Chapter 6

Otherworldly Spirits and Beings

I have come to realize over the years that spirits do not only dwell in the dark drafty castles of old England. You can meet one in the street, at a social gathering, or on an outing. People with an innate sensitivity to their presence, or those who have developed the ability through courses in spiritual development, can see and even make contact with these spirits.

Prehistoric caves

I recall a family outing to the Netafim Caves. Very slowly, and with exemplary quiet, we entered the dark regions of the caves. The humidity and the special odor of the place gave it a particularly mysterious aspect. The ground was wet and slippery. We passed almost with piety in the presence of these wonders of nature. As I marveled over the stalagmites and stalactites, my eye was caught by something that looked as though it did not belong to this place, or this dimension. A few meters away from me there sat on the floor of the cave, without moving, a creature that looked like an oversized monkey with huge eyes. After a moment or two a second and third figure joined the first. I had the feeling that they were quietly sitting and watching with curiosity the comings and goings of humans passing before them. I presumed I was the only one who saw them, so I kept it to myself.

Echoes of history

During another outing to the caves of Beit Govrin, we went down into the caves carved out of the rock, this time by man. The scratchings from their carving tools remained on the surface of the cave walls just as it had on the day the work was completed, hundreds of years ago. The thought that

people hid here, living in constant fear of discovery by the Roman soldiers, gave me goose bumps. As we walked through narrow passageways, we

passed an opening to a particularly large chamber. According to archeological indications, the chamber had been used as an improvised synagogue and a central meeting place. It was a very wide, open space, clean and empty. I turned to follow the rest of the visitors when something flickered at the edge of my field of vision. It came from the large chamber. Usually, such a flicker of vision happens at the start of an experience involving extra-sensory perception. Or sometimes it indicates the presence of something from a dimension other than our physical dimension. I concentrated my vision in the direction of the large chamber, and was amazed to see a group of people dressed in sachbot (loose, Biblical-style clothing) in a variety of colors, all huddled together along the far wall of the chamber. It seemed to me that they were trying to stay as far away as possible from the visitors to the cave. They looked somewhat upset, as if we were trespassing on their territory. I had the feeling that they were waiting impatiently for us leave so they could go about their business.

Chaya and her goat

My friend Chaya Levy told me that while she was doing a course in spiritual development, she returned home one day to find that she had an imaginary goat following her about. Not only was it an invisible goat, but it talked! Chaya phoned her teacher in a panic. When the teacher finished laughing, she encouraged Chaya to try and make contact with the goat.

At the next session of the course, Chaya told the teacher she was surely losing her mind, for as far as she was concerned, anyone who is in telepathic contact with an imaginary goat is definitely not sane. The teacher reassured her and welcomed her "to the club". From that day on, Chaya was referred to as "Chaya and her goat". Eventually the goat disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared. It was followed by a long series of spiritual guides who

supervised her development. According to Chaya, among the guides were Channa Senesh; Dr. Chang, the Chinese doctor; someone called Ronnie, one who called himself Jesus and several other well-known historical figures. Chaya began to earn her living by contacting Spirits or Beings for other people. Spirits who had been psychologists in their lifetimes, offered Chaya their assistance.

Visions in the night

Some years later, I decided to study with the same teacher Chaya went to for spiritual development. The group of enthusiasts convened and we all sat on the floor leaning against the walls of a large room in the teacher's Jaffa apartment. By the glow of candle light and suffused with the fragrance of incense, the teacher introduced us to the wonders of the unknown. In addition to theoretical explanations, she made actual contacts, speaking them aloud, for each of the students. Spirits that identified themselves with names out of history, such as the Patriarch Moses, Jesus Christ and others, gave us personalized and group messages through the teacher. It was clear that a group of Spiritual Beings was working hard to impress us. From time to time, I also sensed the presence of non-human Beings, apparently Aliens. It transpired that the teacher also knew of them, referring to them as a regular feature of the "invisible world" with which she is well acquainted.

The cross-section of people taking the course fairly represented a cross-section of the population as a whole - young people and old of varying professions. We were all there to try and clarify confusing things that had happened to us - things for which the normal, acceptable framework of life had no reasonable explanation. We all came to learn more about things that are intangible, hidden from view. Each person, talking freely and openly, shared some amazing personal story with the others. The group experience made it easier to open up, to be receptive to strange and generally unacceptable ideas.

I particularly remember one unusual meeting when we left the confines of the room and went walking about the enchanted alleyways of the Old City of Jaffa. We were looking for natural sources of energy. In one spot, we all began to feel a strong prickling sensation in our hands. Focusing my extra-sensory perception on the ground, I saw what looked like a yawning gap from which spurted a geyser of energy. At another location, next to an ancient garbage dump I suddenly saw an image out of the past. An Arab woman was leading a small donkey laden with goods. If I had been the only one to see this image, I would have attributed it to my own imagination and given it no more thought. But I wasn't. Those of us who saw the same sight rushed to tell the teacher. She smiled a sweet secretive smile.

We carried on to our end destination, an archeological site called Tel Jaffa (an archeological mound or small hill) on which stood the reproduction of the gate to an ancient Egyptian temple. On the way, we passed along the Jaffa seashore. In the darkness of the distance, the light of a ship was twinkling. And then something caught my eye. It looked like giant columns rising from the surface of the water. I asked the others in the group to look in the direction I was looking. They all saw something, but it was unclear as to what it was. Slowly it dawned on us. The teacher confirmed that she also saw a gigantic spacecraft hovering just above the surface of the water, opposite the sparkling view of Old Jaffa lit up at night. To the normal eye, nothing was visible. The teacher said no more about it. It was not on the agenda of that evening's lesson.

But her amazed students continued to stare. It looked as though the spacecraft were starting to slowly revolve, or perhaps it was one of the columns revolving, until eventually the lit up interior of the craft was revealed. I put all my energy into my extra-sensory perception to try and see inside.

Finally, I succeeded in seeing a round glass surface a few stories high. At each floor there was a railing behind which stood figures looking at us. They had the general appearance of human beings, with long ears pointing upwards. We began to feel a bit uneasy that these invisible Aliens were focusing their attention on us. A chill passed down my spine. The Aliens looked as though they were we could see them, and we became an attraction. As we continued walking along the shore, we had the distinct impression that the observatiwindow was turning to follow our progress. We were glad to distance ourselves from that place. Finally, we arrived at the archeological site and our lesson began.

The teacher explained that this was a very unique site, which contained an ancient doorway into another dimension. She asked us to enter a state of meditation and to try and find the exact location of the doorway. I was amazed at the extent to which all the students came up with the same impressions. What I saw was a downward slope into the belly of the earth. A gate made of large round iron balls blocked the doorway, but we were able to pass through it. We all had the feeling that as we moved further along, the dimensions of the space around us became huge. We saw caves with many openings. The teacher told us to look for a doorway and to walk through it. At one of the openings of a cave, there was a huge wooden door. I peeked through it and stood breathless at what I saw. The space on the other side was huge and square in shape, revealing what looked to be a futuristic city. There were small buildings with colorful glass roofs. It seemed deserted. I tried to "see" inside. The buildings that looked small from the outside, were actually quite large inside. Somehow I understood that it could house many residents living in parallel dimensions. The teacher explained that this was one of the havens built by Aliens in the very distant past of the earth's history. The city doesn't

exist in the physical dimension, but in a parallel dimension. It is impossible for humans to reach it accept through exercising extra-sensory perception. As we exchanged impressions of what we "saw", I suddenly felt the presence of figures with long ears standing several meters from us.

Inhabitants of the "other world"

Spiritual Guides, Beings and Aliens from a different dimension than ours all have one thing in common: they cannot be visually perceived, i.e., you cannot see them with your eyes. For all intents and purposes they do not exist in our physical world. My personal introduction to these Beings began with human Spirits, often referred to as souls of the dead, or ghosts. These were at first, relatives of mine whom I knew before they died. Then I began to be aware of human Spirits with whom I hadn't been acquainted, Spirits who took upon themselves the task of Spiritual Guides and Healers. Finally, I became aware of Alien Beings that exist in another dimension and whose mission is to offer medical help. Despite many similarities, there are significant differences between the human Spirits or Beings and the Alien Beings. Firstly, they exist in entirely different dimensions. According to the Spirits, there are those who lived as human beings and recently died; there are Aliens who decided to experience physical existence in a human body, and there are Aliens who never experienced physical existence as human beings. These are the Beings that populate the "other world" as I have so far come to know it.