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Page updated: 28/4/2001

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An UFO with three colored lights hovered in the sky above us for about 41 minutes before he continue its flight. More than 10 people witnessed the UFO. Later we received reports of similar sightings from nearby cities. I captured it all all with my video camera.

My name is Adrian Dvir and since 1994 I am in contact with an Aliens medical team from a parallel dimension. During and after the UFO appearance we received telepathic information from the Aliens.


Video On the 2/9/98, evening Haya Levy, several people and me planned to take an additional video of Healing session with the participation of the Alien medical team. We gathered in a private house and before we started the session, someone called us outside to watch strange tree lights that were hovering above us.

We all ran to the garden and I took my video camera. The lights were obviously not a plane but a UFO. The UFO hovered above our location for an unusual long time. The UFO stood still or moved in different directions. The following pictures are digitized from the video tape.



After several years of collaboration with the aliens, this was the first time for me to see an actual UFO.


VideoOn 2/9/1998 evening we met at Tovi Baary house to film a Healing treatment session with Aliens. I prepare my camera and suddenly someone shouted: "There is a UFO in the sky". We all hurry outside. It was a three lights type UFO that hovered above for 40 minutes.


VideoHaya Levy was staring at the craft with all of us. Suddenly she started to tell us that Maya say that the craft is part of their Alien organization. The aliens Gideon and Shmaya are aboard this vessel and they are about to join us. I asked Haya to channel for us with Maya. 

Adrian: What is the purpose of the vessel?

Maya: This is a classified information.

Adrian: I received the information that this is a patrol vessel. Is it the truth?

Maya: Yes.

Adrian: How is that we cannot see you but we can see the craft lights?

Maya: This is a craft from your own physical dimension.

Adrian: The craft is a part of your organization?

Maya: Yes.

Adrian: What is the size of the craft?

Maya: It's a mother space ship, tree story high and with a surface of about four apartments (about 500 sr. meters).

Adrian: Does she land on earth?

Maya: No for landing we use smaller crafts.

Adrian: What about Radar? Why the Israeli Air force is not here?

Maya: We use special equipment that makes the craft invisible to your radar.

Adrian: Was this encounter with the UFO planned?

Maya: No, they came here to bring Gideon and Shmaya. 


After the UFO gone we all enter Tovi house and proceed with our plans. Tovi as always  starts her Healing sessions with a pray.

Video Video


Here are two digitally zoomed pictures of the UFO:

On the next day I contacted the alien telepathic central.

Adrian: Why does the alien craft use lights?

Central: The same reason your planes use lights. For security reason to avoid collisions. The lights are for earth planes. We do not need them. Since we have no other communication with earth planes we decided to use lights. They are similar to your lights in order not to cause panic. This is a decision of our council. Our crafts received orders to use lights when we flight in earth flight zones.

Adrian: What is the mission of the craft we saw yesterday?

Central: Full explanation is classified.

Adrian: Does she do a kind of patrol?

Central: I am not allowed to answer.

Adrian: Does the craft have a triangular shape?

Central: No. She has a complex shape. We put tree light on three long studs to be seen by earth pilots as a usual plane. We don't want to cause panic, just to prevent air collisions.

Adrian: What were the small white lights that we see hovering around the tree lights.

Central: You probably saw smaller craft. The mother ship has a landing bay.

Adrian: How many aliens are aboard the craft?

Central: There are about 25 crewmembers and a variable number of guests and passengers in different missions.

Adrian: What is the purpose of the crewmembers?

Central: Pilots, Communication, Maintenance, and a special crew that has a classified mission.

Adrian: Are they military aliens?

Central: No they are more like security people. But their mission is more complex.


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