On 14.6.2003 we had a meeting in my apartment with a scientist and 3 mediums to channel Aliens answers.

On the next day the scientist sent the following question about a potential sever flaw in Aliens explanations:

Scientist:  Last night was very interesting - thanks for arranging the meeting. However, I suggest that you consider the following sever flaw in one of the answers given to me regarding the sun. In a previous meeting it was said that the sun age is 85 trillion years. Last night we have heard that hydrogen is constantly being formed inside the sun and hence it can shine at the present rate for this length of time. Combining the two numbers I get that the total energy produced by the sun over its life time (85x10^12 years) is 10^55 ergs. Coverting to mass using the standard efficiency of hydrogen burning (0.007) gives me a mass for the present sun (i.e. the mass of helium in the 85 trillion years old sun) of about 1.7e36 gram i.e. more than 800 times larger than the measured mass of the sun. Since we can measure the sun mass to an accuracy of much better than 1%, where is this factor of 800 comes from? 

Adrian: The Aliens tried their best to explain that things are much more complicate than humans  think they are. When the Aliens study the process of a sun it includes much deeper investigation that humans can do. If as the Aliens claim that there are 7 basic forces and humans know only of  4, and the Aliens claim they can scan and study the inside of the sun mass, humans can only gues what is going on there. If humans  invented some theories and most of the human scientists agree that does not make the theories corect. Human only take those theories as correct.

The Aliens say that fusion of ydrogen into helium is only one of more than a hundred reactions that are taking place in the sun. Deeper into the sun there are stronger gravity and higher tempreture that cause sub atomic particle fusion. Particles smaller that hydrogen take part in those ractions. Sub hydrogen paricles activity show itselfe in the wealth of sub atomic particles and radiation that escapes the sun in sun eruptions periods.

The aliens say as an abecdote that the universe is so old that if the theory of burning hidrogen into helium was right than there will not remain any hydrogen in the universe and the universe should be a very dark place. no suns.

 The idea of burning out hydrogen as a fuel is a by product of human understanding in wood and benzin burning. The sun is operating on much more complex princiles than a diesel engine.

There is one difference. The universe is filled with energy and this energy has one important quality: it cannot be burned out or destroyed. The energy exist forever and can only change shape but never burn out.

 The energy of the sun can be said is never changing significantly. The Aliens say the sun is a stable system. Its a system in equilibrium. Most of the observation you can do are on systems in equilibrium otherwise the systems should not be there.

There are mechanisms in the sun that take care of excess of mass or energy. The sun with its mass strong gravitational force is attracting allot of meteorites that crush on its surfer. As a result the total mass - energy of the sun may raise and the sun surface temperature goes over a threshold point that generates sun eruptions.

Sun eruptions are like safety valve. To make sure the sun does not over heat. We want to emphasize that sun life expectancy should not be calculated on hydrogen fuel quantity. The sun absorbs a lot of energy in different forms and generates energy in many forms. But as a system in equilibrium the sun keeps its total energy/mass in a very narrow fluctuations zone. In the presence of high temperature, high gravitational force and other factors matter and sub particles act differently than you are used to think about mater and energy. Very strange reactions take place on sub Proton levels. futons and other light particles are created and escape the surface of the sun. This is part of the energy output. As input we can say that there are several mechanism through which the sun absorbs energy. Meteorites, that just melt into sub particles. Solid matter cannot exist in the sun surface. The hot surface of the sun also is a melting facility for space radiation and small particles that are attracted in massive quantities by the sun gravity.


Adrian Dvir

I hope that at least some of the answer is from the aliens. I just Wright down what ever went in my mind.

Scientist: thanks very much for taking the time to try and clarify the messages you
are getting.
Let me say briefly that while I appreciate your efforts, I find the
explanation not convincing. There are just too many facts, too many
extremely accurate measurements and too much information all pointing to
the fact that what we know about the sun and stars is the correct
explanation. There are ways to test a theory and verify whether or not it
is correct. It makes no sense at all (the famous Occam's razor) to add a
dozen more ingredients that complicate matter a lot just in order to explain what is already explained.
I am willing to accept the fact that there are many problems in physics that are still unsolved. I am not willing, at this stage, to invest much effort it something that is well understood.
This brings me again and again to the same issue - can someone prove me wrong on this issue? Can someone show me that our theory about the way the sun and stars shine is incorrect or in conflict with the observations? History shows that whenever we have a wrong theory there is, eventually, evidence that points to its flaws. Where is this evidence?
Why should I accept an alternative explanation if I see no such evidence?
Do you or anyone else know of a case in the history of science where the amount of supporting data we had on a certain theory is close to what we know, to day, about the sun and yet that theory was proven wrong? (Newton and Einstein is not a good example in this case - Newton was not wrong, he simply could not explain things in the limit of extreme gravitational forces).

Adrian: I think that this dialog is very important and both sides are learning.

In the medical treatment , area that I am involved with the Aliens, I have plenty of proof. Patients feel the treatments and its definitive results. So I understand your need of proofe. But I also encounter a large number of expiriences and Alien explanations which are far beyound our logic and understanding and I have learned not to discard them becouse they don't agree with our science. I try to understand, investigate, define and document these claims for future consideration. You can call these unprooved theories or hypoteses. I gathered a lot of these in the last 8 years and found out that they make part of a big and intresting and coherent puzzle.

And if you ever wandered about Einstein inspiration about such unusual relativistic theories that ware ahead of his time...