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Solar Storm damage the aliens space ship (September-October 1998)

Haya Levy, Uri Gal and me collaborate with an alien's medical team. The aliens implanted communication devices that enable Haya and Uri to hear the Aliens and communicate phonetically with the alien's communication center. My implant device enables short and long distance telepathic communication with the aliens.

10 September 1998

Haya: I stooped hearing the aliens. I can steel see them in my apartment doing their usual medical work.

I contacted the alien's central.

Central: Haya communication implant has some fault and we are working to repair it. Please tell her not to be alarmed and continue her usual work.

Haya said she thinks I am right. She saw the aliens several times working on her head and ears when she went to sleep.

26 September, 1998

Sun spot from 23 Sep 1998

Uri: I am disconnected! The aliens are gone. I suddenly cannot hear the aliens and cannot communicate with the central. Can you please try to communicate with them?

At that time Uri was not aware of Haya Levy communication equipment fault and he was very upset.

I called Haya again.

Haya: I succeeded to receive a short massage from the aliens.

Aliens: About 7 month ago earth started a transition to the forth dimension. This process is expected to continue till the year 2003. We anticipated that this change would cause some disturbances. Your communication problem is a result of this disturbance.

I donít really understand what "Earth transition to forth dimension" means. I found it in other books written by contact people.

I called again the aliens central and was relieved that I am still connected. This time the aliens supplied me more details:

Aliens: There is a cosmic event that affects our equipment. It is difficult for you to understand it. It is very rare and happens every few thousand of years. This involves a rare event of big mass collapse and space particles interaction. This generate disturbances to the space and generates noise that interfere the tetric waves (sub particle waves) we are using for communication.

Adrian: Is this similar to what we know on earth as Sun Storm that affects earth communication systems?

Aliens: It is similar but not exactly the whole story.

Adrian: What about Haya and Uri?

Aliens: Haya channel was damaged and Uri channel was taken for more urgent alien's tasks. The moment we will overcome the problem we will restore both channels. This may take a few days. You are lucky, your channel was not damaged and it is not needed for urgent tasks.

I hurry to tell this to Uri Gal. He was relieved that this is not only his problem.

30 September 1998

In the evening while visiting Uri, he received a short and noisy massage from the Aliens.

Aliens: The Storm is increasing and we suffered heavy damage. One of our laboratories was totally destroyed. The massage stopped abruptly.

I told about these events to David Ronen an Israeli UFO reporter. He then astonished me with the information about an ongoing sun storm that causes communication problems.

I hurry to look in the Internet for "Solar Storm" information and was astonished again on the high correlation of the events.

According to Internet articles the Solar Storm started several months ago and will continue and intensify till the year 2002. This storm can damage space satellites and interfere with earth communication and power systems. The boiling solar atmosphere erupts periodically and generates electromagnetic waves on a large spectrum and plasma particles burst. The coronal mass ejection includes superheated atoms whose electrons have been stripped away from their nuclei. Earth's magnetic field forces it to detour around the planet. There was even a CNN report on earth magnetic lines that became unstable as a result of the solar storm.

9 October, 1998

I asked the aliens again:

Adrian: Will the solar storm and its damage to your equipment cause you to leave?

Aliens: No. We have a mission to accomplish. We will stay and will install special shields to protect our ships. We also asked for special ships that are designed to operate in high radiation space environment.

Adrian: How does the shields work?

Aliens: In two ways. They shields are made of special material that absorbs most of the radiation. In addition these shields generate some force field similar to magnetic lines that deflects the harmful particles.

Adrian: The Internet articles claim that the sun storms are periodically. Is it truth?

Aliens: Yes, but there is another reason. There is a huge cosmic event that we cannot explain its nature. You lack the basic understanding. This event generates a lot of energy and radiation, which affects the sun atmospheric stability. If you hit a glass of soda you get a burst of bubbles.

11 October, 1998

I called again.

Adrian: Can you explain me more about the burst event?

Aliens: The Solar Storm was ignited by another cosmic event far away from your Galaxy. We cannot give more details. It is an unusual huge cosmic event. We ware not ready for it.

Adrian: Was it a super nova?

Aliens: No it is more like a collapse down of a large number of stars in to a huge black hole. This process under special conditions generates devastating effects.

Adrian: Was it a far away big bang?

Aliens: No. If it were a distant big bang you would not ask the question...

Adrian: Please try to explain more.

Aliens: OK it's an event of the magnitude of a galaxy. Itís a slow collapse down into a big black hole. When mass of many planets collapse into a black hole it rare space disturbances and waves of extremely high magnitude. The solar boiling atmosphere is sensible to these waves. Solid mass planets are less sensible to such waves.

Adrian: Are those wave gravitational waves?

Aliens: Yes, They include also gravitational waves and a verity of weaves and radiation that most of which you cannot recognize or measure.

Adrian: Did the sun burst or the waves cause the main damage to your ship?

Aliens: Both causes damage. However the sun burst caused most of the damage to our laboratories.

Adrian: Why did not you fly to a safe place in space before the Sun burst?

Aliens: We did not estimate correctly that the sun burst damage potential would be so high.

Adrian: The sun burst release electromagnetic waves that reach earth in 5 minutes and plasma particles that reach earth in two days. What caused the main damage?

Aliens: The Sun burst plasma and particles.

Adrian: Than you had enough time to escape. Why did not you do it?

Aliens: We did not think this would cause damage. We took some contra-measure during the hit but this was not enough.

Adrian: Flying on other the night side of earth can protect your sheep from further sunbursts?

Aliens: It gives only partial protection.

Adrian: The sun burst is a part of 11 years cycle. Is this caused by the cosmic event? Is the cosmic event periodically?

Aliens: No, the cosmic event is in addition to the sun 11 years cycle.

Adrian: With whom I am communicating?

Aliens: I am an Operational Scientific Officer. This is my Job to handle this issue. Adrian, do you have more questions? We are very busy.

Adrian: Did I understand correctly your answers?

Aliens: You understood correctly at the extent of your knowledge and capability. There are some miss-accuracy points in your understanding but we donít have time now to teach you. At this stage we think it is enough.

Adrian: I thank you very much.

Aliens: Donít worry, everything will return to normal.

Later I called the central again:

Adrian: What is the frequency of a big bang occurrence?

Central: The probability for a big bang is very small. This should not worry you. It happens every few milliards of years.

Adrian: What causes a big bang?

Central: A huge black hole reaches its full maximum ability to swallow mass. There is a high limit on the energy amount that can be compressed in a small space. Beyond this limit the black hole explodes and releases all its stored energy and mass that he collected during its lifetime. This limitis responsible to the fact we exist. Taking into consideration that the universe is extremely old (or even it was always there) without the black hole limit all the universe mass will eventually disappear in black holes. Not all the black holes finish their life in a bang. Big bangs are very rare indeed.

Adrian: Are there inhabited planets in the collapse area vicinity?

Central: As long as we know there are not. The space there is too dynamic to allow life evolution. There are special teams that study that area remotely.

Adrian: What happens to planet inhabitants when their planet is about to be destroyed by such a cosmic event?

Central: We try to find them a new planet.

Adrian: Is this what happened to the species of Nathan and Shmaya?

Central: Yes, Exactly, Their home planet was totally destroyed as a result of a natural cosmic event. Their sun reached its end of life resulting in radiation change that reduces their planet ability to sustain life.

Adrian: Who is helping me now?

Central: The negotiation team. The article you are writing is important. It will have an impact so it should be properly written.

13 October, 1998

Haya: The aliens restored my channel.

14 October, 1998

Uri: Aliens link worked for several minutes and stopped. Since than I hear noises. On these minutes I received the following information:

Uri: Hello there, are we connected?

Aliens: Yes, we are connected. We are working to restore your channel. It will be finally done in a few days. Please be patient.

The moment I heard the aliens, I also "saw" the two Aliens teams, (a total of 18) standing in front of me. This convinced me that my ability to see the aliens team is a direct result of the aliens communication device they implanted me.

Aliens: The Storm is over. We suffered heavy damage to our equipment. Two laboratories were totally destroyed. We are working very hard to repair them first. Half of the telepathic communication central is gone. Many communication channels that ware established during centuries are gone. It will taker a long time to restore them. Some of the channels with humans will not be restored.

Uri: Did you not anticipate such storm?

Aliens: Storms are very common we are used to them. The last one was extremely and unusually strong one.





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  • Publisher: Adrian Dvir; (January 2003).  ISBN: 9657269008

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