Aliens collaboration

I am a curious person and like to understand things. During those extraordinary events with the aliens I used to ask many questions in order to try and understand many unbelievable phenomena.

The aliens answered me very politely as much as they could. It became clear to me that they are interested to supply me with answers.

But I found out that the medical team could answer questions mostly in medical or personal issues. When I asked technical or questions in physics they gave me simplified answers or said they donít know. Some times when an alien scientist was around they asked him to answer my questions.

When I started to communicate with the aliens telepathic communication central, they pointed out that the central include a huge computerized library and it is a source of information I can use.

When I received a list of sensible questions from a UFO researcher for the aliens, they took the questions and after several days they transfer me the very carefully defined answers. I found out that a group of alien's specialist decided what and how to answer.

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