X3, Healing, Entities and Aliens

Author: Adrian Dvir, M., Sc

 Short Synopsis

A computer engineer and medium channels with entities, spiritual guides and aliens. Since 1994, Adrian is collaborating with an alien medical team from a parallel dimension that opened a clinic adjacent to his apartment.

Adrian heals people and learns from the aliens about their life, technology and their plans for the human race.


"This study is very broad in scope and conducted in cooperation with inter-planetary organizations - organizations that bring together a huge diversity of life forms from millions, and even tens of millions of populated planets."

"Medical treatment is only one element in the efforts to motivate human beings to come into contact with us. Without medical treatment, we surmise that the points of contact between humans and us would be minimal. One of the aims of treatment is to learn about the nature of human biological and psychological systems through case studies of patients. "

Short Bio

A master in Computer Engineering. Since 1986 he is working with TADIRAN Comunications Ltd, ISRAEL, a high-tech company specializing in military communication equipment.

He served in the Israel Defense Force computer R&D, between 1978 to 1982.

Maried with two children

Since 1994 he is expiriencing a daily contact with aliens.