Treatment via Internet
Aliens medical team treat Hypertension (high blood pressure)
A London patient testimony

During 1998 whilst net surfing, I accessed Adrian Dvir’s home page regarding Aliens collaborating with humans on medical matters and this caught my attention on two accounts, firstly that for a number years I have had a keen interest in all things related to space travel, extra terrestrial civilizations, parallel universes and UFO phenomena, and secondly as I was entering the evening of my life, a growing awareness that my health was steadily declining.

For over four years I have been experiencing hypertension, (high blood pressure) this being treated by conventional drug therapy, and although I had modified my lifestyle regarding diet, exercise and adequate rest, the blood pressure was rising inexorably.

As I still have some years to go before retirement, and with ongoing financial commitments regarding house, mortgage and kids at university etc, the outlook was not too promising, therefore I thought that possibly the alien doctors may be able to help me in view of their apparent advanced medical treatments and techniques.

Although very aware that Adrian was located in Israel and that the alien doctors had established medical facilities there, I made e-mail contact with him, explained my situation and basically said that although I live in England “can they help me “

Adrian asked some questions about the current medications I was taking, and after discussing my case with his colleague Uri, he replied that the Israeli based medical teams were too busy to help me, but suggested that I make contact with a London based group who had access to alien medical help - but they were not able to give me an address or location, other than some very vague clues

After a fruitless search with many blind alleys, I went back to Adrian and said that I had drawn a blank and could he perhaps request the alien doctors to re-consider and treat me from their Israel based resources.

Adrian then suggested that I send him as an e-mail attachment a recent photograph of myself, together with my full postal address (apparently the aliens have the world fully mapped out and can locate a street/house address with pinpoint accuracy) so that the alien doctors could “visit” me

After some days, when I arrived home one evening and accessed my e-mail, there was a message from Adrian marked “Urgent” saying that the alien doctors would be visiting me that night whilst I was sleeping.

I went to bed around my usual time (I sleep alone) and was a little apprehensive before I dropped off to sleep.

I partially woke up as I heard inside of my head a “splat” noise like a piece of wet paper or cloth hitting the wall - this was followed for a few seconds by the feeling of some substance running through my veins, thereafter I was conscious of my body tingling plus a heavy feeling in my upper legs.

The time was around midnight as I vaguely heard my hall clock striking the hour.

For the next hour or so I was half asleep/half awake and tried to remain still.

I was also briefly conscious of a male face that flashed into my mind, which was white with an unusual splayed nose.

I woke up properly around 6am (my usual time) and felt well with no symptoms, I did not feel any different, although I noticed that my eyes which were usually a bit red and bloodshot were now very clear.

By e-mail Uri via Adrian explained that the aliens had examined me and that I suffered from Arteriosclerosis, and that the condition was severe and irreversibly damaged with my blood vessels full of diverse sediments, but their treatment would improve my condition significantly.

The aliens would try to melt some of the sediment using special chemicals, and took into account the conventional drugs that I was taking in order to avoid inter medication effects.

Additional to the chemical melting, they performed a manual cleaning in the larger blood vessels - which is a tedious task and is accomplished over two separate sessions.

There would be some instability in the blood pressure for several weeks afterwards (in fact it did go up and my conventional medication had to be increased) thereafter it would stabilize

The treatment lasts for about two years before the sediment starts to build up again, and the process needs to be repeated

All of this was accomplished whilst I was “asleep”, and I understand that I was connected to a machine which was attended by a medical team one of whom (the one I thought I saw) was a vascular specialist. They took gentle care because I was not a “young man"!

I understood from Adrian that the medical team made some subsequent nightly visits to check upon my condition re the effectiveness etc, and they reported that the treatment was successful.

I mentioned earlier that following the alien’s treatment, my blood pressure rose and the conventional medication had to be increased, and it was suggested by my GP that I should undergo a blood test, an ECG and heart x-ray at my local hospital to ascertain the extent or cause of the apparent deterioration, this being a repeat of similar tests conducted some eighteen months previously.

As this took some weeks whilst on the waiting list, when I did undergo the tests, the results were quite remarkable, as my heart and heart action was perfect, the blood pressure was stabilized and the outcome was that my medication was decreased and changed to one that was less invasive re side effects.

I also had another medical problem, as about two years ago I became aware of a skin lump in the area of the perineum (between the bowel & bladder) that was growing larger, and a sample was taken under a local anaesthetic for biopsy.

The result was inconclusive, and I was advised to review it in about a year’s time.

As I was more concerned with the blood pressure situation, I tended to ignore the lump and it was only after that I had received the alien’s blood cleaning treatment, I became aware that the lump was still increasing and becoming irritant, so I re-visited the specialist who after examining me expressed an opinion that the lump could turn malignant and that surgical removal might be a necessity.

He arranged for another larger sample to be cut out (under a general anaesthetic this time) for biopsy. The result was again inconclusive and I was advised to keep a watching brief and have it looked at again every six months or so. I had the impression that the pathologists did not really know what it was.

Some days later and after the area of the perineum had healed up, as I was worried regarding the outcome, I then re-established e-mail contact with Adrian and acquainted him with my latest medical problem, and asked if the alien doctors could help once again.

This they did, and I understood that they used a local treatment where they inject a substance into the tissue mass, usually with no side effects.

These treatments happened during the night hours, and perhaps because I was becoming used to their attendance, I was unaware and unconcerned of any alien medical presence.

However, the result was quite startling, as the lump gradually shriveled up and has completely disappeared! This confirming Adrian’s statement that the alien treatment causes the lump to stop growing, decompose and absorbed by the body

In both cases, there is perhaps fairly conclusive evidence of remarkable improvement in two quite different medical conditions, which may not be wholly attributable to conventional medical treatment, but as a considerable adjunct to it.


So what do I think….

There is I understand an enormous on going effort by various aliens to prepare the inhabitants of Earth with eventual knowledge of other highly evolved civilizations, and their medical research teams offering limited but technically advanced medical assistance to humans via healers appear to be a part of their overall plan.

So why don't they materialize and announce themselves to the World at large?

Perhaps they feel that we are not evolved enough, that we are still a primitive society unable to prevent wars and famines, that we cannot live with each other without personal and national conflict, and that we have little or perhaps too late realization of depleted Earth’s resources and the deof the Eco-system. (I could go on!) Maybe the aliens are making this very limited contact in their own way and in their own “time”

But, back to my treatment, have I been deluding myself?

I don't think so, as the positive results and outcomes have not been entirely derived from conventional medical treatment.

As regards questions as to how the aliens “traveled“ to England to treat me, how did they get here, why were they unseen - most of these points may be covered in Adrian’s web pages

Also, if any of you know the location/address of a London based healer(s) who have access to alien medical technology - please let me know via Adrian, as I will need re-treatment in two years time.


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