Shai Sheaffer


My mother always wanted me to become a doctor, but I never thought I would fulfill her dream in a way that will satisfy me too. I was far from medicine as one can be, and my life- as “normal” as can be. Nothing really prepared me for what I would do in the second half of my life.


I was born in Jerusalem in 1952. I graduated from “Bezalel” academy with B.Des in industrial design. My career includes “Intel”, where I was a member of the Jerusalem factory start-up team, and a prestigious diplomatic job as the Israeli consul of tourism in Italy and Malta. My spiritual way started 25 years ago when I consulted people as an astrologer.

Five years ago, in a mysterious way, I was exposed to the subject of treating with energies, by “accidentally” knowing a healer, a remarkable Japanese Shinto priestess, Yumiko Kasai, who influenced my decision to choose healing as my way in life and my occupation. Yumiko invited me to Japan, where she taught me the secrets of her treatments. She claimed that whatever she did for her patients - so could I. When I went back to Milan, Italy, where I lived at that time, I tried to implement what I had learned from her, and realized I could improve people’s health or heal them entirely. Then I made a decision to expand my studies, so I took Reiki courses with Reiki master Federico Boerio. I was granted a master degree in Reiki, and about a year ago, after coming back from Italy to Israel, I opened my private clinic in Jerusalem, where I treat with energies, teach Reiki and consult in astrology. I combine different healing techniques and use the help of strong healing forces.

After being treated in Adrian Dvir’s clinic, my healing powers are stronger, I’m told by my patients and feel the change myself. Some of my patients report that they see other entities inside me and around me. Sometimes they feel many more hands treating them. Sometimes they see up to 17 “Shais”.


My treatments include physiological cases, like knee problems and other orthopedic problems, infections, warts, etc., as well as psychological problems like migraines, anxiety, depression and other stress situations. I can help patients quit smoking, drinking and other addictions. One of my biggest challenges is improving life quality of patients who suffer from serious diseases like cancer and multiple sclerosis.


I can be reached at tel. 02-5662678, Shalosh - holistic center, 43 Emek Refaim, Jerusalem.


Proficiency in Hebrew, English, Italian

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