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Alien Rajib message channeled by Trans Medium Hagai Katz

Hagai Katz Channels Rajib, Oe of the Managers of the 54 organizations. Rajib tells about himselfe and his home panet..  The Video Clip was included in the CD that is attached to the Book. The  channeling session took place  in Adrian Clinic on January 11, 2003. 
Video Clip Details
The video was produced by Adrian Dvir, in Jan 2003. Adrian also filmed the shoots and edited the final clip. . The video is available in MiniDV resolution 720 X 576 X  25 fps or other formats for media purpose.

Please wait a few seconds for streaming file to buffer. Microsoft Media 9 is required.

Video Clip duration: 06:34
Video Streaming:  80 Kbps
Video Resolution:  240 X 180 X 15 fps


Alien Rajib message channeled by Trans Medium Hagai Katz Video Transcript

 Good afternoon. My name is Rajib, and I am one of Hagai soul building,
and I am one of the managers of the 54 organization. I am came here today
for helping you in order to giving you inspiration and information for
your loving light. Please, I am giving you the option to ask me a few
questions, and after that I give you- I will give you- my message.

Person in audience: Can I ask a personal question?


Person in audience: Is your real name Rajib, or is it a special name for
us on earth? And are we allowed to know your real name?

I have a lot of names. For your understanding I giving you a name that you
can express, and that you can understand. I have a cosmic name that I can
give you, but I am not really sure that I can express it with Hagai's
tones and sounds. But I am really respect your question, and I will try to
do it now. Please try to listen. My name is (long alien name). Thank you.

Person in audience: Thank you very much. I really appreciate that. That
was a very special thing.

Thank you.

Person in audience: Can you give us more information on your role, and on
the roles of the people or aliens that you work with?

Right now I cooperating with seven main managers of the 54 organization.
Our mission now is to help those people are very skeptical on this alien
subject, and some of the healers are have difficult to understand our
mission and our purpose here on earth. And I will be glad to help every
one of you. I want to get proof here in this clinic. Right now I can do
one thing that you can be remember it for your life. And this is the proof
and now you can test it with your own device. (Tone articulated)

This is the tone of the real deep soul of Hagai and me together. Those
tone will be able to activate some of your channel things in your brain,
and in your other past life body. This is may be sound freak to you, but I
can understand it, because sometimes it make me laugh like you. I thanking
you for your patience. Please continue.

Right now in this moment, when you are sitting now and looking at me,
there is a full journey of information are picturing me and a lot of and a
lot of folks are reading my words also. So be aware of that.

I'm came here also to give you some clues and some gimmicks, for your
inspiration. You may ask one question, and I will answer you in my
language without changes. I will try to transfer the information directly
in our language. Please, you can ask whatever on you mind.

Person in audience: Please describe your planet?

(Alien language). Thank you.

Person in audience: Can you please repeat it in English?

Our planet is built in seven levels. We have seven levels of pressure of
air. We are separating for seven levels of humans. Not humans like you. I
using the words just for describing. We have seven moons. We have ten
suns. Our temperature in the morning is seven hundred degrees high. And in
the evening 2000 degrees low below the zero degrees, zero Celsius. We have
also seventeen materials we are building of. Our planet population is 25
billion of humans. We are doing in many kind of civilization. We have 2000
of seas all over the planet. We have also many kind of gas that each every
one of us using for energy. Most of the time we are don't using a traffic.
We don't have vehicles or space shuttles inside the planet. Every each one
of us have his own transportation. We can run for 300 miles an hour. We
can also jump for 25 meters long. We are everyone one of us is living by
his self. Families like you know it don't exist in our planet. We have
some kind of hospitals are every one of us can one time in a life and give
the hospital the needs of our body and our DNA. Also, except the DNA we
have some kind of device in our brain that we are giving to the hospital
in all of the lifetime. The hospital have a special doctors and special
operation rooms to raise children to the step they can walk and they can
breathe by themselves. And in time they get out of the hospital they can
be able to learn. They can able to speak. They can able to understand all
the materials and all the subject in our planet. After five years in your
time we are becoming to be adults. It means that we can't raise children,
but not like you see it. We grow children in very different way like you
know. We have schools. We have kindergarten. We have university and
college too. But every one of us make examination on the first day after
five years of became born and became an adult, and this is what catalogue
him to his mission of life.

We can see in twelve dimensions in the same times, in the same time. But
we can choose between which other. We can speak with twenty men in the
same time. In the same time we can do 40 things and we can move two and
three places. We can separated our body to three or to seven parts. We
control everything in our life.

Our planet begun on big, big, big explosion in our universe. And this is
create also in seventeen planets in the time it was a big explode. This is
by now the things I can tell you. I'm appreciating you for listening to

Person in audience: We appreciate your information. It is very amazing,
and naturally there are many questions that we would like to ask. But I
would like to ask about your mission here on earth because we would like
to know about our advance and your help to us. As we understand, you and
the 54 civilizations are here to help us, and the help is mainly physical,
am I correct?

You're correct and more. Physically, mentally, spiritually, souly. There
is very, very a lot of things we do in every step of your physical,
mentally, lighty, mentally, spiritually, and souly. We work on all the
five or six things in the same time. When we talk to you. When we treat
you. When we help you. When we do everything. When we step aside you. When
we hug you. When we kiss you. We do all the things together. And we came
here to prevent the idea that you can't fly high. You can understand the

Your ability is so high that you can't understand it. But, on the seven
years will come your, your brain will start to active in a full action.
Right now it's between 3 and 7 percent, and by the three decades you'll be
able to activate it 30 to 35 percent of your brain. I believe that you
can't even imagine what difference it can make in your life, in your
civilization, and for good for all the universe. But I can tell you a good
news. You are working hard, and you do it so good, that we are need to
work harder than we think about it before. And we are very appreciate it

Person in audience: You mean that we work you hard because we advance too


Person in audience: Appreciate your sense of humor.

Thank you.

Right now I am very, very sorry. But I need to leave because I need to do
a lot of things that I didn't did yesterday. So, thank you very much. I
will see you.

Person in audience: Can I ask for one more things. Would that be OK to ask
for one more thing?

Try to do it fast because.

Person in audience: One of Adrian's patients Jacoin when we filmed him we
saw all kinds of lights. Is that possible to see it again?

The answer is yes, but it will appear naturally. Sometime on specific
patients or healers. But this information that we are sending in the time
we are transmitting the lights, this is so big that you can't understand
it in one time. But this is sending an information to your brain and after
few months your brain can understand so much things because just because
the reason it looked on Jacoin film.

Thank you very much, and I appreciated your time invest.

Person in audience: Thank you very much. We hope to meet with you in the
near future. Shalom.

Transcript done by Cezyl
Darryl E. Berry Jr.

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  • Paperback: 422 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.02 x 8.66 x 5.58
  • Publisher: Adrian Dvir; (January 2003).  ISBN: 9657269008

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