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Earth Star Gates and Space Tunnels  

A report by Adrian Dvir M.Sc.

Adrian and Efi Dvir

During a pleasant evening on Dec 5, 2003  I sat on my couch in my living room and felt a very strange signaling from the ET clinic in the next room.  My son Efi (14) was sitting on the sofa near me and watched TV. I asked him if something is going on in the Alien clinic. (Efi is a sensitive too, even more so than I).

Efi: Yes, there is a gathering of some kind and they want you to go there in your astral body. 

Adrian:  Ok. I see myself in the clinic and they want me to do something but I don't understand what.

Efi:  There is a white stair case leading out of the clinic room to the second floor doorway where there is a great white light. 

Adrian: Yes, I see the staircase going up and into the light. I see myself In a long corridor with many big glass windows on both sides. There are many types of creatures behind each window. I feel each window is a different living environment. I see myself in a room with many other creatures. They are speaking to me and there is a kind of ceremony. They are giving me a medal and wish permission to treat me. 

Efi: There is a metal bed and they ask you to lay down. 

Adrian: Ok. I do so the metal bed seems uncomfortable but I feel nothing anyway since my physical body is still on the comfortable coach in my living room. 

Efi: A lot of equipment is closing around you on the bed. It becomes a closed capsule. The Aliens stand around the out side and watch the devices work. 

Adrian: I feel nothing and then the machines moved away. I could stand on my feet again. There is another room I need to enter now.  It is a red room that produce the impression of something official or perhaps a legal high court environment. A creature appeared behind a curtain and gives me some documents to sign. I hope my astral body read the document before I signed because I have no Idea what is the document written in. Then I am asked to proceed to another room. I find myself in front of a creature with a huge head that is also treating me. It hs the impression of a female but she has a huge had, relatively small eyes and mouth, with octopus like semi- transparent gray limbs. The creature hovers in mid-air and the limbs throw some stuff at me. I have a good feeling as if the creature is doing something good for me. I am not afraid.

Efi: The creature is now in one side of our living room and your astral body is standing in the middle of the room.

Adrian: Yes I see that we are back home. The creature fils 3X3X2 meters from the living room space. 

Hagai Katz

Next day I felt unusually tired and dizzy. I called Hagai Katz the medium in order to tell him about the strange experience I and my son had at the same time, and ask some clarifications from his Aliens.

Hagai:  You and your son visited a very far alien location for some formalities and special treatment. Efi came as witness and also for educational reasons. 

Adrian: What is the source of this information ?

Hagai: The information is coming from Seven Entities or Aliens. Their job is to supply information on specific issues. They are in contact with the White Brotherhood and with the Supreme Council. 

Adrian: Where did we really visit?

Hagai: You and Efi visited a huge building belonging to of the 54 Council. The huge building exist in several dimensions and is highly complex technologically according to current human understanding.  In general, it has a pyramidal form and is suspended in the air one floor above the ground. The Aliens treated several of your bodies that exist in different dimensions. This was the reason they preferred that specific facility.

Adrian: Is it a hospital ?

Hagai: No but it is used to treat Aliens that have many bodies in different dimensions. This is a building that evolves as more knowledge is gathered. The building, can be said, has a soul too. 

Adrian: Where is this building ? 

Hagai: It is on a planet about 1000 galaxies away from your home galaxy.

Adrian: So I can assume that when I passed the light entrance at the top of the stairs I traveled through a star gate ?

Hagai: Yes, you can say that. There is a space tunnel 2.5 M wide 3 M high that connects the clinic to the 54 Council building. The moment your astral body entered the tunnel it is attracted by the other entrance end or rings on the way. This is the reason you felt tired and disoriented the next day.

Adrian: As I understand from the Aliens that conventional space travel is affected and  speed limited by the interaction of the space ship mass by the mass of all the nearby and faraway planet mass . The space tunnels are a special invention that generates tunnels with zero mass interaction along the pathway. The space mass interaction is neutralized inside the tunnel. Under this condition there is no here and no there in empty space. A slight mass interaction from the end gate will pull the traveling mass  through the tunnel at almost infinite speed. This is the reason I found myself in that building the moment I entered the light entrance. Is this true ?

Hagai: Yes. The Aliens say that  you correctly understand it. However there are several rings along the tunnel to rout the tunnel in the right areas. Its like your flight air tunnels. The tunnel should not go near a black hole because the technology cannot cope with such strong gravitation. So space tunnels should go around and preferrably far away from black holes. Actually its better to go as far as possible from any big mass gravitational influence.  

Adrian: I understand that clean space that has no mass whatsoever there is no physical difference between one location to another. 

Hagai: That's correct. We travel by space ships that use a mechanism of neutralizing the external interaction with space mass. After we reach a destination it is easier to establish space tunnels as a more practical way of transportation.  

Adrian: The space tunnel or star gate to the 54 council building exists in my apartment or  is it aboard a space ship ?

Hagai: It exists in your apartment but it is not used much. There are several other tunnels that connect the clinic with other Alien medical facilities on earth and with near by space ships for transfer of personnel, medical equipment and materials.  Some of the blood tests and tissue samples taken from patients travel through such tunnels to other medical facilities for further process and examination. 

Adrian and Efi Dvir

 On  Dec 19, 2003 My son Efi helped me to channel additional information about the space tunnels.

Adrian: Are there any tunnels in the Alien clinic that connects it to other Alien medical installations on Earth ?

Efi: Yes. It is connected. Medical test and personal can "jump" from medical installation to another in no time using a net of tunnels. These are regarded as very small local tunnels. A very big tunnel exist in space near Earth above the Persian Gulf area. This mega tunnel connects Earth with Sirius (not the star you know but a system in another dimension). 

Adrian: Can you describe this mega tunnel ?

Efi: Its actually two gates and nothing in between. Even mother space ships can use it. They enter on one side, the time virtually stops and the space ships appears on the second gate. There is virtually nothing along the trajectory. As if it does not exist at all. 

Adrian: Is this the only star gate to distant planets ?

Efi: No. There are several other star gates to other planets.

Adrian: Where is the entrance to Sirius star gate ?

Efi: In the near space above the Persian Golf. You need to exit Earth atmosphere to reach the gate. 

Adrian: When was this star gate established ?

Efi: Immediately after the agreement was signed between the 54 Organization and the prime creator around 5 Billions years ago. The agreement was about taking care of Earth civilization.  At that time the planet was uninhabited except for some microbes and bacteria. Since then we are using this star gate. In the last 5000 years we lower the use of this gate, because when it operates strange effects may be observed from the ground. The space ship with 3 lights you video in 1998 came through this star gate.  The gate was used in the past to prepare for the current activity. Now it is used as minimum as possible. When there is a meteorite shower the gate swallows part of the meteorites. So we prefer to shut it down most of the time. Also while the gate is open it generates harmless radiation. This mega gate is the biggest gate in the  vicinity of planet Earth.

Adrian: What is the size of this mega gate ? 

Efi: The size of Australia continent.

Adrian: What is its energy Source ?

Efi: The Gate Generates its own energy needs. Its energy never dissipates. Once it is established it can exist forever. It is a self contained system. It is based on physical lows unknown to man. The gate can exist forever unless it is shut down or dismounted. 

Adrian:  O.K. but was there a need for energy during the construction of this mega star gate ?

Efi:   Relatively not so much energy was required. Around the energy released  by one of your nuclear detonations. 

Adrian: Who is answering my questions ?

Efi:  The explanation team. 

Adrian: Who is responsible for the mega Gate ?

Efi: The gate is open. The government of Sirius planet. Actually it is the Sirius Council. They are responsible for the gate and are part of the 54 council. 

Adrian: Are there any other Gates ?

Efi: There is a small gate in Egypt that lead to a sandy planet that was active during the pharaohs dynasty time. 

Adrian: What is the size of the gate ?

Efi: Its size is of a 15 store building. The gate hovers above the ground. It leads to a deserted planet. A big yellow planet that is all sand and dust. The gate and the Planet does not belongs to the 54 Council. Each Gate belongs to the planet that created the Gate. 

There are several more small gates in use that leads to unknown planets.  There is one in Texas, and on in the Nevada desert. There is one in new York state near the Niagara falls. in Mexico there are two gates. Both are near the capital Mexico city. And there is one at the edge of south America continent. 

In Europe there is one in the middle of the ocean north to Denmark.  Above Germany there are several small gates the size of 10 Meter for life forms only passage. 

Or and Ehud 

I send the information received so far to Or Hasid and Ehud Ronen and asked them to check it out.  Or Is a trans medium and healer. She and her husband Ehud run an Alien Clinic in Kibbutz Hazor, Israel. Or usually enters a deep trans and Ehud ask the questions and documents the information received. Or channels with Aliens and light entities and lately channeled with the High Council and the Lumens civilization. Or and Ehud sent me the short channeling and promised to investigate more.

Ehud:  A UFO appeared during 1995 above Kibbutz Hazor. Does it mean a Star Gate exist near by ?

Or:  We are the High Council. We transfer this communication to a direct communication with the 54 Council Organization.

(Or remembered - I felt like someone was replacing plugs in my throat).

Or:  I am the highest light representative of the 54 council. Shalom to you children's of light. It is a honor for me to channel with you directly. There are several tunnels on Earth and in the near space vicinity. These tunnels lead to far away planets and from each such planet there are more tunnels to other destinations. All these apace tunnels make part of a huge intergalactic net of tunnels that can be compared to your subway system but at a galactic scale. 

Ehud:  A UFO appeared during 1995 above Kibbutz Hazor. Does it mean a Star Gate exist near by ?

Or: You (Or and Ehud) are a central communication channel, in the State of Israel, to the activity of the high Council. So we can assume that you are connected to such a Star Gate if exist in your area. At present I have no answer for you. I have to ask the high council. Please ask me tomorrow again, according to Earth time. We work in full collaboration with the high Council.

Adrian channels with the Aliens Central Telepathic Center

On Dec 20, 2003 I decided to challenge this puzzle myself and contacted the Alien central telepathic switchboard. As usual they transfer my request to the proper group to answer me.

Adrian: How do you neutralize the gravitation or any force field inside a worm hole ?

Central: We are not qualified to disclose you all the details but we can use several simple ideas to explain you the basic principles. There is a homogenous distribution of quanta (the basic particles of energy - or "strings")  in all the space. Imagine this as an invisible dense fog that exist everywhere. These particles interact between themselves all the time with mutual attraction and rejection. We generate a bubble of no fog by spinning the fog around an empty center. You must remember that forces exist between particles of mass. Even the invisible fog made of infinite small particles generate forces. They still have a mass. If there is no mass and no fog particles there are no forces.  

A space ship that enters the gate looses gradually the forces that interact between the ship mass and the rest of the mass in the universe. The final stage, in which there are no forces to act on the space ship it can be said that the space ship does not exist or have no mass.  In this condition the space ship can be located anywhere in space. 

In the target gate the forces of interaction are returned gradually to the space ship. The space ship becomes again part of the universe.

Adrian: Ok. But how you cancel the gravitational forces inside the gate ?

Central:  Try to figure generators that deflect the long range gravitational forces around in a circular path around the star gate. This way a gravitational free zone is created in the middle of the Star Gate. 

Central: What you call a "Star Gate" is actually a bubble with no gravitational forces inside. A real absolute vacuum bubble. The Gravitational forces go around the bubble and exit the other side. The energy involved in such Start Gate  is to create the initial no forces bubble. During the Star Gate operation no additional energy is consumed. The bubble has an entry path. This a secondary device to lead the space Ship into the eye of the zero gravity Bubble.  At the target there is an exit system that gradually lead the space ship through a path out of the zero gravity bubble into normal gravity space.

Adrian and Efi Dvir

On Dec 22, 2003 Me and Efi had another session with the ET ( Extra Terrestrial ) Explanation team.

Adrian: Do the Aliens have any more information to disclose?

Efi: You need to ask questions and then the Aliens will answer.

Adrian: Ok. In a previous channeling I had with the Central I understood that a Star Gate is based on a no gravitation bubble zone. This bubble isolates its inside from any external gravitational and other forces.  A space ship inside this bubble is totally isolated from any forces or interaction with the normal space. Did I understood correctly ?

Efi: Of course.

Adrian: How you generate such a bubble. What are the principles involved ?

Efi: I receive nothing. 

Adrian: The interaction is gravitational only ? 

Efi: No. There are other forces.

Adrian: What Else ?

Efi: There are several characteristics, there are 5 forces. It depends on the matter. For each matter type there is a need for an additional  specific characteristic.

Adrian: The gravitational force is the dominant force?

Efi: It is equal to the force. 

Adrian: In the previous channeling you spoke about the Invisible fog. What about planets gravitational forces ?

Efi: The effect of a planet gravitational force depends on the mass and distance. 

Adrian: What about Earth ?

Efi: Beyond a distance of two radius from the surface the gravitational effect of Earth mass is negligible. 

Adrian:  Are there other forces involved ?

Efi: Yes the gravitational force of the empty space.

Adrian: What is this ? The Dark matter ? 

Efi:  The Empty space has a mass too. So that everywhere in the universe there is a gravitational force present even if there are no nearby planets. Empty space has "things" that has a mass. The Star Gate bubble isolates the gravitational forces of the void but not the effects of planets. Because of this the bubble must be located outside the gravitational effect of planets. 

Adrian: How the bubble isolates the gravitational force of the void ?

Efi:  The bubble has its own force that cope with the external force of the void. The bubble force cancels the void forces that exist inside the bubble. Inside the bubble there is nothing no "invisible fog" no free strings nothing. Only the bubble membrane has special gravitational force.

Adrian:  The space matter inside the bubble is taken out ?

Efi: It gets out by itselfe when the bubble membrane becomes active. Everything that gets in is pulled out.

Adrian: From what is the Star Gate Bubble membrane made of ?

Efi: Liquid materials not known to humans and some artificial materials. They have a very high gravitation force and affect there total gravitation of the bubble.  They are used to keep the bubble gravitation equal to the external gravitation. The bubble membrane creates negative gravitation that cancel the gravitation of the free space. There are particles with negative gravitational forces. A matter of fact most of the particles has negative gravitational forces and only a small part has positive attraction forces as you know. 

The bubble has an Entry and Exit in a form of a cones. Whatever enters must exit. 

The entry goes to the middle of the bubble there is no gravitational interaction with the space and it is possible to send the space ship to its destination. 

Adrian: how is the space ship send to its destination ?

Efi: The Warm hole is always targeted at one location. The bubble don't move. There is attraction to one direction only. 

Adrian: What much it takes to travel this way ?

Efi: The entry time depends on the Space ship speed. The time spend in the bubble is zero. Inside the bubble there is no time.

Adrian: Lets say a jumbo jet plane will use the Gate.

Efi: The entry time is about 30 minutes, and the exit time is also about 30 minutes assuming the Jumbo flight at 800 Km/H average speed. The jet must enter into the bubble relatively slowly and gradually otherwise it will disintegrate. The object that enters the cones to the bubble accelerate and gradually loosed its gravitational forces and is pooled to the bubble center.  During the same time of entry the time sows down to zero. So in the bubble there is no gravitation and no time. 

Adrian: Is the slow down of time to full stop a by product of no gravitation ?

Efi: No time stop is an artificial effect generated as part of the Star Gate technology. 

Adrian: For what purpose you stop the time ? 

Efi: Time is stopped not to waist time. Without time stop a the space ship will spent several years in the bubble. 

Adrian: How you stop the time ? 

Efi: We are not allowed to disclose it at this stage. Its a special technology. You cannot discover it by yourselfer. Some one have to disclose this technology to humans. We also did not discovered the secret of time stop by ourselves. Only the prime creator decides to whom to disclose this secret.

Adrian: When do you expect humans will be capable of building a star gate from one city to another? 

Efi: It is not recommended anyway for such short distances of planet intercity transportation. A star gate is dangerous and it may explode like  a melt down nuclear reactor. A star gate should be used only between stars or maximum for long distance side to side planetary transportation.

Adrian: In the past I saw that blood test and tissues are sent from the clinic to other Aliens medical facility by a star gate similar mean.

Efi: Yes, but this is not a Star Gate. It is a Time Elevator.

Adrian: What is a time elevator ?

Efi: It looks like a dirt laundry disposal opening in the wall. There is a tube or mean to transfer the material but there is no time in this facility. The transportation is conventional but there is no time. It may travel for two years but pop at the destination immediately. If you put your hand inside this elevator the hand time stops. The blood stops circulation. Nothing actually happens. No damage. If you a clock inside it will show the same time when it reaches its destination. If a person enters into this elevator nothing happens. The body does not age at all. The actual transportation is mechanical.

 Adrian: Can you explain more about the Star gate bubble membrane materials that has negative gravitational forces ?

Efi: The membrane is mainly made from artificially made matter. Part of it is a liquid mineral taken from an access for bitten planet. Its a blue purple unusual planet. This mineral liquid has negative gravitation property. The bleu purple planet that has this mineral has an unusual structure of hollow center. The planet is a huge bubble itselfe but inefficient. Its mainly a liquid bubble planet with hollow center. We mine from this planet material to built the Star Gates. We know there are a few more such planets but they are very far away. 

Adrian: Is this planet in our physical dimension ?

Efi: No it exist in another dimension you cannot see or touch. There are particles and matter that exist only in other dimensions. 

Adrian: So I understand there are particle with negative gravitation ?

Efi: No one know how this planet and its unusual matter was created. Our scientist suspect that in the past there was some attraction between its particles. Otherwise there is no explanation how all this matter came to be together. There are other principles related to the bubble membrane material that you will not understand. There is time, Mass, Gravitation and two additional principles. The additional two principle relate to material you don't know and to type of energies and forces you are not familiar with. The bubble is invisible from outside. The bubble is designed to reject only the energy of the void and not the gravitational effects of planets. Because of this reason the bubble is located outside the gravitational effects of planets. Places in space that has less planets the void gravitation is stronger. 

Adrian: What happen if a space ship accidentally go through a  bubble ?

Efi: Nothing happens. Only Space ships that enters the bubble through the entrance can use the bubble. 

(It became very late so me and my son Efi took a break and eventually went to sleep.) 

On Dec 23, 2003 evening me and Efi continue the investigative contact with the Aliens explanation team.

Adrian: How do you call to this Star Gate ?

Efi: We call it Three directional gate.

Adrian: Why tree directional ?

Efi: I am not sure I understand the Aliens. I think they mean - Mass, Gravitation and Time.

Adrian: What additional information they need to communicate ?

Efi: They want to take a break from transferring information about the star gate. Now they want to tell us something about Albert Einstein. What was standing behind the man. There was an Alien Earth development team that used Albert Einstein for the purpose of advancing the technological level of planet Earth by transferring scientifically information. Einstein did not know he is getting help from Aliens. The contact was not conscious. Einstein did not discovered things by himself. however he was a really great scientist. This was the reason they worked with him. Regrettably Einstein did not accomplished all the mission they plan for him. He did not finished to receive all the information the Aliens planned for him to receive. 

Adrian: Why ?

Efi: At some point Einstein loosed interest and our mission was halted before it was finished. Einstein decided he had enough.

Adrian: What part he did not finished ?

Efi: A series of pieces of information that ware planned to be given to him during additional researches he was suppose to conduct. Any how other scientist continue the mission. And some are still to do it in the future.

Adrian: Did the Aliens supported the development of the nuclear weapon ?

Efi: No.

Adrian:  But the information transferred was used to this purpose.

Efi: We did not expected that humans will succeed to develop the nuclear weapon. We assumed the information will be used for peaceful purposes as an energy source to generate electricity.

Adrian: Was you disappointed from humans ?

Efi: Yes but we got over it.

Adrian: Lets get back to the Space Tunnels. Do you use rings along the path of the tunnel to divert it from planets or black holes ?

Efi: Yes we do.

Adrian: The stars and galaxies move all the time who does this affect the gates and rings ?

Efi: The Rings move as the Stars move. Each ring that move cause the rest of the rings to move. the path is moving all the time.

Adrian: You claim the Star Gate must be located outside gravitational forces of planets. What about the Star Gate in my clinic ?

Efi: The Star Gate bubble is located in a proper location outside Earth. Only the Entrance Point is located in the clinic. The Entrance point can be located on ground. The Entrance Point to the bubble is a secondary mean of the Star Gate. There are Entrances with stair for life forms or elevators for cargo.

Adrian: How did me and Efi astral body traveled through the gate to the council building on a far away planet ?

Efi: By foot. The moment you went up the stairs and enter what you saw as a light entrance time was stopped for you and your astral body was attracted to the direction of the Bubble outside Earth. From there it was send about 1000 galaxies away. Finally when your body reach its destination the time stop process was released.  It is equivalent as if you never traveled or your traveling time is zero.

Adrian:  Our physical body that remain in the living room received the information from the astral  body experience in the 54 council building. How is this possible ?

Efi: It is a natural Soul natural capability . The soul is connected to the physical body and the rest of the astral bodies. No distance exist for the soul .

Adrian: Is there a Star Gate near Kibbutz Hazor ?

Efi: No but there is a connection for the Star Gate Entrance in your clinic. It is not worthwhile to built a tunnel from Kibbutz Hazor to your Location. The conventional transportation is fast enough.

Adrian: Are there Star Gates entrances in other clinics ?

Efi: Yes the Gates we mentioned earlier. All these gates are connected to clinics. Also there are many other gates connected to other planets but they don't work with the 54 organization and Sirius

Adrian: Is the Star gate .capable to transfer the complete physical body or a physical object or vehicle ?

Efi: The Star Gate can but it is controlled and set not to be exposed to the physical dimension. It will be done in the proper time in the future.  The Star Gate can be tuned to operate in several dimensions. Sirius itself has several dimensions.

Adrian: Several years ago the Alien medical team at Haya Levy clinic took me and Haya astral body to visit on Sirius Space Airport as part of a routine cargo flight. We traveled there and came back in the same night. Did they use a Star Gate ?

Efi: It is possible they use the Mega Star Gate to reach Sirius. They had to use such short cut.

Adrian: How much time it took to reach from Sirius to Earth before the first Star Gate was built?

Efi: About 6000 years.

Adrian: At what speed it was done ?

Efi:  At twice the speed of light.

Adrian: Alien claimed they can fly at 500000 the speed of light.

Efi: Yes this is the maxim a space ship can fly but we don't use this speed much. There are limitations. In order to switch from one dimension to another we need to accelerate until we pass between dimensions. When this is done it generate a tear in space. Then we need to accelerate to the next tear in space. A very advanced technology is needed to handle this type of super fast space flight. For example in order to switch dimension there is a need for a very high speed. As a space ship accelerates the time slows down and at a specific speed it stops and goes backward. The time vector becomes negative. We need special technology to handle this physical condition.

Adrian: Is there a Star Gate in Kibbutz Hazorea ?

Efi: No but thee is a connection to the mega Star Gate Entrance above the Persian golf.

Adrian: Where exactly is located the middle of the Mega Star Gate ?

Efi: Its near the border area between Jordan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Adrian: At what distance is the Star Gate from Earth ?

Efi: The Mega Star Gate Entrance is 30 Km from Earth surface. The Star Gate bubble is located now (24.12.2003) about 200000 km from Earth and Earth  move all the time relative to it. The Mega Star Gate Entrance is not moving relative to Earth.  The Bubble need to be in a constant place in space. Earth, the solar system and the rest of the milky way Galaxy is moving.  The Star gate Entrance do the connection to the bubble. We assume the when this distance will be too big the bubble will need to be destroyed and another one to be built. But don't worry it will happen only a few trillions of years.

Adrian: What about the Star Gate entrance in the clinic ?

Efi: The entrance is not moving relative to its location in the clinic. But its bubble is moving. Its location is near the big bubble. There several bubbles at that location.

Adrian: Is the USA government aware of all this information about the Star Gates?

Efi: Yes they are.

Adrian:  How they find out?

Efi: They have many Aliens sources that explained all this to the government. Humans could never discover this information by themselves.

Adrian: Why are you disclosing this information to me ?

Efi: Because you asked.

Adrian: Why did you decided to built a Star Gate Entrance in my Clinic ?

Efi: Because your clinic is the most serious one and it  has many Alien visitors.

Adrian and Efi Dvir  (Dec 26, 2003)

On Dec 26, 2003 I sat again with Efi to ask the Aliens more clarifications about the worm holes.  I asked the questions and Efi channeled the aliens  answers. This time, according to my request,  it was one of the Medical staff in the Aliens clinic.

Adrian: In order to explain  us the  Star Gate principles as an Alien Inter Galactic transportation mean I want to ask one of the Clinic staff to describe his transportation experience from his home planet to my Clinic.

Akritan: I am willing to do so. My name is Akritan and I am a physician in this clinic. (Efi described him as a humanoid 1.72 m high with  long white hair that grows only from the sides of his head. The top of his head has no hair. A round white face. He is in fact all white expect two small round totally black eyes.

Adrian: Where is your home planet ? Where do you usually live ?

Akritan: I live on a planet we call "Astrobon" which is close to Sirius in the same Galaxy and in the same dimensions.  I have a private house.  My house and the rest of the houses has a white round construction and don't stand on the ground but hover in the air near the Ground. A city look much like a white cloud. Unlike on Earth,  the city ground is clear of buildings and vehicles. All buildings and transportation are air born. One the day I was supposed to come to earth I took my private vehicle which is air born. You may call it one man space ship but it is not intended for long space travels. I flight to the space center where I usually work. I parked my vehicle. Then I went to an elevator that took me to a larger space ship. There I met two of my fellow workers and together we flight to Sirius.

Adrian: How long this flight took ?

Akritan: 3 Hours.

Adrian: What was the flight speed ?

Akritan: Light Speed - It is regarded as relatively slow flight. When we landed on Sirius a small welcome party debriefed us about our mission. A mission that was already known to us. They explained where we are going and they gave each passenger a job he already knew in advance. After 3-4 hours that we spent in Sirius in a 54 organization building we went to a relative big space ship. There are between 100-200 passages that include many teams from several planets. They concentrate on Sirius and from there they fly to Earth. After one hour in the Space ship it take off and all the passages fall asleep. During the sleep time each passage was shown a movie by his own preference. Its like an invited dream.  The whole Alien team was asleep and has no idea what happens with the ship. Only after they wake up at the end of the flight the passengers are told what happened during the flight. The passenger sleep most of the flight. They are waken up only when they reach Earth. They are told that they used a big worm whole and then used a smaller one to reach China. There the space ship opened several windows to reveal Earth as seen from space to show then where they are going to spent their next months. After a flight above half of Earth surface in the same Space ship. The space ship is of cause cloaked not to be seen by humans. They reached the State of ISRAEL. He does not remember where they landed. He is not familiar with Earth geography. Then somehow they were taken to this clinic.  During the passage in the worm whole the space ship and the passengers switch dimension from Sirius dimension to a dimension close to Earth physical dimension.

Adrian: Why do you need to switch dimension ?

Akritan:  If we did not switch dimension we could reach here and find empty space. We need to switch to a close dimension to Earth physical dimension and there are several of those. Some of the teams use different dimension not to interfere with each other. In the Clinic the old team show us the facility and show us how to treat the patients. After two days the old team left with the same space ship.

Adrian: How long you are already here ?

Akritan: 2.6 months. And we re going to stay for additional 4 months.

Adrian: Are you satisfied here ?

Akritan: Of course.

Adrian: What you think about humans ?

Akritan: I don't want to insult but humans are silly compared to us.

Adrian: Why you come here ?

Akritan: I received a job offer.

Adrian: Do you receive a salary for your work here ?

Akritan: I receive credit points.

Adrian: What credit point mean to you ?

Akritan: Credit point allow us to receive better living conditions as good food, good house luxury flights. Its like money but we cannot spent credit points just add them to our account.  If you have more credits you can live in better conditions. This system pushes the population to work and gain credit point. We have only few individuals in our society that do nothing.  Citizens has to work in order to gain credit points. Any how we did genetic changes so citizens have a born drive to work.  The credit points system is a another mean to make it happen.

Adrian: How old are you ?

Akritan: I am 459 years old.

Adrian: What is the life expectancy of your specie?

Akritan: about 1000 years.

Adrian: Do you have a wife ?

Akritan: No I am single, still waiting to the one and only.

Adrian: Do you chouse your mate ?

Akritan: No I don't know who she is. It is the decision of my soul.

Adrian: what are your parents doing?

Akritan: My parents passed away. My father was a very high level physics scientist and my mother was a government worker.  They both died from natural cause. As all of as do.

Adrian: At what age do you have children ?

Akritan: At very old age. A few years before expected death. This is the reason I don't remember much of my parents. I was between 10-20 years old when my parent passed away.

Adrian: Who decided on this arrangement ?

Akritan: The species decided. This way we take care for our work and career and only after that we take care of the children.

Adrian: Who took care of you as a child ?

Akritan: We are born quite developed with a lot of knowledge. I inherited my parents apartment at the age of 2 years. We receive knowledge at a very early age. We don't need to learn as you do. We receive the knowledge.

Adrian: How you receive the knowledge.

Akritan: The same way you feed your babies with milk. We add to the food special semi biological chips that reach the brain and connects to the brain tissues. These chips contain information that is transferred to the brain using electricity. The chips become part of the brain.

Adrian: Do yours grown ups eat knowledge too ?

Akritan: Yes if there is something new to learn.  a Main part of my study to be a physician was done in this way. the rest was study by practice.  You can call this learning system "Brain Food"

Adrian: How do you multiply?

Akritan: The same way you do.

Adrian: What medical cases you treated ?

Akritan: I am  a general physician and treat everything. I make part of the Alien medical team.

Adrian: How do you communicate?

Akritan: Verbally and telepathically. We look like you humans but in a far away future.

Adrian: How much time it took you to travel from your home to the clinic.

Akritan: About one day.

Adrian: Do you take vacation and flight home ?

Akritan: No. I will go back to my home planet only when I will finish my mission here.

Adrian: How many live on your home planet ?

Akritan: About 17 milliards. The planet is about  Earth size.

Adrian: During treatments we see you move very fast.  What is your speed of time in your dimension relative to ours ?

Akritan: 9.89  faster than your speed of time.

Adrian: What is the reason for the different speed of time ?

Akritan: The different density of matter in our galaxy.

Adrian: you said you are from Sirius. So I assumed we live in the same galaxy ?

Akritan: No. The planet we call Sirius is not the Sirius you know from your Galaxy. We come from a far away galaxy.

Adrian: Can you tell us the what Galaxy you are coming from if you arrange the Galaxies in an increasing number depending on their distance from our Milky way galaxy ?

Akritan:  Yes It is the 64 Galaxy from here.

Adrian: Now its more reasonable the number of  6000 years it took you to reach us without a Star Gate. Does your Galaxy has a name?

Akritan: Our Galaxy has no name but numbers. A9 is a common name. And Our planet is G26.  What you call Sirius is actually NTR12.






All the channeling were done in Hebrew. This report is a non professional translation to English. Readers are welcome to email corrections, clarifications and questions about the article content to Adrian Dvir (see email at top of this page).

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