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I am back again in my life.

Aliens cured my sick leg

Good morning. My name is Jack Cohen. Eight month ago, I had this problem with my knee, I just could not walk. I could not drive, I could not do anything. So  I went to see the Doctor. The Doctor did a lot of examinations. Photographs, CNC, CNT, TNT, I don't Know all kind of things. So they sent me to make some physiotherapies. Gymnastic and something like this to help me but they did not help me. And I went to see the Doctor again and he said: " Mr. Cohen I  am sorry I cant help you anymore, because I have a plastic valve in my heart. This can only be cured by an operation. So because there is a danger because of the operation in my heart, he could not operate me so he told me I have to live with it. Use a stick and walk and that's it.

I didn't accept it so I went to a specialized, and I paid him a lot of money for a visit and that's what he said. Sorry Mr. Cohen we cannot help you. You have to live with the stick, O.K. I accepted the verdict.  I staid home, I could not walk I could not work. I was so mad, I was so crazy. Me at the end of my days I have to walk with a stick like an old man.

Ah, but my wife read the book of Adrian Dvir.  About Aliens or treating with Aliens, something like this. And she told me: you know Jack, there is a way to be treated by this and that. I read the book , its very interesting why don't you try it ? I thought really Lily go on find yourselfer another job. Stop talking nonsense. This is bullshit. Again and again and again, she did not stop. What's the matter with you, why don't you try it ? Try it, never mind. So one day I was mad and I said: Listen, do I see them ? She said I can't promise you. But In the book they said you might, if you are a good medium. I know myself I am a good medium. Because sometimes I see things at night that make me crazy. Well, I went outside and I could see people. I said: Hay what are you doing ? There is no one there. Anyway I said O.K. My wife made a date, she arranged, and I went to see him.

 So I went to see Adrian Dvir. He looked at me it was very strange at the beginning. He asked what your name, what happened ? I said I had a bad meniscus. So he said never mined, everything will be treated. Mr. Cohen will you lay down please on the bad, take of your shoes. I take off my shoes and I laid down. Its was wonderful. He said close your eyes. And try to imagine things. I closed my eyes and suddenly I felt myself up in the air. And I was in nowhere. And  from out of nowhere, came my little dog. in front of me and stop. I saw him. He was cut to two and disappeared. Than my cat came and cut to two and disappeared. After that came a snake, She looked at me with a horrible face, cut to two and disappeared.

After that a turtle came. I looked at her. She steady, she laugh, she smiled at me. And said would you like to walk with me ? I said fine wonderful. I started to walk and made all the movements like I am walking with a turtle. And I asked her what do you have on your back. Aunt that heavy ? How can you operate with it ? She said never mind, do you want to use one. And I felt I have something on my back and I started to walk. And while I was walking she smiled at me, and she developed into a beautiful girl, wonderful white hair, the same face of a turtle, She said here I leave you I have to go. You will be taken care. Bye. Bye, I moved my hand and said goodbye and made a gesture.

 By by and suddenly from nowhere came five people. Two in front of me and three at this side. There were strange faces, I mean human being like us but very strange faces. They smiled at me and they said o.k. We will take care of you. And I started to make a lot of exercises, that could not do it in my life. It was so difficult I could not believe it that I did it. For 45 minutes I started to do exercises moving my head. and my sick leg like this. Tha ta. I could not do it before, I mean. Oh, It was very hard. I started to sweat. And than they left. I open my eyes and I asked Adrian, wow is that over ? No No No , continue to lay down. They went to talk between themes.

So after 5 minutes resting, He told me to close my eyes again, I closed my eyes again and they came back. They smiled at me. And I felt like they are operating my leg. Operation like they cut my leg. hey what are you doing? I tried to stand up to see what they are doing, The guy on the right said you cant sorry. And he brought a cushion and he put it in front of me. And I could not see what they ware doing. And they said would you mind if we come at your house to continue the treatment ? I said, yes why not and at that moment I felt a siring in my leg, Ouch, Its like a pin that goes inside. It hurt me. And they left and that's all. 

I opened my eyes and Adrian said: the treatment is over. I said it hurts. he said yes, they put something in your leg, to know where do you live so they can come and see you. And I said that al but I saw them!  Yes you saw them that's fine. I said all right. thank you very much that's all. No you have a meeting in a month time. All right I arranged the meeting. For the next month. I started to walk again with my stick. And I went back to my car, I could not drive. That was on Friday.  On Saturday I still walked with a stick and I looked at my wife, oh, the Aliens you see I am still sick. Monday, Tuesday. on Tuesday I left the stick aside. Wednesday I left the stick at all. And I started to walk. 

After a month I came. I had the same treatment. I saw them again. And I made a lot of exercises. I went home and at the third time I didn't see them. It was a very big light. And I did a lot of exercises that until now if I am trying to do it, I could not do it. What I did on the table. Its amazing. Its something unbelievable. And then Adrian told me, I am sorry Mr. Cohen but that's all. Your treatment is over. Now I can walk, I can run. I am back again in my life. This is a big question mark. Maybe that the future. I think I don't know. I went out one night, I looked at the sky and I saw millions of stars. And I said to myself: in this big cosmos, there is only us living ? I am sure there is a another world. I think that we are not alone. I am sure that we are not alone now I am sure. 

This was wonderful. Anyway they are nice people I talked with them, and if I close my eyes I can see them back again. I tried to contact them lot of times. I think the helped me a lot. Without me knowing they are doing it. This is another story for another place, thank you. 

I talked to them telepathically. It was not a language. It was a kind of understanding and smiling so nice, helpful. I think I like them very much. 

At the right of me thee was a guy, a person like us , his face is little different, he had two antennas on his head. \something incredible in his eyes. But I was not afraid I mean. I liked them, I talked to them, I found them very very friendly. 

Haya (Jack Cohen Wife) :  And while we were walking, the train came into the station. And the train in Ashdod does not wait a lot of time, two minutes, one minute. and it goes back to Tel-Aviv. And I said to jack: we will lose the train. And we started running. And while we ware running, we run quickly, I saw Jack is running. I said Jack look you are running. And he looked at his feet and he said yes I am running. And we ware running to the train. It was marvelous. It was wonderful. 

    Jack Cohen tell his story about unusual Alien medical treatment he experienced during Oct 2001-Feb 2002. Jack suffered from a bad meniscus. He could not walk and had to retire from his work as an actor. The Physicians claim he need an operation but refused to operate him because of his heart condition. Pushed by his wife, the skeptic Jack was treated by the Aliens and is now walking and working as before. In addition, he had an once in a life time experience... Jack known to be a good medium felt the treatment, saw the Aliens and spoke with them telepathically. Watch the Video on the left. Video taken during Nov 18, 2002.
Jack Cohen, 73, a famous actor in ISRAEL, suffered from knee problem - bad meniscus, and was treated by the Aliens. 
During shots, colorful unexplained artifact appeared on Jack face, hands and shirt and nowhere else in the frame. The movie production specialists found no explanation to this phenomena.

1013 nm,  1.7 X SR 
2035 nm,  1.9 X SR
8100 nm,  2.1 X SR
nm= nanometer,  SR=1200W/M2

The Aliens claimed they did an experiment with three scanning LASER in the far IR - Infra Red twice the intensity of sun rays that cause camera sensor to saturate and produce these colors.

The video was produced in ISRAEL by Adrian Dvir, in Dec 2002. Adrian also edited the final clip.
The video is available in MiniDV resolution 720 X 576 X  25 fps or other formats for media purpose.
Please wait a few seconds for streaming file to buffer. Microsoft Media 9 is required.

Read more on these issues in Adrian Dvir's book: X3, Healing Entities and Aliens

An exciting and attention riveting metaphysical journey, September 21, 2003
Reviewer: Midwest Book Review from Oregon, WI USA
Informatively written by Adrian Dvir (an expert computer engineer who first discovered his ability to communicate telepathically in 1992, and first contacted aliens in the year 1994), X3: Healing, Entities, And Aliens is an exciting and attention riveting metaphysical journey into mind-expanding experiences and the positive intentions of entities from beyond this world. Offering a grand, detailed, investigative account that fleshes out seemingly supernatural occurrences in great detail, and enhanced with an accompanying CD, X3: Healing Entities and Aliens is a unique and very welcome contribution to Metaphysical Studies reference collections and UFO Studies reading lists.
Adrian Dvir documents his own and others, Healers and Mediums outstanding daily collaboration in ISRAEL, with  Beings from parallel dimensions or realms.  These invisible beings act as medical teams. They are Alien  ET Extraterrestrials and ED Extra-Dimensional medical teams. The paranormal and  mystical events becomes a daily experience, with practical results for suffering sick people. Parallel realms of existence are described. The book includes a PC  HTML based CD with high resolution Video Clips streaming of Patients testimony, Healers stories and Beings messages and answers as channeled by Trans Mediums. This is the next step in out of this world  contact beyond random UFO sightings, Crop circles, unexpected encounters and alike. 
Midwest Book ReviewBook_Readers |   Read more | Adrian Dvir Home page  |*Video | Synopsis | Table of Contents | Read an Excerpt | Front Cover | Back Cover | CD Artwork
  • Paperback: 422 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.02 x 8.66 x 5.58
  • Publisher: Adrian Dvir; (January 2003).  ISBN: 9657269008

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