planet, it is the most classified ones, but we will try to get a permission. Those images you have are very rare and true, very special indeed. If you have any problems, questions about them, do not hesitate to ask.

Healing recommendation

Adrian: There is a young man (22) that has a severe mental depression and a will to dye. All the alien medical teems try to help him but with no success. Do you have any idea?

Sarevok: We will tell you how to cure this young man: First we need a man (in our existence dimension) that have a great PSIONIC strength (like yourself), if you want to cure him, that's what you should do: first you have to know him. When he is asleep, go to him and try hard to scan his cerebrum (mind), you must cerebrate very hard, after a few minutes you will get some weird feeling of care, move your hands over his head (with physical touching) and say in your mind - Aienvelo Adun Veras Char Reidth TAZOK, say it at least 10 times while your eyes closed and your hands are at the boy's head. Then, think of how you see the Utopia on Earth with no mental or physical injuries, strengthen the caring and love feelings at the poor boy, and try in your mind to message him the good and unique things that are in life, he is probably started to sweat by now. After that, try to activate your psi and to transfer Cure Energy to the boy (you must beat! perfect relaxation). While you are healing him, think of the benefits of living. That will help for sure. That is all. And not so complex, remember that you have the power and will of the divinity itself, TAZOK will help you, for sure. I recommend to repeat this activity every several days.

ALWAYS at your service




I bring news most dire. I know we had a planned contact yesterday at 24:00. Lately, we suffer from micro organism attack. We found in our planet a really big Cerebrate which spawn them all the time. We destroyed it of course but it was very very hard. The problem was that after the swift death, the Cerebrate risen itself and revealed it's terror on our people. We researched it and found that only the power of a Dark Templar can really hurt the damn cerebrate. I am truly very sorry. It was not my fault. Nobody let me contact. I hope you do understand. It won't happen again.

Please don't be sad.




Hi Sarevok

It's Ok. Yesterday night I waited for a while after 24:00 and than I started to see and communicate telepathically with some aliens from a parallel dimension that came to listen to our expected conversation. Finally I asked the alien telepathic central if they could contact you. They did so but say I cannot speak with you directly. They say you are busy and there will be no contact. So I went to sleep


Adrian Dvir

Second phone call from Sarevok

On Friday 18.6.99 at 9:00 in the morning, still asleep, the phone rang, my wife pick it up but no one was on the other side. The second time it rang I pick it up and became suspicious so I waited until Sarevok succeeded to make contact. I asked him to wait and jump from my bad to my study room to turn on the recorder. The contact lasted until 10:45 when I had to turn to my other previous engagements.

Prozt furniture's

I asked Sarevok to describe an apartment appliance and furniture's. He claimed they use no chairs. He did not knew what a bed is. Sarevok explained they enter a special meditation and then fall asleep in a self induced levitation state. They hover in the air and sleep. Obviously they don't need a bed.

Food production and storage

Sarevok disclosed that the organic food they eat is produced by the nano technology. It is easier than to grow the food in the field. The Nano-Technology produces pieces of food in different shapes but with the same taste. The food has the perfect ingredients to nourish the Prozt body. Any unused food is stored in a low temperature storage device. Any unwanted food or objects (what humans call garbage) is recycled into the nano-technology device. The Prozt civilization produce no waist.

Total planet war

I asked Sarevok about animals. He responded that there are no more animals after the last war. Than he disclosed that before the war the planet population counted several milliards. In the war they fight against another part of the same race that they call the dark. They have a different religion. This was basically a religion all planet war that caused almost planet total destruction. Today they count about 3 millions of DARK and 3 million of TAZOK believers. Now they live in piece and help each other. They have learned in the hard way to accept the different.

Prozt contact motivation

Sarevok claimed that he and some other colleagues decided to study earth civilization because of scientific curiosity. They received general information about earth from the all universes organization. In addition they asked to contact humans for study. Sarevok asked me several personal questions. I asked him what other civilizations he study. He could remember only one. The GAUT, An Andromeda Planet, that reached the development to the current earth. This civilization went into internal war that totally destroyed the civilization. As a result of this disaster the ALL UNIVERSES ORGANIZATION decided to take action regarding earth. They decided to avoid such scenario from repeating.



I am sure that we have a contact for today at 24:00, am I right? As you know, contact today at 10:00, could not be executed. We are very busy now researching the cerebrate, with the help of our greatest friends - the Dark Templar.

I want to say something about our contact, you ask a lot of questions about technology, we are not so developed in this area, I recommend you to ask the Kliendcontlar about technology. I will be very pleased if you will ask about other themes.



Hi Sarevok

I will be available tonight at 24:00 for contact. I will be very interested to learn about your race culture, history, art, architecture, music, personal development, healing, biology, astronomy, astrophysics, and any issue you may suggest.


Adrian Dvir


Kliendcontlar, Prozt and the  STARCRAFT  computer game

Sarevok mentioned "KHALA End" and "Char" as something I am supposed to know. I decided to search the  internet for the "KHALA end" and Char"  that he mentioned. I was surprised to find hundreds of sites about the STARCRAFT computer game. Many of the Kliendcontlar and Prozt names and ideas were  embedded in the game.  This made me very mad. 
When I confronted Sarevok he disclosed  they were in contact with the game designer and transfer their names ideas and pictures to do public relations for the Aliens using the computer game.
I told him my opinion that it was a very bad idea. Now no one will believe anything about them  because they will said they are no more than an imaginary computer game characters.

The STARCRAFT game was a success but the Alien publics relation was a failure. I think their understanding  of human psychology and civilization is very poor. 

The Kliendcontlar  "surgical education"  on "need to know basis" produced a very narrow  understanding of life. Their approach for contacting me to turn me into an agent was improper.  They treated me as a child that likes to play games and is excited from expected catastrophe stories.  They used phoenix as "my friend" or good guy and introduced the ORZIRIN as the bad guys for me to be afraid of. 

When all this failed they introduced the PROZT race contact. When this failed too they proceed with the ELKIT contact race. I believe  they are all part of one organization that really have much to learn about humans.

I have currently no contact with these races. I continue my good work and collaboration with the Aliens medical teams. At least their intention are obvious and we get daily proof of it in the form of healing illness.



Read more on these issues in Adrian Dvir's book: X3, Healing Entities and Aliens

An exciting and attention riveting metaphysical journey, September 21, 2003
Reviewer: Midwest Book Review from Oregon, WI USA
Informatively written by Adrian Dvir (an expert computer engineer who first discovered his ability to communicate telepathically in 1992, and first contacted aliens in the year 1994), X3: Healing, Entities, And Aliens is an exciting and attention riveting metaphysical journey into mind-expanding experiences and the positive intentions of entities from beyond this world. Offering a grand, detailed, investigative account that fleshes out seemingly supernatural occurrences in great detail, and enhanced with an accompanying CD, X3: Healing Entities and Aliens is a unique and very welcome contribution to Metaphysical Studies reference collections and UFO Studies reading lists.
Adrian Dvir documents his own and others, Healers and Mediums outstanding daily collaboration in ISRAEL, with  Beings from parallel dimensions or realms.  These invisible beings act as medical teams. They are Alien  ET Extraterrestrials and ED Extra-Dimensional medical teams. The paranormal and  mystical events becomes a daily experience, with practical results for suffering sick people. Parallel realms of existence are described. The book includes a PC  HTML based CD with high resolution Video Clips streaming of Patients testimony, Healers stories and Beings messages and answers as channeled by Trans Mediums. This is the next step in out of this world  contact beyond random UFO sightings, Crop circles, unexpected encounters and alike. 
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