Alien medical teams treat Parkinson Disease

A report by Adrian Dvir M.Sc

I am currently (May 2003) treating a man age 45 suffering from Parkinson disease. The patient has no  tremor but has generalized slowness, some degree of stiff limbs, walking and balance problems. Currently he still manages to work as an engineer. He is treated by conventional medicine but his condition continue to deteriorate.  The patient has no family history of this disease. The Alien medical team in my clinic claimed that an insect bite  in his leg  inserted a poison that started a damaging process to specific area of his brain. The damage is proceeding slowly.   

The Aliens try to cure the damaged area. The Process is very slow. Only after they will finish to cure the brain area, mainly by transplanting cells in the damaged brain area the patient will have to learn again to operate his hands and feet in a normal way. Based on this case I cannot say if the Aliens can or cannot cure the Parkinson disease. We will see in the near moths. 

On May 12, 2003, I phoned Batia Ben Aiun, A Healer/medium college from Beer Sheva, Israel. (972-8) 6413851,   (972-54) 941385 to consult her. She treated no Parkinson case but her Alien Group spokesman Eliyahu who represents a medical group from an Alien organization of 17 planets channeled with her while we were on the phone and say they treated 170 cases with 90% success. They showed Batia telepathic images of the white material of the brain in which there are black spots. The black spots represent damaged cell groups. The Alien treatment include transplant of good cells instead of the damaged cells. They claim that some result can be seen after 3-4 moths, depending on each case. 

They know the case treated in my clinic and say the black spots could not be replaced but the aliens  succeeded to engulf the black spots with an isolating material to limit their grow and damaging effects on surrounding cells. Eliyahu also thinks the reason for the disease at this relative young age was a toxin.  

On May 18, 2003 I spoke with Hagai Katz on the phone and asked him to channel with his medical team about the Parkinson disease.

Adrian: How many cases the Aliens treated ?

Aliens: We study the Parkinson disease for 10 years observing 250,000 cases.

Adrian: Who is peaking with me ?

Alien: My name is Avalmis.  I was a human Physician 120  years ago  and died from tuberculosis. Then I Incarnated as an Alien and study advanced neurology. Now I lead a research team of brain research including the Parkinson disease. Currently we treat 50 cases in Israel from which only part of them are treated in Alien clinics.  We start treatment before patients reach the Alien clinics. Then patients that accept will be introduced to our clinics. From 750 cases treated so far, worldwide, we had a 73% success. There are 54 types of Parkinson diseases. Part  is genetically inherited, part caused by medications or radiation.  People that worked in telephone companies and electric companies are affected from electromagnetic radiation. Medications and radiation cause  destruction of brain cells beyond the body repair capability. Than the disease appears.  First step in our treatment is to determine the disease cause. Then, if possible,  we try to restore the biological damaged cells by new cells transplantation,  or bypass the biological neurological function that was damaged by an artificial replacement. Some times we implanted a small computer to handle the damaged function  to the neurological system.

In case that we transplant synthetic biological cells to replace the damaged cell. After 3-4 months these sells usually collapse and need to be replaced because of damage as a result of medications effects. 

Adrian: What type of medications?

Alien: Medications that affect the brain. For example medications for depressed people. Adrian, you can ask me questions directly. Also the readers of your site can also ask questions through your email. 

  I will continue to update this page as more information becomes available.

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First posted: 12, 5, 2003,      Updated: כ"ב-ט'-תשס"ג