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Adrian Dvir M.Sc 
Engineer, Medium, Healer and Author

Aliens medical team collaborates with humans
Testimony of patients treated by Aliens
Alien's explain Astrophysics
Healers & Medium cure with Alien medical teems  

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Mediums channel 
With Aliens medical teams, Entities and Guides
  On going extraterrestrial activity is taking place in ISRAEL  since 1995.  Alien medical teams from other  realms or dimensions cure humans at Healers-Mediums alternative medicine clinics. Patients  feel strange sensations during the treatments (itching, heat or cold, increase or decrease in gravity sensations and many more) and some even see and communicate with the Aliens medical teams. The number of clinics has increased steadily and presently ( 2003 ) there are 50 clinics  in ISRAEL and 464 in the USA, (according to the Aliens). Alien alternative medicine clinics also exist in other countries ( England, Denmark, Australia ).  ET medical activity  helps  to  raise public awareness and increase acceptance of Alien existence.
Organized  ET  medical  collaboration with Healers and Mediums  is  a leap forward in Alien-Human contact  and collaboration beyond just UFO sighting,  random contacts, encounters, abductions, or crash events as happened in Roswell.   The Aliens treat humans in alternative medicine clinics only after the patients give their full consent. No abductions take place. In addition to the Alien medical activity, they willingly collaborate and answer questions on different issues including: information about Aliens and their activity on Earth, general science, astrophysics, and even Earth actuality events. 
Adrian's first English book:
X3, Healing Entities and Aliens
Second English Book:
To Cure with Aliens
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  Deep Space ET Surveillance Devices
15.5.2004 By Adrian Dvir and Diana Mann

  The Probing Parasites
A forbidden activity of attaching probing parasites to human subjects was discovered. Feb 2004

Adrian Dvir presented at the
Annual 13th International UFO Convention and Film Festival
On: ET Medical Clinics in ISRAEL
Presentation Audio and Video available
Jakie M. Salvitti Testimony
Report on the 13th Annual International UFO Congress Convention and Film Festival , By Donald M. Ware

Alien Daniel, head of the 54 organization
Channeled by Hagai Katz Dec 20, 2003

Earth Star Gates and Space Tunnels
ET Explanation Team answer questions about what we know as "Worm Holes" or "Star-Gate" Dec 21, 2003
Or Hesed story on Alien Medical Team clinic
Dec 20, 2003
The High Council 
Channeled by Or Hesed Dec 20, 2003
Only Bacteria lives on Mars
ET Explanation Team answer questions about Mars life forms and History and  something more. Dec 26, 2003

Clean the Blue Mummy
A patient past life Egyptian body needed a fix. Nov 20, 2003

I read the book and have been to Israel to see for myself
Clive Digby-Jones from High Welcome, Bucks United Kingdom
Alternative Medicine news: Invisible Beings help Healers in ISRAEL.
In ISRAEL an increasing number of Healers claim to almost miraculous results in a variety of medical conditions including serious diseases. The Healers claim for collaboration with invisible Beings from other dimensions or realms.
ET Clinics in Israel
Invisible ET team up with healers to cure humans in more than 50 clinics in Israel.


ET Medicine saved my life
Many people life ware saved as a result of Alien medical teams treatments. 

Engineer, Medium, Healer and Author
Contact man with Aliens

Adrian Dvir was born in Rumania in 1958. Dvir  holds a B.Sc in Engineering and an M.Sc in Computer Engineering. Married with two children and living in Israel since 1965, Dvir develops military computer systems at a major Israeli communications company.
 He first acknowledged and began to use his abilities as a Medium, Psychic and Healer  in 1992. Two years later he became aware of spirits, ghosts, spiritual guides, light entities aliens and other multi dimensional beings.
 A compelling personal account of contact by channeling and healing in collaboration with spirits, ghosts, spiritual guides, light entities, multi dimensional and alien beings, the bookís first appearance in Israel in 1998 stimulated a flurry of excitement and media interest.

With interest steadily growing, the book is in its fourth printing in Hebrew (its original language) and its second printing in English. It has been published in Rumanian and is soon to appear in other languages. The popularity of his website is further evidence of Dvirís growing international recognition as an expert on alien contact. Read more about Adrian Dvir  and Adrian Dvir Story
Adrian Dvir, an alien contacted cures sick people and uses his daily contact  with Alien medical teams and entities to learn about them as much as he can. Dvir is conducting research on the Aliens.

The book is printed and distributed in the USA By Book Masters Inc. and also distributed by Ingram,  Baker & Taylor, New Leaf.  The book is available in book stores and from most online vendors. 

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7,356kb pdf file, 422 pages
ISBN: 9657269016

Free review copies are available for Media and non profit organizations
in Alternative Medicine, New Age and UFO.
To receive a free copy send an email to


New: A number appeared on my wall
Mark Rashkow is in Israel and strange things are happening to him. A phone number appeared on his wall. August 23, 2003
New: Citizens of Earth we want to be your friends
First message from the "Origation" or "The group of 18".channeled by Hagai Katz
Sep, 13, 2003

Aliens treated bad meniscus
Jack Cohen tell his story about unusual Alien medical treatment that he experienced during Oct 2001-Feb 2002. Jack suffered from a bad meniscus. He could not walk and had to retire from work. The physicians claimed he needed an operation but refused to perform it due to his heart condition. Pushed by his wife, the skeptic Jack was treated by the Aliens. Now he is walking and working as before. In addition, he had once in a life time experience... Jack known to be a good medium felt the treatment, saw the Aliens and spoke with them telepathically. Watch the Video on the left. <Watch more testimony's>


Aliens message channeled by trans medium Diana Mann, Dec 21, 2002

Diana: My name is Diana, and I have been a sensitive since my early childhood. I work in cooperation with spiritual entities and benevolent extraterrestrial figures.
 Aliens:   We are in a state of mutual and cosmic cooperation. We work together with other Healers and Light workers to bring faith, healing, spiritual and physical renewal to the various populations of the world.  The groups represented at this moment wish to bring you messages of hope and peace, of love and understanding.

We have for many years observed  and have been part of  the  ongoing  events  of your  population. We live in different realms but  we are  your cosmic brothers.  We wish to tell you  at this time, that we have  decided  to reveal ourselves. After years of  observations  we have decided to come and bring  you the advantages of physical healing.

We  are at this time ready  to work through our foremost messengers  Adrian  Dvir and Hagai  Katz. Adrian Dvir has written books through our inspiration, in order to explain to you who and what we are. We have advanced facilities. We  have advanced research which  we want  to share with you. We want to relieve you of your desperation of your feeling of hopelessness. For we are messengers of love,  understanding and faith. We  are all messengers of the Almighty, the spiritual holy one, who wishes  us to unite with you. For we are all cosmic brothers. Many of you have forgotten that you too are spiritual cosmic entities, and we are here to remind you. We want to spread the seeds of love and understanding. 

We have a gift for you. A gift  that you can  accept  if you open  your hearts  and minds to us. Many of you  can now feel and see us. And many of you need the encouragement and guidance of Adrian  Dvir. Read his books, understand, comprehend  who we are and what we can do to help you. You have forgotten that you are loving beings. Instead you spread the seeds of distress and isolation. You are not isolated. You are part of the cosmic wholeness that includes various dimensions and different universes.  We can bring you this understanding. We can bring you the memory of your spiritualness  and spirituality. Just give us the opportunity.  Decide  to cooperate with us, read the books, come to our lectures.  Feel the presence of benevolent  extraterrestrial entities. We are doctors who bring you loving tender care, with advanced technologies. We  are here to help you.

We want your planet to become part of our interplanetary  confederation.  But you must  want to do that.   You must  want to help yourselves.   You must  want to mutually respect yourselves to respect mother Earth, to respect the plants and animals  that have  been given to you as gifts as reminders  of God's love and interest in your  welfare. We ask you only  to open your hearts, to open your minds.  Be ready to hear us, to see us. It is your  decision whether or not  to except our help, in your spiritual and physical argue.  Thank you.

Diana can be reached at:  (972-3) 6773531, (972-53) 732547


Alien organizations

    The alien medical teams study our anatomy, physiology and common diseases in order to find cures for human illness.
    Other Alien teams study Earth Ecology. Observe Nuclear, Chemical and Biological development of weapons as well as many other fields  of human civilization.
    The research teams are part of a huge organization: the Aliens' Council. They  represent 54 Alien civilizations. The aliens disclosed that many similar Alien organizations exist. 

 The Aliens' Council's purpose is to include planet Earth as a member in their organization. Lately the 17,  45 and 68 Alien Planetary organizations also made their presence known on Earth and collaborate with the 54 Organization in medical activity.
On Mars 29, 2003 we received information that the Alien organizations unified into one organization and are now called   "The One". Other higher hierarchies are the Council of 9 (mentioned in the medium Phyllis Shalimar books), the Council of 5 and probably many more. 
Aliens Long Distance Communication
A by product of the aliens fantastic travel speed is their long distance inter-galactic communication system. Radio waves or Electromagnetic waves are too slow to be used in inter-galactic communication. The Aliens use faster means of communication. 

 Speed of Time is changing
 On March 8, 2003 the ET finally released an explanation concerning about the changing speed of time . The changing speed of time is a result of the expansion of the speed of the universe since the local Big Bang. The Aliens claim that this expansion is non linear that it but oscillates at different speeds. The speed of expansion affects the speed of time (or time velocity). 

Earth Magnetic polar flip

Universe Origin Size and Age
The Aliens explain Universe origin, Universe size and Universe age. 

Parallel Universes
Aliens claim that Parallel Universes exist. We can call it parallel dimensions, parallel realms extra-dimensions or inter-dimensions. 

Alien Implants
Alien implants have been known for many years to UFO researchers. Many samples were surgically removed from abducted people. Our Alien medical teams use medical implants to support or replace bodily functions by inserting artificial devices. 

Aliens travel faster than the speed of light
How  Aliens travel faster than the speed of light is a contradiction to light speed limit and Einstein's theory of relativity that prove travel at such speed or higher to be impossible.

Aliens explain Crop Circles
Crop circles, UFO landing marks are means of proclaiming: We exist and we are here. It is a gentle way of letting humans know of ET existence without causing  panic. 

Solar Storm damaged Aliens' Space Ship
Aliens contact channels went dead as a result of space bad weather. Several Healers lost their contact with the Alien telepathic center. October 1998

Telepathic communication with Aliens
How do mediums and psychics channel with Aliens and spirits.


Aliens takes side in the Iraq's War

Extraterrestrial message channeled by trans medium Diana Mann on Mars 29, 2003
We met in the Alien's clinic to channel messages about the Iraq War. The invisible ET speaker that borrowed Diana's voice for a few minutes says there will be no questions and started with a historic review, from the Second World War, emphasizing continued struggle by the enlightened citizens for personal and communal freedom on planet Earth. The recent events include Sep 11, 2001, personalities as Bin Laden, Al-Qaida, Taliban, the Afghanistan War and the current Iraq War. The terrorist leaders are united in a plan to control and destroy the free world by unleashing non conventional mass destruction weapons on democratic nations . This is the last chance of the world to prevent wholesale slaughter, prevent planet scale massacre planed by dictatorships, terror supporting countries.

The Iraqi regime was controlled by dark Alien Forces

Cosmic Brother Rajim channeled by trans medium Hagai Katz

March 29, 2003

In a series of Q & A the Extra terrestrial Rajim disclosed new information and clarified extraterrestrial involvement in the Iraq war, also disclosure of future plans and coming planet scale  events  for the next 5 years.

Gaya (Soul of mother Earth) and two representatives of The Law of One.

Channeled by trans medium Diana Mann April 21, 2003

During a meeting in Rishon- Le- Zion, ISRAEL, with guest Healers from the UK:  Eileen and Clive Jones ,some local friends and Hagai Katz, Diana Mann and Adrian Dvir, We received the following message.

Multidimensional Parasites
Adrian Dvir reports on cases of Multi-dimensional parasites.
Soul release
A soul of a critically wounded boy refused healing and asked to be released.
Will the Aliens help with SARS Virus ?
April 27, 2003 A surfer question and answer about the Aliens ability and willingness to help. I also asked the Group of nine entities for their message: 
..."SARS epidemic will last for 15 months. Its peak will be a year from now"... 
Holocaust atrocities haunt victims beyond death
April 29, 2003. As part of my work as a medium and healer that collaborate with entities and Alien medical team, I treated many patients born after World War II but still bear deep scars of first hand experience holocaust atrocities  as part of previous incarnations.
Parliament of the soul
A series of treatment involving past life regression and therapy shed light on what I decided to call Parliament of the Soul. Karma, or current incarnation contract is oriented to prepare the current incarnation to be accepted to the soul parliament. 
Jesus and the Aliens medical teams
Entities show no ID or driving license but they use names: Eliahu, Moshe, and even Jesus are the common names we encountered during some of the treatments. We can never know but to judge the Entities not by their names but by their doings.
Self Healing
In addition to the Alien medical Activity we should not forget important self healing we can do.

Alien medical teams treat Parkinson Disease
Alien medical team treat Parkinson Disease. Read about healers and their experience with this disease. 

Healing with Aliens
Healing with Aliens is the most unusual and amazing healing type. 
Rreleasing the internal Alien
A man called me on May 2, 2003 claiming he had to see me urgently for consultation. The treatment was unexpectedly strange and bizarre. 
ET treatment rules and FAQ

Next Alien Contact step has started:

Daily Medical collaboration with Aliens

Adrian, a computer Engineer, who was never interested in ghosts, spirituality and mysticism and never participated in a sťance, discovers that he possesses unique psychic powers of extra-sensory perception ( ESP ), which enable him to see and communicate with entities from other dimensions. What is also called clairvoyant. Adrian decides to investigate further and in a series of unusual mysterious experiences involving other psychics, he encounters spirits, ghost, light creatures, entities and spiritual guides of the after-world. He also, unexpectedly, discovers other worlds parallel to ours populated with a wealth of alien beings.

Through his quest to understand, he meets a medical research team of aliens from another dimension who ask his permission to open an alternative medicine clinic adjacent to his apartment. He agrees and so begins his collaboration with this most unusual medical team.

Gradually establishing his practice as a healer, Adrian begins applying his knowledge and skills together with his special psychic powers of extra-sensory perception and telepathic ability to heal people with the aid of the spiritual guides and alien medical team. His close collaboration with the alien team affords him the opportunity to learn a great deal about the Aliens and their medical practice. They willingly accept his probes for knowledge and grant him free access to their telepathic communications center. He is encouraged to make contact and freely ask questions. In a fascinating series of documented dialogs between Adrian and the aliens, the reader can find a wealth of knowledge about alien life, technology and their plans for the human race.

This book takes the reader on a journey, together with the author, of gradual exposure to new ideas, other worlds, and new possibilities. The reader becomes privy to inside knowledge about the universe and the wealth of life forms that it sustains Ė most of which are far more advanced than the human race. And the reader will find that these aliens have been monitoring the development of mankind since its inception.
The ET medical teams are just one small part of a huge effort to integrate planet Earth into the highly advanced community of the galactic civilization. The extraterrestrials main efforts are aimed at studying Earth Ecology and many other aspects in order to facilitate a smooth integration. Many extraterrestrial teams are at work preparing Earth for this event. Amazing alien technologies are hinted at, based on a totally different understanding of the universe and its physical laws. In his fascinating dialogs with the aliens, Adrian achieves small glimpses of this unknown universe. 
The book is divided into three main parts. First, are the personal psychical experiences that lead Adrian to enter into the Ďtwilight zoneí, into uncharted worlds. The second part documents alien medical treatments, and finally in the third part, Adrian delves more deeply into alien physics and other spheres of advanced ET scientific knowledge.
This book is non-fiction and is based on first-hand reports of original and true events.

Read more about the book  

UFO sighting
It looked like three lights hovering above us for about 30 minutes. The lights were blue, red and green. No sound was heard. The Aliens medical team gave us some information about the space ship, its size and purpose.  Sept 2, 1998

Reptilian Alien Professor Bach
An alien medical specialist in medicine and science speaks about his work as head physician of Alien medical team on Earth, his home planet and his reptile humanoid race.  His current research is medical implants. Sep 18, 1977

New: Mega Catastrophe Prophecies
Catastrophes predictions keep channeling in. Are they for real ?  Sep 4, 2003
The Alien Council message
Organization of 54 planets - Inter - universal organization, a confederation of planets working together, states its purposes. June 28, 1977
Adrian Dvir first Hebrew book, about Healing Entities and Aliens,  published in Israel in 1998 by Gal publishers. Now in its 4Th edition.

A compelling personal account of contact by channeling and healing in collaboration with spirits, ghost, spiritual guides, light creatures, other-dimensional and alien beings, the  stimulated a flurry of excitement and media interest.

Adrian Dvir second  Hebrew book on Curing with Aliens published in Israel in 2001 by Gal publishers. Now in its second edition

This is Dvirís second book continuing his account of his work as a healer aided by benevolent highly evolved extraterrestrials, whose aim is to study and benefit mankind.

Adrian Dvir first book in Romanism "Clinica Extraterestrilor" published in Bucuresti Romania in 2001.

Adrian Dvir first English book: "X3, Healing Entities and Aliens",  Printed in the USA by Print Masters Inc, in 2003.

A compelling personal account of contact by channeling and healing in collaboration with spirits, ghost, spiritual guides, light creatures, other-dimensional and alien beings. The book includes a CD with Patients and Healers testimonies and channeling with Aliens.

Adrian second English book:
Cured by Aliens
This is Dvirís second English book continuing his account of his work as a healer aided by benevolent highly evolved extraterrestrials, whose aim is to study and benefit mankind. Thanks to Dvirís courageous openness in discussing his experiences, a growing number of people with similar interests and experiences have come forward.

Dvirís second book documents his contacts with some of them and recounts the expanding number of alien-aided clinics. Today, in Israel alone, there are over 50 such clinics currently seen as one of the most effective means of alternative medicine available.
Read more on Adrian second book including free chapters.



This website is preserved just as it was upon Adrian Dvir's death in June 2004. This website which he himself built was during his life continuously updated by him with the co-operation of friends. Adrian dedicated his life to his family, to research and development in the field of electronics and computers, to humanity and to the universe. The books that he wrote and this website serve as a testimony to his magnificent work as well as a source of valuable information to the public. 

In the name of Adrian's family and friends you are invited to tour this website and marvel at Adrian's life's work.

Read more on these issues in Adrian Dvir's book: X3, Healing Entities and Aliens

An exciting and attention riveting metaphysical journey, September 21, 2003
Reviewer: Midwest Book Review from Oregon, WI USA
Informatively written by Adrian Dvir (an expert computer engineer who first discovered his ability to communicate telepathically in 1992, and first contacted aliens in the year 1994), X3: Healing, Entities, And Aliens is an exciting and attention riveting metaphysical journey into mind-expanding experiences and the positive intentions of entities from beyond this world. Offering a grand, detailed, investigative account that fleshes out seemingly supernatural occurrences in great detail, and enhanced with an accompanying CD, X3: Healing Entities and Aliens is a unique and very welcome contribution to Metaphysical Studies reference collections and UFO Studies reading lists.
Adrian Dvir documents his own and others, Healers and Mediums outstanding daily collaboration in ISRAEL, with  Beings from parallel dimensions or realms.  These invisible beings act as medical teams. They are Alien  ET Extraterrestrials and ED Extra-Dimensional medical teams. The paranormal and  mystical events becomes a daily experience, with practical results for suffering sick people. Parallel realms of existence are described. The book includes a PC  HTML based CD with high resolution Video Clips streaming of Patients testimony, Healers stories and Beings messages and answers as channeled by Trans Mediums. This is the next step in out of this world  contact beyond random UFO sightings, Crop circles, unexpected encounters and alike. 
Midwest Book ReviewBook_Readers |   Read more | Adrian Dvir Home page  |*Video | Synopsis | Table of Contents | Read an Excerpt | Front Cover | Back Cover | CD Artwork
  • Paperback: 422 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.02 x 8.66 x 5.58
  • Publisher: Adrian Dvir; (January 2003).  ISBN: 9657269008

 To order call us toll free: 1-800-247-6553

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7,356kb pdf file, 422 pages
ISBN: 9657269016

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