UFO congress lecture

ET Medical activity in Israel since 1994


My name is Adrian Dvir  I am a computer Engineer. Since 1986 I am working in a high tech company in Israel that deveopes military comuters and militarry radio communication equipment.

During 1978 - 1983 I served in the IDF also in coumptes. One day I came home lay down and felt like a cold hand touching my leg. I heard a voice of my late aunt asking me to take care of her children.

There was no one in the room and I decided to tell no one and ignore the incident.

A few yers passe I got marririd and one day I felt my grand father in my apartmrnt asking to read a newspaper.

I ignored it again and one morning I was working at my computer I felt a presence on my left. I asked her name - Olga, How old Are you - 86.  Now I really got afraid. I did not know her and this thinair responded my qwestions.

The breakpoint was after my father passed away, I felt him in my car and started to communicate with him. this time I decide to investigate.

I went throuth many expiriences you can read in my book and to make a long story short I met Haia Levy. She also discovered she had extrasensory capability and did channeling for clients.

One day she saw very strage looking creatures in her apartment that did not resembel humans. She got afraid and asked them to go away.  They explained they are a medical team from other planets and oher dimensions or realms.

they asked her permision to built a small hospital around her apartment and cure human with her acting s the intermidiator.

I was one of her first clients. The moment I enter her apatment I saw transparent strange looking creatures. They treated me and solved some of my medical problems. Later they asked for my help in their medical work of curing humans.

The ET Medical teams belong to a 54 planets organization.  Since 1995 I collaborate with them and treat about 20 people a week.

The number of clinics increased stedily and now there are about 50 in Israel.

Some feel nothing some feel very starnge sansation and the sensitive ones see and communicate with the ET medical team.

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Since 1995 I am collaboraing with these Aliens