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Report on the 13th Annual International UFO Congress Convention and Film Festival

By Donald M. Ware, 662 Fairway Ave., Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32547

May 25, 2004

Our 13th winter convention February 8 - 14 in Laughlin, Nevada at the Flamingo Resort Hotel was an especially smooth operation. We had 850 very interesting people there for a wonderful learning experience with many dear friends. We hope you will bring a friend next year, because we have lots of room for expansion. We had 27 speakers from six countries this year, and 11 films competing for EBE awards. Four evenings Mary Rodwell hosted gatherings for experiencers, and Thursday several told their interesting stories. The wine, soft drinks, cheese, and fruit provided at the Wednesday meet-the-speakers party added greatly to the congenial atmosphere, and I suspect we each made some new friends. Bob and Teri Brown, their beautiful and talented daughters, Ken Seddington, the A/V crew, and the Flamingo Resort Hotel staff superbly presented the Saturday night banquet and EBE awards ceremony.

Jim Marrs, a Texan with a BA in Journalism, is author of Alien Agenda and Psi Spies. His three-hour presentation was on: “The Secret of Redgate,” the story of a small community in Montana, secret societies, and speculation on the invasion of Iraq. Prior to this Sunday evening presentation his film on “The Secret of Redgate” was shown. Marrs introduced the main character, Linda Croonquist, the abductee who was able to convince many of her town-folk to share their stories of alien contact that were documented in the film. He also introduced remote viewers, Diane and Dee, who assisted in the investigation of the contacts. Diane said aliens sometimes showed up during her remote viewing sessions and gave her information telepathically. Linda said that when she first started talking about her contact experiences a “master face” would appear in her mind and frighten her. While under hypnosis she was told that if she rubbed her fingers together it would make the face disappear. It worked for a while.
Concerning cover-ups, Marrs said that there were 16 stories in the April19, 1987 newspaper in Aurora, TX about a crashed flying machine. People later reported government agents in the cemetery with metal detectors. He made various interesting statements: In the famous 1940 “air raid” over Los Angeles, there is evidence that AA guns hit something and pieces were recovered. He supported as real the 2000 crop formation with the alien head and disk with a message we can read. He called our attention to the Latin logo of the Council on Foreign Relations. He said the Nazis got King Solomon’s treasure from Italy and spread it over the world, to Bolivia, Argentina, etc. The invasion of Iraq may well have been an attempt to gain control over new technology. And, concerning public awareness of what’s really happening, he said, “This bottle of water is smarter than three quarters of the American public.”

On Monday Ed and Kris Sherwood’s talk, “Crop Circle Answers,” focused on who or what has been creating the worldwide crop circle phenomenon, and why. They experienced a “psycho-interactive response” on their investigative trip to England in July and August 2003. They found that human groups make some “circles” mechanically, more than one ET group makes some intentionally, so that we question the mystery, and ETs make a few unintentionally. ETs are now the primary source, and the Sherwood’s interest is to learn from the symbols in the fields. Some call our attention to earth’s energy lines. Some depict meteorological symbols describing the weather there when the circle was formed. Some symbolize sound waves and some symbolize God. In 1992 a CSETI group of nine in meditation sent mental images of three circles in a triangle, and a few miles away and a few hours later it was formed in the crop. When a group of researchers considered that the Chinese revere nine “creative dragons” the next night nine symbols appeared in a circle. When the meteor impact on Jupiter occurred a similar image appeared in the field. A beam of light appeared in a photo of Kris in a circle. Seven researchers were in a field when a seven-fold image appeared. Soon after Ed wore a straw hat into the field the stalks in the center of one circle were folded to look like a straw hat. This was while their B & B landlady had a display of straw hats.

Matthew Hurley, from South Wales, is author of The Alien Chronicles. His interest in UFOs began at age 10, and at the 1993 Leeds Conference Bob Dean’s talk inspired his interest in alien/UFO evidence in historical art. Some of the earliest pieces are faces on rock in Borzonasca, Italy dated 200,000 BC. “Hat-shaped” objects were found in Tanzania from 20,000 BC. Anomalous statues from Japan are from 12,000 BC. In Iraq, ceramics of cone-heads and reptilians dated from 5,000 BC. In Kosovo “gray” type heads with their classic eyes and chin dated to 4,000 BC. Later art tells stories. One shows a famous 14 April 1561 “battle in the sky” with many and various UFOs over Nurenburg. Some from 1608 depict cannons being fired at UFOs over the water at Niece and Genoa, with no impact. A 1710 picture in London depicts a UFO associated with the devil. There are flying crosses over China in 1718. Furniture in Belgium is carved to show Moses receiving the tablets with four UFOs in the background. DeGelder’s 1710 “Baptism of Christ” painting shows a saucer shining a beam onto the Christ child. Hurley showed early UFO photographs: one in Fatima Portugal in 1917, one in Ward, CO in 1929, one over a busy street in China in 1942 and another over Los Angeles that year, and one above a man on a horse in Burbank, CA in 1945.

Joseph McMoneagle (US Army Ret) has 27 years as a remote viewer. This includes 19½ with the US Government, 21 in the laboratory, and 20 with corporations. He gave us many important insights in a 2-hour block. From 1984 to 1995 he was an RV consultant to Stanford Research Institute – International and to Science Applications International Corporation. His four books on remote viewing are Mindreach (1993), The Ultimate Time Machine, Remote Viewing Protocols, and his recent STARGATE CHRONICLES – Memoirs of a Psychic Spy. He is a member of the prestigious Parapsychological Association. He has done 43 demonstrations of remote viewing on national TV in six countries, and 38 were successful. He defines remote viewing as, “Acquisition of information and description of a location, place, person, or object through mental means alone – when ordinary means of perception are blocked by distance, shielding, or time.”
From his Virginia dining table McMoneagle was able to locate 7 of 11 people missing in Japan. He provided for most the city, street and mailbox. One was found in North Korea, and one had been cremated in South Korea. In one test he was asked to find someone with no more information than his social security number. The first time the subject was found through remote viewing on the 7th floor of a secure building at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories standing in front of the administrator. Later the subject was found in 8 ½ minutes among the turbines of a wind farm. Another time he was found at a DOE experimental energy station. In 1980 his target was a UFO, and during the session he went out of body to a “white cube.” When he tried to go back to his body nothing happened. He was nervous. An image of his deceased father appeared in his mind and said, “Leave. You don’t belong here.” McMoneagle knew this was not his father. Then two light beings appeared and hit him in the chest with a beam of light. He told them to leave, and they did. He felt something “strum a nerve in his chest,” and he instantly was back in his body sitting upright. Because of prior work with Bob Monroe on controlled OBEs, he felt this was a multidimensional experience. In 1984, using remote viewing, he went to Mars in 1,000,000 BC where he saw a pyramid in a depression. There were tall thin people. He thinks we are descendents of the inhabitants of Mars.

Wynn Free and David Wilcox teamed up to finish the afternoon lectures. Wynn Free has researched the evidence that David Wilcox spent his last incarnation as Edgar Cayce. Free described Cayce as “a fundamentalist Christian who knew stuff he wasn’t supposed to know.” Records of his 15,000 readings (mostly medical) are kept in Virginia Beach, home of the Edgar Cayce Foundation. Since Cayce’s death in 1945, over 500 books have been written about him. In 1993, while studying psychology, Wilcox started a dream journal. Then he would wake up and find sentences he did not remember writing. They counseled him. Some predicted events in his future, and they happened. Others predicted world events, and they happened. He got pages of information in good order. In 1997 he was encouraged to move to Virginia Beach, and he did so in 1998. He was given a non-intervention policy. “Should anyone choose to dispute evidence of the work, we should simply withdraw.” They were told they could stop disasters, but they could not violate free will.

David Wilcox accepts reincarnation as reality. He mentioned that Cayce reported a past life as John Bainbridge. Wilcox said that for most of four years of his life he was drunk and used LSD; however for the past 12 years he has had no alcohol, drugs, or caffeine. He had an OBE at age 5, but felt he was a failure when he became afraid and snapped back into his body. At age 7 he read Harold Sherman’s, How to Make ESP Work for You. It gave him exercises to develop his ability. He said it was good to start early. Wilcox was greatly impressed by The RA Material as useful channeled information. He was impressed by the sacred geometry in the crop circles, and he showed many photos and drawings showing sacred geometry. He said that when we are aligned with the center of the galaxy, everyone’s psychic ability would increase by 400%.

Professor James McCanney spoke first on Tuesday. He spent three decades studying the electrical nature of the solar system and the universe. He said that if you base a space program on money, it would fail. If you try to take your military with you, you will fail. “Humanity is being tested to see if we will be allowed out there.” He said that the main area of Atlantis is in the South China Sea. He mentioned a five-ringed city with an electric current sheet coming from the ionosphere. He mentioned seawater batteries and a group of people being fed secrets from the Vatican basement. He showed a map of nuclear power plant locations where radioactive wastes are being stored and said that we could have had Tesla Towers in these spots generating energy with no pollution. He said that you have to go to Antarctica to see planet-X. He said we did not go to the moon, because the radiation of the Van Allen belts is too dangerous. As a Nuclear Engineer I was amazed by his statement, “You don’t get much more energy out of a nuclear reactor than you do out of a chemical reaction.” And, he said that the majority of NASA’s $60 billion budget is in black operations.

Dr. Claude Swanson, author of The Synchronized Universe, majored in physics at MIT and received his Ph. D. from Princeton. He formed his own consulting firm, carrying out studies in applied physics for commercial and governmental agencies, including Dupont, United Technologies, the Army, Navy, DARPA and the CIA. He learned that paranormal phenomena break many rules of the old physics. They will lead us to a deeper understanding of space and time, to new forms of energy, perhaps one day to time travel and access to parallel universes. His talk included excellent visual aids, and some of his interesting comments were: Cold Fusion has been replicated in hundreds of laboratories. The speed of light has been broken. Electrical “free” energy has been patented with the Kawai generator, which has output three times the input. The physics of time involves changes in mass. Concerning soft sciences, he said: Edgar Mitchell demonstrated long distance ESP on his return from the moon. Subconscious brainwaves show ESP taking place. ESP and remote viewing are more accurate during certain times of the day. You can affect objects during an OBE. Remote viewers can affect physical things at a distance. In one experiment a kitten sensed an astral presence. Swanson said he photographed a ghost in his house. Scientists have measured a DC voltage shift during a kundalini spiritual transformation. He said that laws govern all creation. Subtle laws rule hidden planes of the inner realms of consciousness. Tunnels show up in ET experiences. Bob Monroe experienced angels in tunnels. Monroe also tried an OBE while in a 50 KV Faraday cage, and “the charged wires stuck to has astral body.” He said that our science has to expand. We need new theories. He mentioned Talbot’s, The Holographic Universe, and suggested that motion may be just a shift of focus of the 4-D hologram.

Adrian Dvir is an Israeli computer engineer (MS) and the author of Healing Entities and Aliens (1998). He first acknowledged and began to use his abilities as a medium, psychic, and healer in 1992. By 1994 he was aware of spirits, ghosts, spiritual guides, light entities, aliens and other multi dimensional beings. In 1995 he met healer and trance medium Hagai Kaly and her “alien team.” Dvir said that they asked for his permission to open a clinic at his home. He said his clinic now has had 39 alien doctors, visiting doctors, students, nurses, and secretaries, and there are now more than 50 “alien” clinics in Israel. His well-prepared power-point presentation featured healers such as Or Hassed, Miri Est, and Avi Grief (head of Israel UFO Research Center), and patients. Though Adrian's clinic appears to be a simple room, a remote viewer, Diana Mann, described it to be extended 30 meters (in the etheric) and having advanced equipment. Adrian’s medical team remains invisible for most people, but psychics see them. Adrian said that there were thousands of aliens visiting our conference. He said that patients have various sensations: touch, electrical currents, pain, twitching, heat, cold, gravity changes, and partial immobilization. Testimonies showed patients both as believers and as skeptics. One 72-year-old man had his knees repaired, and he saw the alien doctors. Adrian said that aliens can produce synthetic antibodies that attack only cancerous cells, and that they use implants to track people. Cirrhosis of the liver can be cured if at least 25% is undamaged. Aliens, with a patient’s permission, can manipulate past-life memories to help psychological problems. Someone channeling an alien said, “We want your planet to become part of our interplanetary society.” There was a question about alien-assisted clinics here. Dvir said that he has been told of 469 such clinics in the USA, but most just call it reiki.

The last speaker Tuesday was Russell Callaghan, the image analyst and video producer for UFO Magazine UK. He opened with a tribute to his late editor, Graham Birdsall. He showed a photo of two shiny disks taken by someone photographing an eclipse of the sun. BOAC Captain James Howard reported that 50 people in three planes saw it. He showed some of the recent UFO clips that were in the 90-minute video, “The Journey.” Callaghan said that Anthony filmed some objects “that he may be attracting.” There was a video of an object hovering over a radar site for 8 ½ minutes. The top was rotating, but the bottom wasn’t. He also showed a group of spheres videoed over Portsmouth, UK for 8 minutes.
Then the A/V crew showed a series of video clips about the life of Graham Birdsall put together by Chris Martin to the music of “Touch Someone” and “You Were Loved.” The IUFOC President, Bob Brown, spoke for all of us when he said, “We will miss him.”
George Filer, Eastern Regional Director for MUFON, is best known for Filer’s Files distributed weekly to 5000 people worldwide. He is a retired Air Force officer with a Masters in Business Administration and almost 5000 hours as a navigator. He spent 16 years as an Intelligence Analyst and briefing officer. In 1962 he was in a refueling tanker over England when London Control asked that they investigate a UFO over Stonehenge. Filer said it was the largest radar return he had ever seen from an object in the sky. They dove toward it, and when about a mile away it headed to space at ten times their speed. Filer spoke of the 1978 case when an alien vehicle landed in a Ft. Dix, NJ secure area. An alien came out, was asked to stop, and was shot when he did not stop. He was chased across a fence to McGuire AFB where he died on the National Guard ramp. Airman Morris was assigned to guard the body, and he later made a sketch. Men in black came, and they said, “Take off. We are through with you.” Morris thought they were rude, so he told investigator Len Stringfield. When Major Filer walked into the Command Post a few hours later he was told the story. Then a call from the control tower asked, “What’s going on? There are C-141s in the pattern dodging UFOs.” Filer said he declined to brief General Sadler on the aliens that morning. When he went to the photo lab, a friend said, “You won’t believe what’s in here.” Then another sergeant said, “No! You can’t see that.” Some military police were taken to Wright-Patterson AFB for debriefing and then transferred off the base. Right after the incident, 50 – 60 men from Washington DC came to “clean up” the area. Filer also reported that there is an area in the woods near the runway where aliens could land unseen, but he doesn’t know what it is for.
Filer said that at an Air Force Association meeting he met a General who said that in 1960 he saw a craft at night at WPAFB, and he was shown a UFO in a hangar and an alien that looked quite human. He relayed many other stories, including one about a “hospital ship” with hundreds of beds with people. The Air Victory Museum is in Bedford, NJ. Filer wanted to put a UFO display there. Approval was obtained from the Air Materiel Command commander, who “thought it was a good idea.” Filer told about two ladies who were taken off the Pennsylvania Turnpike to a large alien vehicle where many cars were parked. They were floated down one hour later to a bridge 300 miles away. The gas tank was still full, and they saved the $15 toll.

Richard Dolan, author of UFOs and the National Security State, titled his talk, “The Greatest Show in the Quadrant - Humanity’s Impending Flame-out and the Presence of Others.” He has an MA in History from the University of Rochester, and a Certificate in Political Theory from Oxford, and he was a Rhodes Scholar finalist. In 2003 he helped found the magazine, ”Phenomena,” and he serves as Senior Editor. He said that he tries to write for the mainstream as an open-minded skeptic. He said we are unhealthy because of our screwed up lifestyle. We haven’t grasped the basic problem – an out-of-control consumer society that no longer governs itself. He spoke of the “great fire-sale;” water, public lands, prisons, the military, utilities, schools, police, and governments. He commented on the sanitized style of the media and said, “They are on the team.” He questioned how free we are, should be, and can be, and he said we have had a revolution that has made our representatives irrelevant. Meanwhile, per-capita oil production is going down, and 40% of the world lives with water scarcity. Dolan spoke with Ben Rich of the Lockheed “Skunk Works” who apparently said, “We now have the technology to take ET home.” There are two types of UFOs, ours and theirs. We have crash retrievals and hand-me-downs. Another quote that I think I copied correctly is, “There is an error in the equations, and we have now figured it out. We can travel to the stars, and it won’t take a lifetime.” Dolan said, “they” have things in the Nevada desert that would make George Lucas jealous, and they have given up the idea that they are responsible to you. He mentioned a 2002 paper about extracting energy from the 0-point field by Hal Puthoff who said that if “they” can do it, we need to know about it, and if they can’t, we are in big trouble. Dolan sees tremendous danger on the horizon.

Haktan Akdogan is a pioneering Turkish UFO researcher who speaks fluent Turkish, English, and French. He was recently elected as a member of the IUFOC Board of Directors. In 1996 he prepared the weekly documentary, “UFO Reality,” for two national TV stations and hosted a weekly UFO radio program on “Cool FM.” In 1998 he founded the SIRIUS UFO Space Sciences Research Center that initiated many international events. In January 2002 he founded an International UFO Museum in Istanbul, and he is co-founder of SIRIUS Publishing House. Last year he spent a month on the road with a UFO Museum display in a large skillfully painted truck. They held a press conference in Istanbul before leaving, visited 17 cities, and had 800 - 1200 people each day paying $1 each. Local press coverage was good, and there were lines of people everywhere they went. They collected lots of information too. Akdogan recommends that his colleagues in other countries also do this. He said that in January 2004 they started taping a new weekly TV show, and publishing an 80-page monthly magazine on UFOs, the paranormal, and new science. They printed 10,000 copies of the first issue in Turkish and hope to provide an English version later. In one case the Mayor (of Ercincan I think) took a 15-minute video of a UFO at night. The Mayor’s office said they would send Akdogan a copy, but he never received it. The local paper dropped the story, indicating a worldwide cover-up. He mentioned seven abduction cases. In 1985 a palace guard in Istanbul heard a strange noise in the palace and woke up three days later out of town on a roadside. A triangular 1st-degree burn was on his chest, diagnosed as a result of gamma radiation. Regression indicated that he lost consciousness when an alien touched him. Some diseases were cured on UFOs. He showed a daylight film of a UFO taking off from a steep wooded hill in the northern mountains 10 Jul 03. People on the opposite slope saw small people on the ground the night before and again at 6:43 in the morning before takeoff. It changed shape as it rose from the trees, was about 30 ft. by 50 ft., and had lights near the base. Their newspapers covered a story about the CIA demanding the UFO files from all the pilot sightings in Turkey from 1999 to 2003. Akdogan closed by saying that we are now in a new age of mind and spirit as we “take our position in a space society.” This is known only to a few like us. It can be a wonderful time to learn from them and enlighten the world.

Stan Gordon, trained as an electronics technician, has been working in the advanced consumer electronics sales field for over 30 years. His talk was on “Kecksburg: The Pennsylvania UFO Crash and Other Strange Encounters.” He started UFO research at age 10, and six years later he investigated the 9 Dec 65 Kecksburg crash. He produced “Kecksburg, The Untold Story”, and in 1998 it won an EBE award for Best Historical UFO Documentary at our annual Film Festival. At 4:47 PM a large fireball was seen over Pittsburgh before the crash. John Murphy, news director of WHJB Greensburg, reported that someone saw a military jet chasing or following the object. A column of blue smoke was reported from the crash. The first report in the morning paper said, “UFO Falls Near Rural Kecksburg: Army Ropes Off Area,” but the second said the Army failed to find the object. A volunteer fireman, Jim, was on the search party that found it in a wash with blue light arcing coming from it. Two men in trench coats told them that the area was quarantined. A horse farm owner reported seeing soldiers with the uncovered object on a flatbed truck coming out of a field. The family closest to the site said soldiers used their phone, and they overheard them mention NASA. That night the truck went through town rapidly. It arrived at Lockbourne AFB early the next day and later departed to Wright-Patterson AFB. John Murphy said that his interview tapes were confiscated. More recently it was reported that a military officer hit the object with a club. A hatch opened and a long arm with long fingers came out. Gordon reported a massive Bigfoot wave in the summer of 1973. One man smelled an odor and saw two glowing eyes through his bathroom window 8 feet above the ground. The tracks were 13” by 8” with three toes. One Bigfoot was seen taking apples from a porch and was shot, but it walked away. A white Bigfoot was reported crossing a road carrying a small sphere. Fifteen people saw a UFO in a pasture with two large hairy creatures with glowing green eyes nearby. A man fired two shots and it disappeared, but the whole area continued to glow. A “government agent” called Gordon with the name of a laboratory “in case they found bodies.” In 1974 State Police investigated a lady who said she fired point blank into a creature, and it disappeared in a flash of light. One person reported a white Bigfoot that picked up the back of their car. An FBI field agent told them, “Don’t talk to Stan Gordon.”
On Thursday, Mary Rodwell, who had hosted experiencer support-group meetings Monday and Tuesday evenings, held an un-recorded open mike session for anyone in the audience. Such exposure can be both educational and therapeutic. Rodwell said that we are embracing a new worldview. We have to start with a new way of knowing. You can feel truth with your whole being, so listen to the experiencers with all of your being.
A psychiatrist named Roberta who had worked with experiencers was the first to come up. Her experiences started at about age 5. She was exposed to the Betty and Barney Hill case at age12 and thought, “So that’s what they are doing – examining us.” Then she was with a group of 12-year-olds walking in the snow with an 18-year-old leader. They had been out about 20 minutes when the leader “suddenly” felt lost. Nobody was cold. They found a house and asked directions. When they got back to the cabin it was after midnight. Though she had worked with Budd Hopkins and John Carpenter, she gets much validation through self-hypnosis. She recommended that experiencers work on any issues of self-esteem or control they may have.
Michael (from the United Kingdom) remembers telling his mother that his real parents were in space. He also told her that he would see major changes in consciousness. One week he had lots of experiences, and he wanted his dad to believe him. He meditated for two weeks inviting the aliens to visit so he could see them. He was awakened and told to go and look out of his parent’s window. He saw a 30 to 40-foot-diameter craft and woke dad. Michael asked if he would like to see a flying saucer, and dad said, “Yes.” When they went outside, dad got excited and said, “Get the binoculars.” Several minutes passed, and he heard telepathically, “If we stay long enough, it will stay in his consciousness.” The last words that dad said on his deathbed were a description of that sighting. “It is all about consciousness and transformation.”
Steven, also from the UK, was next. He was 16 on 17 Jan 73 when he and his friends, Jimmy and Paul, went to John’s house to watch David Bowie on TV. They drank beer. It was freezing out and snowy, so they called a cab to take Jimmy and Paul home. Steven slept in John’s sister’s bed, since she was away with the parents. He piled his clothes beside the bed, but when he woke he was in strange surroundings. He wrapped a blanket around him and went up some steps to find a strange lady unloading a dishwasher. She said, “Who the hell are you?” Then Jimmy came in and asked Steve how he got there. It was Jimmy’s house, not John’s where he went to sleep. They called John who brought Steven his clothes, and after that they called him the streaker. Thirty years later Steven was regressed by Budd Hopkins. Aliens had taken him to provide sperm and to have an implant shoved up his nose. While in a holding room two small gray aliens came into the room with Paul, who was very drunk. The aliens seemed confused as to how to deal with Paul. They were both deposited in Paul’s house, and the aliens stayed to watch as Steven continued to care for Paul. Steven said that the aliens seem to think we are very special.
Jackie said that all of her children are Star Children. She has little memory of her first 11 years, spent in 13 foster homes. She described driving through a desert when the radio and engine stopped working. As a large object rose up and came over the car she heard a voice in her head saying, “We mean you no harm.” The UFO left her a crystal. Her son uses it to call in ships. The son said, “This one is for you,” and he took me out to see a huge red ball. She felt that they were honoring her. She said she once opened an energy portal over The Pinnacles near Sedona, many types of ships appeared.
I missed the name of the blond from California who said that she went to the desert and yelled, “Pick me up.” She was told, “Not yet.” Later she was in a van that was picked up. Pleiadians gave her a tour of their ship. She also reported being picked up by those from Tau-Ceti, and she said the Andromadons pick her up at her request. She was told that we are headed for a famine and to “Prepare for a paradigm shift.” She now has 30 acres for farming, and she encourages others to set up a survival refuge with solar power.
Several others made comments including a balding man who reported that on the Friday night of last year’s convention he was awakened with a gray alien sticking something up his nostril into his brain. There was blood on the pillow. He felt angry, because he did not give permission. Since then he has felt he has not had a private moment. Virginia said the she was on the way to a UFO meeting in Burbank when she was abducted. Allen said that we would all be free in the future.
Mary Rodwell, RN, midwife, counselor, Hypnotherapist, and metaphysician is also co-founder of the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network (ACERN). ACERN was recently featured in the “Australian Doctors Journal” regarding alien abduction phenomena. She is author of Awakening – How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Transform Your Life. Her research embraces both physical and metaphysical implications of contact. Most clients exhibit changes such as heightened Psi abilities, telepathy, clairvoyance and healing. Some express complex art, scripts, symbols, etc., and one 8-year-old described being “downloaded with knowledge bombs.” These “Star Children” show a maturity and wisdom beyond their years and report past life memories. They often connect to the spirit and angelic realms. Rodwell reported aliens removing one lady’s amalgam fillings and replacing them with another metal. Clients generally become more environmentally sensitive. She can’t kill a fly in front of them, or they become horrified. Some dream of ETs and catastrophic global events. One child asked her mom, “Do you see me undressing in the night? I find my night clothes all over the place in the morning.” The mom’s reply was, “So, it happens to you too.” Rodwell said that she knew in her 20’s that she would have a special child. High psychical function is due to alien influence. Human brains are being upgraded. Her daughter, at 5 ½, said, “You are not my real mommy. Mine is in fairyland. You are here to look after me.” Rodwell thinks Indigo Children are the same as Star Children, but Paul Dong calls those in China “super psychics.” Many of these children are bored by conventional ways of learning. She described one named David who could turn off streetlights, spin ceiling fans, and take eggs out of boiling water without burning his hand. More people are learning to feel people’s emotions and to feel right and wrong. One mother and child were sharing the book, Transformation, when the child took it to bed. The mother woke up with a second book.

After lunch Budd Hopkins and Carol Rainey, his wife, shared a two-hour block. Hopkins is a sculptor and author of the important books: Missing Time (1981), Intruders (1987), and Witnessed (1996). Rainey is a writer and filmmaker who has produced and directed many PBS and independent documentaries on medical and scientific subjects. Their talk was on their recent co-authored book, Sight Unseen: Science, UFO Invisibility and Transgenic Beings. Carol Rainey started with interesting photos showing how a wasp can cause a spider, just before death, to build a stronger web used by the wasp. She used this as an analogy for alien mind control. She noted how our scientists caused monkeys and jellyfish to share genes. They swapped brains of a quail and chicken, and the quail chicks followed the chicken. She said that teleportation is no longer just fiction. She said that we have on the market injectable chips for tracking people. Those things that were seen and described in the new book include abductees seeing scars, and hybrids, and aliens, some wearing wigs. She said we are creating a new species through “transgenics.”
Budd Hopkins then said that sometimes abductions by aliens are invisible. After a lecture in Australia a man and wife who were obviously upset showed him a reddish tinted photo of a park scene. It was their children’s favorite park. They said they felt something was wrong, because they were supposed to be in the picture. After taking the picture, they all felt they wanted to leave the park, and they never wanted to go back. Hopkins regressed the wife. While her husband was photographing her and the children, she reported seeing a bright light and said, “We are going up into a craft.” The children were separated while she had an experience on the table. While being lowered back down, her husband was still standing there with the camera to his eye. Then they left the park. Then Hopkins regressed the husband. He saw a light ball, and said, “It hid them.” He couldn’t move, “But no one came over, because they can’t see me.” Hopkins also said this is part of a program to create a genetic mix. He thinks that invisibility is necessary for abductions to take place in the numbers and manner that they do. He said one person reported seeing a hybrid in a restaurant at a UFO conference. Then he confirmed the story told personally by Steven in the open mike session, and he said this suggests a moral action by aliens. He said that he has never seen deliberate cruelty by aliens, or deliberate helpfulness. It seems to be just a business for their purpose and possibly for our unknown purposes. During the Q & A session a lady abductee reported that once she was returned feeling hot, and her friend said that she could see through her for a while. Hopkins then notified the audience that last week Dr. Altschuler, the veterinarian so helpful in researching the strangely mutilated cattle, has passed to the other side.

Leah Haley is a Certified Public Accountant and author with Masters degrees in both Education and Business Administration. She wrote, Lost Was the Key, Ceto’s New Friends, and In Heaven, and her talk concerned her new book, Unlocking Alien Closets: Abductions, Mind Control and Spirituality. Her first sighting was with her brother and a friend in the early 1960s. Her adult experiences involve genetic engineering. Once she observed off-white colored aliens remove her ova and put it in a black box. When she started seeking answers about this, she was followed. The “FBI” even went to her husband’s place of business. She has found a number of mysterious marks on her body: injections, and bruises from what look like three fingers. One that other people also have had is up to six dots in a circle with one in the center. She has met others who said they saw her on alien craft. Recently, her brother and sister have allowed her to say that they have also had abductions. Her sister had an unpleasant experience with hooded creatures. Though both aliens and humans have abducted Haley, she had worse feelings toward the humans because they should know it is not right. Haley said that we get closer to God by focusing on our positive energies. We should not repay negativity with negativity. We should get rid of fear, anger, and worry, because they create mind noise. Once she was told by the “unseen voice,” Do not allow doctors to do surgery. We will heal you.” In a few days, she was healed. Haley said she has had prophetic dreams, and virtual reality experiences, including some “secret agent” experiences. In one she was supposed to go into a building and retrieve something before it blew up, while others stood outside and watched. She saw people running from gray ash a month before 9/11. In her dreams she helps put bodies in body bags and teaches world government folks. She has memory of being on an alien vehicle when it crashed on a beach. Black helicopters have buzzed her house many times, and it is still happening. They seem to land at a field in New Smyrna, Tennessee and at Columbus AFB in Mississippi. Last year she was the target of serious debunking and “character assassination.” She said that the human response to this phenomenon is worse than the aliens. One disturbing “mind control” event occurred when she was driving to work in 1999. A male voice in her head said, “Run that car off the road.” A few days later the same male voice said, “Stick your arm in the oven and burn it.” She wonders if this kind of thing happens to others. (I wonder if it is an exercise in discernment.)

Riley Martin, son of a Mississippi sharecropper, was abducted at age 7 to a huge mothership apparently near Saturn. Though his formal education stopped at the 8th grade, much information has been downloaded to him through a “computer headset.” He authored The Coming of Tan. In 1953 three nights in a row he saw four red-light type UFOs Later, on the third night, a light illuminated his room and he was asked to come out. He went to the river with his dog, and a ship was sitting on three flexible legs. Two beings came out. Martin said, “I felt I should leave, but I was suddenly paralyzed.” His dog ran very fast. A voice in his head said, “Friend Martin, come. Don’t you remember us, from the Tigris and Euphrates.” He went in. Water was sprayed all over his nude body, and a “great eye above” scanned him. Then he said, “You better let me go. My father has a shotgun.” He was told to look back. He saw the Earth moving away, and shortly they passed the moon. Martin said, “We were hoofing.” When he looked at his hand, he could see the skeleton. He passed Saturn and approached a ship about 40 miles across. He thought they were going to hit it, and was asked, “What is that emotion?” He said, “Scared.” He was told that wheat was brought to Northern Africa 35,000 years ago. In 1964, when he was an injured bare-knuckle fighter, they took him again for three days. He was found in a cotton bin smelling like honeysuckle. He asked to be taken back in time to see the dinosaurs. They did, and they said the planet surface slid 15 degrees causing great waves in the oceans. He was taught, ”Philosophies are born in logic. It is logical that I should love you rather than hate you.” He was told that in 1953 an unmanned vehicle crashed that provided more technology than the 1947 crash at Roswell. Martin said that he has an album in which he sings lead and background, and provides the instrumentation. He said, “It does not cost me to love you, but it may gain me the universe.” In the Q & A session he was asked about his diet. He said, “Seafood. If I see food I eat it.” If you love you will be healthy.

Lisette Larkins, author of Talking to Extraterrestrials and Calling on Extraterrestrials, was raised in southern California in a Catholic family. In 1987, as a new mother struggling with relationships, she called out for help. Lights came through the ceiling and enveloped her, causing great changes in her life. Uncertainty and fear caused her to admit herself to a psychiatric hospital for three weeks where she briefly lost custody of her child, but she was found to be of sound mind. Her husband was frightened by her change of behavior. She could “hear” people’s thoughts, and sometimes they were different from what they were saying. Though she took no medications in the hospital, her stress stopped. After two years of normality, she felt good about herself, got curious, asked questions, and “ it started again.” Larkins said, “We forget that our worldview has everything to do with what shows up for us… Our experiences are called to our soul by our soul to help it grow.” She said there is more fear and judgment about the UFO subject than most any other. Happiness is what we choose for our souls in this life. From the perspective of being “out there,” this is the otherworldly experience. If you have been contacted, your soul is calling you to go to the next level. Sometimes there is trauma, but if you don’t talk about it, it adds to the trauma. She said, “I have conversations with those that others just have relationships with. We and ETs are all sentient beings. We can attract more of the enlightened ones by choosing to do so. UFO phenomena are growth opportunities. When asked, “How do you know you have not been brainwashed?” she said, “I know what love feels like. I look at the fruit the tree is bearing.”

Dr. Roger Leir, a podiatric Surgeon with 40 years of private practice in southern California, spoke about the eleventh implant surgery. See Tests on some of the objects show isotopic ratios “not of this world.” He is now studying the physiological and biological aspects of the abduction phenomenon. He said that his net purpose is to get information to the public, and he mentioned that his new DVD, “Chopped Liver for the American Spirit,” has the stories of 52 people. He first spoke of the case of Gary Lowery, a fireman from Bakersfield. Under regression by Budd Hopkins, he drew a “bug-eyed” creature. Lowery’s watch had been missing for three weeks, and it then appeared in the same place he remembered leaving it, but covered with a gray powder. Tests showed no known match for the gray powder. One strange object found in his room was tested and found to be a dried terrestrial gastropod (slug). Though the tests were very expensive, Leir said, “You have got to follow the science.” He also reported being invited to brief the French Space Agency (Dept. of Interior) on implant materials. They took lots of notes but left without comment. On 5 Jan 04 Leir’s medical team performed their 11th implant removal surgery. A special duel X-ray machine helped them remove a 6 mm X 1 mm object from the cheek of the lady. It was shiny metal with a beveled end, and it had a magnetism of 2-3 milligauss. It was scheduled be sent to Digital Instruments Laboratory for further investigation. An earlier implant removal patient, Tim, complains of sleeping problems, so he applied for a Social Security disability because of an alien implant. The judge asked him to bring the medical facts. Leir said that a man called from a “manufacturing company” and asked for a piece of the sheath that covers implants, blocking the body from causing inflammation. In the Q & A when asked if the implants might be for a good purpose, Leir said that he hasn’t seen a harmful effect from removal, but they are probably put there by those who manipulated us to be what we are now.

Wendelle Stevens, a founding Director of the IUFOC, after high school graduated from Lockheed Aircraft Maintenance & Repair School, Aviation Cadet Training, Fighter Pilot Advanced Training, and the first class of the Air Corps Flight Test Pilot School. He flew all aircraft in the Army Air Corps and some Navy aircraft too. After some amazing experiences in WW II he supervised a highly classified team of specialists in the Ptarmigan Project. Specially equipped SAC B-29s flew over the entire Arctic region to photograph anomalous phenomenon and record all EMF emissions and their effects on aircraft systems. This inspired him to amass the world’s best private collection of photographs of alien vehicles. He spoke about the case of Martin Wiesengrun, a young man “with an old soul” from East Germany, who was taken aboard alien vehicles and shown where we are going when we mature enough to join the “sea of humanity” freely living in space. The man did not talk about his experiences because of his father’s business, but he recorded it years later for a book that was published as fiction.
The contacts began in his secret place of meditation. Two people, a 7’ man and a 5’ 5” woman wearing silver suits with helmets invited him to go with them early the next morning. The first ship was about 150’ in diameter with a crew of six. Both the commander and the one who became his mentor were women. They said they were from Arian, the third planet out from their sun, which is in what we call the Aldebaran star system. When taken aboard a bigger ship he was decontaminated and given new clothes. There were six races there and one looked like us but was covered with fine silky hair. Martin lived with them for three days, and he ate 7 of his 9 meals with the aliens. He lived in his mentor’s apartment and ate in a community-dining hall. He described a 4’ X 4’ three-dimensional viewing machine and was shown what appeared to be humans on Earth 70 million years ago when some people were tree dwellers. He reported a mother ship with 1.5 million occupants that carried lab ships where thousands lived and worked. There were fields of grain and orchards on the ships. They told him about Maldek, our missing 5th planet that used to be where our asteroid belt now exists. During the Q & A Stevens was asked why Martin was chosen. Martin had said that he had no bad habits like smoking, and he was not overly religious. Martin was told that ETs used our primitive races to create our present human race, and he was told that we must reduce our population by 50%.

From February 16 thru 23, 2004 the last full day of the Convention was made available in the Internet on demand at This was another first for the IUFOC.
The first speaker Saturday was Michael Horne, the American Media Representative for the Billy Meier contacts. Horne is a prize-winning painter, trend-setting designer, songwriter, humorist, video and music producer, and one of the first pioneers of digital book publishing. He studied the Meier case since 1979 and titled his excellent power-point presentation, “The Meier Contacts: The Key to Our Future and Survival.” He said that there have now been 19 documented attempts to assassinate Billy Meier. That is one reason 10,000 trees were planted between his home and the road, to make him less visible to those who might feel threatened by the messages he brings. He has been having contacts for 61 years by travelers of both space and time who have a policy of non-interference. The “wedding cake” ship is one that travels in space and time. Physical evidence of his contacts include 1,200 still pictures, eight 8-mm films, one video, one sound recording, and some metal alloy. There are over 100 other witnesses and four other photographers involved in the contacts. A popular tabloid published a 2-page article on 20 Jan 04 about his contacts and the failure of the debunkers to duplicate his evidence. Meier was told ten years before he lost his arm that he would lose it and have to deal with it. Horne explained the difference between prophecy and prediction. Predictions are destined to occur. If you get a prophecy when you are going down the wrong road, you can change direction and avoid the outcome. Major concerns mentioned in the messages involved the atomic bomb, bromine gases causing the ozone hole, magnetic disturbances and “pole shift.” A 5% reduction in our ozone protective layer was predicted 32 years before Lawrence Livermore Laboratory discovered it. Other predictions included the Jonestown deaths, overthrow of the Shaw in Iran, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the Chinese invasion of Korea, and “mad cow disease.”
The contacts talk of core principles: be self-responsible, truthful, grow spiritually, turn toward the positive, and perform work. They encourage us to observe nature and pray that we will be all we can be. They remind us that reincarnation and karma are facts of life, we are here to do something, and that we judge ourselves. They say that human life is universal and that genetic engineering is useful. They recommend that we abolish the death penalty, control population, end hunger, and enforce accountability and have a global combat police force. They encourage us to end nuclear pollution, and halt illegal immigration. When considering abortion, they report that the spirit enters the body on the 31st day, and if necessary should be early. More details can be found in the book And Still They Fly and at

Dr. Norman Bergrun, while at Ames Research Laboratory, pioneered work on ice protection for aircraft, and at Lockheed Missile and Space Company managed flight tests for underwater launch of missile systems. In 1971 he founded Bergrun Research and Engineering, and at Bergrun Research he continues analysis of images from the planets and moons of our solar system as well as Hubble Telescope images. I must have been getting tired of taking notes by Saturday, because many of my notes were unintelligible. His talk was titled, ”ET Intelligence: The Open Secret.” He seemed deeply impressed by a sighting and photo of a large cylindrical object taken from a condo deck over the Pajaro Dunes near Monterey, California. I think he associated this with the disappearance of an Orion P-3 aircraft loaded with 60,000 gallons of fuel, 10 torpedoes, and six large mines. He studied the 6 Sep 77 Voyager images of the rings of Saturn and saw that the A ring was cut off and that a cylindrical object was at the end. A second Voyager nine months later showed similar images indicating a mining operation. He said that while at a UNESCO Conference on the “Impact of Science on Culture” he was warned about bringing up global warming. He showed a photo of an astronaut with a flag, supposedly Pete Conrad on the moon, that had flaws that shed doubt of its authenticity, and he indicated that the Apollo 13 mission might have been cut short because the astronauts would have been exposed to things they should not be exposed to. See

Santiago Yturria Garza co-founded the first UFO Research Group in Monterrey Mexico in 1974. He is the International Relations Representative for Mexico’s UFO magazine, “Contacto OVNI.” He has the largest UFO video and photo archive in Mexico. He started with an amazing event 5 Sep 03 at the Goodwood Revival, a festival featuring racing cars and old aircraft in the United Kingdom. Simon Anderson videoed a UFO crossing between two planes nearly causing a collision. He spoke extensively about the on-going case of Abby Parker who photographs UFO almost daily including plasma balls, morphing objects, and rods. Garza followed with interesting videos of several other recent cases.

Daniel Sheehan, the former chief legal counsel at the United States Jesuit Headquarters in Washington, DC, was chosen as the final speaker. He summed up much of what we had learned all week and offered some advice. Sheehan said that he spends 20% of his time doing trials, 20% as Policy Chief for the political campaign of Dennis Kucinich, 20% on “4th paradigm” issues in government, 10% with his children, and 10% on ET issues. He identified our present time as a unique moment in our history as we approach the 2012 end of the Mayan calendar cycle. He suggested we were on the brink of a Nirvana. He mentioned several good researchers in the field, and he suggested that some tend to extrapolate too far, perhaps concerning mind-control operations. He spoke of the world situation; the occupation of Iraq, and discussion of changes needed in Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan. He said many people dislike us and are jealous, because we have “too much freedom.” He mentioned global warming and the Kyoto demands for 70% reduction in CO2 production by 2012 to prevent a 5.8-degree rise in temperature and a 40-foot rise in the sea level. He was critical of some government decisions, and predicted a Kerry/Edwards victory by a 53/47 vote. He was concerned that a “Northern Industrial Alliance” might lead us into a confrontation with China. Sheehan said that we were missing an opportunity to move to a Natural Law vision. He said that the greatest human needs have come on the brink of a major step in human evolution, and perhaps Homo sapiens is evolving into something else. He recommended that people watch the 11 Feb 04 Nova show, “The Coming Magnetic Storm,” produced by Paula Askfelds (call 800-255-9424). A breakup of our magnetic field will lead to greater radiation danger. He said that developing our ESP faculty is the salvation of humanity, and he mentioned that Sandra Marsh said aliens told her almost the same thing. He said we could loose 2/3rds of the world population in 25 years. We need to adjust our conduct to accommodate natural law. Some ETs are here to counsel us, not to save us. Some ETs may believe that they are here to save us from ourselves. He said that much of the UFO community is aging and ready to “pass the torch,” mentioning Wendelle Stevens, John Mack, Budd Hopkins, and Bob Dean. Among his wise closing statements was, “Develop a strong understanding of spirituality.”
On Saturday evening after an excellent banquet there was an awards ceremony for the eleven “films” submitted. Ken Seddington, our Director from the United Kingdom, had selected a number of volunteer judges who agreed to watch all of the films. These volunteers are greatly appreciated, because some films started at 7:00 AM and some did not end until 10:00 PM. “Expressions of ET Contact” produced by Bradley De Niese and directed by Mary Rodwell won Best Musical Score within a UFO Program. “Touched”, produced and directed by Laurel Chiten won Best Abductee/Contactee Documentary. “UFO Invasion at Rendelsham” produced by MPH Entertainment for Sci Fi Channel and directed by Jim Milio won Best UFO Documentary. “Scientific Study of Alien Implants” produced by Neilen Entertainment and directed by Dr. Roger Lier won Best Documentary in a UFO Related Theme. And “The Secret of Redgate” produced by Lynda Cowen and directed by Jim Marrs won the coveted Peoples Choice award.
I was personally pleased to see the video “Alien Messages” produced and directed by Maurice Osborn. Just before I left home for Laughlin I received a message from unseen sources through the telepathically gifted ladies in Dillsboro, NC who have received many messages directed to me. It said that I should help show people the meaning of the “crop circles.” Osborne’s video was a classroom-like presentation on the meaning of many of the images formed in the crops. One was the “Crabwood Farmhouse” image of an alien holding a disk with a message in ASCI computer code. The message said, “Beware of bearers of false gifts and their broken Promises. Much Pain but still time. Believe there is Good out there. We Oppose deception. Conduit closing,” (I may have added a period that wasn’t there.) After the showing Osborn met the viewers at the door with a handout that had a URL where anyone with a fast connection could view the one-hour video free. You might see it at:  Enjoy!

The banquet was another great social occasion and a good excuse to dress up. We appreciate the wonderful technical crew, the IUFOC Convention staff, and especially the Brown family that make this the best UFO related gathering in the world. People seemed especially pleased that we could get same-day production of audio and video tapes for only $8 and $20 respectively, before member discounts. Mark your calendar for the 14th Annual IUFOC Convention March 6 – 12, 2005. A slip of the Super Bowl to February caused the Flamingo Resort Hotel to request that we slip our Convention to March. We plan to maintain the past low prices. See for info, registration forms, and audio and video order forms.

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Donald Ware,


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