Chapter 9

Aliens from Other Worlds

Strange shadowy figures began to appear in Chaya’s home throughout the year 1994. She was quite used to seeing Spirits, but she was alarmed at the sight of these faded apparitions that bore no resemblance to human beings. They explained politely that they were Aliens from another universe, outside our own universe. They asked her permission to build a hospital for the purpose of treating human beings adjacent to her home. Chaya answered that she is neither a doctor nor is she certified to open a hospital. The Aliens explained that they were doctors and they had highly advanced technological means at their disposal for curing diseases. She finally gave her permission and the construction project commenced. They built several rooms above Chaya’s designated parking spot adjacent to her apartment. These rooms, like the Aliens themselves, are invisible to most people. Although Aliens and deceased human Spirits are both equally invisible, they are different from each other in that they exist along different dimensional planes.

For a few weeks Chaya’s apartment echoed with the sounds of banging and strange noises as Aliens brought in medical equipment and installed it. When the building was completed, the construction team was replaced with a medical team. Chaya was the first trial patient and she said she underwent a long series of tests and medical treatments. Following this, treatment was begun on others.

I remember one of my first treatments very clearly. I sat in a chair and began to have a sensation on my face as if I had walked into a spider’s web. I wiped my face, but the sensation remained. I put all my effort into my extra-sensory perception and managed to see shadowy figures busy around my head. They looked similar to human beings, but there was something different about them that I couldn’t define. It took me quite a while to get over my excitement – the room was full of living creatures, but other than Chaya and myself, none of them were human.

My extra-sensory perception was unclear and I felt I couldn’t rely on what I thought I was seeing. In contrast, the physical sensations I was experiencing came through loud and clear. Even so, I couldn’t be sure what was real and what were imaginings. Despite the fact that this same situation was repeated several times over throughout the next months, my doubts remained. Was it really happening or was it the wild fantasies of an over-active imagination?

A few weeks went by since my first treatment, and the Aliens working at Chaya’s got to know me as well. They decided I was a suitable candidate to work with them. Chaya told me that the Aliens questioned her extensively about me, with the result that one day when I was sitting at home I heard a “pssst” in my right ear. I understood someone was trying to make contact. I quickly sat down by my computer and let the information flow. It was a female Alien who called herself Ornea. She was a psychologist and part of the medical team working at Chaya’s. She said the Aliens’ aim was to help mankind and asked if I would like to help too. I said that I would.

A short time latter the scene repeated itself, only this time they asked me to sit on my balcony and enter a state of meditation. I did as they asked, closing my eyes. I suddenly saw a white screen with letters on it that I did not recognize. Next I saw an image of purple spheres coming from space. They said that was what our souls look like when they are not in a physical body. According to their explanation, the souls or spirits of humans are the same as those of Aliens. I then saw a large dome. The Aliens said they would like to build such a dome around my apartment and set up a clinic. They requested my permission and I gave it.

During the following days I was aware of a bustle of strange activity. Unclear images of figures busied themselves installing invisible cupboards on the walls. In the “real world” absolutely nothing had changed, but when viewed with extra-sensory perception, it was apparent that something was happening. Still, it was hard for me to believe. I thought I was imagining it all. Some days later, my friend, who has highly developed abilities of extra-sensory perception, came to visit and described to me what she saw in my home – an array of tubes and pipes and unfamiliar equipment. My conflict over perception vs. imagination was eased somewhat. But still today, despite innumerable confirmations and eyewitness reports from those with special abilities of perception as to what they saw in my treatment room, I still find it very difficult to believe.

Invisible Aliens from another dimension

Aliens who exist in the 3-dimensional physical world (consisting of the first, second and third dimensions) appear on Earth as UFOs. They are visible to the human eye. There are many well-documented and photographed sitings. Another well-known fact is Alien interest in medical matters. This is seen in the evidence that has been found of animal vivisection and reports of people abducted for purposes of medical examinations. Regular contact between aliens and humans on the physical plane is problematic because of the psychological barrier.

Other-dimensional Aliens are not made of the same kind of matter as we are. According to their explanation, they exist in the fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions. For this reason, they are imperceptible to most human beings. It also means they have no problem mingling freely among us, studying us, and

making telepathic contact. They claim that about one-quarter of the population of the Earth have the potential for extra-sensory perception and can see Aliens in parallel dimensions. But most human beings do not realize this potential.

The public debate over UFOs

The phenomenon of UFOs is a fertile source for public debate. Every social or government body interprets issues to its convenience. What is eminently clear is that human civilization is not ready to deal with the concept “we are not alone”. Despite UFO sitings of a scope and clarity that cannot be dismissed, government bodies still fervently deny their existence, offering alternative explanations that are so outlandish, they make themselves ridiculous. Psychiatrists who observe the phenomenon from the vantagepoint of their psychoanalytic couches propose mass hysteria as an explanation.

Religious leaders are so steeped in their ancient traditions and interpretations of the Holy Scriptures that they have lost the ability to evaluate new facts. According to them, everything is predetermined and all that will happen has happened. “There is nothing new under the sun.” The proposed existence of other worlds and otherworldly beings endangers their entire belief system like a breeze endangers a house of cards - the belief system that generation after generation of sages has toiled to build. It also undermines their elevated position as spiritual authorities.

Similarly, scientists are steeped in their scientific traditions, and more to the point, are dependent on Government funding ensuring that they toe the establishment line. Given this policy of denial, it wouldn’t surprise me if scientists denied the existence of alien life even if a downpour of UFOs rained

down on the world’s universities and research institutes. In light of official reactions, it is also not surprising that the aliens have chosen to make contact only with ordinary people and not with official bodies. The people they have chosen to contact are characterized by an open mind and freedom from official belief systems and thought patterns, whether religious, social, scientific or political.

Aliens in telepathic contact with Mediums

The phenomenon of the Medium has existed for thousands of years and there is evidence of it in our ancient history. The Bible relates famous cases of communing with the dead (King Saul calling up the spirit of Samuel through a “witch”). It would make perfect sense, in fact, if the entire chapter of The Prophets was a report of contacts with high level spiritual guides who took upon themselves the task of guiding the future of the nation.

For people who have the ability to act as a Medium and make contact with the spirits of the deceased, the event is so commonplace as to be thought of as almost tangible. Aliens who exist in another dimension have taken advantage of this fact to make contact with humans. Mediums are more open to the possibility of contact with Entities from “elsewhere”, be they spirits of the deceased or Aliens, although, in my experience many Mediums avoid these contacts. For the most part, Mediums accept the concept of life after death as something outside the framework of ordinary human experience. The belief in the existence of other worlds, such as “the next world” makes it easier to believe in the possibility of life outside of the earth, i.e., the existence of Aliens, and therefore it is easier for the Aliens to communicate with them.

Another relevant fact is that communication between Mediums and spirits is accomplished through telepathy. Telepathic ability is apparently highly developed among Aliens and is used instead of telephones or other devices of communication. Given these facts, the following story told to me by Medium/Healer Chaya Levy, didn’t surprise me at all.

Chaya’s First Close Encounter

Many years ago, before she was aware of her telepathic abilities, Chaya picked up a communication from Aliens approaching the Earth. They requested navigation instructions and permission to land. She remembers transmitting a communication back to them, “Don’t even consider landing here. There are bad people who will harm you!” After receiving her message, when they arrived on Earth they did not try to make radio contact with a control tower at an airport. They simply made telepathic transmissions to the local population.

Despite all the joint work I’ve done with Aliens through my healing sessions, they generally refuse to identify themselves. If pressed, they will throw out a name that seems quite random, such as Physicist XY, or Head Doctor X3. They prefer defining their positions in terms such as surgeon, psychologist, physicist, knee technician, and so on. The teams are replaced frequently so that the relationship with them tends to be more professional and less personal. Each one performs his or her own task in their well-defined area of responsibility. When a team is replaced, there is either an overlap of the two teams, or the new team uses the documented information in the computer so that continuity of treatment is maintained. The frequent turnover rules out the possibility of developing long-term relationships. The few Aliens, who I nevertheless managed to develop some sort of relationship with chose local names for themselves to make things easier for us. For instance, the Head Doctor from Sirius, who identified himself as X3, asked us to call him Dov.

Description of Aliens from medical teams

The Aliens working on the medical teams, seen by myself as well as by other healers and patients with the ability to see with the “third eye”, are similar in general structure to human beings. That is, they have two arms, two legs and one head. But here the similarity ends. Some of them are about 70 centimeters tall, while some are as much as 4 meters tall. The appearance of the face and eyes is very varied and strange. Some have smooth skin, while others have skin that is hard and rough and still others are covered with thick hair like a bear’s fur. Their style of clothing varies from lightweight items such as shorts and sandals, to heavy and complex-looking suits that, according to explanations I have received, are actually a type of space suit.

The Aliens work in teams, which are rotated every few months. The regular team is joined from time to time by specialists such as cardiac specialists or knee technicians, according to the needs of the treatment. It would seem that these specialists are constantly moving around, visiting one treatment site after another. Additional visitors to treatment sessions include official observers, students, tourists, an assortment of supervisors and those who visit purely out of curiosity.

Hierarchy of the medical team

 For every treatment session, there is a clearly defined hierarchy among the members of the team. First, there is the doctor or head surgeon who is in charge of the operating theater and ultimately responsible for the treatment. He has assistants including technicians who work the equipment, aids, medical students and so on. Other members of the team include other professionals such as psychologists or psychiatrists.

Combined teams

The treatments are managed by delegates of Aliens who have arrived on Earth from elsewhere. Sometimes, local Beings are included in the medical team. During one treatment I recall, aside from the Aliens, there was a Being who was a young doctor. He had died just after completing his medical studies in Haifa. He was pleased to be able to continue to work in medicine after his death. During another treatment, there was a Being who claimed to have been a Chinese doctor during his lifetime. Through telepathic contact with the patient, it was relayed to me that the Chinese doctor sounded like an ancient Being. He had accumulated a great deal of medical experience and was even sometimes assigned to head the medical teams. We put a series of questions to him and received the following information.

The Chinese doctor explained that he is made of energy. He can move from place to place in the blink of an eye, in “our time”. All Beings who were once living humans have this ability to a greater or lesser degree. Their movement through space, however, is limited to the Earth. To leave the Earth for more distant destinations, they require transportation such as an Alien spacecraft. The Chinese doctor spends his leisure time at ancient historical sites on Earth where he joins other Beings who dwell there.

Aliens in training

Occasionally, student Aliens take part in the medical teams. During one treatment session I carried on a conversation with one of these trainees through a friend of mine who succeeded in making contact.

Adrian:   Who do we have here with us?

Michael:  The doctor and two students.

Adrian:   What are the names of the students?

Michael:  Irit and Avi.

Adrian:   Nice to meet you. My name is Adrian. Please tell me something about yourselves.

Irit:         I’m from another galaxy. I worked there in complementary medicine. Here, I'm a student of conventional medicine (Alien conventional medicine).

Avi:        I was born here on Earth. I was a doctor during the time of the industrial revolution.

Adrian:   If so, you have a lot of catching up to do.

Avi:        Not especially. Medical equipment has advanced, but a doctor’s behavior and his relationship with the patient have not changed. Doctors took the Hippocratic Oath then, too.

Adrian:   Where do you work?

Avi:        Wherever we are needed. This clinic here with you is our home clinic, but we help out at other clinics as well.

Adrian:   Do you live here in the home clinic?

Avi:        No. We have other living quarters where we meet doctors from other medical teams. We only work here in your clinic.

Local guests

I conducted a number of treatments jointly with a woman healer who regularly works with Beings, human spirits who act as her guides. During one treatment, we noticed two of her guides who looked like two human doctors – one short, red-headed and bearded, and the other tall and dark-haired. They wore white lab coats and stood to one side (in a sort of hallway). They watched the proceedings of the treatment and discussed it between themselves. When they left, the door to the hallway closed. The door looked like an automatic hermetically sealed door such as one sees on buses.


During one treatment session I conducted outside of my own clinic, I became aware of three rows of benches on a gradient like in a theater. About 20 Entities with large glowing eyes sat on the benches. In fact, the eyes were almost all that was visible. During the treatment, one of the Entities stood up and explained something to the rest of the audience. I didn’t catch what he said, but from his movements I understood he was explaining about the treatment.

Personal questions put to the team of Aliens

Below are a series of questions I put to the team of Aliens who work with me, and their answers as relayed telepathically.

Adrian: How long will you be in this area?

Aliens: For several years. A date for the completion of our research has not

yet been set. If the research is productive, we will stay longer. It all depends on how worthwhile the research turns out to be.

Adrian:   So you are a research team?

Aliens:    Yes, we are a research team assigned to study your planet. We

are studying man in many areas and for many reasons. Among them is scientific curiosity. We are, as you know, more advanced than you.

Adrian:   Otherwise, we would be studying you.

Aliens:    That’s right. Exactly. We want to understand you better, including your

psychological and physical diseases. That’s why we have set up medical teams in several places and we are carrying out treatments on human beings. We help to the best of our abilities, and in the process we learn.

Adrian:   What will you do with the information you accumulate, particularly in the field of medicine?

Aliens:    Firstly, the information is for the purpose of learning and research. At a later stage the authorities will decide what to do with the accumulated medical information, such as whether or not to set up mass public aid teams. Meanwhile, our aim is to learn and gather information on your planet from many different aspects.

Adrian:   What about ethical aspects? Have you ever requested permission

 from anyone for your research program?

Aliens:    No. We haven’t asked anyone’s permission, because there is no one

to ask. There is no official body that recognizes us or would grant us permission even we approached them. We have permission from an extra-terrestrial authority. It is a kind of galactic government that watches over developing planets. A kind of supreme apotropos for planets that cannot yet speak for themselves in the cosmic environment. This authority granted us permission for our research, otherwise we would not have been able to work here freely.

Adrian:   And did this permission involve you giving anything in return?

Aliens:    Yes. The information we gather will be available to the galactic

organization in case of the need of any kind of intervention. The knowledge acquired will be used at some future time for the good of the planet, you can be assured of that. The aim of the galactic organization is to help developing planets and not to cause them any harm whatsoever. The knowledge will be put to higher purposes – that is our way. We’re learning how to cure you of your diseases. Can there be anything bad in that? No.

Aliens in the form of a vertical band of light

During one of the treatment sessions, a different type of Alien appeared. Their body structure was very thin, almost like a long wooden plank, with blinding light surrounding it. They looked very much like a blinding vertical fluorescent light with a dark strip up the middle. No finer details were observable. The Aliens said that one of their kind was presently living a human life cycle and he was the reason they had come.

Homofluid Aliens

During one of the most interesting treatment sessions I have experienced, several people with the ability of extra-sensory perception took part. The greater number of Mediums available allowed the Aliens to carry out a great deal of work. They energetically tackled several medical problems simultaneously, and it seemed as though the teams were being replaced and replenished as they worked. Suddenly, several people at once shouted, “Wow, did you see that?” We exchanged experiences and it seems that several people saw two or three figures basically similar to humans, but with a dark blue body, a small head and small yellow eyes. These blue figures suddenly began to duplicate themselves, turning into several identical figures. It looked as if one figure was stepping out of the first and the effect reminded me of an accordion opening up. During the duplication, the figures took on a fluid appearance. When the duplication was completed, each duplicate took on the exact appearance of the original. They separated from each other, and each one set about their work. I asked one the healers present to make telepathic contact with them, and through him, I began to ask questions.

Adrian:   Did what we just see actually happen – you duplicated yourselves?

Aliens:    Yes. In order to get all the work done, we duplicate ourselves several

times, and each duplicate works in harmony with the others. A central element supervises them all.

Adrian:   Do you use any mechanical equipment to duplicate yourselves, or is

 this a natural ability?

Aliens:    It is a natural ability.

Adrian:   Are all Aliens capable of this?

Aliens:    No.

Adrian:   Where are you from?

Aliens:    Not from this galaxy. We are fluid creatures and we generally live deep

 under water, in fresh water, but we can live also on dry land.

Adrian:   Is this your natural appearance, basically similar to humans?

Aliens:    We adapted ourselves to this form to facilitate our work with other members of the medical team. The human structure is good enough for performing medical treatments. We can take on many different forms.

Adrian:   Do you duplicate yourselves always into the same kind of matter?

Aliens:    For the purpose of the present treatment, we duplicated ourselves into the same kind of matter, but we can duplicate ourselves into other types of matter.

Adrian:   How many duplicates can you divide yourselves into, and for how long?

Aliens:    It depends on how much energy we have.

Adrian:   If one of the duplicates is injured, does this injure the whole?

Aliens:    No. The whole can duplicate itself.

Adrian:   Did the ability to duplicate yourselves grow out of an evolutionary need and increase your chances of survival?

Aliens:    Yes. That is correct.

Adrian:   How do you like Earth?

Aliens:    It is pleasant. There is plenty of water, which we like.

Adrian:   Are you touring?

Aliens:    As well.

Adrian:   Have you been to the Sea of Galilee?

Aliens:    Yes, but we were not very impressed.

Adrian:   You ask some questions now.

Aliens:    We have no need to ask questions. We make direct contact with human beings’ unconscious mind.

Adrian:   Speak with our conscious minds too. Let’s have a chat.

Aliens:    Are you satisfied with our treatments?

Adrian:   Of course. We have no shortage of diseases. Is this the first time you’re taking part in a treatment session with me?

Aliens:    We only started giving treatments a short time ago. To start with, there were only a few of our representatives on the organizing team.

Adrian:   Is it all right if I write about you in my book?

Aliens:    Yes.

Adrian:   After you duplicate yourselves, is the mass of the duplications equal to

 the mass before duplication?

Aliens:    No. It’s a complicated process. We are made up of light, dynamics and mass. We have no personal names. We have a common thought process. We’re currently living in the Atlantic Ocean. We can exist in duplicated form for about 6 hours on dry land. Under the water, we can exist in duplicated form indefinitely.

X3 - The specialist from Sirius

One day when I phoned Chaya to consult with her and her medical team on a particular question, she told me that a new Alien specialist had arrived. He had expressed an interest in meeting me and making direct contact. I readily agreed and when he asked when he could come over, I replied, now. Chaya told me he would be there in 7 minutes. I hung up and went to my computer to await his arrival. Sure enough, 7 minutes later I sensed activity around me, although nothing was clearly visible. I began to type.

Adrian: Have you really arrived from the planet Sirius?

X3:         Yes, in a transit ship.

Adrian:   What is your area of specialization?

X3:         Kidneys and other internal organs. I’m a specialist where I come from. I’m currently on a combined consultation trip and vacation. As far as you’re concerned, I’m here to consult with the local medical team augmenting its abilities to deal with kidney problems.

Adrian:   Are you reading the text on my computer screen?

X3:         No, I don’t know how to read Hebrew. I am receiving your thoughts and someone is translating them for me. I understand you’re typing our conversation onto your computer. Is that your best way of communicating?

Adrian:   Yes, meanwhile. I asked if you all could help me communicate verbally, but the attempt was unsuccessful. A receiver has been implanted in my head, but for some reason, it’s not working. How old are you?

X3:         Several hundred years old. 458 according to your way of counting.

Adrian:   And what is your usual life expectancy?

X3:         Over a thousand of your years. Some reach two thousand. Few among us die.

Adrian:   Do you reincarnate?

X3:         Not in the same sense that you do. We pass on our heritage in a different, more educational way. It’s like your reincarnation, but a little different.

Adrian:   So, some part still survives, even after a thousand years.

X3:         Yes. Something continues to survive and is reborn. It’s something that is arranged in advance. It’s an organized transfer from one body to another and is performed in a special hospital. It’s a body transplant. Some do it even before they have to, that is, before aging sets in, for esthetic reasons. Whoever has the means, or a special medical reason, undergoes the transfer. One can change bodies fairly easily based on the medical means at our disposal.

Adrian:   What do you look like?

X3:         Externally, we are basically similar to humans – the body, the eyes –we’re fairly similar in appearance. But our internal structure is different. Our internal organs are organized differently from yours. Our metabolism is different and so is our lymphatic system. We are less vulnerable to infection. One could say that our bodies are more sterile, which is why we are more immune to illness. Our bodies are not constantly eroded by attack from germs as humans are. Our immunity is in part an evolutionary development, in part genetically engineered, and in part a result of local medical and environmental efforts. We maintain a high level of environmental hygiene. Our living quarters are sterile, as are our places of work and entertainment. In fact most of our environment is totally sterile, so there is no chance of contagion. Here on Earth, the environment is biologically polluted. We have to be very careful when we arrive on Earth. We wear sterile suits and live in well-protected quarters.

Adrian:   What is your average level of intelligence?

X3:         It’s difficult to define or to compare. Obviously, we are more advanced in intelligence, but not in the same way in every area. There are areas in which you are more developed than we are. It’s difficult to set a standard. In general, yes, we are more advanced in terms of intelligence.

Adrian:   Do you wear clothing?

X3:         Yes, a kind of space suit made of light flexible material. It’s a very effective covering against infection and for maintaining personal hygiene. We don’t want to pollute the environment we live in with various body secretions.

Adrian:   Do you keep house pets?

X3:         Only in special animal houses and under very strictly supervised conditions. They don’t walk around free among us as they do with you. You’ll have to excuse me now, we have to go. We have work to do. We were pleased to talk with you.

Adrian:   Likewise. I’d enjoy continuing our conversation whenever you have  time.

X3:         So would we. It isn’t every day we get the chance to speak face to face  with a living human being. Thank you very much, be well.

I phoned Chaya and told her about the conversation I had just had, or thought I had. As usual, it was hard for me to believe it had all really happened.

Chaya:    Here he is, he’s just arrived back. The Alien says you did not imagine the conversation. He really was at your house and enjoyed meeting you. The conversation was interesting and productive – and it really did take place.

Adrian:   What does he look like?

Chaya:    He looks basically like a human being, but he’s very short – shorter than most of the other Aliens here in my team. He has big eyes and smooth hair.

Adrian:   Aside from his conversation with me, did he receive any additional information about me?

Chaya:    Yes. They have the ability to penetrate our unconscious. He feels that you are a very complex person – like all humans. We are all very complicated emotionally. That’s a problem they don’t share on Sirius.

The next day I met with Chaya and we continued our conversation. The doctor from Sirius was present.

X3:         My name is X3. We don’t have names like you do. My planet is very beautiful and highly advanced, both along the evolutionary scale and scientifically. We live in harmony with nature. We use natural materials. We do not use plastics because it is a major pollutant. For instance, we wrap things in banana leaves. We are all as one body. Everyone has the same memories and the same line of thought - in fact, almost the same thoughts. Whatever one feels or thinks, the other feels or thinks. It’s a kind of cooperative telepathic thought process.

On the 31st of March 1997, I met X3 again at Chaya’s. I asked him if he had read my book and what his opinion was of the perspective of a flesh and blood human.

X3:         It’s an excellent book. Your outlook, from the perspective of the Aliens, is very narrow and distorted, but from the perspective of human beings, the book is excellent. The book includes two interesting theories, one regarding Alien blood-less surgery, and other is the physical description of the structure of matter. I would recommend that you contact the Being Albert Einstein. He can explain physical phenomena to you.

Adrian:   How long did it take you to read my book? A human needs a few days to read it carefully.

X3:         I read the book twice in half an hour.

Maya:     I read the book in an hour and a half.

Adrian:   How long does it take for an Alien to become a doctor? Among humans, it takes 7 years of study.

X3:         Aliens study 14 years. The studies are very comprehensive and include comparative cultures and societies, learning foreign languages. An Alien doctor has to know how to treat a wide range of life forms from many different planets.

On another occasion (April 1997), I had the opportunity to continue questioning X3.

Adrian:   What is the population of Sirius?

X3:         Between 8 and 10 million.

Adrian:   Is that all? That’s very little compared with the Earth.

X3:         Yes. Sirius is smaller and its rate of population growth is low. If a family has two children, that’s a lot. Many families do not have children. Sirius is relatively closed to outside influences. It has almost no immigrants from other planets. The population is quite homogeneous. There is no disease. One of the reasons for disease on Earth is the variety of races and the lack of homogeneity of the population. Sirius is a clean planet, a neat planet, even sterile - very different from the biologically polluted Earth. The people of Sirius reach sexual maturity at about age 300.

Adrian:   What is the life expectancy on Sirius?

X3:         There are those who are 300, 600 and also 900 years old. Life expectancy on Earth is among the shortest in existence in the whole universe. There’s one other planet with people similar to humans and their life expectancy is also similar. The other civilizations in the universe have far longer life expectancies.

Adrian:   Do the people of Sirius reincarnate?

X3:         Yes. After they die, their bodies are embalmed and kept in special crates. It’s a custom. The soul reincarnates on some other world. The people of Sirius are known for the powerful energy of their spirits.

I wasn’t entirely clear what he meant and I asked him to explain further. He gave the following example. If two children of Sirius fight about something (as all children do), and an adult happens to pass by, he can calm them down just by the force of his thoughts.

Adrian:   How did you come to be involved with the medical delegation?

X3:         A tender was published in all planets, seeking doctors and technicians for medical delegations. Since I felt I had contributed sufficiently to Sirius as a doctor, this suited me. I was accepted and I’m receiving a salary. And I get to travel home from time to time.

Adrian:   Who published the tender?

X3:         There’s a supreme organization consisting of a group of minds including politicians, scientists and former military personnel. They decide policy, including research and humanitarian aid.

Adrian:   Is there sufficient funding for these activities?

X3:         Yes. There are ample funds available for research. Whenever we request new equipment, we almost always receive a positive response. All that’s required is to receive authorization from the appropriate committees.

A Lack of Sensitivity

More than once, I discerned a distinct lack of sensitivity on the part of X3. For instance, they performed some treatment on me and didn’t explain to me exactly (or even vaguely) what they were doing. I arrived at wrong conclusions and as a result, was under considerable psychological strain. When I realized they could have saved me this distress with a simple explanation, I complained. X3 did not understand what I was upset about. He pointed out that they are not obligated to tell me everything. It seems that X3’s emotional systems are different from human beings’. His nervous system is also different from ours. He was absolutely incapable of understanding why I was upset. After I explained what it was that disturbed me, he admitted that he is unfamiliar with the psychological aspects of humans.

On the 13th of April I found out that X3 had just completed an accelerated course on human psychology. After the course, he understood why a doctor needs to be a psychologist as well.

Adrian:   Now that you’ve done this course, would you have behaved differently?

X3:         I think I would explain and involve the patient more in what we are doing.

Adrian:   Some of the patients approaching healers suffer from serious diseases and by the time they reach a healer they are extremely stressed.

On the 19th of April, 1997, X3 asked us to call him Dov.

Adrian:   Why did you choose the name Dov?

 (The Hebrew name Dov, means bear.)

X3:         It’s the name of the constellation.

Adrian:   Do you know what a “dov” (bear) is?

X3:         No.

I showed him a picture of a bear.

X3:         Does it bite?

Adrian:   Yes. Tell me about your spacecraft.

X3:         There are basically three sizes of spacecraft. The largest is like a huge warehouse. It houses the international communications center switchboard and many other functions. The medium-sized spacecraft is used, among other things, as a hospital and is located in the atmosphere. The small spacecraft are used mainly for transportation.

Adrian:   How many operating theaters are there in the hospital spacecraft?

X3:         There are three, but only one is presently functional. The other two are undergoing renovations. My medical team is sharing the operating room with another team involved in geographical research including the study of animals. Your TV series Star-Trek is reminiscent of our reality, especially regarding the variety of creatures. The creator of the series must have received his inspiration from us.

Chaya:    Where have you seen the TV series?

X3:         At your house, on your TV. Would you like to visit Sirius again? We have regular flights and we could take you along.

Adrian:   Yes. But will you only show us the airport again?

X3:         I’d like to take you to a place that is the equivalent of your zoos here on Earth.

Adrian:   How does your computer interface function?

The Aliens were put out by my question because they thought I was asking for an explanation of how their computers work, and that is privileged information.

Adrian:   I mean the man-machine interface.

X3:         We speak to it. The computer “speaks” a standard language that is known throughout all the advanced worlds. The computer user must know this language. The hands are rested on something and keys are pressed, and then you can talk with the computer the same way you talk to another person.

Adrian:   Does the computer know any other languages?

X3:         Yes. We actually learned various languages, including Hebrew, from the computer.

Chaya:    When the Aliens first arrived, they spoke “Shabbat” Hebrew – rather funny sounding and with a lot of mistakes, like someone who learned the language abroad and never actually heard it. Now, they’re already using slang expressions.

On the 26th of April, 1997, I was undergoing treatment at Chaya’s. Among those present were X3, Gidon, Maya, Natan and Shamiya, the transparent supervisor.

Adrian: A friend of mine whose hobby is astronomy, told me that Sirius is one of the closer stars to our solar system. He said it’s only several light years away. Could X3 tell me please, how long the trip to Sirius takes?

X3:         Our time, it takes three weeks there and back.

Adrian:   But you once took Chaya and I on a trip to Sirius and returned us back home the same night. How can that be?

X3:         You and Chaya were in a converted state and so in human time-scale only a few hours went by.

Adrian:   That goes along with your practice of time conversion. It would seem that Alien time runs faster than our time.

X3:         If humans had spacecraft like ours, it would take you three days to get to Sirius.

Adrian:   What type of government exists on Sirius?

X3:         It’s something like the Senate of ancient Rome, that is to say, a committee of wise men. The oldest and wisest are the members of the governing committee. Their authority is derived from their wisdom and personal knowledge and not from general democratic elections. The members are selected by the committee members themselves in an internal democratic election. In general, democracy tends toward anarchy. Anything can happen. Government by a body of wise citizens is more stable. Since there are no wars on Sirius, the committee deals with pleasanter things, such as archeological digs around the planet, ecological issues, research, the welfare of the population, and so forth.

Adrian:   Based on your experience with various civilizations, does the  likelihood of war decrease as the civilization is more advanced?

X3:         That depends on the homogeneity of the population. On Sirius, for instance, the population is very homogeneous, and so there is no cause for war. The population of Earth is not homogeneous. There are many races and nations and that’s a source of friction. Aside from that, humans have a proclivity toward making war. Humans fight with each other.

Adrian:   You’ll have to be our babysitters for a long time to come.

X3:         It seems so. But in another ten years the population of the Earth will undergo a revolution in terms of how they see their world and at that time there will be a massive landing of Aliens.

Adrian:   David Ronen, a UFO researcher and journalist who writes the “X Files” column for the daily paper Ma’ariv, wants to do a story on you. But there’s the problem of verification. That’s definitely your weak point.

X3:         I’m sorry to say that’s true. Those are the instructions we received from the Council. We are to work in medical teams with humans, but we are not to make ourselves known to the wider public or to leave any physical proof of our presence.

Adrian:   If that’s the case, why are you interested in advertising?

X3:         The Council is interested in promoting the idea that Aliens exist, that they work with healers and that they are capable of helping humans with their medical problems. The exposure needs to be very gradual. It’s a kind of psychology based on a slow but steady leak of information. Those are the instructions we’ve received. The Council claims that humans are not yet ready to accept the physical presence of Aliens. The typical human reaction is to “shoot at anything that moves”.

Adrian:   Don’t you think that awareness of the fact that we are not alone will have the effect of reducing the number of wars and the enmity between nations?

X3:         Yes, but then humans will start to war against the Aliens. Before the Aliens make a landing, they’ll transmit telepathic beams designed to psychologically calm the population in order to create a less threatening atmosphere.

Adrian:   Do you intend to bring your ground clinics up to the same standard as your spacecraft clinics in terms of equipment, so that you can perform the same treatments here as you do on the spacecraft?

X3:         That’s exactly what we’re doing. Our aim is to make available to the medical team on the ground, the same equipment as exists in the surgical theaters on the spacecraft. We’re putting a great deal of effort into this. The equipment and surgical instrumentation is very advanced. It is manufactured in a distant galaxy and specially suited to conditions on the spacecraft such as near absolute weightlessness. In order to ensure that such equipment will also operate on Earth, it must undergo a number of adjustments. That’s what we’re working on now. The equipment is being customized for conditions on Earth and sent over. Once it gets here it is tested and the results are sent back to the manufacturer with comments for further adjustments and corrections. We want to be able to perform kidney transplants. This has been given first priority. Those responsible for the operating rooms on the spacecraft don’t dare bring people up there for treatment for fear of contagious infection and introducing pollutants into their environment.

Adrian:   When do you estimate you will be ready to start performing  transplants down here?

X3:         In another 3 months.

Adrian:   Do Aliens have the same anatomical structure as we do?

X3:         No. There are significant differences, despite the generally similar  appearance.

Adrian:   Are you made up of the same amino acids?

X3: No

Adrian:   Is the basic structure of DNA as the building blocks of the body,  similar to ours, that is, with 4 basic building blocks?

X3:         No. Some have 6 and some 12 and more basic building blocks. There are similarities, but there are also significant differences.

Adrian:   Do Alien doctors undergo a special course in the anatomy of humans before they come here to treat people?

X3:         Yes. We study various aspects of medicine for 4 to 6 months such as physiology and anatomy of humans, and we study languages and culture. The ones that come to work in Israel study Hebrew and the history of the Jewish People.

Adrian:   If a human doctor had to learn the same amount of material, how long would it take him?

X3:         About two and a half years of intensive study.

Adrian:   How did you gather the information to be taught in these courses?

X3:         Each research team contributes its findings and that’s how we continuously expand our database of knowledge.

Adrian:   Did you make use of our medical textbooks?

X3:         Yes, but only in a general way because the treatment methods are very outdated. We mainly learned about common diseases, generally accepted concepts, names of medications, and so on.

Adrian:   Do Alien patients also feel as though their bodies are whole and untouched when you perform surgery on them, as humans do when you treat them?

X3:         Our treatment methods are similar, but since we use different matter, the treatment is different for humans. When we perform surgery on Aliens we use general anesthesia, mainly because the Aliens can see the surgical procedure, while humans can’t. Work on Aliens is easier since their bodies are more hardy that humans’. The human body is very delicate and always requires a critical balance. Alien bodies can stand up to drastic surgical manipulations with far less risk of complications. In this respect the human body is more complicated and vulnerable. An Alien’s body is simply stronger. I suppose it’s a matter of being more developed on the evolutionary scale.

Chaya pointed out that the Alien doctor who calls himself Gidon has a phenomenal memory. X3 usually rushes from treatment to treatment and doesn’t always remember everything. She said he’s a bit like an absent-minded professor. She pointed out that when she communicates with Aliens they usually write everything down, or at least the important things. Gidon never writes. He just listens and remembers everything.

On the 3rd of July 1997, during a treatment session at Chaya’s, I took advantage of the opportunity to talk again with X3.

X3:         People of Sirius are quite similar to humans in their outward appearance. It seems they were involved with human beings at many times in mankind’s history, especially in the history of the Jewish People. There were many research teams that were involved with humans in many different parts of the world throughout man’s history. The Aliens were also responsible for many genetic changes and improvements to the human race.

Adrian:   When do you intend to make your presence known on Earth?

X3:         We expect some kind of world revolution within the next three years. It will start in the Middle East and it will be the Aliens’ cue to leave the Earth. When everything has calmed down again, we will return en mass. Before the landing, telepathic waves will be transmitted in order to accustom the population to our presence.

Adrian: Where does this information come from?

X3:         It’s gossip that we hear. These are confidential plans of the Aliens. I must apologize. We’re only doctors who pick up bits of gossip.

Adrian:   Why have the Aliens tagged certain human beings?

X3:         The tags are for when we return en mass. Some people are tagged as suitable to work with the Aliens when they arrive, and some are tagged for transfer to other planets according to the decisions of the Council.

Adrian:   Why would you transfer people to other planets?

X3:         In order to add genetic variety and improvements to the populations of these other worlds.

Adrian: Is the telepathic information I received about the soul correct? Is the soul a life form that reincarnates in other bodies and lives in symbiosis with them?

X3:         That’s more or less correct. The soul or spirit is an ancient life form from a different plane of existence. There are whole planets where only spirits live – a kind of school for Spiritual Beings. Aliens also have souls and Spiritual Beings. Alien Spiritual Beings generally don’t mix with human Spiritual Beings. But there are those that reincarnate on other planets.

Adrian:   Do the Spiritual Beings make up a civilization of their own?

X3:         Civilization isn’t exactly the right word to use for Beings, but, yes, something similar.

Adrian:   Then you could see the cosmic library as parallel in the civilization of the Beings to the Census Bureau of the Ministry of Interior here on Earth.

X3:         Yes, it could be looked at that way.

Adrian:   Are there life forms that do not combine with souls?

X3:         I find this subject frightening. My mother is involved with the subject of the souls of Aliens. I don’t know much about it. As far as I know every life form has a soul. The cosmos is far more wondrous that human beings suppose. There are many, many varieties of life forms on many different planes of existence. There is a huge research spacecraft the size of a city, which touches down once every ten years. It studies life forms. It gathers samples of life forms and rocks from different planets.

The Aliens’ Spacecraft

On the 25th of February 1997, I made telepathic contact with the Communications Center regarding their spacecraft.

Adrian: Tell me what it’s like inside your spacecraft.

C.C.:       To human beings it would feel like walking through a huge network of pipes. Wherever you go, you’re walking through air locks and pipes. In general it’s crowded and compact.

Adrian:   What’s the gravitation level in the spacecraft?

C.C.:       Throughout the spacecraft there is standard artificial gravitation of 0.8G, except for areas where there are life forms that require a different level of gravitation.

On the first of March, during a treatment at Chaya’s clinic, I verified this information with the medical team.

Adrian:   What is the level of gravitation on board your spacecraft?

X3:         It’s similar to the gravitational pull on Earth. I don’t know the exact value, but it’s very similar. It’s an artificially produced gravitation. The spacecraft technicians deal with it. Some areas in the spacecraft have a different level of gravity. There are research areas and residential areas. We induce gravity so that things won’t be floating in the air. There are about 102 technicians on board who deal with such things.

Adrian:   Are you of a similar weight to humans? How much does Maya weigh, for instance?

X3:         About 80 kilograms.

Adrian:   That’s about in the same range as human weights – it’s just in a different dimension.

X3:         Exactly.

Adrian:   What is it like inside your spacecraft?

X3:         There are lots of interconnected hallways where the connecting sections look like accordions. It looks like connected pipes. The reason for this arrangement is to maintain sterility. Everything is a pleasant light color. The problem is that the surgery theaters are very crowded and small.

On March 2nd, 1997 I made contact with the communications center for further clarifications.

Adrian:   Contacting the Aliens’ International Communications Center. Adrian here. Does anyone read me?

C.C.:       Yes, Adrian, we read you. What would you like?

Adrian:   Some documentation. I would like some general information on your spacecraft if possible.

C.C.:       Hold on, we’ll transfer you to the Control Center.

Control:  Yes, Adrian, we’re listening.

Adrian: Is it correct that your spacecraft maintains an artificial gravitation level of 0.8G?

Control:  Yes, that’s correct. In most areas of the spacecraft, the gravitational level is similar to that on Earth. 0.8G is the approximate value.

Adrian:   Do you maintain the gravitational level through centrifugal force, in other words through spinning or some constant movement?

Control:  No, that is not necessarily. That is an unnecessarily complicated method. There are permanent fields of space for that. It’s beyond your knowledge. You’ll just have to accept that we are capable of producing gravity on demand. The entire spacecraft is in artificial gravity. It’s part of the craft’s activating system. It’s a side effect of the main engines. It’s used for producing artificial gravity. Every object or granule in the vicinity of the spacecraft within a certain radius, will be effected by this gravity.

Adrian:   So we’re talking about an effect that covers a wide area.

Control:  Generally speaking, yes. But we can isolate rooms or areas and produce a localized gravity that is different, according to our needs.

Adrian:   Do the gravitational values remain constant during travel?

Control:  Yes, always. Otherwise things would fly about inside the spacecraft while it was traveling. The interior and the immediate surroundings of the spacecraft maintain a constant gravity, just as if it were on the ground and not traveling through space.

Adrian:   So you maintain a constant gravity?

Control:  Yes, we must.

Adrian:   What is the geometric form of the spacecraft? Is it spherical, with many levels, aerodynamic? Are you allowed to describe the appearance of the spacecraft to me?

Control:  Hold please. We’re checking… Yes. The spacecraft is spherical – not absolutely, but approaching a sphere. It has many openings, turrets and protruding parts. The general shape is round. But there are different kinds of spacecraft of different sizes and odd shapes. Here’s a picture.

Adrian:   I see windows. It’s huge. Made up of a number of levels. Is the interior like that of a multi-storied building?

Control:  Yes. There are different levels.

Adrian:   How many interior levels are there in the spacecraft?

Control:  A total of 12 levels, but in practical terms there are 10 levels in use. The two extreme levels are only very small rooms. Overall, you can say the spacecraft consists of 10 levels.

Adrian:   Does this spacecraft ever land on solid ground?

Control:  Hold, please, we’re checking. There are spacecraft that are not designed for touching down on planets and they never land. Our spacecraft is of the kind that is capable of making a landing on solid ground. We weren’t sure. The computer says it can. But it hasn’t been done in a very long time. Generally the spacecraft docks in space in proximity to a target planet and smaller spaceships are used for the transfer of equipment and personnel.

Adrian:   So your spacecraft contains a garage or hangar for smaller spaceships?

Control:  Yes. There are many external docking points, but there isn’t any interior garage. It’s not a cargo ship. There are cargo ships for that. This is a research ship. It only has small spaceships for escape. They’re only used in emergencies. You have to understand, we don’t arrive in just one spacecraft. We travel in fleets of spacecraft. We need supplies, logistics, communications and many other things that are dealt with by a whole fleet in an organized fashion.

Adrian:   I understand. The various functions are spread out across a large group.

Control:  Right. We’re not talking about just one spacecraft.

Adrian:   What other interesting things can you tell me about your spacecraft that in your opinion would interest my readers?

Control:  We don’t know where to start. To us it’s all very commonplace. To you, everything is amazing. The feeling inside the craft is like inside an advanced aircraft carrier. Only everything is cleaner, sterile. And if you were to walk around our spacecraft, you’d encounter faces that would keep you from sleeping at night. Do you understand?

Adrian:   Yes. Do you have elevators connecting the levels?

Control:  Hold please. You can call it elevators, but it isn’t exactly. In space there’s no need for elevators. We have units with movement controls. They move along tracks between the levels when heavy equipment needs to be moved. Generally, we move around on foot or make use of special wagons. Most of the equipment is compact and small so that it can be easily carried.

Adrian:   Okay, thank you very much for the time being.

Control:  You’re welcome. Good-bye Adrian. We’ve enjoyed talking to you. Shalom.

Gideon and his brother

On the 13th of June 1997, I decided to investigate Gideon, X3’s “right hand man”. Gideon is an Alien who is similar to us in appearance. He’s thin and has fair hair and blue eyes. He doesn’t speak much and keeps himself in the background when X3 (the senior surgeon) is conducting a treatment with simultaneous progress reports to us. Gideon goes into action when secondary matters crop up. He has a brother who resembles him. He is very amiable and I’ve discovered he likes to chat. As part of his medical studies he often turns up to observe treatments. On one such occasion, I took the opportunity to talk with him and asked him to tell me about his planet.

Gideon’s Brother:  I don’t remember much about my planet. I’ve been living with my parents and brother on the mother ship since the age of 7. My mother is in technical research and my father investigates new planets, like your explorers who went out and discovered new continents. My father’s mission is to find planets that can be settled.

Adrian:   Do you settle on new planets with the help of an artificial environment that you create, or do you look for a natural environment that suits you?

Brother:  We look for a suitable natural environment. Because of our parents’ work, we’ve been travelling in the mother ship for decades.

Adrian:   Tell me about life on the ship.

Brother:  Every family has its own small apartment – about 40 square meters. All the apartments are the same and they all have a lot of automatic equipment. For example, you press a button and a bed comes out, or a writing desk appears. We get our food and drink from an automatic dispenser, similar to the ones you have for drinks or sandwiches. We just press a button and choose from among the standard menus. I think the food arrives from a central kitchen somewhere in the ship. My mother is a vegetarian and my father eats only natural foods. My brother and I eat everything.

Adrian:   What about laundry?

Brother:  We put our washing in a machine with a round drum, and it comes out clean and dry. I’ve never seen anyone put laundry powder into it. I don’t think it uses water either. It works on intermittent steam and vacuum, something like dry cleaning. On the space ship, vacuum is a cheap commodity.

Gideon:  I was 17 when we left our home planet, so I remember more. We’re from a small planet called Izak in the constellation Virgo. The surface of the planet is covered with crystals, many caves and very little soil. As children, we liked to play in the caves. Our house was built half underground and half above the surface. Surrounding the house was a garden and a small vegetable garden. The soil was made of a fine powdery substance similar to your clay. I remember two types of flowers that grew around our house. One was a very large yellow flower similar in general shape to your sunflowers. The other one was like a large red cup. We used to play at putting the yellow flower into the red cup. In our vegetable garden, we grew something that looked like an eggplant. Then there was a small tree whose fruit tasted like a cross between nuts and lychees. We used to eat it out of the peel with a spoon. I don’t understand why our personal lives interest you. Your personal lives don’t interest us.

Adrian:   I’m sure some of the readers of my book would find it interesting. How old are your parents?

Gideon:  My mother is 700 years old and my father is 800. They both still look young. Life expectancy for my race is about 1,500 years. We also have a grandfather living somewhere or other. My brother is 30 years old and I’m 40.

Brother:  I grew up on the space ship. There was a children’s house with about 30 children of difference races. They spoke a conglomerate of languages, and everyone spoke one standard language. They played all sorts of games including computer games. Our computers are more sophisticated than yours. With the computer, you can move forward or backward in time. The computer was used to learn to read and write, and many other things. It also showed us movies. And our parents would put on shows for us. I visited Tel Aviv and went to one of the theatres, I don’t remember what it was called. I went in and stood against a wall and I watched the show “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”. I enjoyed it very much.

X3’s assistants, Natan and Shamiya

During the course of my treatments at Chaya’s, two creatures whose job it was to operate the medical equipment, were always present in the background. Chaya referred to them as X3’s assistants and said they looked a bit like E.T. from the film. Most of the conversation carried on during treatments was with X3, Gideon and Maya. We almost never engaged “the assistants” in conversation. They seemed to prefer to keep a low profile.

Sometime around March 1997, the Aliens came to my home to examine me. I sat down at my computer to make contact and for the first time these two introduced themselves as X3’s assistants. I asked what their names were. The first identified himself as Natan and the second as Shamiya. In the background I heard an Alien laugh and say, “they’ve finally chosen human names.” The next opportunity I had when I was in treatment at Chaya’s, I decided to question them.

Adrian:   What planet are you from?

Natan:     The name of our planet is Million 4. It’s a small planet, about a quarter the size of the Earth. Its sun is weak. There is no running water on the planet, only water in solid form. (We didn’t immediately realize he meant ice and that his planet is very cold.) It’s so cold that the ice is clear and transparent. The planet is largely uninhabited with only a few life forms living there.

Adrian:   Are there natural life sustaining resources on the planet, such as vegetation for food?

Natan:     No. Food is imported from other planets or produced locally through advanced technological procedures.

Adrian:   If that’s the case, is that the planet where your kind were born and developed as a race?

Natan:     No. We emigrated to that planet several hundred years ago. Our planet was lost and our race is scattered across several planets now. We’re actually refugees.

Adrian:   How did you come to join the medical team?

Natan:     A tender was published. They were looking for doctors and technicians and I decided to join.

Adrian:   Do you have a wife and children?

Natan:     That is privileged information.

Shamiya laughed. It seems I touched a sore spot. They were born through a process of genetic engineering rather than within the framework of a family. In fact, they have no concept of family. They are purely test-tube creatures.

On the 3rd of July 1997, Chaya informed me that Natan and Shamiya returned home and have been replaced with two new assistants from the same planet, and that they resemble their two colleagues. She said that the “test tube creatures” had not yet chosen human names and then added that one of them had a very large mouth. Then she felt that she had insulted him because he asked her if she had a problem with the fact that they were genetically engineered. Chaya apologized and said she didn’t mean to insult him. He replied that he wasn’t insulted. It transpired that these two were temporary fill-ins, because a short time later Natan and Shamiya returned. While the rest of the medical team was in the spacecraft, Natan and Shamiya remained below to watch over the equipment. When I asked them why they didn’t join the others on the spacecraft, Natan replied that they do not have permission to do so. I also discovered that they do not have free access to the Telepathic Communication Center. They are authorized to communicate only with the members of the medical team with whom they work and only in regard to work-related matters, not personal matters.

A spiral mist

During December of 1997 I encountered a very strange phenomenon. As I often do during my treatments, I tried to “see” who was present. My mind’s eye conjured up a spiral mist, shaped like a small tornado. Its diameter was a few meters and its height was a meter and a half. The mist seemed static, nor did it twist. Within the mist I could ascertain shadows of figures busy with the medical treatment. I could see them because they seemed to displace the mist, creating a hole in it. Having managed to see it once, it became easier to see it again. If I just expressed an internal desire or intention to see it, my mind immediately produced the image with the figures moving within it. During one treatment, I got up in the middle and left the room. I sensed a presence running after me. When I tried to “see” who it was, I ascertained a small creature with a “tornado” around it. He waved his hands at me and I understood he wanted me to return to the treatment room. I presumed that the spiral mist was a form of energy field, or a disturbance in the space around the creatures. It seemed very strange to me and so I phoned Chaya to tell her about what I had seen. She tried to “see” what was around her, and succeeded in seeing such a creature as I had described. In the center of the tornado was a pink creature, very delicate-looking and about 80 cm. tall. It made beeping sounds. Aliens explained to Chaya that the spiral mist was an energy field serving two purposes – protection of the creature and a means of communication. These small creatures had joined the medical team some weeks ago, from Mars. I pointed out that as far as was known, there is no life on Mars. Chaya said she was told they have an outpost on Mars and so the other Aliens call them “the creatures from Mars”. Like the other creatures who are part of the medical team, these creatures are not of the same physical material as exists in our dimension. They can neither be conventionally seen nor touched and similarly, their settlement on Mars would not be picked up by any Earthly telescope. It follows that as far as the scientific community on Earth is concerned, they don’t exist.

The next day I went to treat someone who was hospitalized. As I was driving to the hospital, I sensed a round aircraft traveling just above my car and in it were these same small creatures. From past experience, that kind of feeling indicates a two-way telepathic connection. The creatures made telepathic contact with me in order to arrive with me at the hospital. I took the opportunity to try and see the interior of their craft. They responded with willingness and showed me part of the interior. Judging by the size of the main room, it was a small craft. The central room was round and no bigger than a standard living room. In the center of the floor was a large protrusion, apparently the motor. The room was lit with a pale soft light. The walls were ivory-colored.


I stopped at a gas station and it occurred to me to ask if their aircraft needs to refuel. They immediately answered in the negative. From the moment the aircraft is manufactured and all during its operational life, there is no need to add fuel of any kind. It works on a different principle than our vehicles, but they failed to explain to me what that was. Communication between us was not verbal, but rather a wordless understanding. I was curious to see what they looked like from close up. In response to this thought I discerned part of the face of one of the creatures. It was not a human face. It was small and round, in shades of orange – the colors of a redhead without any hair. Its eyes were round with brownish-orange speckles inside the pupils. I understood that I was seeing the face through the eyes of one of the other creatures who was in telepathic contact with me.

The main difference between imagination and telepathic images is that when you imagine something, anything is possible, while telepathic images are very defined and limited. The image arrives as a defined response to a request for information. For instance, if I were just imagining, I could have pictured the creature with ten horns and three pairs of wings. I can’t see it that way when the image is telepathically induced. I managed to see only part of the creature’s face, no more. That was one indication for me that this was a telepathic image and not my imagination. It’s similar to an attempt to remember the face of someone you’ve seen. As much as you try, you’ll only remember a limited amount of information about the face.

I arrived at the hospital and rushed toward my patient, up elevators and down long hallways. I had a sense of being followed close behind. I understood it was one of the creatures, running along behind me. I asked him what his intentions were and he explained that through me he was viewing the physical surroundings, that is, he was seeing the hospital through my eyes.

The Accidental Tourist

I left my apartment for a treatment at Chaya’s. As I stood in the hall waiting for the elevator, the lights went out. I tried to activate my sense of physical orientation in the darkness and I had the distinct feeling that there was someone standing behind me. It looked like a thin man, somewhat taller than me. I presumed it was an Alien or some Entity accompanying me. While driving in my car, I sensed him sitting in the back seat. I tried to make contact with him, but was not successful. When I reached Chaya’s, I asked her if there was anyone accompanying me. She said there was and that it was someone from her medical team.

Adrian: Who is it?

Maya: It’s a tourist.

Adrian: Why didn’t he communicate with me?

Maya: Of the languages spoken on Earth, he only knows French.

Adrian: Why is he here with me?

X3: He was a guest of your team and he needed a ride to Chaya’s team. He has a room here. This is where he’s staying. He apologizes if he frightened you.


Adrian:   He didn’t frighten me. I’m used to Entities and Aliens around me and I know they occasionally join me for a ride in my car. Why was he here with me?

X3, who also speaks French, among the 6 or 7 Earth languages he acquired, spoke to him and translated for me.

X3:         He’s come to see if he’d like to settle here.

Adrian:   What does that mean?

X3:         He says he came with the delegations of Aliens.

Adrian:   What is his profession?

X3:         He is an expert in evaluating the potential of life resources on various planets. He’s considering whether to work here as a consulting researcher in a geographic research team. He’s decided that the Earth would not be a comfortable place for him to live. It’s too hot for him. He comes from a colder planet and the sun’s rays are too strong for him here. He’s decided to return home by the morning.

Adrian:   How many Aliens are in the team that works with me?

X3:         Between 8 and 10, but the number is always changing. They’re working on the research and development of new means of treatment.

Adrian:   Where is the tourist from?

X3:         He says his base is in Plaides.

Adrian:   Where is his home planet?

X3:         He said it’s a planet whose name sounded something like ‘Sihuk’. Never mind that he decided to leave. Many are jumping at the opportunity to work on Earth.

Adrian:   Was the tourist who rode with me in his natural state, or was he in some way transformed, or wearing a space suit perhaps?

X3:         He was in his natural state and in that state he is invisible to humans, like all the other Aliens who exist in the parallel dimension.

A tall Alien called Shmulik

Around mid-May 1997, there appeared at Chaya’s house three new Aliens, all of them about 3 meters tall. When they approached her, she experienced strong currents throughout her body and pains in her legs. Despite her extensive experience with Aliens, Chaya admitted that had been a frightening experience. It seems these tall Aliens emit a very strong energy field, which has an unpleasant effect on humans. We discovered that the tall newcomers were part of a team of experts engaged in a new, broad scope research into transplants. X3 pointed out that the taller they are, the more evolutionarily developed and intelligent they are.

X3 asked one of the specialists to come down and take part in one of the treatment sessions. The specialist arrived early and Chaya said he decided to take a walk around the city. He accompanied her to the bank. She said he rode with her in a taxi, sitting all scrunched up on the back seat. When she asked him how he liked traveling in human vehicles, he said it was slow but interesting.

The treatment session began and X3 appeared to be extremely irritable. This was the first time he wasn’t the senior surgeon and this apparently put him under pressure. When the atmosphere cleared I took the opportunity to ask the specialist a few questions.

Adrian:   What’s your name?

Alien:     I don’t have a name. Actually, they called me Shmulik.

Adrian:   Where are you from?

Shmulik: I’m not from this galaxy. I’m from a solar system that you know of asVirgo. It’s a solar system located between galaxies. The distance from it to the Earth is several million light years and it takes us two weeks to reach Earth. My sun is about 4 times the size of yours.

Adrian:   Does the concept of family exist where you come from?

Shmulik: I don’t understand. I’m sorry. I don’t speak the language well enough.

Adrian:   Do you have a father and mother?

Shmulik: Yes, there is a homogenous cell.

Adrian:   Does your planet have a name or description by which it is identified among the Aliens?

Shmulik: We’re called “the Aliens from the blue planet”. When you approach our planet from space, it looks blue.

Adrian:   What do you think of Earth?

Shmulik: It’s a beautiful planet, but polluted. The extensive use of oil for fuel pollutes the environment.

Adrian:   Do you use oil on your planet?

Shmulik: Absolutely not, precisely because of environmental pollution.

A Tall Alien called Miki

During one of my treatments with Chaya toward the end of May 1997, a guest doctor from the team of specialists who work in the spacecraft took part. I asked him if he had already chosen a human name for himself. He replied that his name is Miki. Chaya said that when Miki first arrived, he saw her lying in bed and said, “You’re so small”. It’s no wonder – Miki is 4 meters tall.

Miki:       Why does human pregnancy last 9 months?

Chaya:    Because that’s the way God created us.

Miki:       We have the fetus taken out at an early stage and let it grow in a test tube, i.e., in laboratory conditions.

Chaya:    We do something similar, in cases of premature birth, the infant is kept in an incubator.

Miki:       A test tube is better.

Natan:     We don’t know how we were grown. We were created through genetic    engineering.

Miki:       Do you watch science fiction films?

There was apparently a certain amount of mutuality going on. Not only were we fascinated by the Aliens, but they were also interested in us. Miki’s Hebrew was quite good and he was very pleasant to chat with.

Chaya:    The taller the Aliens are, the more developed and pleasant they are. He’s a little frightening because of his size, but he’s very nice.

Adrian:   Are you also from the “blue planet” like the previous tall Alien?

Miki:       No. I took advantage of Miki’s friendliness to ask him a difficult question.

Adrian:   What do you think will happen to the religious fanatic movements when the existence of Aliens is revealed? Religious ideology is based on a house of cards, on the premise that God created man in his image and there is no room in that ideology for other creations.

Miki:       There are teams of Alien specialists investigating all the religious movements – teams of minds working on the subject. Some of the religious are aware of the existence of Aliens. For instance, in the Kabalah, Aliens are mentioned specifically and the worlds they came from are described in detail. I think the realization of the existence of Aliens will see religious fanatic groups relating to the phenomenon as an act of God. Like the arrival of the Messiah or messengers of God.

Adrian:   There are religious groups that control their followers through exploiting their hate for other groups. Aren’t you worried that these groups will aim their spears, so to speak, at the Aliens and initiate a Crusade or a Jihad against them?

Miki:       Aliens will make a massive landing accompanied by such impressive phenomena that it will be very difficult for fanatic religious groups to oppose them. They will prefer to interpret their coming as a miracle from God, or they’ll find some other mystical interpretation, such as the Aliens being the messengers of God. They’ll prefer to go with the flow of events. In my opinion, in the era following the landing of the Aliens, new religions will develop. The massive landing of the Aliens will happen after a world war or holocaust. The reigning atmosphere following such an event will provide fertile ground for accepting a new reality.

I had another opportunity to talk with Miki at Chaya’s house on June 3rd 1997.

Miki:       I’ve finished reading your book. It’s a bit heavy, especially the physics section at the end. Since I’m a doctor and not a physicist, I had to ask other Aliens about the accuracy of the information.

Adrian:   Tell me if you found any inaccuracies, so I can correct them.

Miki:       I didn’t find any mistakes. Everything that’s written is correct.

Adrian:   Is publication of the book important to you?

Miki:       It’s very important to us. We’re particularly interesting in the book’s being translated into additional languages so that increasingly more people will become aware of our existence and our activities.

Adrian:   Is the universe open-ended or finite?

Miki:       (after consulting with X3) The universe is open-ended and infinite. If you travel in a spacecraft in any particular direction, keeping straight ahead all the time, you’ll pass planets and galaxies forever, into infinity. As far as I know, the universe has always existed and always will exist.

Adrian:   What about the Big Bang theory? Was it a finite event from which the  universe was created, as our scientists propose?

Miki:       The Big Bang that we know about was not a single finite event creating the universe, but an event that happens infrequently at various locations in the universe as a result of the collapse of many stars and galaxies into something resembling to a gigantic black hole.

Adrian:   When the Big Bang occurs, are a new set of laws of physics created.

Miki:       I’m not sure – I’m not a physicist, but I don’t think so.

Adrian:   Chaya often metions the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions through which we can perceive Aliens with the “3rd eye”. Can you explain what these dimensions are?

Miki:       Just like there’s a 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimension, there’s a 4th, 5th and 6th dimension.

Adrian:   Are the additional dimensions parallel to ours?

Miki:       (after consulting again with X3) I’m not a physicist, but I think the dimensions are parallel.

An Alien Called 723

On the 13th of June 1997 I held a meeting in my home of about 40 people following publication of an article about Aliens based on an interview with me which appeared in the second largest circulation daily paper, Ma’ariv. The next day I phoned Chaya to ask her what the reaction of the Aliens was. She replied that a very tall Alien was presently standing next to her. She tilted herhead toward the ceiling to try and see what his face looked like. His body was long and thin and his head comparatively small. He looked liked a children’s drawing of a stringy figure lacking all proportion. She asked him what his impressions of the meeting were. Chaya mentioned that he was not very personable. He said that the people looked to him like a herd of cattle. When he realized that Chaya was insulted, he changed his tone and explained that he thought cattle were pleasant creatures. He then went on to say he thought the people sounded like a lot of sheep braying, baaaa, baaaa. X3 intervened to save the situation and said he was very satisfied with the meeting. In his opinion, the people were in shock and didn’t know what to ask. Chaya, myself and Shlomo Roll are already involved in the issue for some time, but the others found it difficult to digest the new ideas. In his opinion, most of the people at the meeting are “green people” whose participation was not by chance. X3 told us that the Being that had been Albert Einstein and who was also invited to the meeting, was disappointed that no one asked any questions relating to physics or philosophy.

Adrian:   (to the tall Alien) Are you a doctor?

Alien:     I’m a supervisor. The medical team requested me.

Adrian:   What is your name?

He thought for a while, clearly considering what name to choose to make us comfortable, and finally said, “Menachem”.

Adrian:   What’s your original name?

Alien:     My official name is 007/2352467 – for short, I’m called 723.

Adrian:   Your name sounds like our identity numbers.

After some clarification, we discovered that this “name” was given him when he joined the Earth research teams – something like an employee number in a big firm.

Chaya:     What do your parents call you?

Alien:      My parents are too old to call me.

It was finally ascertained that he had been called Ijak, which in his language means bird’s nest. Their names are like those used by Native Americans.

Adrian:   Where are you from?

Alien:     I’m from a nebula consisting of many asteroids. My planet is part of a group of planets that revolve around the nebula which is called simply, Nebula 7. I’ve come as a supervisor from one of those planets. My age is between 370-380 years.

Adrian:   What is your opinion of Earth?

Alien:     It’s a polluted planet and the people are stupid. Because they don’t fight wars for existence, they fight wars of principles.

‘Foreign’ Aliens

On the 23rd of July 1997, Chaya and I met with a film director who was considering making a documentary film about UFOs and aliens. I awoke the morning after our meeting with a very strange sensation. I felt like a happy tree trunk. A few minutes went by before I was aware of who I was and where I was. Later I phoned Chaya, and she also said she experienced strange sensations during the night. She saw colorful lights and something yellow that she said looked like sheaves of wheat, but weren’t. And in the morning, she could remember nothing more. I asked her if perhaps our medical team took me to their spacecraft for treatment during the night, or perhaps they carried out the treatment that was scheduled for the next day. Chaya asked Gideon, the Alien doctor and he replied that the medical team had not been here during the night. It must have been some other team.

Gideon:  Do you have any marks on you?

Adrian:   Not as far as I know. Can any medical team just arrive without asking permission or coordinating with you?

Gideon:  Perhaps they got permission from someone. We have to check at the Communications Center if they have anything on record.

That evening I lied in bed and couldn’t fall asleep. I tried to reconstruct the events of the previous night but didn’t come up with anything substantial. I decided to try Guided Imagination in the hopes that something would surface from my unconscious. I began to sense being investigated by a small gray creature with a crinkly face, sitting behind a round table. My impression was that he was very serious. He spoke Hebrew with a strange accent and a kind of chirping sound. I gave up trying to recall anything else and instead tried to make contact with the Aliens’ Communications Center.

Adrian:   Do you have any record of a visit from a different team of Aliens?

Center:    We have no such record, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t such a visit. We presume it was the team of Aliens that are activating the film director, in the same way that the medical teams activate you as healers. They apparently came to check you and Chaya after your meeting with the director. In our estimation, the team is well-intentioned and honest.

I immediately got up and called Chaya. She said that a few minutes before I called, she received the same information from Gideon. The Aliens are now trying to make contact with these ‘foreign’ teams of Aliens. There was one other possibility – they know of two other groups of Aliens who are active in the area. One of them is a research team investigating quarries. The other is a biological research team. Since Chaya and I are “marked” creatures, they may have decided to pay us a visit.

The next day, the 26th of July, Chaya phoned me to say she’d discovered a strange, square patch of skin, which hurt and itched. It was next to the mark of her smallpox vaccination. There weren’t any Alien doctors with her at the moment, so she had no one to ask. She asked me to contact the Communications Center. She added that for years she’s been bothered by something in her nose. Various doctors proposed that it was a piece of skin or bone and recommended surgery. It had just occurred to her that this might be related to the Aliens. She thought it was probably a “marker” implanted about 22 years ago when she had her first contact with a UFO. Since then, she’s had trouble breathing through her nose.

Adrian:   Request for contact with the Aliens’ Communications Center. 

Center:    Yes, Adrian. We read you.

Adrian:   I’d like to ask, or request that you look into a visit paid us by foreign Aliens not connected with you. Has there been any clarification of this?

Center:    One moment, we’re checking. Someone has worked on the question. There is a higher organization that all the Aliens having any contact with Earth refer to. Like a United Nations of the Aliens. This organization is outside of our network. Someone has put in a request to find out who visited you and why it was done without prior coordination. That’s a breech of diplomacy.

Adrian:   Chaya claims they implanted a chip. Could that be?

Center:    Anything is possible. We’re checking for you. Please hold.

Adrian:   Are there records of any contact from me on Tuesday night?

Center:    We’ll check that too.

Adrian:   I understand that my implant transmits all the time. Is that correct?

Center:    That is correct.

Adrian:   So if foreign Aliens visited me, it would have been recorded.

Center:    We record everything. It may be that the recordings of that night have not yet been processed. Give us a moment to do that. Tuesday night? Yes. We'll ask the computer to do a quick search of your recordings from that night to see if there is anything out of the ordinary which wasn’t reported to us. You awoke during the night. There was some hypnotic influence. You answered questions like a robot. You underwent a direct investigation of your unconscious with no involvement of your conscious mind. It was recorded at the Center.

Adrian:   What was I asked?

Center:    The questions were banal. What do you do; what are your aims in life… They checked your intentions. They were apparently satisfied. It was a standard investigation. We’re not worried.

Adrian:   Who was it who investigated me?

Center:    A team of gray Aliens from a distant galaxy. We don’t have cooperative work arrangements with them. Every team does their own research for their own purposes. By chance, the paths of different teams crossed through their interest in you and in Chaya. We have no direct contacts with them and their work is not coordinated with us. From our past experience, we know that different teams try not to interfere with each other, unless there happens to be a conflict of interests. In your case, there doesn’t seem to be any such conflict.

Adrian:   What did they do to Chaya?


Center:    The same thing. A standard set of tests and marking. It’s a standard investigation that they perform on humans who they ascertain to be potential collaborators. You’ve been marked and registered in their database for various purposes. Mainly for the purpose of making contact in the future. They’re watching the film director and promoting positive facts regarding themselves. Beyond that, it’s difficult for us to know what their purpose is. We can only presume standard business.

Adrian:   Have you made contact with them?

Center:    No, not yet. We have to go through the proper channels. There’s an bridging communications network between Aliens. We’re waiting for a reply.

Adrian:   Hasn’t anyone from the medical team requested that?

Center:    No, they’re busy with other problems.

Adrian:   It doesn’t bother them that we were investigated by other Aliens?

Center:    No, because they don’t think anyone will harm you. Even we don’t have control over everything.

Adrian:   In other words, there are Aliens with whom you have no diplomatic relations.

Center:    Yes, very many.

Adrian:   Are there Aliens whom you don’t understand? Aliens from different kinds of matter who are a mystery to you in the same way that you are a mystery to us?

Center:    Yes, there are very many. We investigate them as well. But there are also those who are far more developed that we are and we find it difficult to study them. We leave them in the category of the mysterious. There’s an unwritten agreement that we don’t interfere with each other’s activities. That’s the reason that no one investigated who visited you. It’s of no great importance. You were simply checked and marked by Aliens who are not in direct contact with us. That’s all.

Adrian:   So in other words, you’re not at all bothered by the whole event.

Center:    No. As long as it doesn’t interfere with our aims, we ignore such things. The request for contact is still running. I’ll let you know when there’s an answer. I’m not sure though that there will be an answer. There isn’t always through these diplomatic channels. Sometimes they prefer to ignore such questions for their own reasons. I’ll let you know when there’s an answer.

Adrian:   Is it possible to reproduce the questions I was asked?

Center:    The questions were not recorded by the Center, only the event in general terms as it affected you. That’s all.

Adrian:   How long did they question me?

Center:    About half an hour.

Adrian:   Was I awake?

Center:    No. In the ordinary sense, you were asleep. But they activated your unconscious.

Adrian:   My feeling in the morning was related to the night’s events?

Center:    We can’t be certain. It could be, but it could also be related to your medical condition.

Adrian:   You’re sure I was investigated?

Center:    Yes. Absolutely sure. The Center has a recording from your telepathic device.

Adrian:   What about Chaya? Is there also a recording from her?

Center:    No. She’s not connected with the Center. We don’t know what happened with her.

Adrian:   Can we put her into regression?

Center:    It’s possible.

Adrian:   Okay. Do you have anything else to tell me about the event?

Center:    No. That’s about it. If we get more information, we’ll update you. We understand that the event was disturbing to you.

Adrian:   Yes. Chaya and I have developed a certain amount of trust in you. But we know nothing of other Aliens.

Center:    You’re right. We’ll look into what happened for you.

Adrian:   Thank you. Bye for now.

Late that evening, I contacted the Telepathic Communications Center again and this time, without the mediation of a computer, I received a message that they had a reply. For some reason I had the feeling that it was the same gray creature who made contact and wanted to speak with me. I quickly informed Chaya. She said that in the meantime X3 had arrived and she asked him to check the implant in her nose. She felt pain and strong pressure in her nose. X3 removed the implant and reinserted it under the skin on her leg. He said that he mustn’t remove markers implanted by others. They apparently have some importance.

On the 27th of July, Chaya called to tell me that the medical team were not with her because they were busy in the spacecraft. Instead, a new Alien had appeared, one who was not a member of the medical team. At first, she didn’t see him. She only sensed his presence next to her. In retrospect she realized he had been wandering around her house for some time, but only now did she start making contact with him.

She ascertained that he was a member of the biological research team and he was presently awaiting the return of the medical team. She said he was hovering around her and asking innocent questions like a small child.

For instance, she ate a cookie and he asked what it tasted like. I asked her to ask him some questions for me.

Adrian:   For what purpose have you come here?

Alien:     That’s privileged information. I’m not the head of the team and I’m not qualified to answer.

Adrian:   How old are you?

Alien:     I’m 340 years old.

Adrian:   Are you married?

Alien:     What is married?

Adrian:   Did you investigate and mark Chaya and I on Tuesday night?

Alien:     My friends did. They requested permission from your unconscious and also from Chaya’s.

Adrian:   Why did they mark us?

Alien:     The marking is for the long term and its privileged information. We mark many people.

Chaya:    The place where you inserted your marking hurts me.

Alien:     What is hurts?

I asked Chaya to describe what he looks like.

Chaya:    At first I couldn’t see him clearly. I asked to see him and he transferred himself to the closest dimension to ours that he could. I managed to see a gray figure, about 1.70 meters tall, slanted eyes and a distorted-looking face. He wore neither clothes nor shoes, and there was nothing down below, that is, no visible sex organs.

(to Alien) Do you eat?

Alien: No. But do you have any machine oil?

Two Geneticists

On the evening of August 8th 1997 as I approached my car, I discerned two hazy figures sitting in the back seat, waiting for me. I got in and started to drive while trying to make contact with them. I managed to understand that these were two female student geneticists who had toured the area and were hitching a ride back home with me. A ride in a car, it seems, is an entertaining experience for the Aliens. I took the opportunity to ask them some questions, starting with – how is it they don’t fall out of the car.

Alien:     Try and imagine a balloon in the shape of a man sitting in the back seat. The balloon is light as air and invisible.

I continued driving and I had the impression they were enjoying the scenery that drifted past the windows.

Adrian:   How do you see us?

Alien:     In natural circumstances humans are invisible to Aliens. The Aliens use special equipment to be able to see humans, like binoculars.

Adrian:   Please describe the binoculars.

Alien:     There are many different kinds – some are for personal use and some serve whole groups. Sometimes the visual data is transmitted directly to the brain of the Alien creating something like Virtual Reality, except that in this case the virtual reality is the actual physical reality of Earth.

The next day I had an excellent opportunity for concurrence. Chaya phoned me to say that X3 wanted to come over later and she would phone to let me know when. Some time later, I discovered that my phone had been left off the hook and I quickly phoned Chaya. She said she had been trying to get through to me for the past half hour, that X3 was there waiting, and meanwhile he was watching TV.

Adrian:   How does he see it?

Chaya:    He wears special glasses.

Adrian:   Do you have optical equipment that transmits images directly to the brain?

X3:         There is such equipment used for lectures to large groups in lecture halls. Our equipment also projects 3-dimensional holograms of the real world in real time. That can be very useful during surgery.

Adrian:   Two Aliens traveled with me in my car today.

X3:         Yes, I know them. They’re student geneticists.

An Alien Spirit Named Al

One night after I’d gone to bed, I suddenly became aware of a figure by my bedside. It was a hairy person, reminding me of an overgrown dog. I made contact.

Alien:     I’m the spirit of an Alien and I have my own spacecraft – Free-Lancer. The council employs me as a supervisor.

Adrian:   Do you think the Aliens will succeed in solving my medical problems?

Alien:     They work on specifics. Every decision is taken either by the Council or one of the committees. The moment a decision is taken, the Aliens make every effort to carry it out. Since it was decided to treat you, you can rest assured that the medical team will do the utmost and will help you. The medical procedures and equipment used by the Aliens here on Earth are not the most advanced in existence. If, for instance, an important member of the Council is seriously injured and his whole body except for his head is destroyed, the Aliens are capable of reconstructing his body almost totally. The reconstruction is carried out by equipment that molecularly grows biological tissue. Important people undergo period scanning and genetic sampling so that their physical composition is stored in the computer database. If there should be an accident, the original body can be reconstructed. The equipment for reconstructing tissue is only to be found in major medical centers.

The next day I was anxious to receive confirmation of this information from X3, through Chaya.

X3:         The whole issue of Alien Spirits is unclear to me. As far as I know, after death, the people of Sirius return to the source of light. I’m no big expert on the subject. The fact that you saw a man-dog-like figure, means that perhaps there is such a thing. The explanation you received regarding reconstruction of tissue is correct. There is such equipment, but it is not part of the standard equipment in field hospitals on Earth, nor in the spacecraft hospitals hovering above the atmosphere. It’s only in major medical centers, where it would be impossible to bring humans. It was from those medical centers that I received the biological simulator and its parts.

What X3 referred to as a simulator is a kind of zombie or a human body without a soul. It was artificially created for the purpose of medical experimentation. By “parts” he was referring to various organs that can be replaced.

Adrian:   Are you capable of reproducing human organs?

X3:         Unfortunately, we can’t yet reproduce them all. It’s a budget problem. Other departments receive budgets a hundred times bigger. The more popular teams today are those involved in nuclear research and ecology.

Adrian:   Can you be more specific? 

X3:         There are teams of Aliens that are studying human caches of nuclear weapons and teams studying the ecological problems of Earth.

Aliens, Numbers and Arithmetic

I’ve always thought of mathematics as a universal language. So on the 21st of August 1997 I decided to ask the team of Aliens working with Chaya what their mathematical base number is. To my surprise, they didn’t understand my question. It turned out that they learned base-ten mathematics, that is, the decimal system, in order to communicate with us. Aside from that, I didn’t manage to understand very much. X3 promised to make contact with me later in the day, directly through my computer.

That evening, when I sensed a presence next to me I sat down by my computer and started to type.

Adrian:   X3, are you nearby, or is someone else near me?

Maya:     Hello Adrian. We’re glad you are feeling well. This is Maya speaking. X3 will be arriving soon if he can get away, and Chaim will be coming with him. In the meantime, I’ll try to answer your questions. What was it you wanted to ask?

Adrian:   The last thing I was talking about was the decimal system. Human beings developed a system for counting. The Romans invented one system and the Egyptians another. The system generally accepted today is based on the number ten. As far as I understand, you learned this system just to be able to communicate with us.

Maya:     That’s right.

Adrian:   I’d like to know what the standard system of counting is on your planet, and on other planets. The reason for the development of the system based on the number ten is probably based on the fact that humans have ten fingers. We have names and symbols for each number from 0 to 9. Is there something different in other worlds? I understood from X3 that rote learning of mathematical functions as we do on Earth, is not accepted practice with you.

Maya:     That’s true. We almost never perform mathematical calculations in our head. It’s a waste of time. That’s the computer’s job. We learn basic mathematics in school, but only the principles. We were never asked to learn functions by heart. People who go into mathematics research learn to use computerized tools, and that’s far more important than doing calculations in your head. We came to the conclusion that computers can reliably handle mathematics. Living creatures make too many mistakes and their calculations can’t be relied upon. In our planning, it’s forbidden to rely on calculations you do yourself. Computers carry out all calculations. There are special departments that deal with programming computers so that they can make the calculations we want. That’s a profession in itself.

Adrian:   If you have to calculate something for your work, what do you do?

Maya:     I ask the computer. It’s capable of identifying the question, receiving the numbers and offering an immediate solution. You can even do it verbally. When you have such an option, doing the calculation yourself is at best superfluous, inaccurate, and at worst, dangerous. You have to understand, the amount of information at our disposal is astronomical. Despite our high intellectual level, we have to minimize areas of expertise as far as possible. Whatever you can let the computer do, that’s preferable to doing it yourself. There’s also a natural departmentalization. Because of the huge quantity of information, experts in each discipline know very little about other disciplines. On Earth it is taken for granted that an intelligent person has a general knowledge of a very wide range of subjects. In the environment of the Aliens, that’s almost impossible. There has to be a focused specialization in a particular field.

Adrian:   I understand. Let’s go back to the subject of numbers. How do you relay numerical information in conversation?

Maya:     There’s an international language among the Aliens, and several other languages – some more standard and some less. Each language has its own concepts of number. Different names for numbers. I know five languages including the standard one and every language has a different concept of numbers and different ways of defining them.

Adrian:   Whenever I ask you for results of tests you always answer in fractions,   like – half, quarter, third. You never answer in percentages.

Maya:     That’s true. We talk in terms of parts of the whole. There’s something else you should understand. In general, we deal with numbers far less than you do. For instance, test results are always normalized. The computer tells us if the result is above or below the norm, and how it compares to previous test results. We get the results in the form of a graph. That way we avoid dealing with dry numbers.

Adrian:   I understand. So your whole culture of conversation and thought is far less numerical than ours.

Maya:     That’s right, you’ve got it.

Adrian:   Interesting. So that’s why you have difficulty in answering the question whether you use the decimal system or not.

Maya:     Right. In order to communicate with humans we learned the decimal system, but we avoid dealing with numbers. The computer does it for us.

Adrian:   Interesting. Maya, do you have more time?

Maya:     Yes, I’m here until X3 or Chaim arrives. What did you want to ask?

Maya and the Green Planet

Adrian:   Tell me something about yourself and the planet you come from.

Maya:     My planet is very pretty. Its constantly green. The entire planet is covered with lush vegetation. Most of the planet is permanently shrouded in mist with very high humidity. The whole planet is like one big hothouse. It’s located at the edge of the Milky Way galaxy, that is, this galaxy. We come to Earth with the aim of peace and aid. My planet is far more advanced than the Earth technologically and behaviorally. We have no crime. Everything is orderly and organized.

Adrian:   What is your marital status?

Maya:     I live within a certain kind of family framework. Something like a commune. Within the commune there are couples that are closer with each other and those who are not. Interpersonal relations have free reign, they’re not regulated. Children are raised in a joint children’s house, like one big family.

Adrian:   How many are you in one commune?

Maya:     Between 100 and 250 or even 260 individuals.

Adrian:   Are there family connections? Like extended families and clans?

Maya:     No. The people live in multi-storied buildings in the framework of an expansive group that looks after itself. We arrived at this style of living after a great deal of research.

Adrian:   How is a new group organized?

Maya:     There are tenders and one can move from one group to another. For instance, if you change your workplace, you submit a request to join a different group that has room.

Adrian:   Are there richer and poorer groups?

Maya:     There is no such thing. Everyone is equal. There is no such concept as money. Everything is standardized. There are simply things that an individual has to do as a member of society, such as work and behave according to accepted behavioral norms. In return, he gets everything he needs to live. Everyone lives at the same level of quality of life, according to the total resources available. Everything is equally divided.

Adrian:   What is the form of government?

Maya:     We have an absolute democracy. Important decisions are decided by a computerized referendum. It is the privilege and the responsibility of every citizen to participate, via his computer, in a minimum number of such referendums, based on his fields of interest and understanding. Whenever you have some free time, you go to the computer and you get a list of questions and information and you have to indicate your choices or propose new laws or amendments. Imagine that all important decisions were taken through a public referendum over the Internet and the rest of the functions of the government, the less important ones, are run by administrative bodies. Not all of the questions are referred to the general public.

Adrian:   Is the voting secret?

Maya:     No. Every citizen’s vote is free information. There are also statistics on the success percentages of each person, so that citizens with deficient judgement can be taken into account. In other words, you can’t just vote at random. The computer won’t register a voter whose votes are illogical. That encourages people to vote only for issues on which they are knowledgeable. For instance, I vote only on issues of health.

 Adrian:  So it’s government by public will.

Maya:     Yes. We arrived at this system after much research on various optimal methods of government.

Adrian:   Would you like to tell me more about your planet or about yourself personally?

Maya:     There isn’t much to tell about myself personally. I’m one of the citizens of my country. We don’t have individualization like you do on Earth. On our planet people are more modest. They have less of an ego. We’re more like industrious ants.

Adrian:   What’s the population of your planet?

Maya:     Several hundred million – I think there are 860 million people. The

number has been stable for many years. It’s the optimal number the planet can support. The rest are on space journeys, like me, or on settlements on other planets.

Adrian:   What’s your life expectancy?

Maya:     A few thousand years – between 5 and 6 thousand. After that we get reincarnated in a new body, like humans.

Adrian:   What are your cultural rituals regarding death?

Maya:     After a waiting period of 8 months, the body is destroyed. Right after death the body is put in a sealed coffin and placed in the “death hall”. Relatives can visit the body there and mourn. After 8 months the body is destroyed by molecular disintegration. A long time ago we used to burn the bodies, but molecular disintegration is more effective and less damaging to the environment. It’s what we do to all our waste. The by-products of the disintegration are basic elements that are reused for industry, you could say they’re recycled.

Adrian:   So molecules from waste or from dead bodies are all reused to make consumer products like, for instance, toothbrushes.

Maya:     Something like that. That way we don’t accumulate garbage and we don’t pollute the environment. The material resources are recycled.

Adrian:   What energy sources do you use on your planet? Do you use solar


Maya:     No. Unfortunately that’s not possible on my planet because of the fog.The energy sources on my planet are nuclear power stations. They’re more sophisticated and safer than yours. Every commune has its own generator, so there’s no need for transporting energy from one place to another. You could say that every commune is a closed unit in terms of supplying most of its own needs. Very little is brought in from the outside.

Adrian:   Nice.

Maya:     I think that’s enough for now. If you want any more information, you can contact the communication center. Just ask them about Maya’s green planet.

Adrian:   Thank you. I wonder what’s happened to X3 and Chaim?

Maya:     They saw you were managing fine with me, so they returned to the laboratory. They’ll talk with you another time. I have to go now. Okay?

Adrian:   Yes, that’s fine. Thank you very much for your time, Maya. Shalom.



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